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5 Inspirations to Have a Creative Weekend!

Artsy FartsyHave you ever had the experience of working on something you’re so immersed in that you completely forget the million other things you “should” be doing in that moment? Maybe it’s a song you’re figuring out on guitar, or a homemade birthday card, or even an elaborate doodle. And then the thought creeps in… “I really should be doing homework,” or “I really should be folding that laundry.”

Well you know what? That is precisely the time when you should keep doing what you’re doing. It’s called flow, and it is the most critical aspect of the creative process.

The development of creativity and engagement with creative practices is a major aspect of occupational therapy – a field which aims to support clients in whole-person wellness goals. The practice is incredibly effective especially for treating clients with physical or developmental conditions, but it is often also used to support individuals in the daily pursuits of success and happiness in their careers, relationships, health, and life goals.

Creativity in this space is viewed as one of the most essential factors to building confidence and self-esteem, so essential to realizing the success we aspire toward. Even beyond that, the act of creating is so different from the activities most of us engage with most regularly. And this allows us to transcend our “box”, push our comfort zones, and leap into a field of possibility!

Here are 5 ways to inspire your creativity this weekend:

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What creative projects are you looking forward to this weekend? Let us know in the comments section!

too easy to be fun

Last week my husband and I bought our first Nespresso machine. I think I have drunk more espresso drinks this week than I ever have, simply because it is so easy. But, for all the ease and perfection of a Nespresso coffee, there is something missing in it too. For me, that something is the creative process.

A Nespresso coffee is a perfect coffee:  a perfectly pressed 19-bar espresso every time, with 16 different flavors and intensities to choose from. Cappuccinos have perfect froth (more or less at the flick of a button). And Lattes are a meditation in the making (see this week’s 2MM on YouTube). But honestly, after a week with our new coffee pet at home, it is just too easy to be fun.

Read more… www.wheelofcreativity.com


a self-made man

 August 1 is my father’s birthday. Today he would have been 100 years old.

Cecil Moore Robertson was born August 1, 1910 in a small town in Virginia USA. His father ran the town grocery story. He went to school on the back of a horse drawn cart. He left school and home at the age of 17 to go up north to work on the railroad. My father was what my mother called “a self-made man”.

My father always said that our greatest problem as a society is that we are too mobile. He saw the introduction of the automobile, the airplane, the interstate highway system and the NASA space program. He watched the dispersion of families in pursuit of better jobs, the rise in divorce and the increase in crime.

Communities that once grew up and grew old together now don’t know each other’s names. Families that once took care of each other through tough times now put their weak and feeble in ‘special care facilities.’ Families who once were closely knit for life now seem to be the exception to the rule.

I didn’t fully appreciate my father’s profound wisdom while he was living. I was too identified with my mother’s intellectual ambition. After he died, when I wrote a song to honor him, I called it The Man Who Knew How to Be. That was his contribution to everyone he encountered: he offered us an anchor, a rock, a stable place to come and go from.

As a young adult, Cecil ended up in Texas for the work, and there he stayed until he died. Twice divorced when he married my mother, his commitment to her was, “If anyone in this marriage gets a divorce, it will be you.” I, growing up as his only child, felt his commitment too. I always knew where Home was, and I could leave it freely to explore and discover new worlds and return again to the familiar and secure.

The Wheel of Creativity describes life as a creative adventure; each of us makes a unique journey to take our place in it. On the Wheel of Creativity, Home is the starting point of the creative process. It is where we know how things work and life feels secure. But, if we are to grow, if we are to create new things that enrich the world, we must leave Home, we must leave what we know in order to learn what we do not know.

My father has been gone almost 19 years now. I have missed his physical presence in my world. But his departure demanded that I take his place in my own life, that I hold the space of Home for myself even while I am out on the journey. Today I celebrate his life and thank him for the gifts he has given me.

Some people invite us to leave Home; and others wait for us at the end of the journey. Both play an equal role in the creative unfolding of our lives. Let us not forget that we contribute to the communities we call Home by the very way we lead our lives. This is what will remain in 100 years, when all our moving is done and our bodies lie still in the Earth as dust.


Five Commandments of Creative Process in Business Relations-

Mel Brook’s Moses accidentally dropped five of the fifteen commandments.
I’m shaving it down to five prime rules to enhance your creative process in business.

 Thou Shalt Know that Ignorance is Business Bliss.

The idea of retaining ignorance seems somewhat counterintuitive, but it can give you the power of avoiding those pesky problems that come from one’s overly-confident sense of mastery and self-indulgent ego. If you think you know all the answers, you close yourself off to fresh ideas and perspective.  Be open.

 Thou Shalt Keep Quiet and Listen More.                                                                

The first thing to do with clients is listen.  Figure out what their problems are.  Then come back with questions, not solutions. Write these down. Put them on the wall.
Circle ones that are interesting. More often than not, the answers lie in the questions.

Thou Shalt Learn to Say Yes More Often.  Even when it Seems Silly.

