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Create the Green Dream with Home Automation

home automationby Elizabeth Eckhart

If you’re a homeowners like me who is interested in “going green” as much as possible, you should consider tapping into the many advantages of home energy control; new technology for home automation is making it so that we are not only conserving energy, but also choosing a money-saving alternative. A variety of technology and electronics manufacturers are taking notice, which means we finally get to benefit from multiple companies creating new, energy efficient products.

If you have already made the intention to refurnish your home, clean up your lifestyle, and contribute to a greener house, perhaps automation is where you, like me, should begin your search!

“Going green” is an expression that is used more and more in technology and business, and while it brings to mind the efforts of nature activists, and charitable causes to save the world’s resources, it is also becoming a big push in the business and consumer world (the one most of us live in!), especially when looking at home automation and appliances.

Whether it’s consumer electronics giant Samsung releasing networked appliances or home security companies like ADT’s new Pulse integrating more home automation features into their service offerings, allowing users to employ lighting and temperature control in the home, it’s clear that “smart” homes are quickly becoming an affordable reality. Essentially, home automation systems today can control many things in the home that have always been separate systems and make them work more efficiently than ever before. I’ve been looking at options to do everything from controlling cooling and heating throughout different zones in my house, automatically turn lights off and on as needed, open windows or shut them remotely, and even turn up the water heater as necessary or adjusting it to a lower temperature when it is no longer needed. Successfully automating all these things would waste less energy, cost me less, and have a positive impact on the environment!

The Latest and Greatest in Home Automation

Even Google made a foray into the world of home automation by gaining control of Nest Learning Thermostat, and as someone new to the home automation game, this was my first purchase. The Nest is basically just a thermostat that actually learns the preferences of a homeowner and controls the environment accordingly. For example, the Nest knows that I like it to be 68 degrees when I wake up, but can turn off the heat or air conditioning when I leave for work; when I get home, the thermostat ensures the temperature is comfortable, automatically dropping down to a lower level when no longer necessary.

Thermal powered lights are another popular product that I’ve tried; just like it sounds, they are lights that are powered by the solar energy that has been absorbed during the day, providing illumination at night. If you live in an area with a deregulated energy market like I do, it’s easy to find websites and resources for buying energy that comes from solar and other renewable sources, and so using your own solar at home cuts your carbon footprint down even further. Plus, it’s also a simple switch to solar powered motion sensor lights that are weatherproof, which are ideal for lighting the way outdoors or in the garage without the need for a light to be turned on for hours at a time since they’ll charge themselves during the day.

One product I’ve considered, but not yet made the jump to, is a full system for the whole house like mControl, which is ranked at the top of the list for companies providing the best in home automation. The system offers a way for homeowners to control every electronic device in their home, lighting, and climate. Relying on digital software, the mControl makes energy management more efficient and can address home security as well.

The Future of Home Automation

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the world of home automation. In the future, homeowners are likely to turn to cheaper do-it-yourself methods, from solar power to systems they can control to conserve energy and put more money in their pockets. Creative minds will take home automation to new heights, and if you can make the switch now, I’d highly suggest giving a few of the top-rated products a try!

Elizabeth Eckhart is a Chicago born and bred blogger who is passionate about keeping the environment clean. Some of her favorite writing topics include new renewable energy technology and various ways to live a healthy lifestyle. 

The Power of Positive Affirmations (Part 1)

You Gotta Believe

When I was a child, anytime I felt nervous or insecure about anything, or I didn’t feel well, I wanted my mother to assure me that all would be okay. But that wasn’t enough. I insisted she end her sentences with: “I’m positive.” I didn’t realize at the time that I was basically asking for a positive affirmation, what I later learned was a powerful tool to enable us to basically turn our lives around.

Indeed, C. James Jensen, author of Beyond the Power of Your Subconscious Mind, says that using affirmations is one of the best things you can do to get more out of every aspect of your life, and in particular, your personal health. “Self-talk,” he says, “is the means by which the power of the subconscious mind can be directed and channeled towards any greater good. The subconscious is forever present, always available to carry out the ‘commands’ given to it by the conscious area of the mind. The subconscious does not question the value of our ‘commands,’ but just proceeds to fulfill such ‘instructions.’”

