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Gift to the Soul: The Space of Presence

Photo Credit: Kalliope Kokolis
Photo Credit: Kalliope Kokolis

For many of us this is a season when it feels that we are going faster and faster. Everything’s racing, through school semesters, wrapping up work commitments, entering the holidays; the currents of life are in full tilt.

Given the time of year, one student fell into a period of intense stress resulting from a cycle of classes, studying, working and little sleep. He didn’t realize how long he had neglected to write home until he received the following note:

 Dear Son,
Your mother and I enjoyed your last letter.
Of course, we were much younger then and more impressionable.

As you know, it’s not just students. Some months ago a friend described getting caught in this state busy-ness while trying to get her daughter to school. She was busy getting things ready while her daughter was trying to show her something. Every time her daughter would call her over she would say, “Just hang on a moment. I’ll be there in a second.” After several rounds of this, the little four-year old came out of her room tired of waiting. She said to her mother, hands on hips:

“Why are you always so busy? What’s your name? Is it President O’mama or something?”

Along with the speediness we have the sense that there is not enough time. It’s interesting to observe how often we are living with that perception. It is usually accompanied by a squeeze of anxiety:

“I’m not going to be prepared,” and a chain of insecurities. “There’s something around the corner that is going to be too much,” “I’m going to fall short,” “I won’t get something critical done.” There’s this sense that we’re on our way somewhere else and that what’s right here is not the time that matters. We’re trying to get to the point in the future when we’ve finally checked everything off our to-do list and we can rest. As long as this is our habit, we are racing toward the end of our life. We are skimming the surface, and unable to arrive in our life.

Thomas Merton describes the rush and pressure of modern life as a form of contemporary violence. He says:

“…to be surrendering to too many demands, too many concerns, is to succumb to the violence.”

When we’re speeding along, we violate our own natural rhythms in a way that prevents us from listening to our inner life and being in a resonant field with others. We get tight. We get small. We override our capacity to appreciate beauty, to celebrate, to serve from the heart.

Our mindfulness practice offers us the opportunity to pause and rediscover the space of presence. When we stop charging forward and open to what’s here, there’s a radical shift in our experience of being alive. As we touch into this space of Hereness, we access a wisdom, a love and a creativity that are not available when we’re on our way somewhere else.  We are home, in our aliveness and our spirit.

 © Tara Brach
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Lessons from kayaking: Finding a Way to Be With Fear

Leaving the Marina with Morro Rock in the background and the MorMost of us spend a lot of our lives tensed up in fear, or pushing against fear.
The fear might be fear of:
  • Something going wrong
  • Not being good enough
  • Not being loved
  • Losing something or someone we hold dear
What fears do you live with?
The key to being with fear is in contacting what is here now, rather than trying to push it away. Here’s a story from the river that helps us understand that.  In kayaking, you learn about what is called a keeper hole. It’s a swirl in the river that catches a boat or a body and pulls it down under the water.  You can drown because you get stuck in that swirling current and you can’t get out of it.  If you get caught in a keeper hole, the only way out is actually to dive right into the center, down as far and deep as you can, toward the bottom, because if you get to the bottom you can swim out the side of the swirl.
So you do the opposite of what your instincts tell you to do.  Your instinct, of course, is to fight your way to the surface.  But it won’t work; you’ll keep getting pulled into the hole.  No, you have to dive down into the hole.
It’s like that with fear.  Our instincts are to pull away, to ignore the fear, or to distract ourselves.  We naturally want to escape the pull, the uncomfortable sensation, of fear.  But the skillful way of dealing with fear, just like the keeper hole, is to go into the center of it.
The training in facing fear is to directly contact it…to lean right in.  This is not something to do if your fear is from trauma.  It could be too overwhelming.  If you are dealing with trauma, you might need someone to work with you on that fear.  So you might try finding a thought that brings up fear,  a mild or moderate fear, and letting yourself feel the sensation.  Breathe right into the place you feel the fear, really letting yourself experience it for a moment.  On the out breath, let the fear disperse into the vastness of space around you, or the ocean you are part of.  See and feel the fear moving out into that larger space.
When you are kayaking on the ocean, or on a large lake, you can sense yourself as part of that spaciousness.  Allow the fear to disperse into the spaciousness.  You might find that it is possible to be with the fear, rather than push it away, when you are aware of your oceanness.
© Tara Brach
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photos by: mikebaird & mikebaird

Absolute Cooperation with the Inevitable

Mystic Poppies.The modern-day mystic and Jesuit priest Anthony de Mello once said: “Enlightenment is absolute cooperation with the inevitable.” This statement struck a deep chord within me. It seems to me that what he meant was to be absolutely open to life as it is.

