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Intent of the Day: Accept What You Can Do


Our intent today is inspired by the many times we’ve ended the day feeling dissatisfied, unproductive and not enough. What do you do when you feel like you don’t measure up? Our intent is to instead accept what we CAN do. Maybe it was one huge task, a bunch of small tasks or that you just got out of bed today. Accept the progress you’ve made. Celebrate the ways you showed up today and the strength you gained since the day before. Today is the building block for tomorrow!

Are you struggling with where you are in this moment?
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Living for Ourselves: Trying to Please Others

We don’t need to live seeking approval from our parents or others; this can be overcome no matter what your age.

Most of us come to a point in our lives when we question why we are doing what we are doing, and many of us come to realize that we may be living our lives in an effort to make our parents happy. This realization can dawn when we are in our 20s, our 40s, or even later, depending upon how tight a hold our family of origin has on our psyche. We may feel shocked or depressed by this information, but we can trust that it is coming to us at this time because we are ready to find out what it would mean to live our lives for ourselves, following the call of our own soul, and refusing any longer to be beholden to someone else’s expectations. 

One of the most common reasons we are so tied into making our parents, or others, happy, is that we were not properly mirrored when we were children. We were not honored as individuals in our own right, with a will and purpose of our own, to be determined by our own unfolding. As a result, we learned to look outside of ourselves for approval, support, and direction rather than look within. The good news is that the part of us that was not adequately nurtured is still there, inside us, like a seed that has not yet received the sunlight and moisture it needs to open and to allow its inner contents to unfurl. It is never too late to provide ourselves with what we need to awaken this inner being. 

There are many ways to create a safe container for ourselves so that we can turn within and shine the light of awareness there. We may join a support group, go to therapy, or start a practice of journaling every day for half an hour. This experience of becoming is well worth the difficult work that may be required of us to get there. In whatever process we choose, we may feel worse before we feel better, but we will ultimately find out how to live our lives for ourselves and how to make ourselves happy. 

Online Course: Aligning For Ascension- Achieving Wholeness in Body, Mind, Emotions & Spirit by Jennifer Hoffman

The ascension journey is a process of becoming whole, integrating all of our aspects with spirit so we can create heaven on earth. Our human aspects — body, mind and emotions — must be integrated with Spirit so we can experience life as a ‘spiritual human’. Do you know that your body is important to your spiritual journey, as the vessel for spirit, so you must be at peace with it? The mind controls the body and through it we partner with Spirit. The emotions are the earth’s energy and are powerful tools for creation. And Spirit becomes our partner when we allow it to, so we are fully integrated in our spirit/human partnership. This is how we create heaven on earth.


This course is presented in four sections, each one focused on one of our aspects, and includes information, self-study, meditations and daily recordings that support the lessons. The meditations include powerful clearings that will help you release lifetimes of beliefs that prevent you from completing your ascension journey.


  • The body’s mission as a vehicle for ascension
  • How the body functions as a vessel for spirit and is its place holder on the earth
  • Why we should love the body and how we can partner with it
  • How to release dis-ease, self hatred and self sabotage
  • Grounding and clearing the body, releasing negative energy and restoring our body’s balance
  • How the mind controls our physical aspects
  • The different kinds of mind energy and how to balance them with intention
  • Harnessing the power of the mind to manifest what we want
  • Clearing the mind and releasing every belief that does not support our joy
  • How the emotions function as the energy of the earth
  • The powerful link between body, mind and emotions
  • How to use the emotions in manifestation
  • Making peace with the emotions to express their highest energies
  • The truth about Spirit’s purpose in our life
  • How to partner with spirit
  • Releasing the blocks that prevent us from knowing Spirit
  • Finding our life purpose and learning co-creation

    By the end of the course you will have the information you need to clear blocks to your soul’s growth, release energies that prevent you from achieving the wholeness, peace and joy your heart and soul desire. And this assists you on your ascension journey, bringing you closer to Home and helping you create heaven on earth in your life.

    Enjoy the journey, learn to become whole and celebrate your ascension into joyful, powerful, abundant living.


    Jennifer Hoffman is an author, intuitive, speaker, spiritual healer and teacher, channel for Archangel Uriel. Since 2004 she has written the Enlightening Life newsletter, which is read by a global audience of more than 2 million. She is the author of numerous books, has presented seminars and classes to global audiences and is celebrated as a compassionate and highly accurate intuitive and spiritual guide.

