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Intent of the Day: Keep it Consistent


Success isn’t always about greatness.
It’s about consistency.
Consistent hard work leads to success.
Greatness will come.
-Dwayne Johnson

Most of us wouldn’t turn down a gold medal. We want the victory, we want the prize, we want to win, and as Dwayne Johnson mentioned, we want the greatness. But what are the ingredients for greatness? As simple as it sounds, you can’t skip over the showing up. You can’t skip the day-to-day work on the things that matter if you want them to bloom and blossom into a way of life. Our intent is to keep it consistent. Our intent is to show up every day and do the work.

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How to Start an Exercise Program

 If you want to become fit and use exercise to help prevent a heart attack, first check with your doctor to make sure that you do not have anything wrong with your heart or blood vessels. Intense exercise can increase your risk for a heart attack if you already have a damaged heart.

Pick any sport or activity that uses continuous motion (such as running, cycling, swimming, skating, rowing, dancing) that you think you might enjoy. Start out at a relaxed pace until your muscles feel heavy and then stop. For the first several days or weeks you may be able to exercise only for a few minutes. If your muscles feel sore the next day, take the day off. Increase the amount of time gradually until you can exercise 30 minutes a day at a relaxed pace and not feel sore. Then you are ready to begin your training for fitness. Try to increase the intensity of your exercise once a week. Do your jogging, cycling or whatever you have chosen as your sport at a slow pace to warm up. Then gradually increase the pace until you start to feel short of breath and your muscles start to feel sore, and then slow down. Then when you recover, pick up the pace again. Repeat these surges until your muscles start to stiffen and then quit for the day. Take the next day off and go easy the rest of the week. Then once a week, keep on making your one-day-a-week hard workout harder and harder. You will be continuously increasing your level of fitness.

The only way to strengthen any muscle is to contract the muscle against increasingly greater resistance. Your heart is a muscle, so the only way to make your heart stronger is to contract it against greater resistance. When you exercise, you alternately contract and relax your skeletal muscles. This alternate contraction and relaxation squeezes the veins near the muscles to pump blood toward the heart. Your heart is muscular balloon. The increased flow of blood returning to your heart goes inside the heart to stretch the balloon and the heart has to contract with greater force to pump the blood from inside the heart toward the body. The increased amount of blood inside the heart stretches the heart muscle to make it stronger.

The harder you contract your skeletal muscles, the more blood you pump toward your heart, the greater the stretch on the heart to make it stronger. So fitness is determined more by how hard you exercise than by how much you exercise because the harder you exercise, the stronger your heart muscle becomes. Going out and running 100 miles a week slowly does not make you very fit because you are not strengthening your heart very much with a little increase in circulation of blood, no matter how long you do it. Compare lifting a very light weight a thousand times in a row to lifting a very heavy weight 10 times in a row. The person lifting the heavy weight 10 times will become stronger than the person lifting a light weight a thousand times.


Working out with the Rock!

I have been a celebrity trainer for many years with many different clients in the entertainment industry.  It has really been exciting and very interesting to say the least.  My one time workout with Barbara Streisand, thats a storty.  An interesting time with Roseanne Barr, another story.  My years and years of workouts with Michelle Pfeiffer which I will treasure forever, are just a few.  Recently I have retired from training on a daily basis.  Although I would come out of retirement for certain celebrities, I have taken to the gym as a regular person with my married name to workout myself.  I joined the Equinox Gym in the San Fernando Valley in southern California and love it.  Carving out time to workout does take an effort.  You need to be able to break away from your routine and focus on your body.  I do this on a daily basis except for Sunday.  Yesterday I was there on the EFX machine when I noticed the Rock, Dwayne Johnson.  This guy is in shape.  I watched him for a while and will tell you that he definitely spends time in the gym.  His style is deliberate, he knows the musculature of his body and how to train it.  He gets the results. In order to get results you have to challenge your body, give it resistance and definitely  sweat.  You must get your heart rate up beyond resting and beyond the walk in the mall.  You have to feel it.  Get over the hope that someday a pill will take the place of the gym.  It is not going to happen and I hope it never does because what you get from the gym is priceless.  The hour on the bike with my heart pumping to my ipod keeps me going.  I smile, feel great, sweat dripping down my back and sometimes you run into old friends who are there for the same reason.  Alec Baldwin, who I have known for 18 years was there sweating up a storm as well.  We chatted for a minute and then we were both back to our workouts.  Your body deserves the time that you devote to it.  It is the least you can do to give back for all it does for you.  See you at the gym.

