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The Secret to Unleashing Your Creative Potential

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind there are few.” -Shunryu Suzuki

Would you believe me if I told you that you’re a wildly creative person? That it doesn’t matter if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush, written a verse, or played a song. Just like breathing, creativity is a quality inherent to being human.

I get it. You just don’t feel creative, or maybe you know it’s there, but you feel blocked. I understand because I didn’t think I had a creative bone in my body for the first 31 years of my life. It wasn’t until I realized I was waging an unconscious war on my creative self that was as able to get in touch with my own unique creative genius.

The problem is perfect. Perfect is narrow; it’s stagnant. Perfect keeps us playing small. Perfect stalls us in our skin, preventing us from engaging in something that might expose us to others as not being, well, perfect. Perfect hijacks our ability to appreciate the present moment as we continually strive to be something we aren’t.

Perfection – while a constant on the glossy pages of magazines – is actually an illusion. Nothing in the natural world is perfect; a snowflake isn’t perfectly symmetrical, a tree doesn’t grow perfectly straight, and human beings aren’t perfect either.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, seeking approval and acceptance from others is an unavoidable side effect of our competition-centric society. While many wax about the benefits of competition creating innovation and moving society forward, the idea that we will be judged for our creations is potent enough to stop many of us from pursuing that one thing that will deliver us the most joy.

For years I had no idea I was trapped in the perfection performance of life – making my choices based on what others would think of me. I felt apathetic about engaging in creative pursuits, telling myself I didn’t have time, or I’d get to it – one day. As I peeled back the layers of my unconsciousness, I came to understand that my fear stemmed from the illusion that only if I was perfect then I’d be worthy of approval, acceptance, and ultimately love and joy.

While in theory it sounds great to pop a pill and suddenly be an expert at guitar or be fluent in another language overnight, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Life is messy; it’s a process. When we forgo the process, we squander opportunities for vulnerability and authenticity – the very qualities that allow us to develop genuine self worth, self-love, and joy.

However, there is a way to reverse this war you’re waging on your creative self. It’s so very simple you might want to brush it aside with thoughts of jamming on a guitar around the campfire, or writing that story humming through your mind. But if you listen closely and take it to heart, you will unleash a powerful passion to create, and in turn create space to relish in the ever-elusive present moment.

All you need to do is: be the beginner. The beginner isn’t expected to know a damn thing, so the beginner never fails.

As children we were beginners in everything we did, and our creativity soared. Studies show that 5-year-old children operate with 80% of their creativity, but by the time they reach twelve, it decreases to 2%.

When I awakened to the reality that it was actually fear of failure masquerading as apathy, I gave myself permission to just be the beginner and create. What started with writing took on the form of a snowball quickly gaining momentum on a steep mountain, and soon I found myself enthused to learn guitar, write music, and sing. Letting go of perfect inspired me to build an art studio in my home for painting and begin jazz dance classes. Most of all letting go of perfect has allowed me to grow into the woman I sensed was hiding deep inside of me; the woman I was quietly destroying with my fear of not being perfect enough.

Be. The. Beginner. And watch the passion create infuse your life with inspiration and joy!

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How to Feel SEXY Again Being a PARENT?

 Let your children inspire YOU to feel SEXY again!

