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Are You Holding Onto Emotional Pain?

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 11.34.36 AMI’ve spent my life’s work supporting people in working through their anger, their sadness, their grief, their disappointment, their frustration, their rage and their confusion. Working with our emotions is one of the most difficult things we’re asked to do in this human experience. And we can be sure that when we are struggling with or stuck in our emotions, it’s always because of our resistance to actually be with what’s going on.

I’m sure you’ve found this to be true. What you resist persists. What you can’t be with won’t let you be. No matter how hard you try to get rid of an unwanted emotion — whether you eat over it or drink over it or shop over it or work over it — it will always keep coming back until you allow and invite the emotion, the feelings, the thoughts, the fears and the resistance to be as they are.

Even though some people would call me a master of emotional freedom, I get stuck in my own emotions all the time. And when I do, I call one of my staff or one of my coaches and they work me through it. Lately I’ve been calling my dear friend Hale Dwoskin, listening to one of his recordings or watching a bit of his movie Letting Go. (I say “a bit” because I’ve watched it a few times now in its entirety.) Hale is the New York Times best-selling author and teacher of The Sedona Method which was created to support people in uncovering their natural ability to let go of any painful or unwanted feeling, belief or thought.

After Hale’s proven, powerful, and liberating techniques saved me once again from a gnarly mess of wound-up emotion, I realized that many of you don’t even know about him, his work and his movie. Letting Go works. So if you haven’t seen this movie, I really want to highly recommend it. I promise you that you’ll get your value out of it at least 10 times over if you stick with it.

Transformational Action Steps

I’m excited to share with you one of my favorite processes to make peace with my emotions.

1) Find a comfortable, quiet place and bring your journal and a pen.

2) Identify an emotion that you are resisting.

3) Take a deep breath and give yourself permission to give up your resistance.

4) Do to The Subpersonality Process by listening to this recording. In this process, give the emotion you are resisting a name other than your own and then use the process to dialogue with this aspect of yourself. You will be amazed by the gifts you discover.

5) Take the action or put in place the practice that will support you in making peace with this part of yourself.

Make this week the week of emotional release. You deserve it.

With love and blessings,

p.s. I’d love to hear from you on Facebook and Twitter about what you discover as you do this emotional release work!


Originally published March 2011.

My friend and sister, Debbie Ford.

It is with deep sorrow that I share with all of you the news of Debbie Ford’s passing.

Debbie and her sister, Arielle, have been a part of my family for over 20 years. We have shared together much of our growth – our joys and our sorrows.


Needless to say, Debbie will live on as part of us for the time remaining for us, and live on in all of you who benefited from her wisdom, love, compassion and desire to elevate the lives of everyone she touched.

Debbie was very brave in the handling of her illness, a rare form of Sarcoma. Even in her passing she sent us intimate messages and told us to celebrate her life.

In that spirit, even as we grieve, we will celebrate every moment we shared with her.

With love and gratitude for the love we all share,


You can visit Remembering Debbie Ford to share your memories of Debbie, or post comments on her Facebook page here.

We will miss you, Debbie Ford.


This morning, when my father forwarded me the news that Debbie Ford had passed away, I was running around NYC trying to find flu medicine for my daughter. How the everyday routines seem so insignificant at times.

I read the email message from Arielle Ford, Debbie’s sister, to my father at a street corner, moved by Arielle’s words that Debbie is now at peace. While not unexpected, the news still stung and the overwhelming sadness of losing such a teacher, friend, mentor took over. I could not help but think we only lost David Simon not so long ago. Why is it that we lose such wonderful souls too early? There seems no good reason yet again.

Debbie inspired so many people with her willingness to share her painful past, her shadows and healing. Here amazing books, Spiritual Divorce, The Dark Side of The Light Chasers and The Secret of The Shadow transformed peoples lives.

She was an amazing mother to Beau, now a young man whom we all watched grow with pride. Her sisterhood with Arielle was one I have always watched with love and admiration, hoping the my 2 girls will always be so close. She was a dear friend individually to both my mother and my father. And for me, she was a mentor, someone I admired as a mother and teacher and aspired to be like as a writer.

Arielle has shared a beautiful page to remember Debbie, there are some lovely memories of Debbie being posted on her Facebook page here, and we were honored to share some of Debbie’s words here on Intent.