    Jennifer has been described as a ‘healer’s healer’ and a ‘teacher’s teacher.’ Her global client base includes celebrities, business owners, thought leaders, politicians, professionals and people from all walks of life. Her insightful writings have been praised for their pround insights and relevance to today’s changing times. Readers often remark that what they needed to hear suddenly appears in one of Jennifer’s emails or newsletters. Jennifer’s spiritual guidance is enhanced by her deep understanding of humanity’s need for reconnection, her mission of transformation and her desire for all to know miraculous, joyful and abundant living.

    With a personal history that includes enduring physical paralysis as a child, two near death experiences and a wide range of personal and professional experiences that have allowed her to develop the knowledge and compassion required of a transformational leader in these times of profound change.

    A former software and technology executive, Jennifer is president of Enlightening Life OmniMedia, a source for global healing and transformational living.

      28 Day Course

    (1 lesson per day)

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Online Course: Overcoming Self-Sabotage by Debbie Ford

If you are not moving steadily in the direction of what you say you want, you can be certain that you are

sabotaging yourself somewhere. In this on-line course from #1 New York Times best-selling author Debbie Ford, you will learn 14 key lessons to help you overcome self-sabotage.

As we come to understand the mechanisms and patterns that underlie self-sabotage, we begin to free ourselves…we begin to allow ourselves to interact with ourselves and the world with greater success, joy, and fulfillment. Overcoming self-sabotage and finding the wisdom inside the wounds you’ve endured is one of the most important conversations you’ll ever have with yourself. Honor it and know that it will change your life.

This 8 week course contains powerful lessons every 4 days that includes specific information about how to overcome different aspects of self-sabotage, a new audio guided meditation each lesson to help you directly access your innate wisdom, and tangible action steps to help you take the steps to release the past and step into a new level of consciousness.


  • Overcoming Self Sabotage
  • Taking Inventory of Your Biggest Life Lessons
  • Breaking Through Toxic Emotions
  • Discovering Your Unmet Needs
  • Breaking the Trance of Denial
  • Maybe You’re Just Hurt
  • Uncovering Unconscious Patterns
  • Feeling Safe in the Face of Fear
  • The Destruction of Hidden Rage
  • Are Your Excuses Keeping You Stuck?
  • The Gifts of Standing in Your Power
  • The Sacred State of Surrender
  • Making Peace with Your Pain
  • Healing the Split Between Ego and Spirit

    When you enroll this course, you will also receive a free subscription to Debbie Ford’s Shadow Blog newsletter, free inspired messages delivered to your in-box each week.


    Debbie Ford, creator of The Shadow Process, is an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation. A pioneering force in incorporating the study and integration of the shadow into modern psychological and spiritual practices, Debbie’s work is based on the core belief that outer transformation occurs when we experience an internal shift in perception.

    A #1 New York Times best-selling author, Debbie’s books and programs have sold more than 1,000,000 copies and are translated into thirty-two languages. Beginning with the publication of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, her books also include Spiritual Divorce; The Secret of the Shadow; The Right Questions; The Best Year of Your Life: Dream It, Plan It, Live It and her new book Why Good People Do Bad Things: How to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy. Debbie has been a repeat guest on Oprah, Good Morning America and other national TV and radio programs.

    Debbie is the founder of the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching at John F. Kennedy University, the leader in emotional education. Having co-taught with Deepak Chopra, M.D. and David Simon, M.D. of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, Neale Donald Walsch, Jeremiah Abrams, Ph.D. and other acclaimed teachers, Debbie is beloved for her heart-penetrating wisdom, her compassionate humor, and her remarkable gift for inspiring people to reach for their highest potential. Many of the great leaders and thinkers of our time have sought her out for her profound coaching and guidance. In addition to her work training coaches, Debbie gives lectures and workshops around the country to an estimated 10,000 people each year, inspiring them to reclaim the totality of their humanity.

    When you enroll in this course, you will also receive all of the free gifts below. It’s our way of saying thank you for participating in this course.


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    Rebbie Straubing
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 8 Week Course


(1 lesson every 4 days)

How much do you want to pay?

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This is a 8 week on-line course available from DailyOM and Debbie Ford. We will email you when your new lesson is available and you will be able to login and read each lesson on-line or print as they become available and click to listen to the guided audio meditations. Your first lesson will be available immediately after you enroll.