 Tip of the DAY from a Non-Mother but former child!
What I read so often in articles is this: "I’ stopped feeling SEXY once I had children!"
Or something crazy like: Question of reader: "HOW TO STAY SEXY in a relationship?" Answer: "Don’t have children" ??? what a bunch of pooop!!
To me it always looked the complete opposite. I felt having children made my friends turned fathers and mothers, become even more sexy. Ok Ok, after the sleep deprivation wore off:))
When I had the honor of carrying my amazing friend Juliet’s son to the park every now and then I got asked out left and right. It was amazing. YES he was/is beautiful and so I can’t take full credit :))) but what I remember feeling was this immense joy and ownership of my entire being. I was enough for myself, content and happy because that’s what this little being on me exuded and projected.
And that’s what attracted othersChildren teach us THE JOY of being YOURSELF!
WHAT FEELING SEXY to me means is:
YOU don’t have to like everything about yourself in order to FEEL SEXY.
It’s impossible!! But what you can do is LOVE/HONOR/ACCEPT everything about you.
You love your CHILD but you don’t always like it. It’s perfectly normal.
Your child feels the same way about you and as you know has no problem expressing just that:))))
When in doubt ask your CHILDREN. They will show you the way back
to the NOW your TRUE SELF.
BEING/FEELING SEXY = BEING ALL OF YOU and not making any excuses for it.
How to get started?
Involving your children and asking them these questions will OPEN up a can of beautiful -not worms, but possibilities to get to know each other and also detect insecurities on both -the child and parent side. And once it’s out on the open you can start to find ways to address and deal with it all. The outcome may not be anything you expected but just give it chance. Just hear them out.
My suggestion: Turn it into a Family EVENT!
  • Call in a family meeting and announce that this weekend will be SEXY SATURDAY/SEXY SUNDAY for the entire DAY devoted to nothing but spoiling, pampering each other by doing things that only make you FEEL GOOD for that will = SEXY
  • Everyone picks ONE environment-friendly –so our earth can feel sexy too, WISH/TREATMENT
  • One person gets spoiled at a time, 2 hour minimum
It’s up to you whether you want to turn your home into a SPA only using what you already have in your house so as not to blow the family budget. Or put on a little costumed burlesque show giving each family member fun performer names, including your pets. Or take the entire family out for a Natural-Beach-Sand-Body-Peeling… The possibilities are endless and I’m certain your children’s imagination will reveal ideas galore. If you don’t have any of your own ask someone who does. If your child doesn’t speak yet, imagine what your baby would suggest to you.
Give your children a chance to SHINE and they will.
Give them a chance to spoil you and they will.
Wishing you all a SEXY weekend!!
love&laugh Patricia
a NON-MOM but former CHILD!
…share this if you feel like it – thank you!

What if Your Boyfriend / Girlfriend Was an AIRLINE, Would You Fly With It?

I was talking to an amazingly talented and beautiful woman the other night. Within minutes the subjects ‘SINGLE’, ‘Bad Heartbreaks’ ‘Why can’t I find a good guy’, started to shoot out of her like the tennis balls from those machines.

Listening to her revealed quickly, that she had a knack for the NOT SO GOOD/Available and that she’s basically been dating the same fellow for the past 10+ years. Same inner but different outer. And next thing I know I hear myself asking her:  "If this gent was an AIRLINE would you actually pay and fly with it? 
She said, "No waaay".
It made me think about how we are such creatures of habit and can get used to anything the -GOOD or not so GOOD. Sporting this human talent though, also allows us to develop great endurance. Gain expert knowledge through constant repetition as well as wisdom from the journey. We receive precious information. Yet why is it that so many of us don’t permit ourselves to fully use and benefit from it.

Listening is often the hardest thing for me. But maaan if you give it a solid chance, truly focus on the other "PEOPLE ALWAYS TELL YOU EXACTLY WHO THEY ARE."!! Something my dear friend Denise brought to my attention years ago. The person standing in front of you will reveal to you everything you need to know. Simply by being, acting themselves, there body language, their words, their silence, their scent…even if they are lying they are giving you a truth. But you will have to LISTEN WITH ALL your SENSES -YOUR ENTIRE BEING. Whether you wish to be true to yourself and take all the information that you are getting exactly for what it is -at the end is IS UP TO YOU!

There are many reason of why we’ve developed such SELECTIVE HEARING and why it’s become so difficult to take things/people for who/what they are right here right now. Accept HIM/HER for what he/she is or is not and NOT end up in RE-Runs of the same episode for years and years.  
And what I’d like to share with you today is a way that helped me put the information I’ve was receiving to GOOD use by simply laying it out in a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE. 

Imagine your current partner was an AIRLINE?
How would it’s advertising SLOGAN read? You know the ones you see on the buses, in trains…
Be honest about it and have fun!!!
If you do write the ideas down do so on recycled toilet paper and flush it at the end of the day waving GOOD BYE. 
It’s one of my personal favorite stress-releasing-methods:))
OK, here we go 

create a SLOGAN for your partner –now AIRLINE, and say it out loud with that melodic-catchy-advertising VOICE! For example: 

