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Josh Segel

One World: Josh Siegel on Maintaining Financial Community

As humans we are drawn to other humans. We find comfort and strength in bonding together to form close knit groups that keep in mind the interests of the entire group rather than focusing solely on the needs of any one individuals. We call these groups communities and we create them in nearly every aspect […]

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Michelle King Robson

One World: Michelle King Robson and EmpowHER

After being given an unnecessary hysterectomy at the age of 42, Michelle King Robson saw a dramatic shift in her health. She went into menopause overnight, gained weight, experienced hot flashes, joint pain and memory loss. “I got so sick that I didn’t want to live anymore,” she recalls of the experience.  Her struggles with […]

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Arianna Huffington

One World: Arianna Huffington on Viewing Life with a Wider Lens

So often in modern society, we look at success as being defined narrowly as attaining money and power. Particularly in the business world, there is a tendency to forget that there should be other measures of success including health, well-being, empathy and morality. These are the things that make up the Third Metric and there […]

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Submit Your Questions for a Chance to be on Help Desk with Rob Bell in LA!

(Click image to enlarge) PARTICIPATE IN AN “OWN” TELEVISION SERIES IN LOS ANGELES WITH ROB BELL! READ APPLICATION PROCESS BELOW AND APPLY ASAP TO: robbellhelpdesk@gmail.com WHAT:            The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), is seeking participants for the “Help Desk” series featuring Rob Bell! WHEN:             April 8, 2014 WHERE:           Los Angeles (specific location TBA) […]

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Deepak and Oprah Announce “Find Your Flow” 21-Day Meditation

Get ready – Deepak Chopra and Oprah are launching another 21-Day Meditation. “Find Your Flow” is designed to help you find your inner guide and transform your life. Registration for “Find Your Flow” is completely free and begins today (March 17) here. The meditation officially begins April 14 so make sure to sign up now […]

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One World: Shiva Ayyadurai on Inventing E-mail at Age 14

Most 14 year old boys find themselves interested just in sports, school dances and making it through high school. Shiva Ayyadurai was no ordinary 14 year old. While his peers were busy just with the traditional pursuits of adolescences, Shiva was inventing email.  This did not mean he was a “nerd”, who sat drinking Red […]

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7 Quotes to Help You “Find” Good Luck

Luck is one of those words that means something different to everyone. What is responsible for good luck or bad? For some it is a karmic force and for others it’s a manifestation of personal desire. Are you someone that carries a good luck charm – an object you put all your faith in to […]

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David Gorodyansky

One World: David Gorodyansky Re-imagining Cyber Security

As nearly every facet of our lives becomes more and more dependent on the sharing of data and information via the internet, we become increasingly vulnerable to virtual theft and breaches of privacy. With this new threat has come a demand for cyber security. David Gorodyansky is one of the savvy businessmen who are rising […]

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Carolyn Myss

Join Caroline Myss for a “Help Desk” Shoot on March 13 in San Francisco!

(Click to enlarge photo) “HELP DESK” with CAROLINE MYSS  *** A NEW SHOW TO AIR ON THE OWN NETWORK *** WHEN: March 13, 2014 LOCATION: Justin Herman Plaza, 1 Market St., San Francisco, CA (scheduled) 10:30 AM-12:30 PM –     Help Desk Open to Public 2:30 OM – 1:00 PM –       Group Exercise Led by Caroline […]

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Join Panache Desai for Help Desk in San Francisco on March 13

(Click image to enlarge) “HELP DESK” with PANACHE DESAI  *** A NEW SHOW TO AIR ON THE OWN NETWORK ***  WHEN: March 13, 2014 LOCATION: Justin Herman Plaza, 1 Market St., San Francisco, CA (scheduled) 2:30 PM-4:30 PM –     Help Desk Open to Public 4:30 PM – 5:00 PM  –   Group Exercise Led by Panache […]

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