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This Is What Real Love Looks Like

Burning Love -- Spring Botanical Red Tulip Flower“Real love is something so deep, so energizing, that you will not know it unless you experience it. Love is an expression of energy, not something that is transacted. Tell me one thing: can you love people when you meet them for the first time?”

(From the audience: No Swamiji! We don’t even know them, then how can we love them?)

Exactly! This is what you think. Let me tell you, with a little bit of intellectual understanding and meditation, you will realize that you can love anyone without a reason! You can love the trees on the road, you can caress them and feel the energy flow from you. You can love people whom you pass by on the road without even knowing them. Love is actually your very being, not a distilled quality that you possess.

Nothing is as misconstrued as love is today. Today, love is more of a transaction. If someone says something nice to you, you love him; tomorrow if the same person falls short of it, you don’t love him that much or you probably hate him.

Even your lifelong friend, with whom you chat everyday on the computer, will seem suddenly not-so-close if he says something that goes against your approval. Where is your love at this time? It has suffered temporarily!

It is just games that you play; a game in which love and hate surface alternately and interchangeably. And this love-hate relationship is not love at all. Be very clear. It is simply your reaction to a person or a situation, that’s all. This is what we call love. This is not real love. It is subjective love, that’s all.

Real love knows no object. It is simply there whether there is an object or not. Real love is the subject itself. It does not know any object. You are the subject and you have become love, that’s all. Any object that comes in touch with it, feels it. Just like a river flows naturally and people enjoy it at the different places that they encounter it, real love exudes from a person and the people around him will be able to feel it.

There is absolutely no room for conditioning in real love. The energy in you should overflow and express itself as love. It is then that you can break through the highly knotted boundaries of relationships and express yourself beautifully, as a loving being!

In order to discover the quality of your being, that is love, two things can be done. The first thing: repeatedly listen to words like these so that they create a conviction in you about real love; so that a space is created in you for the process of transformation. Second thing: meditate so that the transformation can actually happen.

In practical life, when you go deeper and deeper into relationships, you will understand that all that you feel is not real love, but just some form of give and take. It is all just adjustment, some compromise, some duty-bound feelings, some fear, some guilt. It is all there in the name of love.

Meditation will take you beyond these mis-understandings of love. Meditation will work at the being level. That is why it is a shortcut! When you have to go through life and know it by yourself, it will take you a lifetime. But with meditation, a space opens inside you to experience these things clearly for yourself, whatever your age may be.

Just understand this one thing: when you are able to love without a reason, you will expand like anything. Your world will suddenly seem larger than life. It will be so ecstatic. You will become an energy source to yourself and to others. You will be so overflowing that the energy in you has to touch others. There is no other way. Others will be naturally drawn to you.”


Originally posted September 2011

Where’s the Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘N’ Roll in Our Spiritual Teachings?

I have a bone to pick with spiritual gurus: They’re just such goody two-shoes. Where are the sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll?

I mean, is anyone really as saintly as Liz Gilbert makes herself out to be in “Eat, Pray, Love,” avoiding even one torrid Italian love affair? As for His Holiness the Dalai Lama, he was raised from a young age to embody compassion and mindfulness, never lashing out in anger or seeking revenge, and he does an excellent job of that. But this isn’t a new story: Jesus resisted every temptation thrown his way some 2,000 years ago.

You might argue, “Hey, these spiritual types aren’t trying to deal with everyday life the way the rest of us are. They get to go live in convents or under a tree in the desert or in a cottage in Bali with no wee ones running around, and devote their entire existence to the pursuit of enlightenment.” But then there are teachers, such as Buddhist psychologist Jack Kornfield and celebrity guru Deepak Chopra, who manage to attain great wisdom while holding down a job and raising kids.

We need spiritual role models, of course. I wouldn’t wish a Jim-and-Tammy-Faye-Bakker-esque humiliation, fraught with dripping spider-legs mascara, upon any one of the aforementioned leaders. However, I do find that their standard of virtue can be set too high for the rest of us.

Plus it makes me wonder: Where’s the fun in a life like that?