Think about the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic Ocean that flows from the tip of Florida up along the eastern seaboard. If you were to put a straw in the water, aligned with the Gulf Stream, it would move with the flow of water. The water moves through it and carries it along on the current. Everything is aligned; it’s total grace. Now, if it’s misaligned, and it’s not moving with the flow of water, it gets spun around and moves off course.

Aligning ourselves with the flow of aliveness is an essential part of our mindfulness practice. Like the straw, if we move out of alignment, we’re moving away, spinning about, in reaction…in some way unable to be one with the flow of grace. So we seek to stay aligned, letting the flow of life move through us.

What are some ways that we remove ourselves from the channel through which our life flows?

I noticed this happening the other day when I was driving home. I have my own accustomed speed, and the person in front of me was going much, much, much slower. You know what that is like, don’t you? Now, I wasn’t in a rush to get somewhere. I wasn’t on my way to the airport to catch a plane, but it didn’t matter. I was driving at a speed that felt really different from my preferred speed. I was experiencing impatience and anxiety, and it was building. Everything in me was leaning forward. I felt like I couldn’t be okay unless the situation changed.

So I paused, mentally. I recognized that I had a demand that something be different than it was at the moment, and I tried to let go of it. This example is a small thing, but this happens in many ways, some small and some much larger, in our human experience. We get caught in feeling that happiness is not possible unless things change. Consequently, we cause ourselves tremendous unhappiness, because we’re demanding that things be different.

It’s interesting to notice how this happens. I think it arises from our social conditioning about what brings happiness. We are led to believe that we need certain things to be happy: “If I can get this job,” “If I can earn this much money,” “If I can buy a house in that neighborhood,” then I will be happy. Or we might think, if only I were healthier, or thinner, or if my boss quit so I could have a different boss, or if I had a different spouse…and on and on.

We wait for things to be different in order to feel okay with life. As long as we keep attaching our happiness to the external events of our lives, which are ever changing, we’ll always be left waiting for it.

What if we were to pause and align ourselves with the current?
What if we moved with the flow of what is?
What would that mean for you in your life, right now?

Aligning with what is here is a way of practicing presence. It allows us to respond to our world with creativity and compassion.

What is actually happening is that we’re opening to the universal intelligence, the universal love that can flow through us when we’re aligned. When the straw is aligned with the current, the Gulf Stream flows through it. When we’re aligned with the flow of our lives, there’s a universal wisdom and love that flows through us, which is our true nature.

© Tara Brach

Adapted from Radical Acceptance  (2003)

Enjoy this talk on: Absolute Cooperation with the Inevitable


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photos by: hipea & h.koppdelaney

Openly Gay Politician Uses Tea-Party Dad in Awesome Campaign Ad

Screen shot 2013-09-19 at 12.28.34 PM
There’s an adage that says, “parents just don’t understand” which openly gay Massachusetts lawmaker Carl M. Sciortino, Jr., who is running to replace now-Senator Ed Markey in next month’s state primary, is using to compel voters with is viral campaign ad.

“I’ll never forget that conversation with my dad when I had to come out and tell him…” Sciortino begins, and everyone thinks he’s going to say “that I was gay.” Instead, Sciortino throws a curveball and says, “that I was a Massachussetts liberal.” The rest of the ad cuts between the two recounting Sciortino’s increasingly liberal policies – from Wall Street and NRA regulation to equal rights initiatives.

It is touching though when Sciortino’s father begins lamenting over his son writing “The Buffer Zone” law – which protects women entering abortion clinics from harassment – but admits he’s proud his son got it all the way to the supreme court.

