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Watch: Adorable Girl Creates Her Own Fireworks

Sometimes you want to see fireworks even when it’s not the Fourth of July or New Years. Such was the case with this little girl who couldn’t sleep because she was sure she could hear them. To calm her down her dad picked up a ukelele and the two tried a duet. Of course, there were demanded breaks to watch the fireworks happening in this little girl’s imagination.

It just goes to show life is always better with a little imagination. Let’s give a thumbs up to dad of the year on that pink ukelele as well! What  did you think of the video? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

Feel Reality


The growl was rolling in my throat. A rhythmic, vibrating accompaniment for the movements of my body, the soft steps, the stretches and contractions of muscles. I moved a paw forward and my lips lifted over my fangs. Wild. I was wild. I was a wild cat. Another step crumbled a pile of dry leaves, I moved my paw, I moved my hand, I touched the soft, rumpled blanket. Bed. I was in bed. There was silence and soft breath near me, there were the heavy spots of warmth where dogs slept. I was in bed.

I was wild. I closed my eyes again. The forest was warm, pulsating with life. Life I could feel … I can feel it! I thought “I am a cat and I am the forest”. The thought brought others along, “I am the cat” I thought, and the cat became distant, distinct, separate. “I am being the cat” I thought, and stopped being it. I was thinking now, moving back into my body, back in my mind watching, observing, describing … “no!” I thought, “No! Stop thinking, stop thinking … be…”

I padded through the forest, with the forest, as the forest. I felt it on my skin. I felt it in my muscles. I felt the tension, the softness, the presence. I felt it as my body. I felt the trees and their silence, the buzzing of their flesh, of my flesh, stretching high towards the sky. I felt the water spilling over a damp earth. I felt pulled downhill with the rushing streams, I flew over rocks in the rapids with the dancing rivers. I felt the fear and submission of prey hiding nearby, in thorny bushes and earthen holes. I felt their timid presence. Their rapid, pulsating life was my own.

I felt another life, strong, powerful. Present. I felt it and knew I must meet and confront it. My authority against it’s. We must try each-other. The tension must be resolved. The strength must be tested. Hierarchy must be established.

I felt the forest, I felt being, I felt life. I was life.

“Now you know,” said the cat, “now you know how you can be wild in the world.”

“Yes. Thank you”

There was an acknowledgment. The cat left.

I lifted my head, I opened my eyes. In the midst of the night I was wide awake. “I was a wild cat!” I whispered to my husband. “Oh,” he said.


There was nothing more to be said.

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Wordplay Wednesday: Change

It’s a constant battle
Between two voices in my head
They’re both mine but I don’t trust
The one that in my dreams has led me
Towards a situation
Where I know I won’t be safe
It’s always a man that’s pulling me
But I can’t focus on his face
I try to turn my head to see
So that I remember
What he looks like to report him
It’s like I know how it will end
But I can’t get a hold of what’s real
I feel like I’m sedated
And in my dream that’s my fault
I’m weak and feel frustrated
That I’m not acting like the person
I know myself to be
I can’t even walk in a straight line
But I’m more worried what others will think
About the fact that I can’t seem to
Just pull myself together
It’s like someone turned the world sideways
When I liked it the other way better
He leads me to a party where
My friends all seem to be
And I’m trying to tell them
How scared I am
Of this person
That they don’t see
And as this dream keeps repeating
I think that person might be me
And I’m just pissed off at myself
For always loosing control
My self-destruction goes against
The girl who does what she’s told
And in this ebb and flow I’m safe
I don’t have energy leftover to
Pursue the things I want in life
I know what I need to do
I’m clear on what I care about
And what I do now isn’t it
So what’s keeping me from moving forward?
Why don’t I just quit?
And start down the right path
I’m not afraid I won’t succeed
More though that I will
And where exactly that will lead
Because I’ve gotten so used to
The routine that’s become my life
And my cynical nature
Who and what I do not like
But recently I had this vision
That I’m relatively sure will happen
If I don’t make a change right now
And start to fill my life with passion
I’ll end up the wife at the dinner party
Who always drinks too much wine
And brags about what she could have been
If she’d just taken the time
Well I don’t want to be that person
And I know I’m well on my way
So I’m going to just go for it
And change my life today

I wrote this in 2002 at age 26, after a friend suggested I try to write about a dream I kept having.

