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At some point in your life you truly begin to ask yourself about your life purpose. You want to find the ultimate answer to your quest, with meaning and purpose beyond the day-to-day activities and beyond cultural influences. Fortunately, there are several methods you may use to find the answer you are looking for.


Numerology might be a good start to discover your life purpose, especially if you resonate with the idea that everything in the universe can ultimately be reduced to numbers, as Pythagoras taught. This exercise can be fun if you do it with an open mind and if you take the result as a very important hint in your quest, but not as a sort of straitjacket.

Basically, you calculate your life purpose or life path number by adding all the digits of your birth day (month/day/full year) one by one until you reach a 2 digit number. Then you add together these 2 digits to reach a final number.

This would be your “LIFE PATH NUMBER”. OK, what does it tell you? -It tells you the basic path you are walking. It gives you a hint about your basic abilities and opportunities, a broad picture about your path. What does each number tell you? -Each number has a special meaning according to Numerology, which can be summarized as follows:

1. Leadership. You have a strong drive, confidence and wish to lead and have attention.

2.  Kindness. You are emotional and sensitive, kind and understanding. Relationships matter a lot to you.

3. Imagination. You wish to give joy, happiness. You are friendly and normally have a good sense of humor. You are artistic and expressive. Having many friends and being popular is important to you. 

4. Patience. You are disciplined, methodical and reliable. You are grounded and hard-working. You like order.

5. Freedom. You like change and variety. You love your personal freedom. You like to travel. You are adaptable to any condition, country or kind of people.

6. Balance. You are a nurturer and center your life around a nice home and your loved ones. You are a loyal friend and a good counselor.

7. Spirituality. You wish peace and silence to live your inner life. You like to analyze things from all angles and going to the source of all things. You seek wisdom and spirituality.

8. Executive power. You wish success in all material things. You love organization, building, finances and management. You have the vision to make your efforts productive. You are efficient.

9. Love for humankind. You are a humanitarian and want to serve the world at large. You are passionate in your beliefs. You have wisdom and compassion. You wish to contribute to save the world.

Note: While double digits are reduced to a single digit (like 10 is reduced to 1), numbers 11 and 22 are considered as special cases in numerology, since they are master numbers.

11. Vision. You are a universalist and dream big. You are innovative, intuitive and sometimes even psychic. You love ideals, have inner strength and devotion.

22. Master Builder. You wish to be the perfect builder for the good and security of all. You have your eyes on the stars but your feet firmly on the ground.

Do you resonate with the above description of your life path number? You might say, “yes, it sounds like me, but is there more?” –Well, Numerology adds up to the fun by providing you with additional clues derived from the numeric vibrations of your name.

My name? –I hear you say. Yes, this might seem very subjective indeed, because it can be argued that parents choose the names for their sons or daughters at will, arbitrarily or to pay a tribute to the memory of someone dear. Interestingly, many numerologists think that parents pick up the vibration of their son or daughter subconsciously and end up naming them accordingly. You might believe this or not, but try this exercise, at least for fun. You might be surprised at the result.

For accuracy, you must use your FULL legal name at birth (no nick names or abbreviations). Write it down and write below each letter its numerical value according to the following chart:


Then add all the digits one by one until you reach a 2 digit number. Add together these 2 digits to reach a single-digit final number. This would be your “EXPRESSION NUMBER”, the one that tells you what you are expressing in your life. The essence of your vibrations. For some numerologists, this is like “the baggage” of talents and abilities you brought to this world. If you believe in reincarnation, then this number might reflect the experience or wisdom you are carrying from your past lives.

What if you add only the consonants (without vowels) of your full legal name? –Then you will get your “LATENT-BEING NUMBER” or “personality number”. It shows how you are when you are at rest, when you are alone –without external influences- and busy with your own dreams.

And what if you add only the vowels (without the consonants) of your full legal name? –This is where the really interesting stuff comes up. You get your “SOUL’S DESIRE NUMBER” or “heart’s desire number”. The vowels in your name give you the vibration of your soul’s desire or ideal, according to Numerology. This number might be the same number you got for your expression number or for your latent-being number, or might be a different one. And once you grasp the messages of all this numbers, you may have a nice broad picture of yourself and your general life purpose. Do not expect anything ultra-specific. And again, take the indication as an important hint of your path and abilities, but not as a sort of straitjacket. Finding your life purpose is an exercise that involves freedom, not limitation. And it should totally resonate with you.    


