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Find Out What You Want – Step #3


 What a remarkably appropriate stick this is, how well fitted for today. How interesting that I pulled it out of my bunch now, of all times. Now that I sit in a hotel room in Poland, in Katowice, in the city I grew up in. The city I escaped from. The city that still haunts me in nightmares.

Here I am, shocked like a deer in the headlights, because I feel the past closing in around me. I feel a life that is over and done with, that is gone, long gone, coming back from its dark hole. Here I am. Not Pausha Foley anymore but Patrycja Gawronska. Again.

Clinging to Christopher with all my might – he is my shield against Polishness. My link to Pausha. My link to Pausha Foley. To the American life. To the French life. To the lives I created for myself.

But then this – this dark, hard, painful existence in this dirty, dark, crumbling city – have I created this too? Have I created my childhood full of fear and pain? Have I created the trauma that sent me for long years into apathy and obliviousness?

I would hesitate to answer this … maybe … has it not been for one night, long ago, in Los Angeles. I worked with the wizard that night. I went deep, deep into the source of me, into dark places and scary blanknesses filled with a terrifying father, with masculine abuse and feminine neglect, with collapse of my power, my autonomy, my soul. And then, when the time came to return to my body, I resurfaced accompanied by a thought:

interesting how I organized all those experiences for myself…

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Creative Numerology Monthly – MARCH 2011


Creative Numerology – your journey through the cycles of time

by Christine DeLorey

Your personal number for this year is obtained by adding 2011 to your month and day of birth. For example, if you were born on May 31, add 5+3+1+2+0+1+1 = 13. Keep adding until you reach a single digit. 1+3=4. In this example, your yearly number for 2011 would be 4. You keep this number for the entire year. It is also the number you use to read your monthly and weekly forecasts.




To read about your YEARLY CYCLE for 2011, your DESTINY PATH number, your CHALLENGE Number, how to turn these weekly forecasts into DAILY FORECASTS, how to order your own PERSONAL PROFILE, and more, go to the main Creative Numerology website.


NOTE: No matter which year you happen to be in personally, the whole world is in the 4 year in 2011. (2+0+1+1=4). Therefore, much insight can be gained by reading the 4 forecasts, too.

You never change things by fighting the existing
reality. To change something, build a new model
that makes the existing model obsolete.
Buckminster Fuller

You know you cannot continue in the same old way. You can sense that an old reality is ending and a new one is beginning. In order to ease the uncertainty (fear) that threatens to keep you at a standstill, look more closely and honestly at the circumstances that are tying you to the past. The closer you get to your limits, the more you will feel boxed-in and compressed, but this is no time to give up. The 1 year is a time of great change, and it is worth remembering that change seldom occurs as comfortably as we would prefer.

The restrictive elements of March provide an opportunity to experience the positive power of your own Will which is now trying to reduce the pressure by pushing those limits away from you. Commit yourself to hard work and be determined to exert as much effort as the situation requires. Concentrate. And listen to your body when it tells you that it’s time to rest. This month, mistakes can occur through inexperience mixed with a lack of focus. So, stay alert and aware, and also understand that a mistake is not a mistake if you learn something from it.

Form a practical plan of action to protect your overall goals, while honestly assessing whether your current course is any different from the one you have been traveling for the past nine years or more. Be aware of how easily we deceive ourselves into thinking we are doing things differently when, in fact, we have simply found a different way to do the same old thing!

See yourself in a more positive light. Simplify – and you will become more able to take care of your responsibilities. Observe the small details, and where they fit into the larger picture. Clear your life of the material and emotional clutter you have amassed over a long period of time, and which is now preventing you from seeing beyond what you think are your limits.

Your mind is buzzing and churning with diverse and conflicting thoughts. Actually listen to the chaos in your mind – all the different opinions and judgments that are battling for your attention. Then, give your mind a rest – by accepting your present situation exactly as it is. Only then will you be able to get your priorities in the right order. This month, your mind needs periods of complete relaxation, as much as your body does.

Face the facts. Be practical. Put everything in its place. Organize. Clear the decks. Sort it all out, detail by detail. Then observe the walls of what were your limits move away from you. Let your expanded belief in yourself push these boundaries to a place where they can no longer pressure you. Having cleared the strongest barriers of all – your own denials – you will know that if you judge something before you experience it, you have no way of knowing what the experience actually is, or what it has to offer.

You are on unfamiliar ground, but you must take the lead and initiate things you thought could only be done by others. Knock on new doors. Look for ways to break free from your various dependencies. You do not need  other people’s approval. Let your feelings tell you what you really want and how to get it. Stop dithering and step forward. See where those first few steps lead. Then, by the end of March, your new understandings will help you to construct a strong foundation on which to build a new reality that reflects who you are now.

I am life that wills to live in the
midst of life that wills to live.
Albert Schweitzer

Compromise and acceptance are needed in this month of change, freedom and unexpected developments. Try to understand someone else’s side of the story. A relationship can now be strengthened through sincere and open interaction. A vital change is taking place.

Someone else’s circumstances may provide an opportunity for you to move into a more desirable position. By patiently being there, listening, relating and/or encouraging, you can prevent a problem from escalating or, perhaps, impress others with your ability to step in and help.

Don’t get sucked into the problem itself. Just cooperate where you can. This will enable you to take a fresh look at your own situation through a much wider perspective. Don’t be intimidated by the power that others appear to have, but do be prepared to learn something which can help you steer yourself free of confining circumstances.

If you find yourself thinking “I have no choice“, remember that life, and your potential, extend way beyond your present environment and circumstances. It could be that your view has been too limited. Your own or someone else’s situation should now encourage you to broaden your horizons, and remind you that mistakes are often our best means of learning. However, because we tend to deny our mistakes, we repeat the same error over and over so that positive change is never achieved. Look for a different approach this time and turn a mistake into valuable experience – from which you can actually prosper.

Pay attention to the condition of your body. Recent stresses and strains may be taking a toll. Calm yourself down. Nourish yourself – in every sense of the word. Take care of yourself.

You may be trying to subtly control someone, or it may be you who feels cut off from open expression. Nothing can be achieved until this tension is addressed. Stop taking everything sopersonally and admit to yourself where you have misjudged a situation or denied your role in it.

Your present circumstances are testing and developing your ability to relax and be free in chaotic or even hostile situations. The nature of your intent will determine the quality of your 2 year journey and, of course, peaceful intent will greatly relieve the ongoing jumble of stress in which you currently exist.