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Offering Our Gifts: Community Responsibility

 Giving to our community and creating with our community is often overlooked, but brings so much joy.

It’s easy to get caught up in our personal lives and forget that we have an obligation to be responsible members of our communities. For some of us, expressing this responsibility is so interwoven into our personal lives that it is simply a natural extension of who we are. Others may need to take a moment to consider how to be more responsible for the communities in which we live. For those of us who live in large cities, we can start with our neighborhoods. Anything we do on a small level will automatically ripple out into the larger system. 

Communities thrive on the talents of their members, so one approach to community responsibility is to consider what you have to offer and find ways to bring that into your community. If you have a special gift when it comes to bringing people together, you might agree to throw a party or event once a year that includes the whole community. Even a small open house in an apartment building can accomplish a lot in terms of making people feel more connected and comfortable with each other. If you have a talent for organic gardening, you might offer to help people in your neighborhood plan their own organic gardens. You might be the go to person for neighbors who need someone to water their plants or care for their pets when they’re away. You might take an abandoned space in your community and galvanize others to help you transform it into a community garden or a playground for children. In an area where there are many homeless people, starting a soup kitchen or organizing a holiday meal makes a big difference not only to those in need but to those who want to help. 

All holiday parades, picnics, and ceremonies started somewhere, with someone who wanted to give back to the community in which they lived. It’s not too late to propose and execute a new tradition in your own community, whether it’s a block party or an annual picnic. Your particular vision, gifts, and strengths are part of what makes your community unique, so as you recognize them in yourself, feel free to offer them to those who live in your vicinity. Whether your offerings are visionary or practical, they are the very essence of community. 


Online Course: Skinny Thinking: Taking Off The Weight by Laura Katleman-Prue


Are you ready to start losing the weight? If you’re tired of yo-yoing and you’ve had it up to here with diets that promise but don’t deliver, get ready to rediscover the thinner, healthier, younger feeling you that you’ve always wanted on The Skinny Thinking Food Evolution.

I want to let you in on a little secret: you don’t need willpower to stay at your ideal weight for the rest of your life! You just need to change your diet (rather than diet) and learn to keep the mature part of you in charge of your eating.

Now it’s time to lose the excess weight and get the body you’ve always wanted–but not just or a month or two–for life!!

If you’ve taken my first course, The Skinny Thinking Food Thought Diet, The Skinny Thinking Food Evolution is the perfect compliment.

Imagine not being able to gain weight. "Impossible!" you say? Not so.. Many of my students can’t gain weight again because they eat with health in mind and no longer think about food. Thinking leads to desire which leads to action. If you stop thinking about food, you can’t desire it, and you can’t gain weight.

Using the simple five-minute daily exercises in the Skinny Thinking Thought Food Evolution, you will learn an easy way of eating that will serve you well for the rest of your life. Part II is about changing your diet forever, rather than going on a diet, which is temporary. When you permanently change your diet, you never again regain your lost weight

Here is what the Skinny Thinking Food Evolution gives you:

  • An easy way to lose weight and keep it off forever.
  • A simple, new perspective on food that makes it easy to know which foods are healthy and which foods are not.
  • A plan for how to eat for the rest of your life to stay healthy and trim.
  • A new rational, mature relationship with food.
  • New smart, eating habits that will help you to keep the mature part of you in charge.

    Laura Katleman-Prue, author of the bestselling book, Skinny Thinking, is a graduate of the Theravision Institute for Transpersonal Psychology in Boston. She has been teaching meditation and self-inquiry since 2007 and has successfully counseled people about their eating issues, both individually and in Skinny Thinking Workshops. Skinny Thinking grew out of her desire to share the techniques that permanently healed her eating, weight, and body image issues.


      27 Day Course

    (1 lesson per day) 

    $11.00 ($0.40 per lesson)



Falling in Love with Yourself by Mother Mary as channeled by Danielle Gibbons

Mother Mary has often said to those who seek Her, "If you knew yourself as I know you, you could not help but fall in love with yourself." As spiritual seekers we are told often to love ourselves. But the exact details of how to do that can be elusive. Why do we still struggle with self punishing habits after trying so hard to change? What we need is an ally.

