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Intent of the Day: To Connect


If you’re sitting somewhere with your head down, just trying to make it through the day, we’re with you. This is why our intent today is about connecting. Sometimes it is when we want it the least that we need it the most. We want to encourage you to pick your eyes up and look around. Who’s there? Maybe it’s a barista. Maybe it’s your best friend. Whether it is a person you will see again or not, we encourage you to make the most of today by reaching outside of your bubble and allowing yourself to be impacted by those around you. Let them be impacted by you too. The world seems to be in desperate need of it!

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Visualizations Are Often Helpful

 Tuesday, 7/19


“Visualizations are often helpful. The impulse of the Christ Light is a brilliant Golden River that flows from the top of your head into the Earth, creating a bridge of Light and connecting you to All That Is. Imagine yourself as a human Lightening Rod.  Ask that this Golden Light permeate your heart with Peace and bring Divine Love into every organ and cell of your being.  Allow it to expand outward into your energy fields, and see yourself as the Angels see you a radiant Light expressing in the world as Divinity.” – Archangel Gabriel

 Steve Farrell

Humanity’s Team  World Wide Coordinating Director


Reinvigorate Your Relationship with Mindful Eating

Mindfulness is being in the moment.  As such, mindfulness is intimacy with what is.  Intimacy – by definition – connects.  After all, whatever our differences may be, we all share the same “now” – that is, if we are fully in it.  If you and I sit down at a table, across from each other, with the same food in front of us, and you think about what happened yesterday while I plan my tomorrow, we are – for all intents and purposes – in different psychological places.  

But, if you and I put our respective preoccupations aside and focus on what’s going on right in front of us – at the surface of the table, on the surface of our tongues – we are, in a manner of speaking, coordinating and aligning our minds to one and the same plane of existence.  We are connecting.

Whatever the status of your relationship, mindful eating can help you reconnect with each other or to deepen your connection.  Mindful eating is an opportunity for the two of you to get out of your heads (where your differences ferment and smolder) and back into your bodies.  Wherever you are in the history of your relationship, chances are this history began with shared sensory pastimes.  There is a good chance that going out to eat, liking the same foods, and experimenting with exotic foods was part of your original romantic chemistry.  
So, before your break-up reaches a point of no return, why not sit down and reminisce on how you first broke bread?  Sure, you’ve got issues.  But you also have solutions.  And some might be as simple as going back to some basic sensory pastimes the two of you had shared in common.  Eating together takes you back to your original chemistry, to one of the pillars of your romance, to a time when you were in love… with everything!
No need to light that candle or pour a glass of wine yet (unless, of course, you are at a place where your relational problems don’t yet stand in the way of physical intimacy).  Just sit down together, in a kind of gustatory zazen, share the basic intimacy of eating together.  Eat mindfully.  Fill your mind, not stomach.  And, perhaps, re-fill your heart.
Pavel Somov, Ph.D. is the author of Eating the Moment: 141 Mindful Practices to Overcome Overeating One Meal at a Time (New Harbinger, 2008) and of "Present Perfect: From Mindless Pursuit of What Should Be to Mindful Acceptance of What Is" (in press, New Harbinger Publications, in stores in July 2010). He is in private practice in Pittsburgh, PA. For more information visit www.eatingthemoment.com and sign up for Pavel Somov’s monthly "Mindful-not-Mouthful" Newsletter

Give in Without Giving Up

 What do you do when it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel? When everything is in doubt and life’s possibilities seem empty? When you watch world events transpire over which you have no control and film and music idols, once seemingly immortal, senselessly succumb to cancer or drugs? 

 The economy is uncertain. The future of your environment is uncertain. The future of your health is uncertain.
The more dismal you feel, the more you panic. As you panic, the more prone you are to illness in body and mind. The cycle accelerates and intensifies until you feel helpless and hopeless.