If you are not a left-brain person (but rather, a right-brain person) or if you are not much into numbers, another simple way to discover your life purpose involves only writing. This method has been explained by Steve Pavlina and others. It requires writing on paper (or on your word processor) ALL the answers that come to your mind when you ask yourself what your real purpose in life is. Keep writing until you find an answer that causes you an intense emotion, such as crying. That would be your life purpose. Please note that those who propose this method normally point out that it requires discipline, no distractions and persistence to arrive to the final answer without interrupting your work even if you feel at times impatient, frustrated, willing to do something else or to postpone the exercise. This method works best for people who are in touch with their feelings. 


If you are someone who has some trouble being in touch with your deep feelings, and if you are open to alternative holistic remedies, you might resort to the use of Bach flower essences to put yourself in the right frequency to communicate more effectively with your Feeling Self and be able to find your life purpose. These are non-toxic natural herbal remedies made of flower essences that have unique energies to link you with the positive core of your own being. You may have heard of the famous “Rescue Remedy”, a combination of flower essences commonly used to help people in acute emotional situations.

There are 38 different flower essences. Each one corresponds to a specific emotional state. The one relevant here for the purpose of finding your life purpose is called “Wild Oat” (Bromus Ramosus). This flower has been called “the vocational calling flower” because it facilitates the dialogue with your inner guidance to determine what ideas are compatible with your life plan. (Simply add two drops of this flower remedy to a glass of water and sip it throughout the day as required. People with problems of alcoholism should note that the solutions contain a very small portion of alcohol).

Do not expect to take your flower essence and find out your life purpose immediately. Finding it is a process. The flower essence is intended to facilitate it at a vibrational level by putting you in a “connective mood” with your inner self.

If you wish to learn more about Bach Flower Remedies, I recommend the book Advanced Bach Flower Therapy: A Scientific Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment by Gotz Blome, M.D.

It is possible that once you begin to understand the philosophy behind the Bach Flower Remedies about the interaction between your Thinking Self, your Feeling Self and your Higher Self, you might want to define your life purpose as part of a broader, deeper scheme.


If you want to define your life purpose having in mind a broader cosmology and a deeper concept of life, Ayurveda might give you the answer. (Ayurveda means “the science of life”in Sanskrit and it is the ancient healing knowledge that dates back in India more than 5,000 years). As part of the Ayurvedic spiritual wisdom, we have the law of Dharma (the law of purpose in life), which is explained by Dr. Deepak Chopra in his book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Pursuant to this law, we are here to discover our superior being. Every one has a unique talent and a unique way to express it. And if you serve humanity while expressing your unique talent, then you are making full use of the Law of Dharma. Dr. Chopra suggests that you ask yourself these key questions:  1) “If money was not a problem and you had all the time and money in the world, what you would do?” And 2) “What is the best way you can serve humanity?”

You may find your answer right away. Or you may require establishing a deep contact with your inner self or your Higher Self in order to find your life purpose. Some people use meditation for this. Others find the answer through their Feeling Self. The point is to transcend the limits and dictates of your rational mind (your Thinking Self). And when you leave behind your rational mind, you are opening the door to your natural intuition.


People who have developed –or are in the process of developing- their intuition, recognize dowsing as a useful, easy and convenient method for communicating with deeper levels of their being when trying to find answers to important questions. And finding your life purpose is certainly an important question, perhaps the most important question of all. Learning to use a pendulum -or dowsing rods- is easy and fun. But dowsing is both a skill and an art. It requires guidance and experience to learn how to do it in a scientific way. The ability to get accurate answers requires training, practice, detachment from the result and learning to keep your emotions out of the process, because they can short-circuit the result when they interfere. If you wish to learn the basics of dowsing, and its scientific fundamentals, I recommend the book Pendulum Power: A Mystery You Can See, A Power You Can Feel by Greg Nielsen & Joseph Polansky.

Once you develop the ability to dowse correctly, you can use this skill to find the answers to your quest about your life purpose. You simply make a list of possible answers and dowse over each of them until you find the right one. You may wish to find a general answer first, and then try to refine it with more details, once you know the right direction.      