Debbie Ford: A Tribute To The Fat Ass

For the last 20 years of my career, as I’ve been leading processes around the world, one of the top five reasons I’ve heard for why people don’t really love themselves and their bodies is “I have a fat ass.” I was born on the skinny side, so I’ve never really been able to relate to having a fat ass although I’ve always had other issues with my body, be it my belly, my sagging skin, my skinny legs or any number of other things that if I focused on could send me into a pool of bad feelings.

But since my hospital stay when I lost 11 pounds, I have come to dream about having a big, wide, round (okay, it doesn’t even have to be round) fat ass. For those of who you have tortured yourselves for millions of hours over the shape of your body, you may wonder “Why is she wishing for a fat ass?”

Well, I’ve lost so much weight that I’m a little bag of bones. I feel like I’m 13 again except without the muscles or padding in my rear to protect me from hard seats and the bed I’ve been resting in for so many hours to get well. I can’t get comfortable no matter how I sit. Yes, I’ve even gone to the extreme step of being one of those women who has to carry a cushion around with them — one of my biggest shadows. What kind of person has to carry around a cushion just to sit down? Me apparently, even though I never even liked carrying a purse, let alone a cushion.

I’ve tried everything. On doctor’s orders, I ate Kentucky Fried Chicken and big chocolate brownies to solve my bony ass trauma. But I woke up the next day with nothing on my rear end and a belly so distended that my son asked me if I was pregnant. My kind sister Arielle got me a booty. Do you know what that is? It’s padded underwear to make it look like I have a bigger rounder butt. But the padding is at the top, not where I sit, so there’s nothing on the place I need the most help! I’ve spent hours on Google searching for a great butt pillow, but the system is failing me. It’s become cosmically funny how my pants just hang down now since there’s nothing to fill them out.

So I decided to do a tribute to the big fat ass. To all those who have been hating, ignoring, hiding, shame-filled, miserable, or embarrassed, to all of you I ask that you appreciate that one day, the extra fat might be your lifesaver. It might be your soft cushion. It might be a friend, allowing you to sleep through the night or sit through a business meeting without wanting to scream because your bones are digging into the chair.

You never know when you’ll need what you’ve got. It’s true for me too. Even as I try taping big soft foam around me, I honor my little skinny ass because I know that too comes bearing gifts (although at the moment I just can’t find them). So whether it’s your thighs, your stomach, your rear end, your flabby arms, or some other part of your body, see if you can make the sacred promise, the solemn oath, and the blessed vow to thank it and honor it.

Transformational Action Step

Go to the mirror and say you’re sorry to any part of your body that you’ve been judging, criticizing, hating, ignoring or belittling. Really bless this part of your body. Thank it. Imagine how this part of you could serve you if you got hit by a car, were in an earthquake or endured some other trauma. See how the extra flab, for example, could protect you, save you, keep you warm or allow you to be a cushion for someone else to find comfort. Thank your body for all the gifts that it offers you. Promise to be aware not of its faults but of its greatness. Do this exercise every day for 10 days until you can write a thank you letter to the part of your body you’ve most judged.

With love and blessings,

Debbie Ford

Originally published in 2010.

PHOTO (cc): Flickr / bandita

Debbie Ford: Come Alive In 2012

Wake up! This is not a dress rehearsal. 2012 is here, and it can be YOUR year to come alive and be positively lit up by a luminous love of life! Do you need more sex, more love, more fun, more passion, more creativity, or more pleasure? In this new year ahead, what if all you do is take back your vitality, attractiveness, magnetism, and allure? Wow, how do you think that would impact every other area of your life?

Do you remember walking down the street feeling great in your body? Do you remember feeling strong, vibrant, and in touch with your power? Sadly, we’ve come to believe that as we get older it’s natural to lose touch with this radiant life force. We allow vital parts of ourselves to be hidden and suppressed, and instead we settle for feeling tired, weak, flabby, and old. Well, enough is enough! 

How would you like to feel luscious, juicy, and sexy year after year? To all the women AND men out there, how would you like to reconnect with the seductive, magnetic, and desirable you — whether you’re 35 or 75?! What would be possible for you if you reclaimed your desirable self this year?