Try to be diplomatic, considerate, tolerant, kind, and gentle. Connection is an ongoing theme this year and it does seem that your own wellbeing is directly connected to the wellbeing of others. If one person in your circle is unhappy, this will affect everyone. If there is a battle of wills going on, understand that in this cycle, it is a fight you cannot win. Winning is not the issue. Coexisting peacefully is what this is all about.

The peace of mind you crave can only be achieved by accepting your situation exactly as it is,and by finding more realistic ways to unite with others. Remember, too, that ‘peace of mind’, just like happiness, is never permanent.  These beautiful states of being come to us in ‘moments’ which must be cherished as they arise.

Instead of fighting for something you do not have, make the most of what you do have. Cooperate with your environment and the people in it. Only then will you be able to regain your focus. You cannot change others. You can only change your reaction to them. So, relax those high expectations which none of you could live up to anyway. Partnership, teamwork, forgiveness, peaceful intent and, above all, awareness and acceptance of reality, will create a clear road ahead for all concerned.

The solution to the problems of human
relationships is to be found in liberty.
Frederic Bastiat

What do you feel when you think of the word “home”? Somewhere in your vision for the future is a place in which you feel a warm and loving sense of both freedom and belonging. If not, you may have overlooked an important aspect of happiness and fulfillment.

This month, you may uncover an unexpected truth about yourself, a loved one, or close associate. You may feel content with this. Or, you may feel that a certain situation or responsibility is preventing you from experiencing any kind of happiness at all.

Something will occur which features duty, the home, spouse, lover, children, family, pet, friend, relative or neighborhood, which enables you to communicate on a new level, to make an important decision, and move closer to personal freedom. No matter what is involved initially, the potential for eventual JOY is enormous, even if it is mixed with feelings of a heavier nature.

Determine which responsibilities are yours and which are not. Are you placing responsibility for your happiness on someone else? Are you holding yourself responsible for someone else’s happiness? Is guilt telling you that you cannot pursue your own needs while someone else is having difficulty with theirs? Are you judging others or allowing them to judge you without considering each others’ individuality and unique circumstances? Are you setting unnecessary rules? Are you living unhappily under someone else’s rules?

Everyone is responsible for creating their own happiness, no matter what their relationship happens to be. Something positive – even miraculous – is happening here, but you must feeland listen to your true feelings – as opposed to your stubbornness – if you are to appreciate the positive potential that lies beneath the surface of your current situation.

Balance is the key. When your feelings are all muddled up together with no separation between what feels good and what does not, eventually nothing feels good at all. This is a chance to finally clear the air!

Disagreements and diversity within a family are part of what it takes to be a family. Otherwise you’ll all be tied together by a fruitless common bond with each one yearning to move in different directions. Although you are connected by the love within your close relationships, each of you is a unique individual who must lead his or her own life and find his or her own happiness.

If you believe that others are holding you back, it is time to speak your mind. But be prepared for an unanticipated response that exposes the part you yourself have played.

Coexisting with people whose experience of life is different from your own is seldom easy. But, now, your willingness to understand them will enable them to better understand you. Of course, understanding someone does not necessarily make them any easier to accept, but whatever transpires in March can leave everyone involved feeling enlightened, inspired or, at least, optimistic that the healing of a particular rift will eventually take place.

As you observe and accept how others choose to live, you will realize that you need to be FREE to make your own choices. One thing is certain: you need your own time, your own space, and your own style if you are to live as you want to live


Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.
Alfred Tennyson

January brought change. February made it personal. March will clarify what has happened since the beginning of the year and help you figure out what to do next. Meanwhile, go about your life quietly and conscientiously. You have a lot on your plate, and you may have to give one aspect a rest while you focus on another.

Arrange your agenda so that you can spend some time alone, with no distractions. You need to think, contemplate, feel your true feelings, and PLAN your future moves. Be aware thatplanning – not doing – is the main theme of this strange and introspective month.

If you are feeling anxious, understand that your unexpressed feelings are preventing you from recognizing your “higher” identity and, therefore, your true strength. You will see an immediate improvement in your health, attitude, and situation, once you let it all out – especially your fear.

Of course, fear is perfectly natural when you consider the fact that you have no idea where you are and are therefore unsure of where the road ahead will lead. The uncertainty of this cycle can be frustrating and, yet, the only thing life requires of you now is your full presence in it – your awareness of it – and your willingness to learn. You have been lost for longer than you may care to admit, and what you are experiencing now is the acceptance of that fact, the desire to do what is best and, perhaps, the fear that you may not know what ‘best’ actually is.

Slow down. Stop struggling. Face the facts and take each situation as it comes. You have had quite enough of your present circumstances and are realizing that you are capable of creating a much more fulfilling existence for yourself – and to organize your life around creating it.

Appreciate your own company. Ask yourself what you really want to achieve in this precious lifetime of yours. What do you want to be doing – how do you want to be feeling – a year from now; five years from now; ten years from now? Stop what you’re doing and ask yourself:“what is really happening here?” Then wait for the answers to reach your conscious mind. Listen to them. FEEL them. This practical use of your intuition will help you devise specific plans for the future. It may take the words, actions, or circumstances of someone else to open your mind, but only you can answer the questions you are asking at this time.

Reflect, meditate, and analyze. Review the past. Accept the present. Envisage your life not in fragments or segments, but as one continuing journey over which you really do have control. Your present circumstances are a small and temporary part of the whole adventure; a turning point to a brighter future.

Release yourself from that illogical judgment which tells you that you have to produce continuous results in order to be successful. Take your time and look for alternatives instead. If you believe you can’t do something because you don’t know how, learn how. Above all, move away from the guilt which is telling you that you should be doing better than you are.  You are doing a lot better than you think!

Never forget that change is a positive force
that is generally for the better, and that life
is a performance for which none of us are
given the opportunity to rehearse.
Sally Brompton

You cannot reach a new destination if you are afraid to take that first step. This month, there are places to go, people to see, work to do, and unusual possibilities to explore. Commit to efficiency and professionalism. No matter what changes are taking place in your relationships and general circumstances, the current potential for growth is significant.

If your personal power in this world is to reach a higher level, you must first be aware of a power struggle you are engaged in. In order to bring clarity to an area of confusion, abalance of power is needed. This will enable you to reclaim your life as your own. March offers the chance to make a significant move in the direction of your choice. And do remember that choice is what it’s all about this year. In fact, everything in life is a matter of choice, right down to how you treat other people and allow them to treat you. Stay alert. Remember that the most important changes must first take place within.