In the end it’s clear that neither will be giving in to the other’s political leanings, but the video ends with a Tea Party Republican saying he loves his openly gay liberal Democrat son. It just goes to show we can have different ideas and political ideals and still work together. Now if only Congress could make it work like these two.

What do you think of this campaign strategy? Share in your comments below! 


Why Competition is an Old Model of Living

UnityCompetition is an outdated model of living. There is a strong calling for us all to begin recognizing our unity and working together, instead. Easier said then done, I know. We have all been taught from birth that we are separate from each other with every man or woman fighting for themselves in this so-called ‘dog eat dog’ world. We compete to get into the best schools and then to get the best jobs so we can buy the best things and everybody will think we are cool. But, is that really why we are here? So that other people think we are cool?? Prettiest, smartest, funniest? You get the point. Surely, there has to be something more! So much more.

While it is true that, as individuals, we need to create our own destiny, putting others down or feeling bad about ourselves in the process should never be a part of the equation. But, those are the exact things that manifest when we feel separate and the need to compete or prove ourselves. With everything going on in the world today, we really need to ban together. The power of collective consciousness is the only way to trump many of the serious challenges that we are facing and will continue to face. We need to respect each other and work together.

Competition is rooted in fear – fear that you are not good enough, smart enough, special enough or unique enough. This is the ego’s way of keeping us separate and small. It’s also a huge distraction from our life’s mission — to spreading all the goodness we can possibly spread. When you are taken over by feelings of jealousy, anger, animosity, and lack on one end of the spectrum, or vanity, superiority and self-righteousness on the other end, then how can you possibly be at your best performance to help the world?

And, believe me, I know. I am far from perfect and have to continually work as I grow along my own spiritual path. For instance, it used to really bother me when somebody would come to me and say, “I think so and so is copying you. Didn’t you just post something similar or doesn’t this sound way too familiar?” It has happened in both my business and personal life. It used to really bug me, as my ego desperately tried to cling to my perceived specialness and uniqueness. It was my own immaturity and insecurities coming out that made me feel like I needed to get the credit or the pat on the back. It has taken much work and shining the light on this weakness of mine, but I’ve learned to just be happy to see how far the ripple effect can go. Ideas and inspiration are supposed to be shared (as long as actual copyright or intellectual property is not being trampled on in the process), and we’re all so much better off when they are shared.. Who am I (or anyone else) to try to hoard them?

We’re all unique, like snowflakes. While we may have some similarities, there is nobody else in this entire world that is just like you or me. We all have our own very unique journey, life experiences, and perceptions. And, the world needs more of the special gift that each of us has inside. We should all feel encouraged and free to put our own unique spin on similar ideas and offer them to the world. There is plenty of space for all of us to do so! Instead of concerning yourself with what others are doing and how you compare, focus on what you love and what lights you up. Everything else will naturally fall into place!

Take me, for example. Sure, there are a million other self-help blogs, life coaches, and female entrepreneurs out there, but that doesn’t stop me from spreading my own perspective on common ideas. People need to hear these same concepts in many different ways! We each have our own unique light to shine and impact to make. I don’t spend my time worrying about how I compare to others because I don’t give my heart and soul for the pats on the back and recognition. I do it out of love and to hopefully make a difference to someone. It’s all about intention. When intent is rooted in pure love, you dreams will grown and manifest faster than you could ever imagine.

“When you want only love you will see nothing else” is a teaching from A course in Miracles. I find this very true in my own practice. Stay focused on offering your gifts and love to the world, in service, and any need to be “the best” or “the first” or “the coolest” will just fade away into the darkness, where it belongs. Instead, you will feel only love.  That’s what it’s about. Now, go out there and make your impact! Namaste.

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“Shakti Rising”: Empowering Women From the Inside Out

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 12.34.07 PMI recently had the unique and almost otherworldly experience of stepping into the world of Shakti Rising; a nonprofit social change organization that takes a holistic approach to empowering women and girls from the inside out, with the vision that healthy, empowered women are the potential change-makers in their families, social circles, and communities. They distinguish an empowered female leader from a powerful female leader, a concept I found fascinating.

During the hours I spent at Shakti Rising when I attended their community “Garden Day,” I interacted with a number of women; some of which were on a transformational journey, some of which were there to volunteer, and some of which led the program. The sense of community and support was palpable among everyone, even though many of us had just met.