As I shared with you last week, I’m committed to supporting you in rising above the gravitational pull of your past. You have an opportunity to encode your consciousness, day after day, with your best life. And we need to get moving. Your life isn’t coming later, it’s here now. So look to see how you may have already sold out. Did you set a new intention a few weeks ago and are already seeing yourself slip back into old patterns? It’s okay. You can just make little shifts — slight adjustments in your thinking, your behaviors, your habits, or the words you speak — and watch those small shifts have BIG impact — like the ripples in a pond, gradually influencing the whole of your life. What I’ve noticed over the years is that transformation almost always happens with the little shifts.

Would you like to create an intention for coming more fully alive this year? What would that look like and feel like for YOU? Allow yourself to see it, feel it, and encode your consciousness with it. Create a vision map or place the images, objects, and notes all around you that will remind you of your new intention. How do you think it would affect your psyche if everywhere you looked (your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, office, and car) you saw images and words that inspire you to unleash your true magnificence?

I am certain that this can be one of the yummiest years of your life so far. So make a commitment to doing the transformational action steps I send you, and get ready to reclaim your holy glow.

Transformational Action Step

Take out your journal or a piece of paper and pen and ask yourself the following question:

What would I have to let go of in order to come more fully alive this year? What…

Tired old drama

..from 2011 would I have to lay to rest in order to have 2012 be the best year of my life?

With love and blessings,

p.s. Share with me on Facebook and Twitter about what you are letting go of to come alive!

PHOTO (cc): Flickr / ohmann alianne

Debbie Ford: Are You Ready To Make 2012 The Best Year Of Your Life?

January is a month of big change, and some of those changes are a work-in-progress. I know that you can create 2012 to be one of the best years of your life, and I’m committed to supporting you to stay in action. By tending to your inner world with care, compassion and love, you won’t be able to stop yourself from taking action in the outer world!

In order to help you stay on track and inspired this week, I thought I’d use a lesson on Risk from The Best Year of Your Life online courseon the Daily OM website, a course based on my book by the same name. I invite you to dive into this lesson with the intention that it bring your life to the next level. 

Risk: The Lesson

To move forward powerfully and achieve quantum results, we have to take risks. We must be willing to look at the ways we keep ourselves small and confront the resistance we have to entering the unknown. In other words, we have to do something different. Attaining the next level of success, fulfillment, intimacy or passion requires us to face our fear and risk appearing foolish, making a mistake, or asking for help. Remember the old saying, “Of course you have to go out on a limb sometimes, that’s where the fruit is.”

If you are one of those people who talk themselves out of taking risks because they are so scary, just think of the alternative: You could continue to create the same predictable results.

Risk: The Assignment

1. This week, identify one place in your life where you are not getting the results you desire. Maybe it’s in your career, with your family, with your health or in your intimate relationships. Allow yourself to see the approaches you’ve used to try to achieve your desired result.

2. Now, write down three actions you could take that would be outside your usual comfort zone that would produce quantum results. For example, could you ask someone for help? Do you need to hire a coach or put a structure of accountability in place?

3. Lastly, approach three people this week whose opinions you respect and ask them how they would go about achieving your goal. Remember, breakthrough results occur when we are willing to give up the old and embrace the new. This week, exercise your muscle of taking risks.

I know that when you complete this assignment, you will find the motivation and a big boost of energy to carry you elegantly through the week ahead.

With love and blessings,

p.s. Share with me on Facebook and Twitter about the risks you are taking this week!

PHOTO (cc): Flickr / ooberayhay

Debbie Ford: A New Year Ritual

This is a tremendously powerful time of year – a time when the universe is moving all of us in an exciting and positive direction, a time when everyone, whether they know it or not, is looking to complete the past and move into a new future. 2012 offers all of us a new beginning!

I’m excited to share with you this New Year’s Ritual and two special community calls to support you in clearing out the past and opening up to a new future. When you presence your gratitude, acknowledge yourself and nourish yourself from the inside out, you will be able to let go of the past and open up to a new pure state of consciousness, one that you have never experienced before, one that will support you in growing and allowing new experiences into your life.

My intention is to support you in letting go of whatever it is that keeps you holding on to the person that you’ve been, no matter how great or un-great you think that person is. Why would I want you to let go of who you’ve been? Because there is a you that already exists inside of you, one that is just waiting to be discovered, that can deliver you an unpredictable, unimaginable, extraordinary life in 2012.

And here’s a quick tip for you. Since the process I’ve designed is one of the heart and not the head, I encourage you to write out the answers to the questions I ask you as quickly as you can so that you’re not thinking. If you find yourself trying to come up with answers from your head, just use your breath to reconnect with your heart where all the answers reside.