You can also know your basic life purpose when you know the principal color of your aura. The aura is an energy or electromagnetic field surrounding your physical body, as Kirilian photography shows. The human aura is composed of several different-color bands. The outer bands may frequently change colors, depending on your experiences through life. But the band (or two bands in some cases) closest to your body normally does not change, because it is your primordial aura life color. From a metaphysical point of view, your aura life color may clearly show your priorities, your choices in this lifetime and your essential purpose for being on this planet.

For example, people with a blue aura life color are here to give love and are drawn to helping professions like nursing, teaching or counseling. People with a yellow aura life color are here to bring joy to people and to have fun (as in the case of most comedians), but might also wish to help heal the planet. They are drawn to a whole variety of careers, because they like variety and choice. People with a violet aura life color are here to inspire and create change. They are visionaries who like to educate or inspire higher ideals to the masses. They love to improve the quality of life of people and to support humanitarian and environmental causes. 

If you wish to explore this avenue for determining your aura  life color, or the combination of colors you have and what kind of life purpose they reveal, I recommend the excellent book Life Colors: What the Colors in Your Aura Reveal by Pamala Oslie. This book has all the information you need as well as descriptions to easily identify your life color, even if you are not a psychic. I also recommend the book How To See and Read The Aura by Ted Andrews.  


The more you open your intuitive channels and raise your awareness, the more “thirsty” you become for spirituality. People who are well advanced in their spiritual growth can access their Spiritual Guides through meditation. It takes time, development and practice. But we all can do it if there is a firm commitment to spiritual development. People who reach this level are able to receive spiritual guidance about their life purpose, the best way to accomplish it, and other important matters.

Do not be discouraged if this option seems unattainable at your present moment. A spiritual path –if you sincerely decide to take it- will ultimately lead you to it. An interesting book (written in plain, simple English) I recommend to those who wish to pursue this avenue at some point in their lives, is A Secret Door to the Universe: A Guide to Spiritual Development by Paul Fenton-Smith.

The 7 ways I have included in this article are meant to inspire you. You have to find your own, unique way to determine your life purpose. It might be one of the above or a combination of them. Or a new one that comes to your mind when you are inspired. You will be happy when you find the method that gives you satisfaction according to the level of depth you want to reach. By now you may have realized that the deeper you want to go, the longer it might take. It is up to you. Follow your heart and your intuition in choosing what is best for you. Choose one method that is in agreement with your own nature (whether you are predominantly a rational person, an intuitive one, a combination of both, or a spiritual one).  It should feel natural. It should not feel like a burden. You should enjoy the process.

Only you can determine beyond doubt when you have found your life purpose. You will know it when it feels completely right. A final consideration is the importance of discovering your primordial sense “to know for sure” when you have found your right answer. If you are an auditory person, it should “sound” completely right. If you are a visual person, it should “look” completely right. If you are a smeller person, it should not “smell fishy”. If you are a taster person, it should “taste delicious and healthy”. And if you are a feeler, it should “feel” (in its deepest sense) completely right.

Enjoy and live your blessings.