Here is where I diverge from many of the modern and ancient masters. I revel — passionately, blissfully and unapologetically — in the “non-spiritual” aspects of my life. I celebrate my wild side with gusto. I enjoy being sloppy with my emotions. I’ve been called loud, obnoxious, and an attention-seeker. At times in my life, unlike Liz Gilbert, I’ve been promiscuous. And I’d argue that it hasn’t done me any harm. Nor have the drugs I’ve consumed at Burning Man. I’ve been known to make quite a mess of things in my personal life, getting divorced and then spending four years as “the human yo-yo” with a guy who couldn’t decide if he adored me or I made him miserable. I’ve plunged into new activities and commitments without thinking through my choices mindfully, as the spiritual gurus would urge. Sometimes, I give things a try just to see what will happen, knowing full well that I might wind up with a broken heart or woefully miniscule paycheck.

This, to me, is what it means to live “the life out loud.”

Don’t get me wrong. I have discovered that the spiritual first-aid kit can prove immensely valuable. In my 20s, I had what appeared to be the textbook near-ideal life: I graduated from Stanford, worked at the prestigious McKinsey & Company, married a dot-com entrepreneur, and then started my writing career. But in my early 30s, trauma, like an earthquake, brought my life tumbling down. My parents got divorced. I separated from my husband of nine years. My father was publicly convicted and put under house arrest for a federal crime.

When my soul was no more than dog crap smashed on the bottom of my shoe, I prescribed myself spiritual medicine. I dragged myself to yoga for daily 90-minute doses of salvation. Unable to sleep without Xanax, I found meditation an equally intoxicating way to calm my mind. I read spiritual books offering advice on how to be comfortable with uncertainty. I journaled obsessively.

These days, I’m a self-confessed yogaholic who freaks out when she has to go a week without a bowl of kale. I meditate regularly. Sometimes. At least I intend to meditate regularly. I believe in seeing a psychotherapist, life coach, energy healer, or chakra aligner in order to come to terms with your past. It’s all good stuff.

But I guess you could say I’m the Bad Girl of the Spiritual Club. If there were a summer camp where we all met up — me, His Holiness, Liz, Jack, and Deepak — to impart great teachings about egolessness and tactics for freeing others from their monkey-minds, I’d be the one caught smoking a joint in the bathroom on lunch break.

What about you?


Originally published April 2011.

photo by: andriux-uk

What is Enlightenment?

"We are always chasing happiness. We want to be happy all the time. The shortest way to be that way is to become enlightened!


Let me tell you what it means to be in the state of enlightenment. This is my personal experience.


The enlightenment keeps me in tremendous ecstasy 24 hours, 365 days a year. The word ‘ecstasy’ is not enough to describe the bliss I am in. Scientists say that whenever pleasure is stimulated in your system, a hormone called dopamine is released. Doctors call the point where it is released as the D-spot. When the chemical is released, our body is flooded with enormous energy.


When I am in the state of enlightenment, the idea of boundary, a limiting factor for most of us is lost. The feeling that my body ends here and the rest of the world starts here is absent. Everything is mine. The sensitivity with which I feel my body is the same that I feel for the whole cosmos.


My first experience with this kind of joy happened when I was a mere teenager. When I experienced it for the first time, the heightened sense of ecstasy lasted only for a few days. It gave me the first experience, the first glimpse. But after enlightenment, I live continuously in this heightened ecstasy. I am always in bliss day in and day out. It does not diminish, reduce. It just is. There is no time where I am not in this state.


When I became enlightened, I could no longer be judgmental. I only have compassion for everyone and everything. Merely by my physical presence, I radiate energy that will touch everyone.


With enlightenment, the basic idea of sex disappeared. The idea of being either male or female died. Though I have a male body, I can never identify with a male or female body. The truth is I am holding on to my body delicately, just like I hold a handkerchief, with my fingertips.


My mind doesn’t exist. I am like a tape recorder that plays when it is switched on. When it plays, you hear the sound. When it is switched off, there is silence. Similarly, when I stop talking, a space is created. There are no words here. There is only silence.


There are thousands of enlightened masters living on planet Earth. Their energies are all one and the same. Only their expressions are different.


Let us all strive towards enlightenment. Let us all partake the ecstasy and bliss that is eternal. Let all of us be in Nithyananda – eternal bliss."


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How often to we let ourselves get sucked into the dramas of life?  We become so emotionally and dramatically involved in our own thoughts and feelings and the dramas of others in our lives, that we become exhausted and less effective in making good decisions. 