In this course you will be given everything you need to create the outcome of loving yourself as you receive help and guidance from Mother Mary as channeled by Danielle Gibbons. Mother Mary tells us that beginning with trying to love yourself is too big. She encourages us to start small and build a foundation that will last a lifetime. Loving yourself happens as a result of taking the actions Mother Mary will recommend each week. Ultimately, you will move deeper into your true self, better able to find your inner compass and move more freely in the direction that is abundant and satisfying for you. Even if you can only do a little you will feel more love for the beautiful person you are right now.

Mother Mary’s teachings are based in absolute love and devotion to humanity. She brings to each teaching the unconditional love and acceptance we all seek as human beings. Mother teaches that we are divine because we are human, not in spite of it. By saying yes to this course, you give Mother Mary permission to awaken this knowing in you, at whatever level your soul desires. As a result, you will experience Her teachings as unique, powerful, and practical. Throughout this course She will suggest actions to take that are simple yet profound in their ability to transform. Some include specific writing exercises, active meditations, new ways of looking at yourself and things to do out in the world.

Over the next eleven weeks you will discover your brilliant divine self as you listen to these teachings.

1. The Truth, Releasing the search for the truth and embracing your personal truth
2. New Beginnings, Harnessing the energy of taking the next step on your journey
3. Accepting Responsibility of Self, Surrendering blame
4. The Importance of Meditation
5. The Process of Change Part 1
6. The Process of Change Part 2
7. The Process of Change Part 3
8. Simplicity, Creating an uncomplicated life
9. Awakening The Dreamer Within
10. Connecting With the Divine
11. Loving Relationships, Creating and sustaining them


Mother Mary has served humanity as an aspect of Divine Mother for the last two thousand years. Each word spoken in this audio course is infused with Her loving energy. This means you aren’t on your own, She will be with you as you listen and integrate Her teachings into your life. As you implement Her suggestions, you will begin to notice life around you arrange itself to support and nurture your transformation. Whether you rely on your own spirit guides or wish to look to Mother Mary for support, She will be there for you, helping as needed.


Since 1994 Danielle Gibbons has been channeling Mother Mary worldwide for all who seek Mother’s message of love and peace. Her channeling has facilitated healing for thousands of people who often describe their experience as extraordinary. She has a great talent for channeling which allows for clarity and integrity in her work. Danielle gives workshops and webinars around the country for people, bringing Mother Mary’s presence into their hearts and lives.


(1 lesson per week)

How much do you want to pay?

(This is the total amount for all 11 lessons)

This is a 11 week on-line course available from DailyOM and Mother Mary as channeled by Danielle Gibbons. We will email you when your new lesson is available and you will be able to login and read each lesson on-line or print as they become available and click to listen to the guided audio meditations. Your first lesson will be available immediately after you enroll.




Online Course: Heal Your Money Karma by Spencer Sherman & Brent Kessel


Money has remained in shadow for so long that when we consciously bring it into the light and simply acknowledge the darkness, shame, and fear that we have around money, we begin to transform our old patterns. Being in denial, obsession, or resistance with any of our patterns, keeps them firmly in place. The spiritual tools are now available for us to challenge our initiation into money and undo our ancestral conditioning. In place of worn money beliefs and undermining behaviors, we can access and affirm beliefs and behaviors which align with who we are today.

This 8-week course on healing the money life that you inherited from your parents (which they inherited from their parents, and so on). In just 8 weeks, you can stop the karmic repetition of stressful and energy-leaking thoughts and behaviors around money. You can forge a new relationship with money based on your current spiritual values. You can discover and reclaim your true inheritance: wisdom, prosperity, joy, consciousness, and generosity.

Many of us have been conditioned to believe, for example, that money is difficult. As we understand our ancestral patterns and our archetypal money tendencies, we learn how to balance these tendencies and create spaciousness within which to create a sustainable paradigm shift in our lives.
How will you know if you are making progress in the course?


  • You will become less impulsive around money
  • You’ll have less need for things to make you happy
  • You will be calmer in financial situations that used to be stressful
  • You will be earning more money and saving more money.
  • You will be making wiser investment decisions
  • You will be telling the truth about money to your friends and family members in ways that will deepen and strengthen those relationships
  • You will notice your mind playing new affirmative messages instead of the old, limiting, ancestral messages


"Thank you for your "Healing Your Money Karma" course thru DailyOM. It has helped me a great deal w/ changing my feelings and perspectives around money. Thank you, the information and exercises are invaluable!" – Nicole M.