Jensen asks us to imagine an ocean liner crossing the sea with the captain of the ship barking out orders to the crew who may be located deep in the hold, below the water line and unable to see where the ship is going. “The captain is analogous to the conscious area to the mind,” he continues. “In this example, the crew is like the subconscious. So when the captain commands, for example ‘Full speed ahead, 15 degrees to the North’ the crew simply responds, ‘Aye Aye, Sir,’ and carries out its orders precisely.” The crew, you see, does not care if it runs the ship into the rocks, collides with another vessel, or gets the ship safely to its destination. It is totally non-judgmental and does not question “The Boss,” who in this case is the captain of the ship.

This is a powerful metaphor of the relationship between the conscious and subconscious areas of the mind, Jensen feels. And these are not two separate minds, but two spheres of the same mind. “If you seek to harness this power, you must consciously be aware of how you talk to yourself and specifically what you say to yourself. You may want to ‘cancel’ certain thoughts or statements often said in frustration and substitute the language consistent with the picture you want to create.”

He gives us an example: “I am so lazy. I keep forgetting to go to my exercise class. I’ll never get in shape!”

But is that really what we want to be commanding to our subconscious mind when our goal is to become more orderly and punctual? “Of course not!” he insists.

According to Jensen, if you find yourself making such a statement in anger or frustration, simply put your record button on “Pause.” Then take a couple of deep breaths and say “Cancel.” As you do this, visually see yourself erasing the negative statement you just made.

“Now take two more breaths,” he advises, “and with a smile in your heart say to yourself: ‘Every day and in every way I am getting better at being punctual and always on time for my exercise class. I feel good about the fact I am steadily improving my health and fitness.’”

You must choose to repeat this to yourself 2-3 times every day. You want to totally erase (or cancel) the negative beliefs and leave the subconscious with a clear positive visual picture of the “new you” who “feels good about the fact you are always on time.”

You may be understandably skeptical that by just saying certain words you can bring about significant positive changes in your behavior. But affirmations do work. “Realize that the greatest testimony to the effectiveness of affirmations comes from millions of people who have shared their real life experiences of the positive changes, healing, growth in relationships, family dynamics, sports performance and business success, to name a few, that all come from having  incorporated the daily practice of positive affirmations into their lives.”

Affirmations are most effective when you write them down and then prioritize them in order of their importance to you. It is also best to have no more than 15 goals at any one time. As you achieve each goal, one at a time, you can always add a new goal.

“It is crucial that you build balance into your goal-setting. Balancing business, family relationships and personal health is essential,” Jensen says. “And once you have your goals clearly defined, you want to create a mental picture of what the accomplishment of those goals would look like in your own life. Then you create the words to support the picture (goal) as though it were true today, i.e. ‘I look good and feel good at __pounds;’ or ‘I eat only enough to maintain my perfect weight of ___pounds;’ or ‘I enjoy the benefits of exercising every day and never miss a day.’”

Say these statements (your affirmations) out loud to yourself; and while you do, see the end result (the picture) in your mind as though it were true right now. It is not the words that record in your subconscious. It is the pictures your words create, along with the feelings or emotions associated with those pictures, that are implanted in your subconscious.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this post, in which I outline six key affirmations for improving your life.

photo by: Meanest Indian

You Are The Perfect Son Of God

 Tuesday, July 5th


“You are a perfect son of God by right of the Christ-principle by which you are created and sustained.  But this potential does not become a conscious influence and practical power until you ‘receive Him,’ or come to believe and act as if you believed that you are the limitless expression of the Infinite Life, Substance and Intelligence of God.” – Discover the Power Within You by Eric Butterfield

Steve Farrell

Humanity’s Team World Wide Coordinating Director


Conscious Living

Are you conscious about what you are doing in every moment? Aware of why you are doing what you’re doing, or feeling?

Once you’ve become aware that there’s more than just physical existence, you can never go back to just existing without awareness. You wouldn’t want to either. But that doesn’t mean that things get easier! As a matter of fact, in proportion, the difficulty levels of your challenges start to increase, because NOW you’re actively involved in changing things!