JOHN/JENNYAIRLINES – We lie, we cheat, but hey’ we are consistent and ALWAYS say we’re sorry after we’ve crashed!!
FLY Daniel/Daniella  AIRLINES YOU will love us, we charge nothing and will use YOU as fuel!
AIR SIMON/SIMONA The ultimate flying experience! We have leg-room, we are green, we are friendly, we are reliable, we want YOU to have the best experience possible –just kiiiidding!
Travel light, choose MICHAEL/Michelle  AIRLINES – No need to bring your baggage WE’VE got plenty!!!
TIM/TAMARA AIRLINESFly with us and we’ll promise you we’ll do everything to make YOUR trip as miserable as possible!
JENNIFER/JACK Jet The airline for the adventurer! We might leave you at the gate, we might take off, we might loose your luggage heck -we might never land!
CHRIS/CHRISITNA AIRLINES The only Airline that has ONE PILOT flying 2 planes at once.
WE bring sufficiency to a whole NEW/HIGHER level!
FRED/FIONA AIRNon stop flights all Day every Day!!! FROM:  PROMISES  TO: EMPTY PROMISES!!    

Think about what price you are paying for the TRIP you are on and think about what kind of AIRLINE you’ve been flying perhaps crashing with over and over again. Maybe its the best one ever or maybe you just need to land, perhaps it’s just time for an upgrade. But maybe it’s time to GET OUT leave the TERMINAL and go for a walk instead, give crashing a break, catch your breath and take a TRIP to YOU!! 


by Patricia  Willis




Remaining Calm Under Pressure

Remaining calm can be a challenge on any normal day in your town or work environment and when you add the complexities of the holidays on top of everyday, I know I need to focus on patience even more.

Remaining Calm is easy to do when you’re around people you love or doing things you like to do, until the rude and obnoxious enters the space.  It could be the driver cutting into your lane, the clerk that acts like they’re the queen of England or the neighbor that doesn’t clean up after their dog.  The challenge begins with finding the additional patience and compassion for those that don’t hold the same awareness or kindness that you have evolved to.

Common courtesy and respect for each living being, human and animal shares the love of nature and the positive energy that creates.  Remaining calm shows your understanding of a difficult situation that can only be resolved by listening and helping where you can provide a light of knowledge that the other person has missed, but you can see.

 When we share this time and help each other find ways to brighten the moments, we’re helping each other by showing the love we feel inside with someone who may need more love than they have been given. 

As I realize more opportunities for a peaceful life from all the experiences and challenges I have evolved, I understand more.  It’s the people that rub us the wrong way that need our help more.  During this time of gratitude and giving I will continue to remain calm especially from what feels like pressure from those who need our help more because they do not know how to give love. 

Will you join me in celebrating a peaceful, loving world full of happiness and laughter with those that need us to help them see a brighter light and find a calmer way to deal with everyday life?

Herbs Are Natural Resources

I’ve read many, many books pertaining to herbs and what they do.  My all time favorite book is The Little Heb Encyclopedia  by Jack Ritchason N. D. The Handbook of Natures Remedies for a Healthier Life.

This is clearly the most concise and effective reference guide I’ve found.  The index in the back of the book is where you choose what ailment or specialty you want to focus on and it gives you a list of page numbers of the herbs that could help your particulars.

For herbs to work effectively you want to eliminate the four toxins.  Alcohol, tobacco, processed sugar and coffee.  If your immune system is strong and these four toxins are in moderation, your liver will process the impurities.  But if your health is in decline or you suffer from certain ailments, these four toxins are not in your best interest and should be eliminated completely. Toxins deplete your nutrient resources and dehydrate your body, which also causes fatigue. 
When you feel sick and tired, it’s usually the toxins that hold you back from being healthier and happier.

I found herbs and massage when alcohol was not calming my nerves from a very chaotic work environment.  When I got off the wine and coffee roller coaster that made a huge difference in my overall balance. It’s through learning and using herbs that I haven’t done an over the counter drug in seven years.  Every drug has carcinogens, cancer causing elements that your body becomes addicted to and the side effects can be more harmful that the symptoms you were originally dealing with. 

The Eastern cultures have been healing from the inside out for centuries.  They look at which organs are stressed, meaning under nourished or overworked and the symptoms they can see when they look at your eyes, skin, hair and tongue. 

If you’re looking for alternatives to a stressful life that’s full of compromises, the balance you obtain when nutrition is the priority is amazing.

Has anyone else found the same value in herbs?

Peace and Love, Susan