"I recently took your money course "Heal your Money Karma" on DailyOM and am really impressed with what you have to say and your approach in general." – Maria

"Congratulations on your 8 week course. I Love It!!! I love the money breath. It so helps. I found out, to my surprise, that I am handling the money that comes thru me in a much healthier way than I thought. I had been afraid to look and telling myself how ‘bad’ I was at it. Wow! This is but another of the many lessons you have taught me. My Gratitude to you Brother." – David

"I’m sure you have heard this over and over and I’m going to say it again, Thank you. I have learned more in the past 8 weeks, taking the on-line course "Heal Your Money Karma", than I’ve learned in the past 60 years of my life. Thank you for your words of wisdom and sharing your knowledge of the money world. Finally, I’m on the path to healing my money madness." – Judi S.

"I’m so grateful for this information and wanted to express the gratitude I have in my heart for this opportunity to grow and learn about something so very important to me. I have been wanting information like this with money/spiritual awarness and it truly is life changing…I wanted to say Thank you for doing what you all are doing and Being who you are!" – Melissa E.


"I want you to know I do feel a genuine deep gratitude on your wonderful course on Money Karma. It has for me been probably the number one issue in my life. I have been healing this issue for sure over the last thirty years. Your course and particularly the guided visualitation was and is transfromative. JOB DONE!!" – Joseph


Your leaders are Spencer Sherman, bestselling author of The Cure for Money Madness, and Brent Kessel, author ofIt’s Not About the Money. They are celebrated financial advisors and long-time meditation and yoga practitioners. Spencer Sherman and Brent Kessel are the co-founders of Abacus Wealth Partners, a national and sustainable investment firm. They are both regularly named to the Worth magazine list of the top financial advisors in the U.S.

(1 lesson per week)

How much do you want to pay?

(This is the total amount for all 8 lessons)

This is a 8 week on-line course available from Spencer Sherman & Brent Kessel. We will email you when your new lesson is available and you will be able to login and read each lesson on-line or print as they become available and click to listen to the guided audio meditations. Your first lesson will be available immediately after you enroll.




Online Course: A Year of Rumi by Andrew Harvey


When the great Sufi mystic and poet Jalal-ud-Din Rumi died at sunset in Konya, southern Turkey, on December 17, 1273, he had composed over 3,500 odes, 2,000 quatrains, and a vast spiritual epic called the Mathnawai. Now with A Year of Rumi from acclaimed Rumi scholar Andrew Harvey, you will receive a hand-selected poem from this incredible visionary’s life work every day for the next year (365 poems total.)

Increasingly, Rumi is being recognized as the unique spiritual genius he is, as someone who is fused at the highest level and with the greatest possible intensity the intellect of a Plato, the vision, passion and soul-force of a Christ or Buddha, and the extraordinary literary gifts of a Shakespeare. Rumi is, not only the world’s greatest mystical poet, but also an essential guide to the new planetary spiritual renaissance that is slowly emerging from the ruins of our civilization. He speaks to us from the depths of our won sacred identity, and what he says has the electric eloquence of our innermost truth. No other poet or philosopher has Rumi’s almost frightening intimacy of address, and has conveyed the terror, rapture and wonder of awakening to Divine Love with such fearless and gorgeous courage, such humility and such unflinching clarity.

Andrew Harvey is an internationally renowned religious scholar, writer, and teacher, and the author of over 30 books, including the critically acclaimed Way of Passion: A Celebration of Rumi, as well as The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism, Journey to Ladakh, The Return of the Mother, Son of Man, and The Direct Path: Creating a Journey to the Divine Using the World’s Mystical Traditions. He is also coauthor of the best-selling The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. His work has been honored with the Benjamin Franklin Award and the Mind Body Spirit Award (both forMary’s Vineyard: Daily Readings, Meditations, and Revelations, with photographs by Eryk Hanut), and the Christmas Humphries Award for A Journey in Ladakh. Born in south India in 1952, Harvey studied at Oxford University and became a Fellow of All Soul’s College in 1973. He is Founding Director of the Institute for Sacred Activism.