Deepak Chopra: The Journey to Enlightenment

In the latest episode of “The Rabbit Hole” on The Chopra Well, Deepak Chopra discusses the seven stages of consciousness and how they lead to enlightenment. Which stage of consciousness are you at currently?

Reality is entirely dependent upon perception, and perception occurs in consciousness. That is why reality may be different in the seven different states of consciousness (the first three of which we are most familiar with):

  1. Deep sleep
  2. Dreaming
  3. Waking
  4. Soul consciousness – In this state you become aware of yourself as the observer of reality. Who is listening? Who is watching? Ask yourself this right now, and see if you become aware of a silent witness: your core consciousness – or soul.
  5. Cosmic consciousness – This is to be in the world but not of it. Your silent witness – or soul – has awoken and is alert in all states, including deep sleep and dreaming.
  6. Divine consciousness – You witness the universal in the particular. All of existence is present in every manifestation of creation.
  7. Unity consciousness – The personal witness merges with the universal witness, and you experience the whole universe as your own extended body. In this state, your inner being radiates passion, love, and ecstasy.

So, would you like to make the journey to enlightenment?

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Dreaming of My Dad Years After His Death

HeartLast night I dreamed of my dad. I wish I could say I remember all the details, but what I remember is enough. I woke up with a smile. Since my dad died 4 years ago from pancreatic cancer, I’m always happy when I dream of him.

I feel his energy and presence around me all the time when I’m awake: writing, reading, crying, laughing, walking on the beach, driving, meditating, and, of course, during savasana. Oh, sweet savasana! But when I’m asleep and I dream of him, those times take me by the biggest surprise because it’s normally unexpected (I’m not thinking about him when I go to bed or asking for him to show up in my dream).

I always wake up from one of these dreams thinking how normal it felt, as if the dream scenario was 100% real. Of course, it is real – real in another dimension than the physical plane we occupy now. I guess that’s what makes it so difficult to understand, because there are no big “aha” moments in these dreams. We are normally just hanging out as we did when his physical body was still here. Sometimes he is healthy, other times he is sick, but the dreams typically feel ordinary.

I have to admit, one thing that always nags at me the next morning is why. Why did I dream of him? What does it mean? I’ve always been a curious person, and I wish I knew why I dream of him sporadically and if there is a deep meaning behind it.

There are many schools of thought regarding the meaning of dreams. Dreaming of him could be a survival instinct to refocus on cherishing the physical realm relationships I have now. I could unconsciously be thinking of him more than I realize, and that’s why he shows up in my dreams. Of course, it could be Dad just dropping in to say “hello”. Or, it could mean nothing at all (although, that would admittedly be a downer).

I guess regardless of what it means, I am happy when he is in my dreams. Yes, sometimes it may make me sad and miss him, but I know I’m lucky to even have these dreams. I cherish them.

Years ago, I eagerly visited a shaman to ask him some deep, life questions. I was at peace when I left, but not because he answered my questions. Turns out, he told me I simply ask too many questions. I’ve always remembered that and understood what he was teaching me: There are many ways to “know” things, and they don’t always appear in ways our brains and minds can understand. My dream questions remind me of this. Of course, I am still intrigued with the why and what, but for now, I’m just happy to “see” my dad in my dreams.

The Science of Sleep: Essential to Body, Mind, and Spirit

The average human being sleeps 6 to 8 hours a night, almost 50 hours a week, and more than 2,600 hours a year— that means, on average, we spend almost 21 years of our lives asleep. In this week’s episode of “The Rabbit Hole” on The Chopra Well, Deepak Chopra explores the little understood world of sleep, so essential to our health.