The women live together in a large home, taking classes, facing their personal demons or difficulties daily, and learning to live in community. As I worked alongside these women, saw how they interacted, and enjoyed a delicious lunch with them, I started to put my finger on what was unique about this place, apart from its holistic, inside-out approach to healing and growing.

It was the energetic space and how open, inviting, and accepting it seemed to be.

The benefits of this unique model, where women live and work side by side, became obvious to me as I witnessed the support they all received from each other. It was a refreshing change from most modern day living arrangements, where single women often live alone, only meeting other women in passing, when meeting up with friends, or in a competitive work environment. The benefit these women receive from living in community became quickly apparent. As one woman said, when commenting on how much she enjoyed preparing the food with other women, “We were not meant to cook alone.”

Shakti is a Hindu goddess representing divine, manifesting, feminine energy. She takes many names and forms, sometimes representing a motherly, fertile form, and other times is described as a fierce warrior. As such, the name “Shakti Rising” really hit home when I realized the underlying intention of the organization to empower women to rise up into their whole, complete, empowered being and then send that complete, integrated, whole-hearted woman into the world to empower, inspire, and lead others without needing to overpower others to do so.

In part, their description reads:

Our way is to walk our talk, organically closing the gap between principle and practice. We do this by welcoming change, valuing friendships, taking risks, and creating lives with fun, passion and laughter. We practice presence, gratitude and forgiveness. We delight in relationships that are long term and mutually beneficial.

We are woven together by what we value: authenticity, faith, courage, integrity, commitment and service. We believe in the power of our real life choices, knowing that mundane actions can have the most far-reaching implications. We are dedicated to sustainability and the pursuit of social and environmental change. Our lifestyle embraces the needs of the present and the legacy of the future.

Shakti Rising has several locations, including the Bay Area, San Diego, New Mexico, and Kauai. Their current goal is to reach 1,000 monthly donors in support of the education and leadership services of Shakti Feminine University. They also welcome energetic support and volunteerism, as they are largely a word-of-mouth organization.

My visit to the world of Shakti Rising sprung out of an interest to be of service to other women. I thought my contribution would be through teaching yoga. After experiencing the Shakti Rising community personally and getting to know the women and some of their individual stories, I realized that this was an opportunity to take my yoga off my mat.

Practicing yoga doesn’t always mean bending over backwards physically. Sometimes it means bending over backwards to help someone else plant a seed. Instead of supporting someone in an arm-balancing pose, sometimes we support them as they learn to trust themselves fully in the real world. We all hold space for introspection and transformation when we attend a yoga class, but it’s also entirely possible to create a sacred space in our communities where transformation, conversation, healing, and growing are possible and welcomed.

As women, we are all in a position to shift the paradigm of being a powerful woman to being an empowered woman. The difference is that one power comes from outside of us and the other comes from within. Our young women are our future leaders, and they are following our example.

There Is A Rainbow Circle


Sunday, 10/2

“There is a rainbow circle of souls gathering to bring forth Unity Consciousness on the planet. Together you will uplift vibrational frequencies and assist the evolution of the earth and your individual soul. More and more information is being revealed to support these truths, from the Angelic Dimensions and Master teachers, as well as from the scientific realms. The requirement for cooperation and unity is becoming the most obvious source of empowerment for the changes facing the earth at this time.”

–Archangel Gabriel as channeled by Shanta Gabriel

Steve Farrell

Humanitity's Team World Wide Coordinating Director

The Best and First Dating Decision

Hi Margaret Ruth,

I’ve been wanting to talk for a while now. I was dating this girl for 3 weeks. She already has 4 kids. I have 2 kids. She says she wants 1 more within the next year and a half. I really like her a lot, but a total of 7 children is just way too many in my opinion. Any advice? – Doug

The first thing that comes to mind is that great relationships seem to exhibit the spirit of cooperation, not compromise – meaning individuals aren’t required to sacrifice important parts of their selves in order to make the other happy. There is a lot to say about cooperation versus harsh compromise, but that is the main point.