If you believe that others are holding you back, it is time to release your dependence on them. They may be traveling a different route entirely. A change in one of your relationships is likely and, although it may feel uncomfortable at the time, this is a positive change which cannot help but improve your long-term conditions.

There is at least one burden that you have carried for too long and which needs to be put in perspective. By expressing yourself in a friendly and cooperative way, you will be helping to empower someone else so that you, yourself, can eventually gain more freedom.

In this month of action and high expectation, present yourself with confidence. Don’t be deterred if your plans are interrupted or propelled into an unforeseen direction. Ride it out – see where it leads. Do not judge something before you have fully experienced the feelingsinvolved.

You now have the ability to make things happen to your advantage. Your power to manifest things includes flexibility and attention to detail so that you can see the hidden opportunities as well as the obvious ones.

Another part of your power includes being able to sense avenues of success. To sense is to feel. This is sometimes referred to as emotional intelligence and includes knowing and then doing what must be done for the desired result to materialize. It is perhaps the most important area of learning in which we must all become engaged if we are to regain our freedom in the world. Those in the 5 year now have an amazing chance to not only become aware of valuable information but also to understand its deeper meaning.

Developing resourcefulness is a major part of the 5 year journey.  Don’t be defeated by mistakes – learn from them – gain experience from them, especially in matters of business, money, and your own personal standing in the world,. In the wise words of visionary Buckminster Fuller, “…don’t fight forces — use them.” Change those old beliefs that havealways prevented personal progress or satisfaction. Feel the freedom that always follows the release of stubbornness.

The odds are in your favor, so decide what you want and pursue it. Opportunity is everywhere if you are open and alert enough to see it. Act in a serious and businesslike way and, above all, believe in your own capabilities. Take what you want, but know when you have taken something as far as you can take it. Know when you have had or done enough. Know when you are satisfied

One often learns more from ten days of agony
than from ten years of contentment.
Merle Shane


An ENDING of some kind will help you to move away from an extreme situation so that a more balanced existence can be experienced. This is the right time – the natural time – for such an ending to occur. Be aware of any obsessive or possessive behavior this month. If it exists anywhere in your life, now is a good time to put an end to it. This is not love. There may be another less apparent aspect of your life which is ready to end. If so, life will bring it to an end for you.

Perhaps you are facing an obstacle which could push you toward some kind of extreme. If so, go into your deepest feelings and accept the reality of everything that is happening to you and whoever else is involved. It is time to let go of a feeling or belief that is keeping you tied to the past. Don’t be afraid of endings. They set you free from the pain of yesterday. But do not deny your feelings about an ending. If you cannot get past the feeling, you will be unable to proceed, no matter how much you deny it exists.

Don’t rush. It takes time, sometimes a great deal of time, to fully experience and heal from the feelings as powerful and as conclusive as those you are likely to feel this month.

March may bring a dramatic situation into your life concerning the home, family member, friend, or a cherished idea, project, or possession. Extreme grief – or extreme happiness – may be experienced. Remember: you are learning the true meaning of love this year, and that love is often hidden beneath erroneous judgments you have made over a long period of time.

Of course, not all endings are traumatic. Some can lift the weight of the world from your shoulders, unless guilt has convinced you that it is wrong to feel this way. Perhaps it is guilt that needs to be ended now, or some other feeling, belief, or attitude that is preventing love from flowing freely.

Notice where unwanted items, circumstances, and memories are cluttering up your life and preventing inner peace. Put an end to these areas of stagnation and start to live by your owndesign. Those feelings of frustration and fear are coming directly from your heart – your heart’s desire to start living fully again, to experience joy and, above all, to feel a true sense of belonging and ‘home’.

This is also a cycle of giving, purely for the sake of the pleasure it creates. But giving is not confined to material or monetary matters. Acceptance, love, fun, laughter, understanding, gratitude, and encouragement are the greatest gifts you can bestow on those around you at this time.

And the greatest gift you can give yourself is that of regaining your sense of individuality and realizing that life does indeed go on – the moment you heal from and let go of what was keeping it at a standstill

To live a creative life, we must
lose our fear of being wrong.
Joseph Chilton Pearce

The nature of the 7 energy is to rise and fall, to ebb and flow. A recent fall or ebb has altered the direction of your life, and one of the things it seems to have given you is an increase of time and space in which you can think, analyze, learn, plan, and heal.

However, only part of you seeks quiet spiritual awareness, while another part wants fast forward movement. Part of you has little interest in materiality, while another wants all the material rewards it can get. The push and pull of your desires is making you aware of your inconsistencies and inner conflicts. Don’t judge yourself for having them! You need to know just how independent or dependent you are; how free or enslaved your Will is; and how much you rely on the participation, opinion, or approval of others. You need to recognize the parts of you that you have been refusing to acknowledge.

The power of your own truth is rising. If you allow it to flow freely, it will enable you to live as you desire – perhaps not immediately – but if you don’t start somewhere, such as now, your goals may never materialize.

What may seem like a distraction is actually a catalyst for a much needed change of pace and focus. March is a time of originality and new beginnings. But the situation is not simple. Much of the healing that needs to occur in you is now being reflected by something that is happening to someone else, or by the emergence of deeply buried memories and feelings. Either way, life is about to take you back to the very beginnings or origins of what you most need to heal. You may be surprised to discover just how much feeling you have ignored, and for how long.

Even when you identify the parts of your past that need healing, the old buried emotion still needs to be accepted, and expressed out of your body. This month offers healing on a very large scale – and you must give the process both the time and acceptance it needs.

It is time to get to know the real you, rather than the ‘pretend’ you. By now, you may be feeling withdrawn, tired, reserved, or secretive. Others may see a strangeness about you and wonder what is happening to you. There is no need to alienate yourself from those who care for you, but if you ignore this month’s introspective agenda, you are likely to have bouts of aggressive or submissive behavior which are unlikely to help you in any way. You may become cynical and pessimistic. You may engage in episodes of egotism and intolerance. Or you may become timid, afraid, and unable to act decisively.

If you believe you already have Free Will, you are very much mistaken. At this time, no one on Earth is free. We are all enslaved to various situations and institutions which cannot survive if we start to really think and feel for ourselves. No one else can give you freedom. It is not theirs to give. Freedom is a state of being which can only come from within, and the same is true of peace. The circumstances of March are offering you a taste of both.