What do you do when you feel stuck between living in fear or not living at all?
I recently had this very conversation with my taxi driver in Israel. For some reason, we started talking about the most beautiful places to go in the country. And while he mentioned a few places that he loved most, he also said that he could no longer enjoy these places because he was unable to take pleasure in anything. He complained that he felt trapped in a dark place and was unsure if he would ever get out.
He had lost his job over two years ago, followed by his house, two cars and wife of 20 years. He drove a taxi out of necessity, not out of choice. It paid the bills, just barely. The war had taken the life of his son. His new girlfriend was just diagnosed with breast cancer. He feared he would lose her too. He used to write. Now, he could not find words. He used to sing. Now, he could not find his voice. He prayed every day for God to help, but no help had come. He tried to “think positive”, but only negative thoughts appeared.
“I don’t know what to do anymore,” he said, before apologizing for throwing his problems my way. “How can I keep going if I don’t know that everything will eventually turn out well?”
 “We cannot control the future, “ I said. “I am not a fortune-teller and I cannot know what any specific outcome will be. I can know, however, that if you panic or feel hopeless, it is not going to help anything, but rather make the situation worse.”
I told him that he had every right to feel panicked and depressed. The truth is, I explained, that it was physiologically impossible to think positively when he was deep in stress and fear. Hormones and the other biochemical changes in the mind and body were keeping him from being able to do so. It is as if he was trying to stop shivering when feeling cold. “You cannot access good behaviors and positive emotions when you are deep in the fear response. It is like trying to drive your car without any gas,” I explained.
“The solution is to surrender,” I told him.
“Give up and die?” He asked.
“No,” I answered. “Give in and live.”
I continued by explaining that ‘surrender’ meant to stop fighting or struggling and allow himself to simply receive, like a fetus does in the mother’s womb. He had to allow himself to imagine that he was receiving all the magic, power and support that the universe has to offer, filling him up, so that he could then find the strength and courage to face life.
I told him to imagine an image of a mother made of light, with her wings spread wide, holding him like an infant, rocking and cradling him, while saying these words:
“You are loved. You are valued. The support you need is here.” He should say this over and over, for as long as he wished.
I instructed him to do this exercise after he prayed and any other time he felt fear, panic or negativity rising up. If he did, he might find that as he changed on the inside, his life or at least the way he acted in his life, would change in a positive way too. 
By doing this exercise enough times, I explained, his unconscious mind might take in the experience as real. In effect, he would essentially be reprogramming old beliefs of scarcity, of not being enough, or having enough of all that he needs. As his beliefs change, attitudes, behaviors and interactions with others change. Rather than being shut down and shut out, he could be open to his own abilities and the resources others could offer. The possibilities become endless rather than pointless.
“Will I get my old job back?” he asked?
“I can’t tell you that,” I answered. “You might find yourself doing something else entirely. Whatever it is though,” I added, “you may find yourself content and able to appreciate and take pleasure again. You will find your words and perhaps your voice will discover a beautiful melody. It is through our suffering and the depths of despair that we uncover greatness.”

“Did you ask for help this evening? I mean, why is it do you think, that we are having this conversation?” I asked. “Yes,” he answered, “I did.”
“Well then”, I continued. “I offer you a wish that all the love and support the universe has to offer find their way to you”.
A little gleam came into his eye—perhaps a tear or perhaps a shred of hope—and with a smile on his face he said, “Today I will go to the synagogue and pray for you too. I will pray that you also receive all the support and love you need to continue on your path; to inspire others like me to remember that we are ultimately loved, not punished.”
I never got his name, but in that moment in time, his heart opened. Mine did too.
In these difficult times, all we can do is to surrender, give in, and open our hearts to one another, to receive and give. Love is the source of our survival.

The Joyful Sounds of the Children Can Change Your Life

If you are bored, depressed or taking a negative view of life, even for a moment, you can listen to the songs of the birds and that will be uplifting.  But an even greater sound to listen to is the song, laughter and cheerful sounds of the children. If you have no children or grand children of your own around, it is worth a visit to your neighborhood playground, just to watch and listen to the children as they run, play, laugh, sing and invent a life that is worth living.

It has been said by many that we all need to remain “children at heart” as we grow older.

If we could all play the game of life as the children do, we would have more inventive and happy lives. Perhaps we can receive inspiration from the children because they have not been separated from the world of spirit as long as we have as adults. It was not long ago that their spirits were close to Divine Consciousness before being born into a physical body.   And we as adults, can also feel the joy of children if we can remember that we are each a spark of the Divine.  We only feel separate from the Divine if we forget where we have come from and who we truly are. Opening up to the spirit within each one of us, and realizing where we have come from, brings the same joy that we feel when we listen to the children laugh and play.

Psychic Medium and Author Carole Lynne

New Book: Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World



Wonderful Time on “X”Zone Radio with Rob McConnell

Hi Friends,

Yesterday I got a last minute call from my publisher: "Can you be on Rob McConnell’s show at eleven tonight?"  "ELEVEN at night" I screamed to myself.  The publisher continued:" They want you to talk about your new book."  "Of course,"  I said "I will do it."

I am so eager to have the opportunity to speak about Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World because I so deeply believe in the message spirit brings to us through the writings published in this book.

As I got ready to go on the show by telephone from my home office in Newton, I was reminded of the early days of radio when my Dad owned a small radio station in Ventura, California: KVEN.   As a six year old I was on the radio on Saturdays playing kids records for any kids who would listen. Now here I was on April 14th, 2009: the anniversary of my Dad’s passing to spirit, on the radio again talking about a book that lets us know what the spirit world believes we need to do.  I have been feeling the presence of my Dad’s spirit alot lately, and hopefully his spirit was aware of the show last night where Rob McConnell and I talked for an hour about the importance of each human being on this planet recognizing that we are all connected.

We can no longer be "out for ourselves."  The old phrase "each man for himself" is history!  We have to all be out for each other.

By the way, Rob McConnell is an excellent host and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with him. Google his name or "X" Zone Radio to find out more about the show and read the list of who will be interviewed each week.

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne




The Power of Yielding Part Two: Creating Flow by Letting Go

In Part One of this post I talked about yielding and how it can help you in getting your way in a conflict or argument.

Today I want to talk about yielding and how it can help you in dealing with the pressures in your life.

