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Wasting Energy and Endangering Lives: The “True Cost” of Fashion

TheTrueCost_Poster_2764x4096In years past, only the richest individuals could afford to own multiple sets of clothes to switch out depending on the day or activity. The rest of the world made do with one suit or dress for formal occasions, and perhaps a handful of humble garments for day-to-day life. That traditional approach to clothing has changed steadily for the past several decades as modern technologies and garment factories have driven down prices. Today, we live in a world of fast fashion, with a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it transition from the catwalk to the store to the consumer and then quickly to the donation bin as styles fall back out of fashion. The cheap prices we enjoy today don’t really cost less than past clothing did, though – it’s just that rather than paying in money now workers are paying in suffering. Nothing is truly free, not really, which is a topic being explored by the new documentary directed by Andrew Morgan, The True Cost.

The True Cost holds a mirror up to the practices of an out-of-control industry, practices which are not only devastating to workers but also have a huge negative impact on the environment. Air pollution, water pollution, and deforestation can all be laid at the feet of the garment industry, though of course not exclusively. Alberta Energy states that about 10 percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions come from this overproduction of apparel and textiles. Fossil fuels are being consumed at all ends of the garment process, from the farming machinery to the factories themselves to the huge container ships used to bring the finished clothing from the third world countries where they are produced to the first world countries where they are consumed. Continue reading

‘The Hurt Locker’

I saw ‘The Hurt Locker’ last night, and I can understand, now, why it took so many Oscars – and in my view it deserved to take a couple more, too.

I could go on about how it combined all the best elements of documentary, Memoir, and great film-making, but they would all boil down to the one thing: the movie had a sense of closely observed reality that is able to convey what is substantially true about emotions. This is what makes film powerful, what makes Memoir come alive, and what leaves the audience with the sense that we have learned something visceral and important.

The final episode, where the US bomb disposal team leader, in his heavy fragmentation-proof suit, struggles to free an Iraqi man from the explosive waistcoat he has been padlocked into – this is more than just a tense and harrowing scene.  In it the two become mirrors of each other’s fate. Only one of them can run away from the situation, but even so it can never be removed from his mind.  He’s just as locked in.

This could be a movie that will spark a major anti-war sentiment.  We all know that war simply doesn’t work.  The trouble is we haven’t found any substitute for it. Isn’t it time we tried?

Green Light

An Inconvenient Truth was about the Problems, this film is about the solutions…

Green Light The Movie Trailer

Producers: The Tidal Wave
Alex Cequea and Robert Congwer

Recent films have tried to scare people into creating social change. An Inconvenient Truth, 11th Hour, Zeitgeist, and Age of Stupid all try to frighten humanity into caring for the planet. Green Light isn"t about Gloom and Doom or about guilt and fear; Green Light is about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. This feature-length docutainament experience is about the personal transformation needed to create socially responsible pandemic change. This film is about living the change you wish to see, and just like a traffic light, Green Light will give humanity the signal that it is time to GO! Green Light is a feature-length documentary film about the current shift happening in society, culture, and ourselves. Exploring the nature of sustainability and where it comes from, the filmmakers ultimately stumble upon the social change we need… and who we need to be to make it happen. With expert commentaries from Paul Hawken, Deepak Chopra, Ken Wilber, and many more of todays greatest thinkers and doers, this feature-length docutainment experience about ecological sustainability and human awakening is helping to reframe the environmental issue within the context of our own personal evolution. Green Light is poised to connect two huge dots, Sustainability and spirituality, and establish a whole new level of understanding around what social change really is.

A short video about Alex Cequea and Robert Gongwer, the creators of the upcoming documentary "Green Light"
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