The world is full of magical things  patiently
waiting for our wits to grow sharper.
Bertrand Russell

SLOW DOWN. As much as you may feel compelled to do something, this cycle urges you to be patient and bide your time. Your own needs are being taken care of behind the scenes where your impatience cannot damage their potential. March is all about right timing, and this is not the time to push your plans ahead unless it involves playing a cooperative role in some kind of partnership.

Give your wholehearted attention or support to someone or something else instead. The way you respond to others will have a major impact on your overall plans. You will be needing the support of others later in the year, and now is a good time to remember that “what goes around, comes around”.

March provides a preview of what we must all learn in the years ahead with regard to patience, power, freedom, peace, teamwork, partnership, cooperation, intuition, and diplomacy. Try to stay as composed as possible as delays, doubts or time consuming details distract and frustrate you. Your attention to detail and your high sense of priority will not go unnoticed.

The most significant contribution you can make right now is to give others your patience, kindness, and understanding. Their circumstances may be more complex and painful than you imagine. Don’t force your presence or ideas on anyone. Stay in the background. You are here to help, not control.

All individuals are connected to the one large body we call humanity; and humanity is only a part of an even larger entity called life. This month provides a spectacular opportunity to experience this connection for yourself.

Try to adopt an open, relaxed, and attentive frame of mind so that you can recognize and absorb this new intelligence and connect the dots for yourself. Listen carefully and hear what is really being said – or omitted. At some point while you’re cooperating, taking a back seat, tending to details, and putting your own plans on hold, you will realize that until these details are taken care of, you simply cannot proceed anyway.

Someone has entered your life to tell you, or show you, what you most need to know at this time. Or perhaps this person has been around all along. Whatever the case, through the power of patience and the ability to see other sides of the story, a new sense of direction will suddenly emerge. You will know that although the purpose of this month’s events is to take your mind off your goals, it is also to help you clarify them.

What is motivating you? If your goals are based on competition, greed, one-upmanship, revenge, or anything that does not have a peaceful and loving intent, you are unlikely to succeed. Find the love in your heart and allow it to direct you.

No matter how it seems out there, humanity IS evolving from war-like competitiveness toward peaceful and loving connectedness. Doing what we love and loving what we do – doing what we FEEL like doing – is the key to freedom, happiness, and peace on this planet. Of course, this cannot happen until we develop the courage to be free and peaceful within ourselves, and to know that the chaos we are experiencing in the material world right now is nothing more that our own resistance to freedom and peace.


It is hard not to exaggerate
the happiness you haven’t got.

March marks the end of a phase in which you were so easily swayed or hurt by the insensitivity of other people, but don’t be surprised if your own insensitivity becomes an issue, too. This is a time to conclude a situation which is no longer desirable, and this can be an enormous relief if you don’t deny the inevitable feelings that arise when you say farewell to an old friend, habit, or belief.

March triggers nostalgia and longing. Don’t let guilt tell you that you must keep up theappearance of being rigidly in control of your emotions. Guilt’s function is to stop the emotional movement that allows life to flow freely.

You are going over old ground in order to retrieve feelings of happiness that are buried there. But be sure that what you are remembering is not just the appearance of happiness. We can easily deceive ourselves into believing we were happy just because we were able to smile. It is the inner feelings of happiness, and not the pretense, that you must search for now – feelings of true fulfillment, no matter how brief they may have been. If you cannot find old happiness, you will first have to express the layers of sadness that are burying it.

The 9 year is emotional by nature, but it is also very healing and can help you expand your creative ability, stretch your imagination, and see your new potential. It will help you discover a talent you have kept hidden, and to phase out situations that do not contribute to your well-being. Notice the positive responses from others as you find your natural way to communicate.

Friends are a major aspect of this cycle. Perhaps there is an unresolved issue hanging over you. Perhaps a current friendship has lost its sparkle. Perhaps, the nature of a friendship is causing a problem. A friendship may end, or a misunderstanding may be cleared up. Remember, the only approval you need is your own.

Keeping up appearances is a form of fear. It is fear of rejection – fear of how you are perceived by others. Self-acceptance is the only antidote. Accept yourself for who and what you are, and who you were, too. Self acceptance creates a healing inner magnetism which enables you to attract who and what you love, instead of situations and people with whom you have nothing in common.  You have to love yourself, or even like yourself, before you can expect others to truly love or like you.

Realize how hard you have been on yourself in the past. What is the worst that can happen if you don’t get your life exactly as you or others think it should be? Answer that, and you will release yourself from the painful grip of guilt that always tells you that you should be doing better than you are. Notice, too, where you may be transferring your own guilt onto others by implying that they should be doing better than they are.



Creative Numerology – Week beginning November 19




The weekly forecasts are updated each THURSDAY

The monthly forecasts are updated on the 1st of each month

© Copyright Christine DeLorey 2009 – All rights reserved


Your personal number for 2009 (you keep this number for the entire year) is obtained by adding 2009 to your month and day of birth. For example, if you were born on May 31, add 5 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 9 = 20. Keep adding until you reach a single digit. 2 + 0 = 2. In this example, your number for 2009 would be 2. This applies to both your Monthly and Weekly Forecasts. SCROLL DOWN TO YOUR NUMBER………

To read about your YEARLY CYCLE for 2009, your DESTINY PATH number, your CHALLENGE Number, how to turn these weekly forecasts into DAILY FORECASTS, how to order your own PERSONAL PROFILE, and more, go to the main Creative Numerology website.


1 © Copyright DELOREY 2009 - all rights reserved1: You need social contact, friendship, and support, but you also want seclusion and privacy. Your life has changed and you must accept the person you are now – someone who has turned a corner only to find yourself having a new experience for which you may not be prepared. The purpose here is to increase your appreciation of love, life and liberty, for all.

2 © Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved2: Guilt will try to convince you that you should have been more patient or approached matters differently, but guilt is wrong. Short-term tactics serve no purpose here. Seek a long-term strategy instead. In order for things to move in your favor, you really do need to take a break – from guilt. If you feel emotionally drained, rest. Spent energy must be replenished, otherwise you will run out of steam – which is exactly what guilt wants.