The ING’s of Life are Seeking a Constructive, Meaningful Balance and Responsible Participation in their Observance/Implementatio


The ING’s of Life are Seeking a Constructive,

Meaningful Balance and Responsible Participation

in their Observance/Implementation with

“Meaningful & Reasonable Consistencies”


Life is absolutely wonderful, the greatest treasure of treasures -this precious Life accompanied along with our abilities, our intellectual faculties; the greatest gifts of the Universe are always with us


Moments / Reflection

Whilst responsibly attending to our respective assignments; agendas; endeavors; duties; responsibilities; it would be appreciated if a few moments could be focused upon the humble / gentle and courteous essence being emphasized herewith


Good & Meaningful Intentions

The purpose of writing this article is intended to spread the awareness although it is known; taken for granted; conventional and might be considered or responded as “so what about it basis” / or “so what’s new about this”


This is Not

This is not about any of the above


It is

It is basically about encouraging investment of a meaningfulness; a reasonable and responsible approach to each and every aspect of life



Sincerely hoping that the sincere intentions with which this is being written will be interpreted in the likewise meaning; namely to encourage and inspire each and every one to keep excelling at their respective endeavors



It is true; the happiness; the goodness that we spread is enriching our lives as well



This article is also not seeking to hurt or offend the sentiments in any way whatsoever



Each person is entitled to express their opinion and express their point of views


So This is

So this but a friendly; a sincere; a humble endeavor specifically seeking to reflection and appreciation upon the “ING’s” of Life, which each have their own significance if consistently improvised upon and regulated meaningfully.

Certain Aspects / Understandable

It is obvious that certain aspects of life might not be controllable to the desired extents and might be beyond one’s extent / reach; for example such as “happening”; but it is the other “ing’s” of life which where possible to regulate and control would be very much appreciated please


*Where it Concerns

Where it concerns drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking, this has been humbly requested and is seeking to help one to regulate one’s habits meaningfully



The reason this has been emphasized particularly is because in certain instances where there is one bread winner of the family – and upon who the complete family depends for their daily needs – and if the concerned individual tends to deviate from the commitments to their respective family(s) and jeopardizes the futures of so many precious lives, then this is completely unfair



Now who will keep on arguing with the concerned person(s) to kindly regulate their habits – and when will they understand that it would be very much more meaningful for them to invest what they are earning in their families well being instead of seeking to gratify themselves with indiscriminate intake of alcohol beverages and smoking



The manufacturers publish warnings regarding certain aspects



Those that tend to ignore the warnings and follow their own ways tend to affect the lives of millions of people either directly or indirectly since when a person consumes excessive alcohol and drives, it has been heard that they drive recklessly and then have literally taken lives in the process of innocent people who are sleeping on the pavements


How Cruel

Just thinking of this itself makes one shudder with disbelief


That How

How could anyone ever commit such actions.


So This

This is humbly requesting those that tend to violate the conventional limits to recognize and understand that Life is extremely interesting; beautiful; fascinating and to invest their meaningful approach to each and every aspect of life rather than seeking to gratify themselves by indulging in excessive intake of alcohol beverages or smoking



It has been publicized and very well known that smoking / intake of nicotine and certain other substances are extremely harmful since they cause lung cancer and other effects that are detrimental



Despite knowing and ignoring the realities of certain aspects / realities of life and seeking to yet further ignore is not fair at all.


Those concerned have to think about their Loving Families

Those who indulge in such actions have to think whether what they are doing is fair; that they have their loving families who adore them the most; their loving families where it has been understood and known that – To the family One Person can mean the Whole World – the family waiting for their loved one’s to return home


  • It is also mentioned as:-


  • To the World we might be one person; but to one person we might be the World; this has a significant meaningfulness associated with it and is not just poetic expression but the very essence of Life since where a complete family depends upon one person for their livelihood and if the concerned person tends to deviate thinking that their reckless indulgence will help resolve any issues should be more aware of their choices, their actions and decisions please


  • What can be more precious than Life please? (This applies for those that are deliberately feigning ignorance / pretending and thinking that a little will not matter – that tomorrow they will make the change; that next week they will change their reckless habits; that next month; that next year or that in the next hour they will change


  • They commit but then they have to honor the commitment taken for the sake of their loving families please, their loving families sincerely matter very much please


  • I sincerely hope that the comments being mentioned here will be interpreted in the contexts that I am seeking and wishing for it to reach across to the respective individuals to please kindly think, think again carefully please that reckless consumption of alcohol beverages, smoking and intake of other substances have their own effects that might prove to be detrimental to one’s well being


  • And they have no right to jeopardize the life / livelihood/ living of their family members please

  • What crime have their family members committed to endure such senseless sufferings and hardships please?

