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A Letter from Mallika Chopra: After Election Day


Last night, around 9:30pm (LA time) when it was clear Trump would win, I sat in bed with my girls as they both cried. They are 14 and 12 and completely engaged in politics and the world. They were hurt, scared, confused. How could this happen? What will happen to women, immigrants, Muslims? Are we going to move? It took everything in me to assure them it will be ok. We have checks and balances in this country. I ended up just going to bed with them, and skipping the remaining results. This morning, we woke up to tears once again knowing this is our reality.

But we made a commitment, before getting ready for school, that we will not to engage in the hysteria. We are going to keep the tvs off. We are keeping our schedules today. We are not talking about moving. We are focusing on family, friends, school, work.

And as the reality of this new world settles (which truly affects the whole world), we will do our part to stand up. We will strive to be more compassionate and understanding, but also strong and bold about living every day with intent and purpose.

Mallika Chopra, Founder of Intent.com

Election Day: The Intent Community Speaks Its Mind

There’s a real spark in the air–excitment, anticipation and the feeling that we are all sharing in a united process and privilege, independent of what political views we hold. I voted this morning, took pictures and embraced my citizenship. It felt wonderful to take action after such as long period of speculation and waiting.

It’s been a joy to experience these emotions and to hear others’ reactions and observations, from Zaskoda’s I Voted for the Black Guy to Jennifer’s Do You Have to be a Republican to be a Christian?

Sameerr Will Never Vote for Obama and Rajesh shares a tip for watching the election returns. Dillon agrees to Support Him (if He Wins). Do you? Set your election intention just as Sebastien did in his reminder that the world is watching this election.

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