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Intent of the Day: Enjoy the People We’re With


You are where you are right now. Who knows how long it’ll last. Whether it’s a perfect experience or a miserable one, how are you making an effort to connect with the people you’re with right now? We don’t want the circumstances to dictate how much fun we’re having with the friends, families, random strangers who come into our lives. So today, our intent is to enjoy the people we’re with.

You too? Here are 3 things to help you settle down and connect: Continue reading

Intend to Disconnect to Reconnect

(140/365) Computer magicIt may seem like a conflict in ideas but the only way to connect is to disconnect. To connect to your real self  – to know your talents, strengths and passions – that will allow you to connect to your best life – you have to disconnect from your world. Not for long. Just every now and then.

See, the more we are connected to the distractions and noise of our world, the more difficult it is to quiet things down enough to focus inward. All important information happens within. We have information about who we are, what we believe, what matters to us, what we are passionate about and what we are good at. We don’t have access to this information unless we disconnect from our busy and distracting world; we have to tune out to tune in.

In nearly every moment, we are connected to a world that demands our constant attention. We are on the Internet, texting, calling, communicating. I did an informal test this morning while I was stopped, waiting for my left arrow light to change from red to green. I counted the cars that passed me; of the thirty-two cars that passed, twenty-four were on their phones. Seventy-five percent of the people just at that light were connected.

True, while driving is not the place to disconnect to connect – when driving we need to be fully present to the road and the conditions. But it was an indication of how many of us are unable to disconnect from today’s distractions. And the more this happens, the less we create the space to be able to connect to the really important things – our sense of self. Without this information, we don’t know what we are good at, passionate about and what matters to us. Without this information, we are unable to look at our world and know how to find our fit – our place. And because we don’t know what opportunities fit us, we listen to others and herded around life by those who tell us where to go, how to live and what to believe. We have to disconnect to connect, we have to tune out to tune in.

In the quiet of tuning out, we start to listen to our inner voice. We can only hear this when things are still – quiet. Though our internal voice is very powerful, it rarely can compete with our ego and our world’s voices. To be able to hear our internal voice, we have to find the volume control and turn the outside voices down. Our deepest self has amazing wisdom, as it is our core – our spirit. It has all that it needs to help us show up wisely, happily and successfully each day. It is just that we haven’t ever learned about what it has for us, and how to access it. We have instead been taught that today’s wisdom is in books, schools and in others. Few of us realize that today’s wisdom is in ourselves – unavailable until we choose to access it. And for that, we must take the time and create some quiet space.

How can you take 15 minutes at the beginning and end of each day to disconnect from the world so you can connect to yourself? What will it take for you to see the value in listening in the quiet to your own personal wisdom? How could life change for you if you did?

Tune out to tune in; disconnect to connect. It takes effort to break our old habits but the benefits of developing the habit of creating quiet time to access our inner knowledge and wisdom is the key to living our most amazing lives. Now stop reading and go spend time with your awesome self.

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3 Ways To Tap Into The Magic of Relationships

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 11.18.35 AM
I’ve always been a big believer in what I learned in school: Work hard. Try your best. You’ll succeed.

But that equation left out something really important: Other people.

The simple fact is: we need each other to succeed or at least succeed in an easier way: whether that’s raising a child or creating a business.

No Need To Sing

I don’t mean this in a schmaltzy “High School Musical-We’re All in This Together” sort of way. I mean, in a real way.

No matter how charismatic Oprah is, she wouldn’t be Oprah without a community to inspire. No matter how brilliant Steve Jobs was, he needed a great team to create Apple. And no matter how powerful you are, it’s likely that at some point, you’ll need an exercise buddy, a reliable babysitter or a great hairdresser.

This Isn’t Just Commonsense

It’s written into your DNA. It’s not just your psyche that feels better in relationships, so does your body. That’s why, when you share your feelings with a friend, your immune system gets stronger.

And you don’t even need to know the other person to reap the benefits of relationships.

One man said he combats his speaker’s nerves by imagining everyone in the audience loves him. Even though he knows it isn’t true, he feels it in his heart, and that’s enough to give him the confidence he needs. And science confirms he’s right. If you nervously step up to the podium to give a speech, and there’s one stranger in the audience smiling at you, your blood pressure immediately drops.