In the creative process, let go of control and outcome and just say yes to whatever brainstorming brings.  Don’t label any idea as bad.  Then you’re only creating conflict. You want energy to flow. Bounce all ideas around.  The best ones seem to come in a flash, rather than from force.

Thou Shalt Surround Thineself with Mutitudes of Talents.

Sometimes it’s best to be the least talented person on the team.  Work with people who make your work look better. It’s symbiotic and reciprocal. It challenges you to bring your own game up.

Thou Shalt Not Be Afraid of Mistakes.

If you try too har to not make a mistake, it’s a mistake.
You miss out on the value of learning from them.
See? A typo. I mispelled “hard”.  I made a mistake and learned from it.

Now go ye forth and create!!!


sometimes I feel like I’m dying,

sometimes I feel like I’m coming alive,

sometimes I don’t feel like trying,

sometimes I feel like I’m touching the sky

it’s a long road, growing,

with ups and downs and turnarounds, 

it’s a hard grind, knowing

if I’m building it up or tearing it down

state of flux, no way to tell

whether I’m sinking, or whether all’s well,

muddle through is all I can do,

until the truth lights up my view ….

…. that’s when the walls fall, 

and I break through.


The Process of Creation of Starshine’s Book, “Liam Somers’ Night Dream”

Here is the process of Liam’s Little Golden Book.
I hope you enjoy the process and that it stimulates your creativity. Love, Starshine

Intentions are to publish this book, but not under the "Little Golden Book" umbrella

Liam’s Little Golden Book
Liam Siomers’ Night Dream
(Grampa Johnny Bird)

It was the middle of the summer
In the middle of the night
When Liam had a dream
It was a Midsummer Night’s Dream
A fairy sprinkled stars on Liam

Before the words came ……..

The stars sprinkled down upon an oddly dressed man who held a feather pen, called a quill in his right hand.

"Young Liam," said the man "your name is much like my own. I am called ‘William,’ William Shakespeare is my name."

Shakespeare told Liam that he had written many stories with that feather quill pen.’

Liam was fascinated as he listened to every word that Shakespeare had to say.

Grampa Johnny Bird listened attentively with Liam.

"Grampa Johnny Bird," said Liam excitedly, "I want to hear ALL the stories Shakespeare has written."

Liam Loves Learning

Suddenly, the books were flying this way and that in the night ssky.

One of the books came flying right at Liam.

Liam was startled!

The book that came flying at Liam, was the play, "A Midsummer Night’s Dream."

Liam and Grampa Johnny Bird hid behind the trunk, uncertain about the flying books.

"Young Liam," said Shakespeare, "Too many books for you to learn, take one at a time in their turn."

As Shakespeare read to Liam from "A Midsummer Night’s Dream," Liam told Shakespeare that he would like to meet Puck, ‘King of the Elves.’ And then . . .

Fairy whispered in Puck’s elfin ear as from the pages of the book he did appear.

(quoted in the book, fairy says)
"Either I mistake your shape and making quite or else you are that shrewd and knavish sprite called Robin Goodfellow. Are not you he?"

(Quoted in the book, Puck responds)
"Thou speak’st aright. I am that merry wanderer of the night."

Liam learned that Puck’s other name is ‘Robin Goodfellow.’

This is what it said, but this has been changed (just showing you the process along the way)

Inside his dream, inside the book, Liam is watching the play on stage at the Globe Theater in London, England.

Theseus, Duke of Athens is telling Hermia that she must obey her father, Egeus and marry Demetrius. But Lysandra and Hermia love each other. Helena loves Demetriius, but he loves her not. And, that’s how the story begins….

Hermia and Lysandra tell Helena that they are running away. Helena tells Demetrius. Demetrius goes looking for Hermia and Helena follows into the forest after him.

Puck drops the nectar of a flower on the eyes of Demetrius and Lysandra and also on the eyes of Titania, Queen of the Fairies while they were sleeping.

From the magic of the nectar, now Demetrius loves Helena ~ and Lystandra loves her too.

Needless to say, I decided to erase this page (smiles)

I did, however, keep the scene on the stage and kept the names on the garments of each of the characters.

If we shadows have offended
Think but this and all is mended.

That you have but slumbered here
While these visions did appear.

And this weak and idle theme
No more yielding but a dream

Gentles do not reprehend
If you pardon we will mend

And, as I am an honest Puck
If we have unearned luck

Now, to ‘scape the serpent’s tongue
We will make amends ere long

Else the Puck a liar call
And so goodnight unto you all

This page will be redone because my daughter Angel says they look like they’re getting married and I decided that the posture doesn’t lend itself to Shakespearean conduct so it will be changed but it will still say the last lines of Puck’s Speech

"Give me your hands if we be friends
And, Robin shall restore amends.

(yes at 2 years old he recites the whole speech and seems to understand just what he is saying.)

A Love Creation for Liam Somers
Love, Grammy Starshine
Created "in June" 2009