  • Those who keep on ignoring and recklessly indulging MUST think and put themselves in the position / the place of their family members and seek to understand the reality of the situation – the impact of this will shock them beyond belief since they would be able to see that what they have been doing has been very wrong and hopefully start making the necessary changes and living happily with their family members for always and always happily and healthily and meaningfully please, thank you very very very much

  • The above are amongst the very most challenging phases I think – although I do not know but from what is heard in the news; what is read and mentioned that the above does cause an extremely severe hardship and is very difficult to express the agony of those suffering since they tend to realize their wrong doings very lately in life; but alas the regret is not helpful at a later stage in life



If the concerned is ignoring their responsibilities by recklessly consuming certain substances or smoking, they are committing what they know is wrongfully


What is the use?

What is the use of regretting when diagnosed with a serious health problem that has resulted from excessive intake of alcoholic beverages, smoking and intake of other substances?


Of What Use

They have to realize that the meaning of Life is much more meaningful; that each and everyone of us have to play our roles in life responsibly and do our very best for one another consistently and with meaningful consistency.



They have to understand that by simply ignoring or saying sorry when they are undergoing medical treatment for their reckless actions can solve any matters is not the solution



They have to understand clearly before committing a certain action that there is a consequence for each and every action please


Please time and again

Time and again, I repeat and emphasized that this article is being expressed with meaningful intentions and is not intended to hurt or offend the sentiments of any person(s) whatsoever. If any detail(s) is found to be objectionable for any reason whatsoever, it would be much appreciated if the concerned could be communicated accordingly.



If by communication of this article, even one single person is able to start making the meaningful changes in their life style and refrain from taking risks where it relates to recklessly consuming alcohol beverages, smoking and certain substances ; then it will be amongst the greatest of gifts that I could ever receive



Since it is the blessing of the respective person(s) and their family(s) – the good wishes that hold the most cherished goodness of life



Time and again when the World is Happy, we are Happy, we are all interconnected please



The ING’s of Life (Respectfully)


Accepting (Meaningfully)


Acting (Meaningfully)


Achieving (Meaningfully)


Accounting (Meaningfully)


Acknowledging (Meaningfully)


Adventuring (Meaningfully)


Adoring (Meaningfully)


Allowing (Meaningfully)



Anticipating (Meaningfully)


Appreciating (Meaningfully)


Arriving (Meaningfully)


Aspiring (Meaningfully)

Associating (Meaningfully)

Attaching (Meaningfully)


Attending (Meaningfully)

Attributing (Meaningfully)


Balancing (Meaningfully)


Believing (Meaningfully)


Breathing (Meaningfully)


Campaigning (Meaningfully)


Caring (Meaningfully)


Channelizing (Meaningfully)

Changing (Meaningfully)


Closing (Meaningfully)


Communicating (Meaningfully)


Committing (Meaningfully)


Commuting (Meaningfully)


Computing (Meaningfully)


Conceptualizing (Meaningfully)


Conditioning (Meaningfully)



Conserving (Meaningfully)


Considering (Meaningfully)


Constructing (Meaningfully)


Contributing (Meaningfully)


Cooperating (Meaningfully)


Creating (Meaningfully)



Dedicating (Meaningfully)




Depending (Meaningfully)


Deserving (Meaningfully)





Developing (Meaningfully)




Discovering (Meaningfully)


Distinguishing (Meaningfully)


Disciplining (Meaningfully)


*Drinking (Meaningfully & Discerningly – Being aware regarding the effects of Drinking *Alcoholic Beverages and regulating them to the minimal possible please – No – No – No Offense intended please)


Driving (Meaningfully)


Educating (Meaningfully)


Emphasizing (Meaningfully)


Empowering (Meaningfully)


Energizing (Meaningfully)