Javier Ramon Brito




How to Remove Negative Enegy in Your Home

The main reason to clear a space—your home, your car or your office—is to remove negative energies. Negative energies occur for a number of reasons. They include:
  • Metaphysical
    • Negative thoughts from current or previous owners or occupants
    • Disturbed emotional energy of current or previous owners or occupants
    • Disturbed environmental energy
    • Dimensional beings 
  • Earth Energies
    • Faulting pressure (Faults are breaks in the Earth’s crust where chunks of land on each side move in different directions. Land suddenly shifting along fault lines is the primary cause of earthquakes.)
    • Negative magnetic fields
    • Disturbances from naturally occurring underground water
  • Technology
    • Electrical appliances such as cell phones, computers, microwave ovens and hair dryers
  • Objects
    • Antiques
    • Used or new furniture
    • Second-hand jewelry
    • Works of art
    • Crafts
    • Anything made by hand, including such possessions as rugs
Every time you clean your home you are removing negative energy. Cleaning your home or workspace will make it lighter and more positive. This is a result of organizing, of ridding yourself of things you no longer need and removing toxic products from your environment. Just opening windows brings in fresh, positive energy.
Other space clearing techniques include dowsing; smudging with herbs or incense; clearing with bells, cymbals and singing bowls; and clearing with chanting. I’ll describe these methods in future posts.
When and What to Clear of Negative Energy
No matter what method or methods you chose to clear negative or disturbed energies, always clear mindfully and without distractions. Turn off the stereo and television—you need to clear in a quiet atmosphere. Your intent is to clear disturbed or negative energies. When clearing, visualize these energies disappearing. The reason that you should be specific is that you want the good energy left undisturbed. If you chose to smudge with herbs, for example, speak aloud or silently words to convey that you are removing negative energy.
Clearing is done in a meditative-type state—slowly and with focus—so the words are much like a mantra. Keep them simple. For example, if I am smudging, I will think “negativity be gone!” or “if there is negative energy present, please leave.” At the same time, I visualize the space vibrant with only positive energy.
Every home and workspace should be cleared periodically. It is impossible to say exactly how often, as it depends on your situation. You will develop a feel for how often you need to clear negative energies. The following is a guide for good times to clear negative energies:
  • When you move into a new residence, clean and clear the space meticulously. You are clearing any possible negative or disturbed emotions of the previous occupants and other negative or disturbed energies. Clear your new office for the same reason.
  • Following an illness of a member of a household the negative energy should be cleared.
  • All objects that are antiques, previously used (particularly jewelry), works of art, crafts and anything made by hand should be individually cleared of negative energy. When feasible, wash items as well. If you buy an antique rocking chair, for example, that chair may have been sat on for years by the same person. This is great if it was a happy person—not so great if it was a miserable person. The energy of the rocking chair’s previous owner is in that chair.
On the subject of buying something that was previous used, I highly recommend that you do not purchase a second-hand bed. So much time is spent in bed—therefore, too much energy of the previous owner(s) is in a bed. Do you really want to gamble on who spent time in your bed? If you already have a used bed that you love, or insist on buying a used bed, learn how to dowse or hire someone to dowse it for you.
  • Jewelry, Crystals and Gemstones
Second-hand jewelry should be cleared, as jewelry picks up the energy of the wearer. You may wish to clear all your jewelry, crystals and gemstones, especially if you have been feeling poorly. Be especially mindful of clearing only negative energy when working on an inherited piece from a loved one.
There are a number of methods for clearing jewelry, gemstones and crystals:
  • To clear gemstones and crystals, sea salt works well. Salt can be dissolved or used dry. For salt water, mix a tablespoon of sea salt with a cup of cold water in a glass or ceramic container. Do not use plastic or metal containers. Place the stones in the solution for several hours or overnight. With dry salt, bury pieces in a glass or ceramic container and leave for several hours or overnight. When clearing gemstone necklaces, use dry salt, as the water solution will deteriorate the cord that the beads were strung on. Discard salt.
  • Wash in the ocean.
  • Clear in sunlight—allow to sit in the sun for a day.
  • Clear in moonlight. Bury in the earth overnight with a full moon.
  • Smudge all jewelry, gemstones and crystals (see below for details).
  • You can clear jewelry of negative energy with a pendulum. 
Clear negative energies if you or other members of your household are feeling poorly for any unexplained reason. This can include any mental, physical or emotional upset. This is most notable if a change occurs following a move into a new home or office.
Excerpt from Harmonious Environment, copyright 2007.

Raise The Energy in Your Home and Give Yourself a Boost!

Replacing negative or disturbed energy with positive, life-force energy is an important aspect of creating a harmonious environment. The Chinese call this energy chi, the Japanese Ki, the East Indians prana, and some Native American Indians mana. In virtually all cultures throughout history, the awareness of life force energy has been of paramount importance. When people say, ‘this room feels good’, they are referring to its positive life force energy.
You already employ some space clearing techniques. For example, when you clean your house, you are removing negative energy. Likewise, when you open your windows you bring in fresh, positive energy. Next time you clean your house or open windows, note how much better your home feels.

Low, negative energy in a person can manifest itself as fear, depression, illness or anger. High, positive energy in a person can manifest itself as love and joy. Surrounding yourself with positive energy in your home and workspace will help fill you with that glorious energy!