Chagall & Me

I think it’s even possible to harness the power of relationships when you’re all alone. I’ve felt it myself while doing something super-solo: browsing through an art museum.

Chagall – The Birthday

I used to think that looking at paintings was a solitary-thing, but I’ve realized that it’s not. The truth is, when I look at a painting, I’m meeting an artist who’s showing me his ideas. And because of him, I’m inspired to see the world in a new way.

Your Brain Says Hello

For your survival, your brain is wired to connect: with the people you know, a stranger who smiles at you from the audience or someone who speaks to you through a painting.

As you plan your dreams, whether it’s to write your book, stick to your diet or chart a new course in your life, include other people to help move you along your path—those you know and those you’ve never even met.

3 Ways To Tap Into The Magic of Relationships:

  1. Read biographies of people you admire and be inspired by their stories.
  2. Connect with people who want the things you want, like happy kids, a new business or fitness, and support each other in making that happen.
  3. Look for role models who’ve accomplished what you want and learn from them.

How can you bring the magic of relationships into your life? I’d love to know.


Chagall image via WikiPaintings

The Power of Connecting ‘I’ to ‘I’

I am intrigued by the fact that my experience depends on my state of consciousness.  Something I often play with is noticing what happens when I connect ‘I’ to ‘I’ as I interact with people in my daily life. This means looking below the superficial appearances of things, so that I’m conscious of my ‘deep self’ within … and then connecting with the deep self in others.

We spend much of our time feeling disconnected from ourselves and each other. But it only takes a moment to wake up and connect ‘I’ to ‘I’ – deep self to deep self. Whether it be in the world of business, our family life, or our social life with friends, when we become conscious of the depths within it transform the experience of living.  We feel relaxed and in love with being ourselves. We appreciate the miracle of meeting another human being who is also experiencing this bittersweet adventure of life.

If you’ve watched the movie Avatar you’ll know that the characters greet each other with the phrase ‘I see you’.  That’s how it feels when we connect ‘I’ to ‘I’. We genuinely see each other. And when this happens our relationships naturally become clearer, deeper, and more creative. We bring out the best in each other. We celebrate our wonderful individuality.  We authentically connect and empower each other to become more alive.

In India, people use the greeting ‘namaste’, which can be understood as meaning ‘I acknowledge you from the place in me where you and I are one.’  Connecting ‘I’ to ‘I’ enables us to acknowledge to each other that at the depths of our being we are essentially one. And when we discover that we are one with all we find ourselves in love with all.

In the Hindu tradition, meeting with a spiritual master is regarded as a great blessing because it helps us become more awake. We resonate with the expanded state of consciousness the great spiritual being we’re with inhabits, transforming our own state.  This is a wonderful experience known as darshan. However, when we connect ‘I to I’, we can feel the joy of darshan with anyone because in reality we’re all great spiritual beings.

 Corner Shop Communion

I recently wrote about my own experience of connecting ‘I’ to ‘I’ in my book How Long Is Now? :

I’ve nipped down to the local corner shop to buy a paper and I’m casually chatting to the girl behind the counter about  how bad the weather has been lately.  It’s a trivial conversation to pass the time while she’s getting me my change.  But something profound is also happening.  Behind the social niceties I’m communing with someone whose name I don’t even know.

As we chat together I’m silently acknowledging the enormity of her deeper being. And as I do so she is changing. She’s stopped avoiding eye contact.  Her face has softened, because she’s smiling.  We’re totally present with each other.  Then I take my paper and leave her serving the next customer, with whom she is now talking warmly.

As I walk home I’m thinking about how my state of consciousness affects the way I relate to people. If I’m lost in the story of Tim and I go to buy something from the corner shop, I see the girl who serves me as a ‘shop assistant’, because that is her role in my story.  If I’m more awake I’m conscious that she is also a person full of hopes and fears, who happens to be a shop assistant, and this makes our meeting warmer and kinder.  If I’m deep awake I see all of that and more.  I realise that I’m meeting the mystery of life made manifest in this unique form. And there’s the opportunity to briefly peek out from behind the veil of appearances and say ‘Hi’.