Enjoying (Meaningfully)


Enriching (Meaningfully)


Enthusing (Meaningfully)


Envisioning (Meaningfully)


Excelling (Meaningfully)


Exercising (Meaningfully)


Expanding (Meaningfully)


Expecting (Meaningfully)


Experiencing (Meaningfully)




Extending (Meaningfully)


Everything (Meaningfully)


Evidencing (Meaningfully)


Feeling (Meaningfully)


Freeing (Meaningfully)




Gesticulating (Meaningfully)


Giving (Meaningfully)


Grooming (Meaningfully)




Happening (Meaningfully)

Hearing (Meaningfully)


Honoring (Meaningfully)


Hoping (Meaningfully)


Identifying (Meaningfully)


Imaging (Meaningfully)


Imagining (Meaningfully)


Implementing (Meaningfully)


Influencing (Meaningfully)


Innovating (Meaningfully)

Installing (Meaningfully)


Instituting (Meaningfully)


Inspiring (Meaningfully)


Indicating (Meaningfully)


Inclining (Meaningfully)


Inspecting (Meaningfully)


Inspiring (Meaningfully)


Intending (Meaningfully)


Intonating (Meaningfully)


Interrupting (Meaningfully)




Inventing (Meaningfully)


Investigating (Meaningfully)


Investing (Meaningfully)


Invoking (Meaningfully)


Justifying (Meaningfully)


Jogging (Meaningfully)


Knowing (Meaningfully)


Learning (Meaningfully)

Listening (Meaningfully)




Manifesting (Meaningfully)


Meaning (Meaningfully)






Molding (Meaningfully)


Motivating (Meaningfully)


Moving (Meaningfully)


Nurturing (Meaningfully)


Opening (Meaningfully)


Operating (Meaningfully)


Optimizing (Meaningfully)


Oscillating (Meaningfully)


Perfecting (Meaningfully)

Performing (Meaningfully)




Persevering (Meaningfully)


Praying (Meaningfully)


Progressing (Meaningfully)

Prospering (Meaningfully)


Protecting (Meaningfully)


Reaching (Meaningfully)


Recreating (Meaningfully)


Recognizing (Meaningfully)


Regulating (Meaningfully)


Relying (Meaningfully)


Respecting (Meaningfully)


Revering (Meaningfully)


Revolving (Meaningfully)


Satisfying (Meaningfully)


Saving (Meaningfully)


Singing (Meaningfully)


Sighting (Meaningfully)


Smiling (Meaningfully)


*Smoking (Meaningfully & Discerningly – Being aware regarding the effects of *Smoking and regulating it to the minimal possible – and if possibly completely avoiding intake of nicotine or any other related substance please – No – No – No Offense intended please)


Socializing (Meaningfully)


Solving (Meaningfully)


Speaking (Meaningfully)


Stabilizing (Meaningfully)


Sympathizing (Meaningfully)


Synchronizing (Meaningfully)


Synthesizing (Meaningfully)


Talking (Meaningfully)


Thinking (Meaningfully)


Timing (Meaningfully)


Touching (Meaningfully)


Trusting (Meaningfully)


Turning (Meaningfully)


Typing (Meaningfully)



Understanding (Meaningfully)


Valuing (Meaningfully)


Walking (Meaningfully)


Writing (Meaningfully)


Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina; Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina


May one and all be Happy and Peaceful;


May one and all have well-being and live peacefully together


May Happiness be showered on one and all;


May one and all be Healthy


May one and all be Wealthy and Prosperous


O Lord Protect us


O Lord Guide us


O Lord Grant us Wisdom


O Lord Lead us from darkness to Light (From ignorance to Knowledge)


O Lord May there always be Universal Peace, Hope, Love, Wisdom, Compassion,

Conservation, Sustained Economic Development, Happiness, Eradication of Huger and Malnutrition, Sustained Global Education, Prosperity and Progress for one and all


Best Wishes,

Vashi Ram Chandi



This article is being expressed with meaningful intentions and is not intended to hurt or offend the sentiments of any person(s) whatsoever. If any detail(s) is found to be objectionable for any reason whatsoever, it would be much appreciated if the concerned could be communicated accordingly.


In no event whatsoever shall the author of this article / the featuring of any transcript or dissemination of details – be responsible for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance upon or communication / propagation / transmission of the information featured herewith.


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