When a space feels heavy or makes one feel uncomfortable, it needs to be cleared. Negative energy is a result of many different factors. Some examples are dirt, clutter or haphazardly placed furniture. Illness, anger and fear in present or past occupants of a space will create negative energy. Negative energy may be present in your space due to a variety of reasons including technological disturbances, low frequency electromagnetic radiation, disturbed personal belongings, geological faults or pressure ridges and underground water.
I clear a space using several methods, including dowsing, smudging and using Tibetan bells.
Dowsing is an ancient practice first used to find water. Dowsing is also used to clear people and spaces. A dowsing rod locates negative energy and a pendulum releases and clears that energy. Dowsing is especially useful when moving into a new home, as it will clear the energy of the past occupants.
Smudging has traditionally been performed by Native Americans and is the ritual burning of herbs to create  smoke to clear and purify a person or space. Herbs such as sage, sweetgrass and cedar are used.
Tibetan bells, whose clear lovely sound fills a space are also used to disperse negative energy and to raise vital life-force energy.
All three methods are excellent tools to clear negative energies and to allow positive energy–or chi–to flow properly and in abundance.

For more information on how to clear your home of negative energy, read Harmonious Environment: Beautify, Detoxify & Energize Your Life, Your Home & Your Planet.


Create a Passion-Filled Bedroom: Turn Sparks into Flames

Tired of waking up in a lonely bed? Take a look around your bedroom. If it’s disorganized and messy, even behind the closet doors, you could be creating a logjam to your heart’s desires.

By creating harmony and balance in the bedroom, you can open the door to the energy of love in your life. Here are some practical tips you can do right now to move out the old, stale past and bring in fresh new opportunity for the love you desire:


  • Remove family pictures, especially pictures of relatives that have passed-on. The bedroom is not the place for family pictures, except if it’s you and your lover. This is your love-chamber. You want the romance to flow without your family lineage watching over you.
  • Clear out clutter from under your bed. When you store things under your bed, it affects your subconscious and keeps it stuck in regrets of the past. Keep this area clear of junk. It will lighten your mood and you’ll sleep better, too.
  • To feel better and have a more restful night sleep, sleep with your head to the south. Have you noticed when you haven’t had a good night sleep you don’t feel very good about yourself the next day. It’s hard to feel alluring and sexy without good sleep! Positive magnetic energy comes from the north. Your body is like a magnate with the positive polarity in your head. To receive the most health benefits while you sleep, sleep with your head on the south wall with your feet facing north. You’ll wake refreshed and stay healthier.
  • Move your bed 4” from the wall to eliminate the negative influence of electrical pollution and pipes in the wall that can drain your energy.
  • Consider replacing your old sheets with new, pink sheets in cotton sateen. Pink has a healing influence on the environment. The color pink has a tranquil and calming influence on the nervous system and he feeling of crisp cotton sheets is welcoming and refreshing.
  • Use red as an accent color, but only in small amounts. Place a red candle in the southeast area of your bedroom. Red is very stimulating and seductive. It’s synonymous with love and romance. Use it in candles and cut flowers or as a throw or pillows on the bed. Consider a nightie in this color, too.
  • Remove any mirror that faces the bed. If you can see yourself in a mirror, sitting up or lying in bed, either remove it or cover it with a piece of silk cloth at night. As you sleep, you throw off the stress of the day. A mirror “mirrors” that stress right back to you.
  • Place a small piece of uncut, tumbled rose quartz stone in each corner of your bedroom to encourage loving relationships in your life. This particular stone promotes romantic love and also symbolizes self-love and acceptance.
  • Consider candles or incense in the fragrances of lavender to enhance well-being, rose to open the heart, neroli to calm and relax the body and strengthen the emotions.
  • Dowse your bedroom to eliminate environmental stress. Geopathic stress comes from underground streams, fault lines, and utilities that enter your home. Wherever these lines cross, especially in the area of your bed, they can create health problems. To see a video and learn how to remove geopathic stress, go to http://www.makingroomformrright.com/free-yantras-mantras.php
These simple steps can make all the difference in your life on so many levels. By taking the time to consciously stimulate change in your home, especially in the bedroom, you make a clear statement that you are ready for something new. Now is the time to take action. Your romantic future is in your own hands. You have only to begin the journey to reap the benefits of better health and bring some sizzle and passion into your bedroom.
* * *
Robin & Michael Mastro are co-authors of Making Room for Mr. Right ~ How to Attract the Love of Your Life” (’09, Atria Books), which is filled with concrete, time-tested techniques to bring the prosperity of love into the lives of women (and men) everywhere. They call it, Yoga for Relationships, check out their website and get a personalized Vedic Astrology Reading at www.MakingRoomForMrRight.com/Personal-Vastu-Services.php


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