3 © Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved3: A struggle continues only because you continue to struggle with it. And you keep struggling because you cannot believe that a certain struggle really is over. You are reluctant to raise your expectations because you are afraid of getting hurt. But you must start believing in yourself more fully. Then you will be able to breathe new life into your own imagination. The key is to think entirely for yourself, by knowing what it is you’re feeling.

4© Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved4: Since your very understanding of life is changing and expanding now, you may need to question the relevance of certain matters that you once considered unquestionable. Resistance to facing changing realities can cause an uncomfortable drag on your progress. You will gain significant insight when you accept things exactly as they are, and put your priorities in the right order.

5 © Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved5: You need to be alone with your feelings and thoughts. Someone else’s cooperation will prove to be invaluable now, and your appreciation is all that is needed in return. Far from making you dependent or vulnerable, this is the inspiring experience of sharing part of your life with someone else without feeling indebted or infringed upon. It is a lesson in faith, loyalty, friendship and, possibly, forgiveness.

6 © Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved6: Do not judge yourself harshly for the mental/emotional tug-of-war going on inside you. It is this judgment – the attachment to only one point of view – that is causing both the imbalance and the confusion. This is a chance to start living your life more fully while standing more firmly on your own two feet. Great things can be organized from such a balanced position and from giving others due credit.

7 © Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved7: You have refused to think certain thoughts because you were afraid of the feelings they may trigger. Now, however, you want nothing but the truth. You want to feel the power of your emotions rather than the weakness you once thought they were. It is impossible to change your mind without first changing your feelings, and you cannot truly ‘know’ something until you feel it. Emotional denial comes with many strings attached.

8 © Copyright DELOREY 2009 - all rights reserved8: When we are preoccupied with competing and ‘fitting in’, we forget who we are and why we are here in this evolving creation called life. Stop worrying about how others may see you, and remember that if you take a path that someone else has laid out for you, it is unlikely to take you where you want to go. This cycle offers a clear path forward, but a judgment you made about whether something is possible or not may need to be revised.

9 © copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights Reserved9: Change is in the air, and your emotions are reacting strongly. ‘Sense’ (intelligence) is what this cycle offers – common sense, instinct, intuition, and a deeper sense of discretion. Even if you feel oversensitive or vulnerable, be patient, courteous and caring as you sense your way along. Notice how you are connected to the different people and components involved, and you will more effectively fulfill your current role of helper, healer, facilitator or peacemaker.


November 2009 = 11/11 PART TWO

This article is presented in two parts. This is PART TWO. It is recommended that you read PART ONE first.


November = 11.            

2+0+0+9= 11.            

November 2009 = 11:11.


I am life that wills to live in the
midst of life that wills to live.
 Albert Schweitzer


The first decade of the 2000s – the 00s – ends on December 31, 2009. We’ve been on this journey in the 2 millennial energy for 10 years now, and life has changed irreversibly. The new decade of the 10s begins on January 1st and, as close as that seems, we have a lot of ground to cover between now and then.

The last two months of 2009 are brimming with numerological energies that we have not experienced before, and which are changing the way we look at life – and even the way we learn – because we are learning from personal experience, our own observations, and from how we feel inside. We cannot look too far ahead because anything can happen at any time, and it does appear that certain matters are reaching a climax now. They have to. The numbers involved are far too strong for things to drift along. So here we are, in present time, experiencing life far more intensely than we ever have before, in the process of freeing our individual Wills from a system that controlled our lives from the moment we were born. We are becoming who we really are, and learning how to lead our own lives. It’s not easy.

There is little point in trying to guess how humanity’s evolution is going to work out because we are creating it as we go. But what we can (and must) do is set a general direction through the power of our individual intent. That’s what drives us from within, and if we are to ever have peace and stability on Earth, one’s intent must be peaceful and balanced too. As within, so without.

33On November 11th and 29th, 2009, we will experience an unprecedented burst of 11 energy, resulting in a concentration of 3 energy (11+11+11=33), which is most significant to our growth and wellbeing on Earth.

3 can either conceal the truth, trivialize serious matters – or educate. 33 is the number of the evolved teacher and/or healer. All of this potential is arising out of the energies of November 11 and November 29, 2009, but it does not stop there. On the contrary, these dates are starting points. 11 is made of two 1s, and 1 is the number of change and new beginnings. In fact, the entire month of November is a major starting point – a series of evolutionary gateways – towards an entirely new way of living.

As for people who have a lot of 3 energy in their birth charts, this is a time of rapid evolvement for you. Rise and shine!

Our evolvement towards Free Will is being accelerated by the economic and political upheavals that are affecting everyone. In trying to take it all, the greedy few at the top lost sight of reality, became consumed by their own denials, and were unable to carry the weight of the great imbalance they created. They were drunk with greed, but they had to be rescued because they were still holding the baby – the world economy – in their hands. The top had to be secured but, as economist Elizabeth Warren said recently, “that left the rest of us having to fend for ourselves”.

The financial and business world is at war with itself. When the stakes are as high as this – the pursuit of everything – there is no way that competition will not erupt into war. The free market system is one in which nothing at all is free, and where wars are fought in the name of freedom or religion when, in fact, profit is the main reason behind the carnage.

Hopefully, the economic stability that has been achieved so far will hold for long enough for new economic parameters to be put in place. Just imagine the millions of jobs that would be created by focusing on cleaning up the environment and repairing the damage done – and developing alternatives to oil, which may be running out anyway, according to an oil industry whistle-blower on November 9.



Strength does not come from physical capacity,

it comes from an indomitable Will.

We are having to develop Free Will much faster than we ever thought we could, but Free Will is something we know very little about because we have never had it, EVER.

Free Will is not just a matter of making choices as to which brand we will buy, which school we’ll send our children to, what kind of food we’ll eat, what career to pursue etc. Free Will is not mere ‘positive thinking’ by the mind. In fact, it was too much focus on the positive that prevented us from seeing what was really happening globally and personally. Free Will is the ability to feel and sense – to know, not just think –  at a level of intuition that comes from a combination of mind and emotion. Free Will is the freedom to feel and think freely, to decide EVERYTHING for ourselves, and to accept the fact that what feels right to one may feel entirely wrong to another.