It therefore makes sense that the more pressure and resistance you feel, the more you know you’re on the right path and doing the right thing! Because, inevitably, the closer you get to achieving something, that’s when it seems impossibly hard and difficult! Yet, just a little bit more…and you’re through! Whew!!!
If you’re still in the early phases of this process and have just discovered there’s more to life, or you’re looking for more, you’re probably like a sponge, soaking up knowledge, reading, searching and talking to lot of people who seem to have more answers than you do. The inherent danger here is to take their word as the absolute and only truth and to get caught up in their thing, and mindlessly trusting that it’s the right thing for you.

Oh, don’t get me wrong! There are Universal Truths, but there are also individual interpretations, and we know the dangers of that – just look at churchy religions, guru’s and sects and you’ll get the idea. No, what I mean is that each of us have our own journey of development, you have your own motives and karma and your life will inevitably unfold differently from anyone else’s.
So how do you know if something is true? Because there’s a lot of information out there, and if something is just slightly off, or not the full truth, there you go, off on the wrong tangent, which 20 years down the line is WAY OFF.

That is why each one of us have a link to our higher self, soul, spirit, the real spiritual light being that animates this physical vessel of your body in this life. An immortal spark of the Universal Consciousness. Once you have become aware of this link, you can start utilising the wisdom and knowledge of this huge being that is connected to everything and knows everything. So everything you do should be to enhance this connection so that you can draw on this vast knowledge and experience base. Then you will KNOW when it feels right, as you slowly but surely will start to trust yourself and your intuition.
This is the reason people do things like yoga, meditation, Tai Chi and Martial Arts, to become calm and centered, aligned and in tune with spirit. It is to find and fix all the imbalances in the physical, mental and emotional bodies and bring it all into balance and harmony. Anything that strengthens the harmony between all the energy bodies and the physical body is beneficial. We actually live in physical body suits, its what this planet’s vibration is all about and we (our spiritual beings) have chosen to experience this, so a part of our vast energy light body inhabits and uses this physical body for the duration of its lifetime and the experience becomes a part of our true being’s experience and growth.

When you start realizing that there are vast universes of “more” out there, and you become more in tune with the real spiritual you, you can sometimes glimpse, remember or even see all of that.

And then you start co-creating your experience and become conscious of every single moment. Every experience becomes precious. THAT is truly living in the moment. When you take responsibility for every single choice in every single moment.

       Because that is exactly what you have.

               The choice.

Even if you make the “wrong” choice and the experience is horrible, you created that. But you still have the choice of how you deal with the aftermath! Take responsibility. Rather than feeling sorry for yourself, you can change it to an uplifting, positive experience and influence everyone around you for the better…your choice.

You are the center of your universe. Do things for the right motive. Examine your why. Examine the people around you’s why’s. Is it their drama? Or yours? What fear or insecurity is driving your motive? Theirs?


Are you conscious in every moment?

Exercising your choice?

Conscious Adulthood

To be a "conscious adult" means to allow yourself to feel all of your emotions consciously. To consciously grieve, to be consciously sad, mad, happy, scared. The conscious part means that you are allowing it to come through you. It is not overtaking you.

Aaaah, what freedom there is in allowing yourself to experience whatever is in front of you in the vehicle of empowerment and consciousness. There is nothing you can’t handle that way!

Humbled By Your Light,

Beverlee Garb, Author, Speaker, Life Purpose Coach


You Have A Choice!

