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The Health Risks of Electromagnetic Fields

Geschäftsfrau hat Feierabend

Our dependence on electronics is higher than ever before and not likely to decrease any time soon. Could you even imagine going a few days without indoor electricity, television, your favorite household electronic (I heart you, blender), your cell phone, computer, or tablet? I couldn’t – even as I write this now, I’m typing on my laptop, my cell phone is next to my laptop, behind me sits our modem and wireless router, and as I look out the balcony I see power lines just a few feet away. I admit it, I love technology (most of us do). However, the problem is that all electrical devices emit an electromagnetic field that is potentially dangerous to our health – now that’s enough to make me think twice about my electronic use.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible areas of energy, often called radiation, that surround any electric device. This includes cell phones, mobile towers, broadcast towers, computers, power lines, industrial equipment, electrical wiring, radiation machines, and household appliances, just to name a few. The actual electric component of an EMF typically doesn’t harm humans as it is the voltage used to power the device and is shielded by walls, cases, and other objects (however, direct contact can cause serious burns). On the other hand, the magnetic area of an EMF is where medical concerns arise since there are no barriers (besides distance) between magnetic fields and the human body.

At any given time, the human body creates a variety of tiny electrical currents to function normally. For example, nerves use electrical impulses to communicate with the body, while proper digestion, brain activity, and heartbeat regulation all rely on electronic currents. Exposure to a high EMF or constant exposure to low EMFs can over simulate our nerves, muscles, and other biological reactions and potential create health problems.

A variety of studies show links between EMFs and increased risk of cancer (especially brain cancer, breast cancer, and childhood leukemia), pregnancy complications (including miscarriage), reproductive problems, sleep disturbances, headaches, autism, respiratory problems, fatigue, and a host of other serious health issues. However, there is still a continuing debate about whether these links are causal and consistent. Regardless, even if the jury is still out, if you’re like me, I would rather take preventative measures now than risk so many possible negative health effects. Below are some tips to decrease the amount of EMFs that enter your body (while still enjoying the modern day benefits of electrical devices).

Remember the strength of the magnetic field weakens as it travels away from its source. The farther you can be from your electronics, the better. Here are 8 ways to decrease your exposure to EMFs: 

  1. Don’t sleep with your phone, computer, or any electronic device right next to you (I’m often guilty of this)
  2. Alternate which ear you use when talking on your cell phone
  3. Keep your laptop on a table or desk instead of your lap (whoever named it “laptop” clearly wasn’t thinking about EMF risks)
  4. Turn off electrical devices like TVs and computers when you aren’t using them (perk: you’ll be saving money too)
  5. Unplug electronics from walls when traveling or when you won’t use them for awhile (even just having an electronic plugged in but turned off still emits a low EMF)
  6. Consider investing in an EMF shielding device for home or office use (you can even find these in some hotel rooms)
  7. Repair faulty wiring in your home or business
  8. Take time each day to be technology free – go for a walk, meditate, practice yoga, hand-write in a journal, read a book (no reading devices), or spend time in nature

As researchers continue to study the relationship between EMF exposure and our health, you have the ability to protect yourself and your family now by being aware of this danger and using the tips above as often as you can.

Have you had any health problems associated with EMF exposure? Share your story in the comments below. 

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Walking the Walk

I know a physician who is working indefatigably to help his patients and make the world a better place. He works 16 hour days, sometimes seven days a week. He grabs food on the run and sleeps under six hours a night. 

Last month he had a wake-up-call. When he tried to donate blood, the hospital sent him immediately to the Emergency Room. Not to help out the ER docs, but as a patient whose blood pressure was dangerously high. He said he almost died.
He now realizes that he needs to practice the healthy life style he is preaching. In just a couple of weeks, he relates that his thinking is clearer, he has lost weight, and he is a better doctor. 
As 2009 is still in its infancy, here are a few ways you can not only take care of yourself, but also become a better health care practitioner.
         Watch your diet – Add protein for breakfast,  plentiful green vegetables, fruits in season anytime, and essential fatty acids either by eating small, cold water fish or by supplements. Eliminate sugars, alcohol, caffeine, aspartame, MSG, artificial flavors, bad fats. 
         Get adequate sleep – If you are getting fewer than seven hours of restful sleep a night, you are stressing out your immune system. Eventually, you will get sick. Is your bedroom dark, free from electronic “noise” and ventilated with good quality air? Are your sheets, blankets and sleepwear made of natural fibers? All of these practices will promote healing sleep.
         Stay hydrated – Yes, the body and brain need water to work properly. Keep a stainless steel or glass water bottle on your desk. Make sure your water is filtered, or better yet, natural with good minerals in it.
         Watch your EMF exposure at home and in the office – What invisible energy sources are beaming down on your brain? Use cell phones with a head set or remotely. Turn off wireless Internet at night. Check for cell phone towers nearby at www.antennasearch.com Have a qualified bau-biologie expert inspect your home and office to look at wiring and possible “hot spots.” (http://www.bau-biologieusa.com/ )
         Keep a healthy lifestyle – Make time to exercise. Mix it up: aerobics, walking, weight-bearing and meditative every few days. Stay away from toxic people or mitigate their effects with meditation.
         Promote non – toxic and recycled alternatives in your office – Offer organic soaps, cleaners and lotions in the restroom, and gluten- and dairy-free snacks in the therapy room.
When you “walk the walk, without a doubt, you will have the same experience as my friend the doctor. Your family, clients and patients will all notice and appreciate the differences, and you will feel better than you ever thought possible! 
A belated Happy New Year!