That’s what happened with the shop assistant today.  We met in the moment.  For this to happen I didn’t need to come in with ‘Good morning mystery made manifest, I’d like to buy a paper please’,  because that would have freaked her out.  I simply needed to be in the deep awake state and give her the space to join me should she wish to.  And, as often happens, this led to an unexpected moment of communion with a total stranger.

To love each other personally takes time.  We need to talk to each other and share experiences.  We need to laugh and suffer together.  But to meet each other in the transpersonal oneness we don’t need to know each other personally at all.  The connection from being to being is immediate and always possible. And whenever we commune in big love it sends ripples of kindness out into the world.

So … here’s suggestion.  Why not experiment with seeing deeper in your own life today? Be conscious of your own deep self and reach through the separateness to silently connect with the deep self in others.  This is an experiment not a test, so you can’t fail.  But notice what difference this makes to the way you relate to others.  I think you might enjoy it!

Tim Freke is hosting a day seminar on ‘CONNECTING I TO I’ in Birmingham ,UK on March 10th and also offers ‘mystery experience’ retreats internationally. You can find out more about these events here.

 (cc) Photo Credit: mccun934

When You Realize Your Ability


Friday, 7/22

“When you realize your ability to connect with the loving beings of consciousness 

you expand your work and service to this planet and humanity.   You can then take

 an active part in the transformation of consciousness in partnership with divine

 beings of healing, angels and archangels, galactic brethren, star elders, the 

consciousness of the elements and the elementals. 

-You Are the Inviter by Peggy Black and the "Team"

Steve Farrell

Humanity’s Team World Wide Coordinating Director




My neighborhood is an average one and small. This is a subdivision settled at the foot by the side of a mountain range in my city that nestles atop it – Antipolo. Here, where I have made my home, one sees about dozens of modest houses sitting side by side and housing families within carrying on with the regular routines of each day. A paved road ragged in some areas winds round the neighborhood up hill and down and leads out to the main gate passing the guardhouse where a sentry stands watch day and night. And mingled with the houses are trees lush and green dotting the place everywhere you look. Adding to the green landscape are mini gardens fronting almost every home lining almost every street. If not a garden, in lieu would be potted plants neatly set in a row. Nice and green.

I love this place. And I wish that life and people were so much the same – serene, calm, and peaceful. But it isn’t. Life as we know it is an interesting tapestry of ecstatic moments, surprises, near mishaps, misfortunes, fragmented dreams, and challenges. And people — are just as diverse as that fascinating mix we call life.

So I like studying people. There is so much I can learn from watching them. They teach me things and stuff I would have not given any thought to at all; they inspire me to be better than I could ever be; they show me how to understand my own weaknesses and strengths by looking at theirs; they tell me what hope is by their show of courage and faith through trials; they increase my knowledge and wisdom by their own display of wit and intelligence; they remind me to laugh by their humor and delight over mundane things; and too understand my own foolishness by watching them stumble with theirs. When I see them in their human form, the complete package of mind, body and soul God so designed — I see me, myself, and mine. And I begin to understand that we are each at best both teachers and students to one another.




Mallika Chopra: Grieving the Loss of a Loved One

Listen to Mallika’s interview podcast with Terri Daniel

It is a rare occasion when celebrity news actually force us to stop what we are doing and ponder our own fragile mortality. Earlier this month, the news of John Travolta’s 16-year-old son Jett Travolta passing away from a seizure received worldwide exposure. That same week, a family friend of ours lost her son in a car accident. Again the shock was almost unbearable. It is impossible to imagine a tragedy more heartbreaking than the sudden loss of a child. But the loss of a loved one is difficult and propels individuals on a journey of healing, questioning and spirituality. In fact, my father (Deepak Chopra) went through his own personal transformation and search for meaning after his parents died, and wrote a book called Life After Death addressing many of the questions that he struggled with.