The Ritual

  • Begin by taking some slow deep breaths. As you breathe out, use your exhales to breathe out who you have been in the past, all that you know yourself to be, all the decisions you’ve made in the last few years that are old decisions by now, anything that stands between you and the you you don’t know yet. As you breathe in, allow yourself to breathe in new energy, inviting a state of consciousness you’ve never known.
  • Now allow yourself to see all that you’ve done in 2011 that you’re proud of. Make a list of the courageous acts, the changes, the breakthroughs, the accomplishments and the achievements in 2011.
  • Read this list out loud to yourself in the form of “Thank you for.”. Thank yourself – the you of 2011 – for all that you’ve done this year. As you thank yourself for every item on your list, allow yourself to feel like you’re being tickled in the heart.
  • Take another few slow deep breaths and let yourself to see what you would need to let go of and leave in 2011 so that you can feel the gratitude and appreciation for being you and for getting to play a role in this universe. Make a list of the thoughts, beliefs, habits, addictions, grudges, resentments or harsh internal dialogues that are robbing you right now of a new future. What is in the way of you standing in the joy and magnificence of life?
  • Now imagine that your list represents a weight keeping you stuck in your current reality, a weight that keeps you attached to the you that you are right now. See the items on your list as anchors that are weighing you down and then imagine that by unhooking from these anchors, you will be able to float to a whole new reality that is just waiting for you. Let yourself see what you would need to do — what actions do you need to take — in order to unhook from these anchors and move forward in your life. Make a list.
  • Take another sweet, strong breath and give yourself permission to expand beyond the you that you’ve been. Put all your energy around your heart and invite an inspired vision to come to you. As you see this new future for yourself, feel the energy and the light around your heart. Notice what makes your heart happy and joyful. See what turns your light on. Make some notes.
  • Feeling this love in your heart, ask yourself if you are willing and ready to be guided by this love in 2012. Are you willing and ready to be guided by this love in 2012? If you are, affirm that to yourself out loud seven times. “I am willing and ready to be guided by this love in 2012.” As you repeat this phrase, let your inner smile emerge on to your face.
  • Now let yourself see all your friends, all your supporters, all the gods and goddesses, and all the angels cheering you on, telling you it’s safe to let go and open up. Spend a few minutes basking in the love of this cheering squad.
  • Send deep love to all of your selves — the self you’ve known and the self that will emerge in this new year. As you’re giving yourself this love, allow a short statement — a love mantra for 2012 — to come into your awareness. Write it down and then repeat it to yourself seven times.
  • Pick one dramatic action to take in the first 24 to 48 hours of the new year to demonstrate your seriousness to the universe about allowing a 2012 version of yourself to emerge. Maybe you will take all the beer out of your fridge if your 2011 self drank too much. Maybe you will remove your television from your bedroom if your 2011 self used it to avoid caring for yourself. Maybe you will write a letter of forgiveness to someone your 2011 self harbored a grudge against. Let yourself see the dramatic action you can take.

Transformational Action Steps

  1. In the first 24 to 48 hours of the new year, take the dramatic action that will demonstrate your seriousness about allowing a 2012 version of yourself to emerge.
  2. Take the other actions you identified that will support you in unhooking from whatever it is that keeps you stuck in 2011 or the you that you’ve been.
  3. Repeat your love mantra for 2012 to yourself at least three times a day — when you get up in the morning, in the middle of the day and when you go to bed at night.
  4. Come to my special New Year’s Community Calls on Saturday December 31st at 3:00 PM Pacific/6:00 PM Eastern and Thursday January 5th at 5:30 PM Pacific/8:30 PM Eastern to connect with a global community that will celebrate you becoming someone you’ve never been before.
  5. Share this New Year’s Ritual with your friends and loved ones to support them in having an unimaginable year.

From the bottom of my heart, I am wishing you a year filled with the knowing that you are the greatest gift there is. I love and support you in being the greatest expression of yourself in this new year. May your precious soul be watched over and protected each and every day. May you know yourself in a whole new way and may you see, even if just for an instant each day, how holy, divine and magnificent you really are.

With love and blessings,

Debbie Ford: Aspire To Exellence

By Debbie Ford

We live in a world where it’s so easy to be ordinary. Mediocrity is the language of the land, and it seems that most of us are resigned to living well below our potential. But it’s important to realize that this wasn’t always the case. There was a time in most of our lives when we aspired to excellence. We had a natural competitiveness and confidence. We knew that we could do or create whatever we set our minds to, and we were willing to stand out from the crowd. We had the courage to sing at the top of our lungs, to demonstrate our skills. Quite simply, we believed in ourselves. 