Women often tell me that their lives are so stressful that they find it hard to let go and unwind. This is a real dilemma. I believe that we are happiest, when we are relaxed. When we are stressed out or pressured, we lose the natural flow to our lives. This often leads to bad decisions, poor judgment, and general irritations and frustrations. Things get hard and we feel overwhelmed.

"We cannot see our reflection in running water. It is only in still water that we can see." – Taoist Proverb

So much in life comes from finding your own timing. When you relax into a flow that soothes you and that allows a lifestyle that supports your rhythm, you start to create magic. This magic creates attraction. You’ll be in tune with yourself.

You probably experienced this before: You are relaxed and life moves without effort. Parking opens up right in front of the building you have to go to, the barista at your coffee shop does not charge you for your latte that morning and you reach the client you have been trying to get in touch with all week. You are happy, you are on a roll and life finally is the way it is supposed to be!

To maintain your timing and rhythm you can use the tool of yielding. Yielding takes the stress out of life. It is simply a way of giving way to the pressure inside you. Instead of pushing, you let go. At first, this may go against the grain. If you are used to going the extra mile, working hard, and pushing past the point of exhaustion, it may feel uncomfortable to let go.

Do it anyway! Take a break, chill, be yourself and live by your own rules. Who knows, maybe life will all of a sudden come your way instead of you chasing after it?

Yielding In Action:

  • Observe yourself ~ What areas of your life hold pressures? Where do you get short fused and irritated? Which are the areas that flow with ease? Take a closer look at the stresses. How can you eliminate them?
  • Take responsibility for your happiness! Be honest with yourself. Are you doing too much in too little time? Are you going the extra mile when you really don’t want to? Are you depriving yourself of the simple pleasures in life like taking a nap, going on a walk, taking a bath, or having some alone time?
  • Take action! Do you hate getting up early every morning to take your kids to school? Find someone who will. If you don’t like meeting with people in the afternoon, schedule your appointments at times that work for you. Be bold when it comes to your own needs. I do cancel meetings and turn off the phone when I am having a bad day!
  • Make time for yourself ~ This is essential! Remember, life goes easier when you are relaxed. Schedule time for doing nothing, getting a massage, taking a nap, walking, pondering, dreaming.
  • Give up being right! Last but not least, yielding is the art of making others right. This is especially true in relationships. It is hard to get a connection and a flow going with someone who cannot yield and always wants to have the last word.

These are some of the ways I have found to stay in tune with myself. If you have any other strategies that work for you, I’d love to find out about them!

Some books on the topic:

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszent

Surrendering to Yourself by Iris Krasnow

Synchrodestiny: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence to Create Miracles by Deepak Chopra

Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership by Joseph Jaworski

Cosmically Conscious with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, Warms My Heart

Sometimes we feel a “spiritual high.”  I had one this week through one of those supposed coincidences, that many of us feel are not really coincidences.  Here is it the first week my new book Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World is available in bookstores.  My husband, God bless him, sends me an article from the New York Times about a benefit concert called Change Begins Within.  The headliners were Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr and they sang a song called Cosmically Conscious. When I read the article and especially when I listened to the song on YouTube, I was elated.  While I realize this song was not written for me personally, it felt as if it had been written for all of us who realize that it is NOW time to create a better world, and change does begin within.

On a personal level,  my husband brought me this song at just the right moment, and that was a true gift.

I have promised myself for three years: “When I finish writing this book and I am in the process of letting the world know about Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World” I am going to bring my music back into my life.  I am going to cut the finger nails of my left hand (you female guitarists know how hard it is to have to do this) and start playing guitar and singing again.

Cosmically Conscious is going to be the first new song I will learn. I got my guitar out this morning and I am working up to getting out the nail clippers.

Hope you all get a chance to share in my spiritual experiences in Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World. The excitement I feel about the new book and the words spirit has given me for the book, is boundless.

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne




Getting Into the P-Squared Groove

This past weekend I was reminded that the best way to combat those "out of sorts" feelings is to play and get really present (in the here and now present). When we can cut loose, have some fun, laugh, and get silly coupled with thinking of only what’s in front of us we begin to feel better. Why? Because we are taking the time to connect with ourselves, with our hearts, and better yet, with our child-side. In doing so we…

regain a connected feeling
get out our heads where
ego resides
gain more energy
see the positive potential that is surrounding us
start to go with the flow
create the means to look at life, issues, situations, etc. from a different (maybe even clearer) perspective
and quite simply relax and have fun.

So when you are feeling out of sorts, give the following a try:

1) Deep breathing – four deep breathes; inhale through your nose to a count of four and exhale out your mouth to a count of four.
2) Crank up your favorite tunes and just listen (if you feel compelled to dance, all the better).
3) Grab a funny movie.
4) Read or tell some jokes.
5) Have a light and frothy (a.k.a fun conversation) with a good friend.
6) Play a game with your kids, i.e. Monopoly, cards.
7) Go to the park and swing on the swing set.

Whatever helps you get into the P-Squared Groove (Play and Present) just enjoy, let go, and be YOU!