And, you do not have to make these decisions now; isn’t that nice to realize? Resolve that the first and best decision to make is that of becoming the most healthy, happy, alive man possible. As you feel more happy, fulfilled and whole as a person, it becomes very easy to sense if the relationship matches the idea of happy, fulfulling and whole. If you do your part, and the relationship resonnates on that level, then all things will fall into place. When two healthy, joyful, whole people love each other, share a connection and have a shared broader vision, all goes quite well, even when two people don’t perfectly agree. Does that make sense? -MR


Margaret Ruth has been on radio, television, published in newspapers and magazines and major websites. She is the author of Superconscious Relationships: The Simple Psychic Truths of Perfectly Satisfying Connections (O Books Publishing). Contact Psychic Margaret Ruth on her Facebook page, or email mr@margaretruth.com. You can also get details on private readings, hear the weekly podcast on metaphysical topics, and enjoy the blog at www.margaretruth.com.

Discovery and Recovery in the Economic Earthquake

I was in the Hurricane Iniki on the island of Kau’ai, September 11,1992.  This was the most devastating natural disaster on Kau’ai, with winds of 167 – 227 mph for 5 hours.

I recognized after the winds left the island and LIFE was not the same, what a great equalizer this Hurricane was.   It did not matter if you had money, what your job/position was, how much education you had, how old you were, what is the color of your skin, your sexual orientation, did you speak English?, what is your religion….none of this mattered.

What really mattered was what you heard people talking about as we waited in the lines at the phone bank to make calls to our loved ones and let them know we were alive, or the lines to get food and ice that was barged in so we could keep food in a cooler. 

This is what mattered – this is what people asked:

•    How is your family?  Are you safe?
•    Is your Home still standing?

And people would be asking these questions for months…because that is what mattered and that is what was going to be the foundation for the recovery….Are you safe?  Do you have a home?

I recognized after Hurricane Iniki that we needed a global Iniki as an equalizer.  We have lost our way as human beings….we have lost touch with reality and what REALLY matters.

So here we are in the midst of what I recognize as an Economic Earthquake, because this condition is not going to leave the countries and go off into the ocean as Iniki did.  This condition has been formulated long before this current eruption; the economic structures were being manipulated, in secrecy for big benefit for a small number of people.  The teutonic plates shift, however slightly until the “shift that makes the difference” causes the Earth to move and quake.

The challenge about an earthquake versus a hurricane is the residual and perpetuating trauma that occurs to the nervous system of humans and animals, with all of the “after shocks” following an earthquake.

With the hurricane, the winds are gone, the trauma is instilled and now, it is time to find a way to live in the destruction and devastation and take care of yourself and your family and support your neighbor as well…we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

So here are some suggestions I have from my precious life experience provided by Hurricane Iniki and now the Economic Earthquake.

1.    Drink water, lots of it. Your brain is 40% water and will NOT function well, with increased stress and dehydration.

2.    BREATH!!!! Consciously and often.  Your brain is 30% oxygen.  You cannot think clearly if your brain does not have enough water and oxygen.

3.    BE GRATEFUL YOU ARE ALIVE.  This will help you survive every single day of your life.

4.    Make a very clear conscious decision:
        Are you going DOWN with this Economic Earthquake?
        Are you going to make it through this Economic Earthquake, NO MATTER WHAT?

5. Power Flows Where The Focus Goes – Hawaiian saying.  What you consciously choose will determine your strength to get through this dramatic change in your lifestyle.

6. SLOW DOWN!!!  Take life one day at a time, one step at a time.

7. You have been traumatized by these immense changes in your life; be kind, caring and patient with your recovery.  (It took Kau’ai 7.5 years to fully recover emotionally and financially…even longer for many, many of the structures.)

8.  Allow yourself to feel your feelings, embrace your confusion and despair.

9.  Share your life and love so you KNOW that you are not alone in this transformation.

Please go to my website:    http://www.GlobalFamilyEducation.com

•    Click on GFEC Blog
•    Find the Trauma Code, Profound Love Code and Hopeless, Despair and Unworthiness Code.
•    Copy and paste these blogs so you can use these codes to clear the trauma in your neuropathways.
•    Read the Trauma Code several times a day.
•    Pass these on to everyone you know and love so they can have this support from these codes.