We must reclaim our innate desire for excellence. We must muster up the courage to go out and make the most of every day. We must look at life through new eyes — eyes that see possibility where there was none before, eyes that see greatness and stay focused on long-term fulfillment rather than short-term gratification. We must have the courage to listen to others intently, to hear their needs and their concerns. We must take the time to listen to the cries of our own soul and have the faith to make changes and take risks. We must open our hearts where they’ve previously been closed and find forgiveness and compassion for those in need of our love. Excellence requires us to have the courage to give up how we have lived our lives up to this point and go after something that is totally unknown.

To live a life of excellence, you will have to take risks. You will have to step into new territory and climb new mountains. if you’re up to something that’s as big as you are, it’s going to be scary. If it feels perfectly safe, you are probably underachieving. To leave your mark in the world, you will have to stand someplace you’ve never been willing to stand before. And you will have to have the courage to aspire to excellence. You will have to be present in each moment and give 100 percent of yourself. You will have to commit each day to being the best you can be, and aspire to perform your daily tasks in the most conscious way possible.  Continue reading

What Mask Are You Wearing This Halloween?

Here in the United States, we are fast approaching Halloween, an annual holiday characterized by trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, watching horror films and, most importantly wearing costumes. This time of year always makes me reflect on the imagination and effort we put into creating our disguises and how the human operating system works the exact same way. 

In my book Why Good People Do Bad Things, I describe in great detail the false self and the process by which our wounded ego, in an effort to distance itself from its deep feelings of shame, unworthiness and powerlessness, constructs masks and personas for us to hide behind. We create these personas to hide and protect what others (and we ourselves) have made wrong, bad, and unacceptable. We create a false self in the hopes that somehow it will help us fit into the strict guidelines of our outer surroundings, no matter how crazy, scary, or dull they might have been. We cover up our authentic self in order to become who we believe will be the "right" us, the acceptable us, the us that would belong. Day by day, experience after experience, we unknowingly construct an invisible fortress that becomes our false self, and this fortress of false expression obscures our essence, hiding our vulnerabilities, our sensitivities, and often our ability to know and see the truth about ourselves. 

The wounded ego can take on a variety of different masks to camouflage its perceived inadequacies. The nature of the facade that we choose varies from person to person, and most of us have more than one social mask that we wear, depending on who we are with and what stage of life we are in. Most of us began constructing these exterior facades at an early age as we tried to calculate which way of being would get us the most love and provide the greatest cover-up for our wrenching shame and our wounded egos. Some of us chose our personas by observing how others perceived our true and authentic self and then adjusting our personas accordingly. 

We may have chosen a particular persona thinking it would protect us from harm or make us invisible so that we would go unnoticed by those who were critical of us. We may have taken on the mask of the Tough Guy/Tough Cookie because that’s what our culture expected, or because we feared that if we exposed our sweet, innocent self, we would be beaten, taken advantage of, shunned, or teased. If stupidity was condemned in our households, we might have become the intellectual snob, otherwise known as the know-it-all. We may have chosen a particular mask because we saw how well it worked for someone we knew. Maybe we met a friend at school who gained admiration or respect by flaunting the mask of the Good Girl, Too Cool, or the Bully, so we fashioned our persona in their likeness. We might have observed how much attention the Seductress seemed to get from men or how the Charmer always seemed to have women eating out of the palm his hand. Maybe we realized early on that we were never going to be the so-called popular one, so we opted for what we hoped would be the next best thing-becoming the Entitled Supporter and positioning ourselves close to those with fame, power, or a status higher than our own. Maybe guilt and burden were passed down from generation to generation in your family, so you just took on the persona you saw operating in your mother and became a classic Martyr. 

Once our facade is firmly in place, we begin to be used by the nature of the mask we have chosen. If we are the Good Girl, we will seek out opportunities where we can show up as being helpful, kind, and useful. If we are Martyrs, we will unknowingly put ourselves in precarious situations where we will be used, abused, and taken advantage of. If we are People Pleasers, we will find exactly those people to latch on to-usually people whose approval we crave-who will ask us to do things for them so we can say yes even when we are dying to say no. In other words, we attract to us the very people who will help us ensure that we can continue playing the same character over and over again-even when it has become so painful that we can no longer take it. We stay glued to our costumes because we believe we are the mask we are wearing. 