We have been in denial of our emotions for so long that many have forgotten how to feel. But conditions on Earth are forcing us to feel more intensely, and we’re not used to this. During the first decade of the 2000s, we have seen many shocking incidents of teens killing teens in schools, disgruntled workers going on deadly rampages, soldiers killing fellow soldiers, suicide bombers killing hundreds of innocents as well as themselves, people flying planes into buildings, and the list goes on. In some cases it was held back emotions that finally erupted. But in most cases, it was because those involved could no longer feel anything. It would be interesting to see a report as to the prescribed drugs these people were taking at the time because it is clear that certain drugs are designed to deaden the emotions.

The world is filled with dangers, sorrows and atrocities, which we cannot afford to ignore, and which we are starting to feel more intensely because those involved are part of the whole – part of the human fabric to which we all belong. We are developing compassion. Life is also filled with hope, inspiration, mystery, fun and beauty. We should not deny any of it because those feelings are part of an entire range of emotions that will enable us to experience life more fully and, eventually, more peacefully. We feel what we feel – and we have to stop the habit of emotional avoidance. Feelings are meant to be FELT. But it’s just as important to understand that we don’t have to aim them at others. We are responsible for our actions. 33 adds up to 6, the number of responsibility!

2009 is an 11 global year – the number of illumination – a year in which truth is coming to light. This year, light has been shed on some of the most shadowy and secretive corners of humanity, but we can sense that it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Who knows what else will come to light as 2009 draws to a close and we enter the 3 Global year of 2010, the pull of which we are already starting to feel through this month’s rare 33 energy.  2010 may be even more revealing than 2009 because 3 is the number of surface appearances, and 33 inspires a sense of responsibility that makes us want to look at what’s going on beneath the surface. We WANT the truth now.

Double digits, (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88 and 99) are called ‘master’ numbers, although the term ‘master’ can be misleading. Every number has a range of qualities which run from their highest and most loving form, to their lowest and most destructive. When a number is doubled, the potential is also doubled, for better or worse. There are often more challenges with master numbers than there are benefits because the extremes involved are more intense. However, humanity is at a stage at which the majority are now trending towards more peaceful and self-sustaining directions. The human Will is bringing itself to life through the power of its INTENT, but intent alone is not enough. It needs to be loving and peaceful intent if we are to experience loving and peaceful change.

When two numbers come together, an entirely different energy is formed. In this case 3 and 3 produces 6 – the number of responsibility, maturity, the home, priorities, family, pets, healing, education, accountability, stability and balance. 6 is also the number of prejudice (pre-judgment), extremes, violence, tyrants, control and hatred. Learning how to deal with people who are neither peaceful or loving, (and they are everywhere), continues to be a major challenge.

3 holds the power of communication and yet it is often associated with trivia, gossip, hearsay, peer pressure and not being able to take anything seriously. 33 is in our lives this month so that 3 (the child of masculine 1 and feminine 2) can finally start to take its purpose seriously and evolve into the force for truth it is meant to be. 3 holds the power of words and images, but our ability to give and receive information has been limited by those who use communication as a means of control. As our awareness of reality expands, the era of sound bites, word manipulation, double-speak, dumbing down and outright lies will end because we no longer have acceptance for it. We need to evolve into more authentic forms of communication now.

We need to understand the aspect of #1 which pertains to leadership. We are not here to be led. We are here to lead our own lives. The true purpose of government is to create the conditions that allow us to do that. 2 is the number of diplomacy and peaceful intent. 3 is the number of friendship. All of these aspects are in play now.

3 is the number of expression, words, sound, visuals, performance, performers and outer appearances. 3 is the number of optimism, and reminds us to hold on to hope no matter what, because hope is the most precious lifeline we have.  3 can produce dramatic situations, but we are losing patience for those who make a drama out of everything.

3 needs to tell the truth, which is something that people are very hungry for. Hopefully, artists of all descriptions will find the message in their hearts, take it seriously, and find a way to express it into the mainstream. 33 helps us to refocus our ambitions to suit current reality. Art for the sake of art rather than profit is going to change the atmosphere on Earth most significantly because one of the qualities of 3 is that its vibration spreads quite naturally without having to be pushed. When art is pushed forward for purely commercial interests, the inspiration it contains is often squeezed out in the process. 33 opens the imagination so that new ways can be found to sustain oneself. 11 brings vision and inspires, 22 highlights structure, teamwork, and a sense of order, 33 opens the imagination and creates channels into the mainstream, and 44 manifests the fruit of one’s effort.

Of course, this applies to everyone, not just those involved in the arts. We all need to be very creative in the months and years ahead because the safety nets on which we could once depend are no longer stable. We have to take responsibility for our own well being and imagine new ways of doing things. Until we open up the doors of our imaginations, nothing NEW can begin. 3 has no shortage of ideas, and 33 can help us take them beyond the ‘ideas stage’, into fruition.

We all have unevolved 3 energy which prevents us from taking ourselves seriously enough to make real and meaningful change. Unevolved 3 is that part of us that lacks self-confidence and comes across as self-consciousness – the constant worry about what others think of us, rather than expressing what we ourselves feel. Unevolved 3 is terrified of rejection and ridicule. It is that part of us that resorts to gossip, hearsay and criticism as a means of remaining relevant or popular. Insecure 3 can use words cruelly. Unevolved 3 is our shallowness; our immaturity. But 33 helps us to make truth, authenticity and kindness a top priority. The 33 energy that enters our lives on November 11 and 29, provides an opportunity to evolve in terms of how we express ourselves, and what we are willing to accept in terms of expression from others.

The freeing of our Wills enables us to take full responsibility for our own lives which, in turn, helps this un-free world to flow more smoothly. It is not a matter of selfishly pursuing personal goals. The nature of humanity is diversity itself. We are one, but we are NOT all the same – and one of those differences is that some are able to stand on their own two feet, while others are not. Not only is it the right thing to help others when we can, but it is also in our own best interests to do so. We need to CARE.

Free Will starts within the individual – and SPREADS from there. If you are living your life freely and do nothing to stop another from living freely, harmony is created, and spreads even further. Cooperation is essential, but that does not always mean working with another person on the same task. Sometimes, cooperation simply means LIVE AND LET LIVE.

22/4The entire month of November 2009 resonates to the 11:11 sequence, the sum of which is 22/4. Based on its July 4th birthday, the United States is in the 22/4 national year in 2009, and so the entire month of November puts the USA in constant 11, 22 and 33 vibrations. 4 = restriction, work, identity, order, system, organization, making corrections, and breakthrough. When 4 is derived from 2+2, great sensitivity – or insensitivity – is brought into the equation, which has the potential for imposing massive control over others – or – improving conditions for the masses. The current fight for Health Care Reform in the U.S. is a good example of this. 22/4 is the number of the detail-conscious master builder who first builds a firm foundation on which further construction can occur.