Good for you! You just made a choice to open your self to learning something new or be reminded of something you already know. Regardless, the point is that you are making choices all the time. Now imagine being able to make the right choices most of those times… Although wrong choices are here just to let you know that you are going away from your path, they are not FUN! Wouldn’t you agree? I personally feel that I have made too many of those choices in this life, and I am done with them. I no longer believe in contrast, I am into consistency these days! My guess is that you are probably thinking that you already know you have a choice, so what is my point. First lets bring some understanding into this dynamic exchange of energy that we are having. Knowing something doesn’t mean that you understand it and it definitely doesn’t mean you can use it to get the results you want. If you don’t believe me, just pay a great deal of attention to how many times people say, “I know that”, or ‘I heard that before”, but in the next breath or action they show you that they don’t know it, otherwise they would be making a different choice. So knowing is being able to apply it into your life and get the results you want! Now, back to knowing that you have choices. Let me give you an example, that sometimes works better for me. Imagine that you sitting next to the Dali Lama in a very loud concert. He has some amazing things to say, but you cannot hear what he is saying. That is pretty much what happens when your inner voice, full of wisdom and intuition, is waiting for you to be silent, but since you are making a choice to continue to think and think, you missed your one to one appointment with the Infinite within YOU. But I am going to make the assumption that if you are reading my blog it is because you have a higher level of awareness than most people and you make the conscious choice to quiet your mind every day like I do. Let’s continue with the same example since the first time it worked so good or at least it did for me, LOL. The music at the concert stopped for the intermission and you got to listen to the Dali Lama for a little while, and of course he gave you some powerful insights. But once the music started you began to listen to it, perhaps you justified having a beer or a glass of wine. Wait, what I am saying? You are reading my blog, so you would NEVER put mind altering drugs into your body temple. I am so sorry, I thought I was writing to another group of brothers and sisters. My apology. Where were we? I know, after listening to the Dali Lama, you started listening to the music and thinking about past memories or perhaps you slipped into an old mind habit of predicting the future, and all of a sudden, what seemed so powerfully insightful, escaped your mind. Oops! The point is that we have to make conscious choices to stop the noise from the outside world, but we also have to develop a discipline to stay connected and take immediate actions, otherwise, well, you know what happens. Let me finish by adding this final point. The human mind is just a tool by which we co-create our reality. Quickly I want to underline OUR REALITY, because in that statement lies one of the most transcending understanding of human kind. We are co-creators in the Creative Process of Consciousnes and therefore that is why we can CHANGE our reality and the world by making Conscious Choices together. I know that was a mouth full; just take a few minutes and reflect on what that means to your life right now. What can you take responsibility for and make a conscious choice to change right now in your life because you have the power to do it ? Good, I am happy for you! This is the key, it becomes a conscious choice when we have the ability to MASTER the mental faculties within our unlimited powers. So whatever it takes in your individual case, is what it takes, but you MUST do it! My advice is that you don’t compare yourself with anybody else. Most of the beliefs that are co-creating your reality come from your unconscious mind and only you can change them. We are ALL different in our humanity and for that reason, your journey has different choices than anybody else. The gift is that inherent within your human potential is the Power to CHOOSE and CHANGE! If you don’t, you are still making a choice, but it is probably not the one you want! Lets stay connected and support each other in making the choices that co-create the reality for One Love, One Wealth, One World!

Quantum Leap

What is Consciousness? The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘consciousness’ as "knowing together… mutual knowledge… the state of being conscious, as a condition and concomitant of all thought, feeling and volition”.

It is a broad and wide definition.

The Sanskrit word for ‘consciousness’, chit, is even broader and wider. From the perspective of Indian philosophy chit (consciousness) is the ground of all being. Everything is primarily consciousness, including the material world. Humans, animals, plants, mountains, rivers and oceans rest on two realities: the external reality of the physical elements, and the internal reality of consciousness which makes the whole Earth a living organism. In this view, consciousness is more than a human attribute: it is the most fundamental and the most essential quality of all existence.

The great Hindu sage and philosopher Vasistha speaks to Rama thus: “Consciousness is beginningless and eternal. Mind, matter and life emerge out of and submerge into consciousness. All life is linked through consciousness. The universe exists in consciousness as an image of Shiva exists in a stone."

Consciousness exists within and without; time and space, too, are within consciousness. As we cannot separate a flower from its fragrance, we cannot separate existence from consciousness. It is the intrinsic and quantum quality of all beings. Pure consciousness is pure energy; here consciousness and quantum mechanics meet.

Consciousness is the stage upon which the drama of the world unfolds. Consciousness is the blue sky within which the black, white and red clouds rush around. Consciousness is the canvas upon which we paint the big picture of the universe. The words ‘canvas’, ‘ground’, ‘stage’ and ‘sky’ are merely metaphors because they, too, are an integral part of consciousness. Manifest and unmanifest, visible and invisible, all and everything is consciousness. When we realise this then there is nothing to own, nothing to possess, nothing to fight for, and nothing to boast about.

The Indian philosophers called it satchitananda which means ‘the reality of consciousness is filled with bliss’.