As a coach and seminar leader specializing in emotional and spiritual education, I have spent the last twenty years teaching people from every walk of life to recognize their masks and begin to dismantle them. The gifts that come with breaking free from the bonds of the restricted and tightly held-together false self are well worth the discomfort that we must go through as we peel away the layers of lies, distortions, false assumptions, and denial that hold together the mask of our self-made personas. The challenge and the opportunity is for us to wake ourselves from the trance of the false self so that we can experience the limitlessness of our authentic expression. 

Transformational Action Steps


    • If you want to see how you became the person you are today, why you behave the way you do, and why you attract the kinds of experiences you attract, I invite you to examine the 20 masks of the false self in Why Good People Do Bad Thingsand rank them in the order in which you think they might apply to you.

    • Even if you were not planning on dressing up this Halloween, spend a few minutes to consider bringing out one of your light shadow personalities this Halloween. If you were going to dress up as your highest self, what qualities would you display? What would you wear?

In all my years of teaching, I can tell you that there is nothing more powerful than unpeeling the layers of the false self. I invite you to take this incredible journey, leaving behind the facade of yesterday for the powerful face of tomorrow. 


Photo: Flickr CC//GiantGinkgo

Online Course: Overcoming Self-Sabotage by Debbie Ford

If you are not moving steadily in the direction of what you say you want, you can be certain that you are

sabotaging yourself somewhere. In this on-line course from #1 New York Times best-selling author Debbie Ford, you will learn 14 key lessons to help you overcome self-sabotage.

As we come to understand the mechanisms and patterns that underlie self-sabotage, we begin to free ourselves…we begin to allow ourselves to interact with ourselves and the world with greater success, joy, and fulfillment. Overcoming self-sabotage and finding the wisdom inside the wounds you’ve endured is one of the most important conversations you’ll ever have with yourself. Honor it and know that it will change your life.

This 8 week course contains powerful lessons every 4 days that includes specific information about how to overcome different aspects of self-sabotage, a new audio guided meditation each lesson to help you directly access your innate wisdom, and tangible action steps to help you take the steps to release the past and step into a new level of consciousness.


  • Overcoming Self Sabotage
  • Taking Inventory of Your Biggest Life Lessons
  • Breaking Through Toxic Emotions
  • Discovering Your Unmet Needs
  • Breaking the Trance of Denial
  • Maybe You’re Just Hurt
  • Uncovering Unconscious Patterns
  • Feeling Safe in the Face of Fear
  • The Destruction of Hidden Rage
  • Are Your Excuses Keeping You Stuck?
  • The Gifts of Standing in Your Power
  • The Sacred State of Surrender
  • Making Peace with Your Pain
  • Healing the Split Between Ego and Spirit

    When you enroll this course, you will also receive a free subscription to Debbie Ford’s Shadow Blog newsletter, free inspired messages delivered to your in-box each week.


    Debbie Ford, creator of The Shadow Process, is an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation. A pioneering force in incorporating the study and integration of the shadow into modern psychological and spiritual practices, Debbie’s work is based on the core belief that outer transformation occurs when we experience an internal shift in perception.

    A #1 New York Times best-selling author, Debbie’s books and programs have sold more than 1,000,000 copies and are translated into thirty-two languages. Beginning with the publication of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, her books also include Spiritual Divorce; The Secret of the Shadow; The Right Questions; The Best Year of Your Life: Dream It, Plan It, Live It and her new book Why Good People Do Bad Things: How to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy. Debbie has been a repeat guest on Oprah, Good Morning America and other national TV and radio programs.

    Debbie is the founder of the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching at John F. Kennedy University, the leader in emotional education. Having co-taught with Deepak Chopra, M.D. and David Simon, M.D. of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, Neale Donald Walsch, Jeremiah Abrams, Ph.D. and other acclaimed teachers, Debbie is beloved for her heart-penetrating wisdom, her compassionate humor, and her remarkable gift for inspiring people to reach for their highest potential. Many of the great leaders and thinkers of our time have sought her out for her profound coaching and guidance. In addition to her work training coaches, Debbie gives lectures and workshops around the country to an estimated 10,000 people each year, inspiring them to reclaim the totality of their humanity.

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