44/8On November 11 and 29, 2009, the entire world, including the USA, will be in a 33/6 day. But, nationally, the United States will be in a 44/8 day, 11+11+22=44/8, which relates to power on the material plane and large scale economic and social matters. This energetic mix links the 44th President, Barack Obama, in a very intricate way to the rest of the world. We will have to wait and see whether this connection becomes visible to us, or whether behind-the-scenes decisions and actions made on this day become apparent later.

55/1On November 22, the world will be in a 44/8 global day, (11+22+11=44) but the USA will be in a 55/1 national day. (11+22+22=55=10=1). Both 5 and 1 indicate strong change. 5 brings change suddenly, while 1 brings change through step-by-step progress. 5 is the number of freedom. 1 is the number of independence. 5 makes one aware of one’s physical presence among others, and 1 is evolving beyond mere selfishness into self awareness. 55/1 often brings matters to fruition that were once considered ‘before their time’. 55 forces 1 to let go of what it is clinging to so that the natural free flow of life can be experienced. There is a huge shift of consciousness going on here but, again, there is no way to tell whether it will result in something visible or whether it refers to something going on within, which will bring about drastic change in the future.


And then there is the karmic aspect of November 2009 which makes itself known on November 19th. (11+19+11=41.  4+1=5.)  5= SUDDEN AND UNEXPECTED CHANGE.


19/19 = GIVE, 1 = TAKE, and we need to find the balance between them. This is the karma that comes from misuse of power, and from being focused disproportionately on the exclusive fulfillment of personal desires and ambitions. We are still repeating certain aspects of this behavior – unsuccessfully – so that we can learn what we were unable to learn about the correct use of power. One thing we do need to remember is that power on the material plane is not meant to overpower or control. It is meant to empower, and that is something we must do for ourselves by freeing our Wills.

19 effects our ego, and it is important to know what ego is since we tend to blame it for anything we don’t like about ourselves. Ego is our sense of self. It enables us to recognize ourselves as the individuals we are. Finding a balance between over-inflation and deflation is what will enable ego to evolve along with our other evolving parts.

This karmic vibration urges us to practice patience, tolerance, kindness and openness. Pretense no longer works. Our senses have already sharpened enough that we can see through phoniness now. If we show one lifestyle to the world while secretly living another, we deny our individuality. We must BE ourselves and LEAD our own lives. (See Part One)

The self-indulgence and dependence of the past means that present day problems are tied to past situations which always stop us from making the changes we want to make. The only way forward is through being true to our individual nature. By treating others as we want to be treated, life becomes easier and more fulfilling. This karma will lift when we learn to live freely among others who are trying to do the same thing.


Breathe, breathe in the air, don’t be afraid to care…
Pink Floyd: Speak to Me/Breathe,
Dark Side Of The Moon


Creative Numerology – Week beginning November 12



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Your personal number for 2009 (you keep this number for the entire year) is obtained by adding 2009 to your month and day of birth. For example, if you were born on May 31, add 5 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 9 = 20. Keep adding until you reach a single digit. 2 + 0 = 2. In this example, your number for 2009 would be 2. This applies to both your Monthly and Weekly Forecasts. SCROLL DOWN TO YOUR NUMBER………

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1 © Copyright DELOREY 2009 - all rights reserved 1: This cycle breaks your isolation and can help you adjust from struggling with a new reality to actually relaxing with it! The people around you are there for a reason, but you cannot know what it is until you know how your presence affects them. It is time to start re-connecting! These people are very much a part of your reality. Make a genuine effort to relate.

2 © Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved 2: Be determined to lighten your load and simplify your life. This is a matter of priority and organization and, most importantly, of letting something go, be it a feeling, belief, argument, a physical or material thing, or even a commitment. Calm down. Relax. Have faith. Before you can play the specific role you are meant to be playing in the lives of others, you must decide, more specifically, what you want for yourself.

3 © Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved 3: Notice your resistance to being free, and how problems arise because you expect them to. Your expectations are indeed the theme here. No one can tell you what to expect because expectations rise and fall according to what has been learned, or not learned, from past experience. Constructive change is possible once you take a more positive view and prepare yourself to move on.

4© Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved 4: Guilt is an impenetrable wall which humanity itself has built – with its own judgments. It is sometimes right and often wrong. It stops us from feeling our true feelings. Old guilt is surfacing now in the form of judgments you have made against yourself, and which have held you back for no good reason other than that is what judgment does. Only by moving away from guilt, blame and judgment of a lifetime, can you truly appreciate the gifts that the present holds.

5 © Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved 5: If the intent for peace is in your heart, this cycle will enable you to express your feelings around others who also need to express theirs, without war breaking out or spirits breaking down. You have come a long way, and it is important to recognize that others have come a long way too. A genuine desire to learn how to bring peace into your world is the only way forward. What do you really want?

6 © Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved 6:  Ease your concerns about the way others are living their lives, or effecting yours. We are each evolving at a pace that is right for us which means that, from time to time, gaps will appear between you and other people, even those you deeply care for; even those you thought were on your wave-length. Give your mind time to catch up with your feelings, and give other people a chance to catch up with you!

7 © Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved 7: Feelings of frustration and instability are urging you to look at your situation more realistically and notice the long-term potential involved. A change of plan may seem like chaos at first, but you now have the power to orchestrate your life around new facts and opportunities. A certain idea can work and, logically, your plan must change shape now, because it is expanding. Slow down. Observe. Look beyond the present.

8 © Copyright DELOREY 2009 - all rights reserved 8: As your view of reality widens, you can see why it is difficult to move more independently into the future. Wherever you look, it seems that everyone is dependent on, or beholden to, someone or something else which, in turn, reduces everyone’s Free Will. This is a chance to let go of a dependent frame of mind, develop your confidence, and experience the rush of freedom that follows. Don’t deny what you know is true.

9 © copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights Reserved 9: Feelings of self-centeredness and self-preservation are inevitable, but you will be amazed at the strength and resourcefulness that develop when people share and combine their efforts and ideas. You cannot please everyone, but you can do your best – and you can feel very satisfied with that. Be tactful and considerate. Manipulation or pretense will not work for you in this cycle. Others can ‘sense’ your motivation.