Let us celebrate consciousness as joy, pleasure and delight. Let us experience consciousness as harmony where we are all connected; we are all related within Indra’s net.

Consciousness is not merely a philosophical or scientific theory: it is a living reality. At this moment in time we need this realisation more than ever. We need to make a transition from an ego-centred worldview to an eco-centred worldview; from ignorant and wasteful ways of living to an elegant, simple and respectful way of living: transition from dependence on coal, nuclear and oil to a relationship with water, sun and soil; transition from a desire to control and dominate to an intention to relate, participate and celebrate. Crises and conflicts arise when we are out of touch with the reality of consciousness. Peace and prosperity prevail when we are alive to consciousness.

It may appear that exploration of consciousness is an esoteric area. Our readers might wonder why we are devoting an issue of Resurgence to the question of consciousness rather than addressing areas of practical action for change. But in taking action without looking deeply at our perceptions and worldviews, we may be in danger of leaping from the frying pan into the fire. Therefore, to address the profound needs of our time a fundamental paradigm shift is required: a shift from materialism to conscious living. That is why we have brought together some leading thinkers and writers to dig deep and reach the spiritual as well as the scientific source of wisdom. Are we ready for a quantum leap?


For more visit http://www.resurgence.org/

Slow Life

I spent 3 days in Seattle with ‘ohana this week.  (‘Ohana is family in Hawaiian – of blood or choice). Perhaps because we are in week 2 of our Gratitude Campaign, I was able to experience the joys of acknowledging others in a deeper way.  I acknowledged them by allowing myself to be fully present, and I enjoyed every minute.


 There is so much continually attempting to get our attention.  Besides the various technological tools we have bombarding us with information, there are also ‘to do’ lists, errands, our families, friends, jobs, people and pets.  How often do we really participate in life in a slow, conscious manner?  Or allow others to do so?


At one point on the way home, I was traveling the speed limit, enjoying the beauty of the forest I-5 goes through.  Cars whizzed past me, some drivers honking, some glaring at me for going “too slowly.”  I wondered where they were whizzing off too, and spent some time making up stories about them.  When I realized what I was doing, I laughed at how easy it is to get pulled out of the present and brought my attention back to what I was doing.  Those people were none of my business.  My business was to enjoy my drive home.  And I did.


Awhile ago I heard of the Slow Food movement – where one uses fresh ingredients, makes things from scratch and enjoys their meals.   I think we should start a Slow Life movement.  Where we show up, pay attention, and truly experience each moment. 


Join me?





Today I show up for my life with a new intention.  My intention is to consciously experience all of it.  As I do this, I am able to more easily remember and experience the Oneness of all Life.  I honour every second of Life.  I honour how Life shows up for me, whether It be in people, plants, animals or places.

I am ready to live a Slow Life.


I open my mind and heart to experience the things I have forgotten.  I let go of my need to be plugged in to my computer, Ipod, TV or newpapers.  I recognize these as wonderful technological tools, yet they are not the reason for my existence.


My existence is for the Glory of The Divine.  To experience God knowing Itself in, through and as me.  I am now consciously aware of all of my Now moments, and consider them a great gift.  I honour the gift by paying attention.


God in me, as me, is an expression of my good, and my good is everywhere!


With a grateful heart, I release these words, knowing they are so, and so It is.




Reflections on

Cross-posted from my blog at http://gnosticexperience.wordpress.com


I watched this video by Belzebuub today.

It’s about the search for truth, and largely about the impediments to that the search and the difficulty of that search.

In reflecting on it, I can reflect mainly on my own search as it’s been so far.

In our culture the concept of ‘truth’ seems very unfashionable, especially in academic circles, where the idea of ‘truth’ is openly attacked. In a more everyday sense, a ’search for truth’ seems not so much attacked as it is marginalized, cast as something naive or idealistic or vaguely embarrassing to talk about.

And when we do have some yearning for truth, the easiest sources to turn to (at least initially) are those that have the greatest level of acceptance among the greatest number of people. These are the traditions that Belzebuub speaks about. They don’t rock the boat. They are well-known, established schools of thought, respectable authors, religions, and so on. They are acceptable. My earliest memory of having some sort of desire or need for ‘truth’ or sense of connection with a higher power went along these lines.