Recently, I spoke with author and Intent Voice Terri Daniel about dealing with the loss of her sixteen-year-old son, a process which she details in her latest book “A Swan in Heaven: Conversations Between Two Worlds.” Terri’s adopted son Danny died at age 16 after years of struggling with a degenerative disorder that left him wheelchair-bound and unable to verbally communicate. Terri describes in her book how today’s Western culture has lost touch with the natural cycle of life and death. More importantly, she speaks about her continuing spiritual relationship with Danny, and the important message he brings about the nature of souls and spiritual transformation in the aftermath of a loved one’s premature death. We each have our beliefs and experiences when dealing with the death of a loved one. Terri’s experience, I hope, can provide comfort to some who believe and seek a connection with a soul that has left its body.

Terri’s intent is “to help people connect with the Other Side as a tool for navigating the grief process.” I invite all of you on Intent to open your heart and share your unique stories about grieving over the loss of a loved one.

Tips To Get Your Giving On in ’09

Our times are more uncertain than ever given the state of the economy as well as the challenged health of our planet.  It is up to us to make the difference now and for our future generations. 

I was very taken the other day when someone commented on my Facebook status.  I had written "Sahara is unstoppable".  (This sounds really silly unless you are familiar with Facebook).  In any event, this friend of mine asked me publicly on the site, "What is your secret?"  I did not hesitate at all in my reply and did not really even realize I was answering her because of how quickly I began to write.  It was as if I got out of my own way to write the answer, which was one word:  Giving.

 I was astounded even by my own response and I had not actually realized that the energy of giving was creating an unstoppable force in me.  But it was, and is.  Allowing for "more space" in my life by giving is creating more room and motivation to give.  To give to myself and to give to others. 

I think it is very easy these days to fall into the trap of "lack".  "There is not enough to go around".    Or "How can I give when I don’t have anything myself?"  Or "Giving is something that others will take care of.  I am not in a position to."  To me, these voices are all just a very simple misunderstanding as they believe there is lack in the universe and that there is a cap on energy for everyone.  I have to say I disagree. 

The universe (call this force what you want) is wholly and completely there for us at all times.  24/7.  Consider it a spiritual 7-11.  Very convenient.  Yet we often get so caught up in the vibration of "not enough" that the universe has no choice but to continue to create scenarios that coincide with that vibration.  See, the universe is impersonal.  Whatever you put out is what comes back.  What you focus on is what you manifest.  Simple really.  So why not think open thoughts?  Think abundance.  Think gratitude.  Think loving.  Think kindness towards yourself and others.  Think giving.

Here are 5 tips To Get Your Giving On in ’09.  You might have forgotten about the last one already.

1.  Make a "What’s right" list.  We tend to focus on what’s wrong in our lives.  What about what is right?  You would be surprised when you really sat down to write it out just how many things are right that we take for granted daily.  Be sure to write this everyday.  I do this before going to bed so I can reflect on all the wonderful things that happened in my day…like my car starting! 

2.  Begin your morning with a smile throughout your body.  This is a fantastic way to not only start the day, but to connect with your body.  Start in bed with your eyes closed as soon as you wake up.  Picture a huge smile all throughout your head and say "I love my head.  Thank you for your service".  Then move on to the neck and do the same.  "I love my neck.  Thank you for your service".  And yes, you can group body parts together so that you are not in bed for hours going through all the systems and intricacies.  But start slow and deliberate.  And take your time.  End this meditation with "I love my body.  Thank you for your service".

3.  Watch your thoughts throughout the day.  See what you tend to focus on.  Is this what is getting you down?  I can tell you that if you are focusing on your "challenging" boss all day and how unhappy you are, I guarantee you are not going to be open to truly giving.  I know this first hand from past experience.  It is not worth it.  And you do have a choice on where you focus your thoughts and energy.  Focus on openness in your life.  Gratitude.  And getting the heck out of dodge if you need to!

4.  Create wealth accounts for yourself.  Set aside money each month for charity, "fun time", investments, education and savings.   From 10% in each to pennies…give what you can each month.  And stick to it.   Signal to the universe that you are thinking of yourself and others and are open to giving.  Feel the expansion this creates in your life.  And if money is challenging for you at the moment, no worries.  You really can start with pennies.

5.  Have fun.  Please.  Oh, and drink lots of water.  And breathe. 

Make room inside and out for giving in ’09.  You will be glad you did.  The universe is just waiting for this. 

With love,


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