Much more that just a time of rest and repair, sleeping allows us to not only process short and long-term memories but also reconnect with the original spirit or consciousness from which we incarnated as human beings. To reach this level of deep sleep, our sleep habits should be in rhythm with the universe.

“When your physiological and biological rhythms are in sync with nature’s—the movement of the earth, sun, moon, and stars; the cycle of the seasons, and the pull and push of the ocean tide—sleep becomes effortless.”

The Indian philosopherScreen Shot 2013-03-05 at 5.01.27 PM, Adi Shankara, identified three states of consciousness, of which deep sleep is the third. In this state, he said, we are returned to “the source of all,” the original self.

Do you wake up refreshed and alert? Do you get good sleep? If not, what are you going to do about it?

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Proof you went psychotic last night… plus why you should ask your boss for naptime

University of California Psychology and Neuroscience Professor, Matthew Walker, gives three good reasons to believe we all become psychotic when we sleep:

  1. You see things that simply were not there (you hallucinate).
  2. You believe things that could not possibly be true (you become delusional).
  3. When you wake up, you probably forget most if not all of what happened (you experience amnesia).

Watch the complete talk here

Matthew Walker is one of my scientific heroes. The man has literally it his mission to prove that midday naps are a vital to learning and that dreams aid in emotional processing. How cool is that?

I was talking to a friend yesterday about how in America (and much of the “modernized” world), we really de-value the importance of sleep in an effort to be more productive. In most cultures throughout history, there has been time set aside — usually right after lunch — for people to rest, digest, have a little siesta before getting back to work. Now, we’re seeing the American work-your-tail-off-9am-to-5pm model being embraced in developing countries all around the world. The underlying assumption is that skipping sleep and working more will make us more productive. But according to Walker’s research… that’s not necessarily the case.

I’ve always been taught that naps are for lazy people, something you only get to do if you’re feeling sick or have a lot of time on your hands. Sleep, however, appears to be a far more complex and integral phenomenon than we give it credit for. A thirty-minute cat nap can help consolidate memory, enhance cognitive skills, and support the integration of emotional experiences. As we learned yesterday, you’ll actually die from lack of sleep before you will starvation. Sometimes, you’re more productive with your head on a pillow than in front of a computer screen.

So maybe catching a few extra Zzzzzz after lunch isn’t such a bad thing after all, even if it does make you a little psychotic.

Photo Credit (CC): MediaSpin

Images before sleeping


At times before I sleep or on waking up my mind seems to conjure up personifications of people. I can see every detail, color and  characterization. I have at times tried to silently ask what is the purpose of their visit, but somehow I find it very difficult to keep focus to be able to get any results. How do I go about it?


It may not be that there is any constructive purpose to the perceptions at all, so it may not be important or fruitful to explore it. If you have a genuine sense that there is something valuable that is trying to be conveyed to you, then ask  if the information is coming from your inner truth and for your highest good. If it is, then ask that whatever it is be relayed to you in a clear, unambiguous voice or image. If the images continue in the same detailed but obscure fashion, you should ignore them.



For more information go to deepakchopra.com

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Tumultuous Thursdays:Dreams and Dreaming Series-Water as a Conduit to Other Worlds

Republished from Meady’s Musings

We dream…we all know that…some of us recall them…some of us don’t at least not all of the time…some are said to dream in black and white others in colour…some of us have even go as far as to dream lucidly but do any of us know for real what these dreams are made of? There are Freudian and Jungian twists on dreams and their meanings and these must be the most famous views on dreams out there…but what do you think of all of this?

On this Tumultuous Thursdays’ installation of the Dreams and Dreaming series we on Meady’s Musings delve into our understanding of the role of water as a conduit to other worlds while in the dream state! Hopefully we won’t get into deep!

To us it is the conduit between this world and others…and sometimes when we dream we can gain access to these worlds…however these are very rare and powerful dreams where the dreamer can cross into a world that is not really meant to be accessed while in the flesh…as a result the dreamer can only visit this world for a fixed small window of a time.