My upbringing was largely without spirituality, although my parents maintained some of the religious trappings for tradition’s sake. So my first impulse was to turn towards that tradition — not in a very serious way (being quite young) but taking whatever bits and pieces of it I could understand, putting them together into rites or rituals, and channeling whatever urges I felt into this religious system of my own making.

I remember later on having a brief interest in Buddhism, which seemed to capture some of the external forms of the spirituality I was innately seeking. But then I rejected it shortly after because some aspects disagreed with me. This kind of accepting and rejecting seemed very normal to me. I couldn’t imagine any other way.

I wouldn’t call any of this a real search for truth though. It was more like spiritual window-shopping, looking for something to put on like a suit of clothes. None of it really penetrated beneath the skin, except in that something within me was perhaps driving that search in an incipient way.

Eventually, the most logical thing (as it seemed to me) was to be an atheist. I could not see or know any sort of god. Therefore one did not exist. But truthfully speaking, my reasoning wasn’t really as honest as all that. I simply adopted the religion of the mind instead. I read books of philosophy, particularly Ayn Rand and her philosophy of Objectivism, and in her system I thought I’d seen the light. Logic had the answers. All truth was knowable to my mind. I was a powerful being, living a purposeful and creative life.

But beneath my philosophical surety was a a terrible weakness: I was always reliant on someone else. Whether my ‘truth’ came from a holy book or from Atlas Shrugged, it still came from a book. From someone else or somewhere else. I needed that external source for my knowledge. Take it away, and the reality was something quite different: a state of basic misery, squeezed each day between the rock of my ideals and the very hard place that was my internal world.

Emotions existed, and these were terrible forces. And equally painful was the mind: having made it my god, I became its slave. My high ideals of rationality were superficial at best. Beneath them was something I could not control — a mind that was compulsive and a vehicle for all that was negative in me.

Searching for understanding, the mind led me only in circles. Each thought was matched with an opposing thought. Like a perverse game of devil’s advocate, each conviction, each belief, each assurance I made to myself was met by its shadow: the sense that things could be and were otherwise. A lingering doubt and fear that the ‘truth’ was not as I thought it was.

My beliefs and convictions were adopted out of convenience, out of desire, because of probability, for any number of reasons — but not because I actually knew anything. It was all so tenuous.

Adopting the opposite of every conviction I held would have been equally useless. Both sides of the debate were wrong. I needed to do more than ‘find the answers’ — I needed to ask a fundamentally different question.



I remember sitting one day in a park near home, where I’d often go with friends of mine. Usually I’d bring a folding chair and a few books and spend the time reading, trying to add more to the heap of information  within me while ignoring the basic facts before my eyes.

That day I read a different book. It wasn’t the best spiritual book ever (or the worst), but it was the book I needed to read at that moment. It was about an intellectual who is searching for something that transcends the limitations of the everyday. While he’s spiritually interested, at the same time he’s skeptical, not looking to buy into any particular system.

One day he meets an extra-ordinary person and begins to receive a very different sort of teaching. He learns that he is fundamentally asleep. (OK, but what does that mean?). He needs to wake up. (How?). And then…he also learns that he is made up of many different ‘I’s. Within him are many different selves, each with their own desires and agendas. Because of them, there is no real control, no individuality in any meaningful sense.

And in that instant, it was something I knew to be true.

It didn’t just ’seem’ true, or reasonable, or potentially accurate, or anything. I didn’t simply accept it. I knew it. Because I had seen it. In me. That was my life; that was how I was each day. It was reality.

This experience wasn’t instant enlightenment or anything of the sort. Nor did I really understand the depth, the real meaning of these concepts. But on some basic level, I had understood something that was real, based on my own lived experience, and it was an understanding that surpassed the mind.

So, in a sense, my search for truth began in earnest around that time.

Whatever the ‘truth’ was, it wasn’t going to come just from reading, from hearing talks, or from thinking about it.

It had to emerge from my own experience, from what I could see for myself. And since I couldn’t see very much, I needed to find a way to see more, to see something beyond. I needed tools for a different sort of perception.

“Gnosis is found within those who practice it.

This is the real knowledge. It doesn’t belong to an old tradition…we find it within ourselves, if we practice it properly.”

– Belzebuub

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