 365 Day Course

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Online Course: Find True Love in 27 Days by Ellen Whitehurst


Heal Your Love Life is dedicated to bringing the promise and the presence of true love and romance into your life. In this course, international inspirational expert, author and intuitive Ellen Whitehurst transforms the meaning of romance, relationships and, yes, everlasting love, from an idea or an intention into a real experience and a solid, satisfying lifestyle. Based on her more than 20 years of experience in teaching secrets and shortcuts, tips and techniques from all different empowering walks of life, Ellen culls from these time tested traditions and then takes you by the hand and walks you down the path to your most fulfilling love life ever. She shares ways in which you can sit back and attract true and lasting love, happiness, peace and joy.

Simply by following Ellen’s easy to understand (and even easier to apply) time-tested and effective, results oriented tips, tricks and techniques, both singles and couples alike can create the committed and perfect partnerships of their dreams. In 27 days. Whatever your relationship status before beginning this course, attracting true and lasting love will be the final fulfilling result.

In this course you will be given the opportunity to tap into the incredible power of specifically chosen words and affirmations that will activate your intentions to find true love now. Ellen also offers life-altering and totally transformational writing exercises that will allow your relationship with yourself as well as with others to become more fulfilling, happier, healthier and, of course, much more loving. The secret symbols, tips, tricks and techniques offered here as well will help you find true love no matter what your past experiences or current circumstances. Clear away all obstacles, attract the relationship of your dreams and find your true love all in just 27 days. Instead of just wishing for love, why not try Heal Your Love Life instead. You’ll LOVE that you did!


  • Release the fear of falling in love in 27 days
  • Shake off disappointments from past heartache in 27 days
  • Remove barriers to intimacy in 27 days
  • Go from being alone to being in love in 27 days
  • Rev up your social life in 27 days
  • Attract everlasting love in 27 days
  • Create an environment that ‘calls in’ your perfect partner in 27 days
  • Enhance an existing love life to new and exciting levels in 27 days

    "The secret symbols for attracting true love were worth the investment alone. And they worked like a charm, a magic charm in fact. I feel like I got my mojo back and I’m happier now than I’ve been in a long, long time." Pam S.

    "I am a successful single working woman who’s coming close to my fortieth birthday now. On paper my life looked great but inwardly I was tired of doing everything by myself. I tried your course and released any attachment to the outcome. Within three months of completing the course I was engaged and am happy to report that my new husband and I just moved into our new home together. This stuff works!" -Donna M.

    "I was only on Day Four when my commitment-phobic boyfriend finally proposed! I’m a believer now! Thanks Ellen!" Touria L.

    "I just wanted to say after completing your Winning THE One I didn’t get the results I started out for but did learn that love comes in all forms. The daily affirmations helped to learn to love me, a feeling I hadn’t felt since I can’t remember when. The ‘flowing waters’ tip had great results too. Nieces and nephews from my ex-husband’s side that I hadn’t seen or spoken to since the divorce are now my friends on Facebook and I feel like I’m a part of their family again. This healing was HUGE. As is my gratitude! Thanks!" Maureen K.


    Ellen Whitehurst is an author, teacher, intuitive and healer. She is a regular features contributor to Redbook magazine where she served as monthly marquee columnist for the past four years. Ellen writes a daily tip for iVillage.com that currently gets sent to over a half million opted in subscribers each day while also appearing monthly on nine nationally syndicated radio and/or television shows including the popular ‘Bob and Sheri’ show, Good Morning America’s ‘It’s A New Day,’ and FOX43 television’s ‘The Hampton Roads Show.’ Ellen is a blogger for The Huffington Post as well as a contributor to other motivational and empowering websites such as omigoddess.com.au, pnn.com, Shine.com (Yahoo), realsavvymoms.com and John Edward’s InfiniteQuest.com, among others.

    An internationally lauded and recognized Feng Shui expert, holistic healer and in-demand intuitive, Ellen is also the author of MAKE THIS YOUR LUCKY DAY (Random House 2007) currently in its Fifth Printing as well as MAKE THIS YOUR LUCKY YEAR (available from www.ellenwhitehurst.com) and the upcoming MAGICALLY DELICIOUS. Her sense of humor as well as her ability to apply age old secrets and shortcuts, tips and techniques to the modern lifestyle allows Ellen to show anyone interested how to achieve their highest hopes and manifest wishes and dreams with ease and grace. To find out more, be sure to visit Ellen at www.ellenwhitehurst.com


      27 Day Course

    (1 lesson per day)

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