A human member of the Meady’s Musings Production House had a dream like this once…where like the girl in our opening picture she emerged from the surface of the water at the start of her dream after pushing upwards against the surface tension of the water coming up for strong pulls of air! The dreamer then stepped on ‘land’ which was this place with white floors, an aisle with many doors at each side. This white place was perched where for instance the sand on the beach would be have been if you emerged from an ocean onto an island! The dreamer was in no beach scene however and was in a very big hurry…rushing out the water still breathless…running up and down the aisle trying to open door after door but not being able to as much as they tried to pull it open with all their force and might! At this stage the dreamer was panicked and very disturbed…heart racing…for the dreamer knew they were in a hurry and needed to get the door open…get behind one of the doors any one before they shut close…

You see the night the dreamer had this dream someone very close to the dreamer was in a critical condition at hospital…the person did stabilise the morning the dreamer woke up but later in the morning passed on shedding the mortal coil to join the great divine!

In retrospect, the dreamer believes in that window of time she was trying to catch the soul of her loved one while it was ‘travelling’ to this other world…but the dreamer wasn’t allowed to see or enter that world…however the dreamer was so emotionally attached…so connected to the person who was journeying and this was a mutual connection that the dreamer was able to go just that far! Right up to where a person who were to stay alive on this material plane/world and continue to human flesh embody could go! You see we believe it was the dreamer’s soul that had journeyed too up to where its loved one’s soul was going but for it to remain in flesh and remain alive unlike its loved one…who was dying and would eventually die…well it couldn’t see…it couldn’t go past the door! Based on the close connection the loved one and the dreamer had too…we believe it was a mutual desire for both the dreamer to go as far as they could go and for the loved one to have the dreamer stay with them and accompany them up to there as well!

Weeks after the loved one’s death itself the dreamer again had these kind of dreams where it appeared the dreamer was accompanying the loved one up to a point…that particular dream however involved a tunnel not water…and we will talk about tunnels in our next Tumultuous Thursdays session…but it is also interesting to note on closing that it appears too that water is a conduit to a world where souls have not yet left the mortal coil…but is ‘travelling’ i.e. in transit out of the mortal coil to only be in soul form but not quite yet…whilst by the time you cross the door and get to tunnels well you have died…souls in tunnels have already left the mortal coil…ones on the other end of water are leaving the mortal coil but have not quite done so i.e. died yet!

Whoops! Seems we really did get in too deep! But on to more shallow waters and dreamers do dream! 🙂  

Exploring Our Readiness

My sharing for today, a courtesy of DailyOm.com

October 23, 2009
In-Between Times

It could be argued that life is more about the time spent waiting for something to happen than it is about something happening. What this means is that the big events in our lives are preceded by many days and nights of dreaming, planning, organizing, and waiting. The times of waiting in between the big events actually constitute the majority of our lives. These in-between times are anything but uneventful. In fact, they are rich with possibility and filled with opportunities for reflection and preparation. Like a pregnant woman awaiting the birth of her child, we have a finite period of time in which to prepare internally and externally for the upcoming event that will define a new chapter in our lives.

When we find ourselves in an in-between time, we often can’t help but feel impatient for the impending event. We just want to get to the future and have the new baby, the new job, or the new house. And yet, there is a reason a pregnancy takes nine months to fulfill itself. Nature provides the expectant parents with this time so that they can prepare the nest. This preparation plays out on many levels. Materially, a space must be created in the home and resources must be set aside for the baby’s future; psychologically, a shift must occur in which the psyches of both parents agree to be responsible for a new life in the world; and emotionally, the heart must open wider to embrace and fulfill a new love.

Whenever you find yourself in such a time of waiting, you might want spend time exploring your material, psychological, and emotional readiness. For example, if you are preparing to move to a new city, you could make a list of things you’d like to do in the city you will be leaving behind, and go to your favorite places and spend time with old friends. This way, you will remain fully engaged in the present as you await your future, savoring the in-between time as a vital experience in itself

For more information visit dailyom.com

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