Blessings to you in these times of great transformation and recovery,


Contact:    Global Family Education Center at 808.822.4332 for group or personal sessions, inspirational guidelines, speaking engagements and trauma release work with Kay.


What is The Rainbow Bridge?

What is The Rainbow Bridge? June 28, 2009

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So what exactly is The Rainbow Bridge?

It is a bridge between Earth and Heaven; between the physical world and the etheric world.

It is also a bridge from war to peace in the 21st century.

Pets who have passed on are waiting for their beloved owners on the other side of The Rainbow Bridge.

People who have passed on are waiting for us on the other side of The Rainbow Bridge.  Imagine Michael Jackson, Farrah Faucett, Ed McMahon, Billy Mays and many others… all waiting for us on the other side of The Rainbow Bridge. But rather than waiting for us, what if they were trying to tell us something?  Could it be possible that they are telling us that ALL of humanity can come together on common ground, at the Earth’s side of The Rainbow Bridge?  Imagine them encouraging us to come together in peace, that it is truly possible for humanity to come together in time of our most urgent need… what if it was true?  What if it wasn’t true?  Would it be worth a try, to literally save a planet from self destruction?

During a time when people thought the Earth was flat and was the center of the universe, it was ridiculous to think the Earth was round.  And now it is obvious, everyone knows the Earth is round and is part of a vast universe.  Just a short while from now The Rainbow Bridge will be obviously real and our children will ask us why didn’t we think of it sooner.  We will ask ourselves the same question. Future generations will say with love and compassion, consciousness, ideas and new abilities come through evolution, that consciousness increases over time. They will tell us to be compassionate with ourselves.

The Rainbow Bridge means different things to different people… just like religion.  Let me provide a brief list of the applications of this most miraculous Rainbow Bridge:

  • It is a bridge from the present moment to the future.
  • It is a bridge from war to peace.
  • It is a bridge from our heads to our hearts.
  • It is a bridge from ourselves to our higher power, whatever we consider that higher power to be.
  • There is a rainbow bridge between my heart and your heart, and everyone’s hearts are connected.
  • There is a rainbow bridge between my head and your head, and everyone’s heads are connected.

Nothing less than the fate of billions of people and quadrillions of life forms on the planet is at stake.  What will we choose?  Will we choose to come together in peace, as mature people, to think through our common problems?  To cooperate and collaborate with one another and to live side by side as brothers and sisters in one global community?  I believe our lives have a purpose and that each of us, every one of us has come to this exact point in time to make a decision. To make a decision that will effect not only our own lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren, but many generations to come.  Yes, our lives do have a purpose.  What is your purpose?  Will you do something as simple as utter the words “The Rainbow Bridge”?  Will you dare to risk being seen as simple-minded and starry eyed?  Or will you dare to step into your power, to step into a new you… a new you who will be the conscious co-creator of a world that works for all?  I believe you will, I believe if you are reading these words or hearing these words, you know truth when you hear it. So come join us, we are waiting for you.  We are the people the world has been waiting for and now is the time to act as one.


(If you would like to contribute to growing this list so that all of the world’s people’s names for peace can be shown here, please send me an email to Brent@SpiritRising.TV with the Subject Peace and the email containing the language or culture and their name for peace.  Thank you.  I honor the divine in you that is in me)

If you’re on Twitter, include “#TRB” at the end of all of your tweets or just include “The Rainbow Bridge”. Putting the word “peace” in a tweet is also good but it is not sufficient… we need a way to get there and The Rainbow Bridge will get us there.  And if you’re not on Twitter, sign up and starting tweeting. Life is a stage calling us to come dance.  Come dance with us!

Brent N. Hunter

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/brentnhunter (you follow me, I follow you — it’s called friendship!)

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/brentnhunter

Web: http://www.TheRainbowBridge.TV


The Rainbow Bridge: Universal Book of Living, Dying and Dreaming illuminates the common ground in the world’s religions, also known as universal principles.  Originally published in 2001, it has since been translated into 24 languages by a team of amazing volunteers around the world, and was featured in the international award-winning movie, "24 Hours on Craigslist".  A board game also has also been created to introduce people to universal principles in a fun, entertaining and exciting way.

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