This is not to say that we should push our feelings under the rug and become repressed personalities. But it is important to realize that our feelings and the thoughts we think are simply that: feelings and thoughts.  These elements are not us.  There is a part of each one of us that is less passionate but more connected to the spark of Divinity within each one of us.  As we raise our consciousness into the higher realms and get in touch with the Divinity within,  we are able to see our lives and the lives of others from a more mature, balanced and spiritual perspective.  In this state, we can make better decisions and take care of ourselves and others without depleting and exhausting ourselves.  This is not an easy task, but doable if we walk the spiritual path with courage and discipline.

Psychic Medium and Inspiration Author Carole Lynne



End the Drama

Who would you be without the drama? What would your life look like? It really is a matter of choice.

Your life would change if you chose a different way to respond and behave in situations. If someone irritates you, instead of reacting and becoming irritated you really do have the choice to walk away. It really can be as simple as that.

If you aren’t happy with the way things are going, ask yourself – how can I approach this differently? And then try a few of the possibilities. Sometimes we act without thinking because that is the way we have always done things. If we are bored and complaining, choose to go outside and do something simple like hoola hooping 🙂 or even lay out a blanket and look at the sky! Simple actions with huge results!

Consider this: if you worry all of the time, what would happen if you stopped worrying and started trusting?

Consider this quote: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein

Exercise your power to choose, play with different scenarios that you aren’t happy with in your life, try to create distance from the situation and your emotional response and ask yourself – "Is there another way to approach this scenario? And then do it. Take little steps or big ones, whatever feels right to you, just try something – you are a powerful person! Try something different and things will change!

Embrace your life! Enjoy the process!

Love Kelly

Life/Career Coach
*please feel free to email me directly for feedback, questions or to inquiries at kelly@embraceyourlife.ca

Gender Stupid – and That is Fine with Me

 Hi Margaret Ruth. You usually answer relationship questions without breaking down specific recommendations for male/male, female/female or female/male combinations. I think it would be interesting to see how advice might be different for these. What do you think about doing that sometimes? – C

I think I would be very interested in seeing that too, and I am smiling as I type that. One reason for my interest is that I am gender stupid. I mean it. I can read personality really, really well (am damn accurate is what I am saying), but cannot usually tell the gender. So, I do not perceive much difference in the various combinations myself.

Except – and this is important – cultural overlays about gender and hetero and homo couplings do some funky stuff to people and block their ability to have perfectly healthy, joyful and whole partnerships. You have hetero couples with some hidden gender role beliefs. You find some gay couples under constant drama. Now, you and I know that couples of all combinations exhibit those traits, but in my years of psychic readings, I notice that some specific issues occur more often depending upon the gender makeup.

For instance, if you are reading that one spouse has expectations about who is supposed to make more money in the marriage, than it is more likely that you are reading a heterosexual couple than a homosexual one.  I once read a man who has found his perfect and certain love with another man, and their love had a different and magnificent “honed through the fire” vibration to it that other types, that are easier to make happen, don’t have.  But these all have to do with how people are acculturated, and not with the nature of  healthy interpersonal bonds.

Therefore, I would say the same things in general about what it takes to have a healthy, joyful, whole partnership (and there are only a few things people need to know about that) to each type. But if I were to address specific issues, I would talk about how to leave old cultural indoctrinations, icons and beliefs about gender and love behind so to be more able to fully enjoy a loving relationship with whomever you please.

Let me know if that makes sense, MR

Questions, comments and ideas are welcome and encouraged. Contact Psychic Margaret Ruth on her Facebook page, email mr@margaretruth.com or call 801-575-7103. You can also get details on private readings, Margaret’s classes and blog at www.margaretruth.com. Margaret Ruth has been on radio, television, published in newspapers and magazines and major websites. She is the author of Superconscious Connections: The Simple Psychic Truths of Perfectly Satisfying Relationships (Sept 2010)


Oh, The Drama!

I was just reading an article in Body & Soul Magazine
about letting go of pessimistic thinking. Life coach Cheryl Richardson
wrote about how easy it is for all of us to slip into negative
thoughts, particularly when faced with a challenge. No matter how big
or small it is, we let our minds turn them from small unknowns into
worst-case scenarios. We

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