NOVEMBER 2009 = 11:11 Part One





By Christine DeLorey

© copyright 2009 – DELOREY – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


November = 11

2+0+0+9 = 11

November 2009 = 11:11

For many years now, millions of people all over the world have been drawn to the numbers 11:11. Well, November 2009 gives us all a chance to experience this mysterious and persistent symbol for ourselves, because November 2009 is 11:11.

The last 11 global years occurred 108 years ago in 1901, and 99 years ago in 1910, and the events of those years are highly significant today, especially as far as banking, business, politics, racism, and war are concerned. It is important to note all the 1s and 9s involved in this observation because their evolutionary qualities are connected to 11:11.

We will experience another 11 global year 9 years from now in 2018, and almost every 9 years throughout the new millennium, but this November is a first for all of us, and a perfect opportunity to better understand the whole concept of 11:11. In our journey through time, we are traveling through 11:11 energy right now.

Although there is an obvious connection between the 11:11 symbol and the winter solstice of December 21, 2012 at 11:11 a.m., this is not a time for speculation concerning the future as if it is something set in stone. On the contrary, it is what we do or don’t do between now and 2012 that is all important. From the perspective of modern numerology, 2012 is a goal post towards which we must aim our intentions and actions, not something that is hurtling towards us with the intention of doing us harm.

We need to be fully present in the here and now so that we can understand where current conditions are leading and what our intentions need to be. To begin with, they need to be loving. Without loving intent in our hearts, conditions on Earth will deteriorate quickly. Right now, it is the condition of our planet – Mother Earth herself – that stands out  so plainly, but not exclusively, as a source of urgency.

On November 11, 2009, we also experience 11:11:11 energy for the first time in our lifetimes – which adds up to the master number 33, which adds up to 6 – the number of home, responsibility, priorities, family, mother, father, child, animals, healing, education, judgment, extremes, violence, tyrants, control and, out of all that  – eventually – hopefully – ACCOUNTABILITY and BALANCE!

This planet is our home. But human ignorance has us doing mindless things like NASA’s bombing of the moon, CERN’s attempt to recreate the Big Bang deep under the Earth in Switzerland, and Japan’s latest technological wonder which, instead of allowing carbon dioxide to poison the upper atmosphere, buries it in the ground – and poisons Mother earth instead. 1 is the nucleus of all the numbers, and 11 is the number most associated with nuclear energy. Therefore, all of the above mentioned aspects of 6 are extremely relevant right now. We have heard a lot about ‘checks and balances’ in the past few years, and it appears that there are very few in the areas where they are most needed, and of course, these are just 3 examples of what we are doing to our planet, our home, our Mother.

11 reveals vital details which must not be overlooked or left to chance. 11 is not conducive to speculation, gambling or recklessness – and yet that’s what the financial, scientific and business institutions continue to do. Not a good sign! But, it does remind us that 1% of humanity still controls the other 99%. (More 1s and 9s). I wonder what that will mean with double and triple 11 energy coming into play this November.

One of our major stumbling blocks over several decades has been this strange and arrogant belief that we should already know all the answers, or that there is some ’expert’ or ‘guru’ who knows all the answers. This is not the case. We are only just beginning to understand how much we do not know in all areas of life. As evolving beings, the learning never ends, and our constant state of imperfection is actually perfection. But if we continue to take irresponsible actions, just because we can, it is only a matter of time before terrible mistakes are made. The 11:11 energy is likely to bring such irresponsibility to light, and the call for accountability needs to be very loud indeed.

6 teaches us  right from wrong, but because unevolved 6 is highly judgmental, guilt and blame are thrown at petty issues, while profound malevolence and cruelty gets a free pass. People can have deep and serious conversations about the clothes, hairstyle, weight or sex life of a celebrity, but pay no attention to the appalling pain and suffering that some people inflict upon other people. But now, on November 11 and 29, when 6 is infused with 3 blasts of master 11 energy, resulting in the master 33 energy, we can expect to gain great insight, with very little effort on our part, into hidden details that will reveal friend / foe, creativeness / destructiveness, truth / lies, and the direction that particular paths are taking, some of which may need to be stopped. Our priorities need to change, in a way that elevates us beyond “self”. And because we know that we have to take responsibility now, at least for our own lives, instead of leaving it all to ‘fate’, we are realizing more fully that what we do or don’t do in the present shapes and creates the future. We are evolving and creating at the same time.

We Earth Children are maturing, evolving. And although we need to do this as quickly as possible, we also need to exercise great patience, and take things slowly enough to ensure that we get it right. We are in the process of developing patience – and noticing details. We have to learn how to accurately connect information, and to WAIT for results instead of seeking instant solutions and quick fixes. We cannot rush our way into the future because we are building it as we go – and on the way, we are realizing that the planet that sustains us is in terrible trouble, and the system to which we became so accustomed no longer exists.

We also know that we do not have enough WILL to change things by ourselves. And that is why the freeing of our individual and collective Will is SO imperative to our survival. It is helpful to understand that our evolvement into Free Will is what all this chaos, instability and fear is about.

We must BE the change we want to see in the world, which means that in order for the outer world to heal, we must heal on the inside first, emotionally. This begins with releasing layer upon layer of emotions that we have pushed down inside over the course of a lifetime. Only then will we understand the potential of our personal power – power that is generated when consciousness and emotion work together from the foundation of a loving heart.

We all carry the emotional weight of our past, but we have to release all that in order to heal and grow up. We have to learn to parent ourselves, and teach and do for ourselves what our parents could not and, at the same time, parent our own children in a way that does not push upon them the same misunderstandings that were pushed on us. Today’s children do not have to go through what we went through if they are encouraged to BE themselves and respect the right of others to be themselves, too. That’s the true meaning of being ‘real’, and is a basic lesson we all have to learn.

We also need to look at nature far more deeply and patiently. Not only do we ignore the divine order of the natural world, we have somehow come to believe that we humans are not part of nature at all, and refuse to acknowledge the very thing that enables us to exist in physical form. We trample on her mindlessly, instead of taking great care of what is essentially our own life-support machine. Nature speaks to us all the time, but we ignore her messages. In doing so, we refuse to learn the truth about who WE are.

11 symbolizes “I AM” and “WE ARE”. We are ONE, and we are many, and we are not all the same. Humanity is one entity, but it is made up of individuals. Change spreads across humanity through changes that occur one person at a time. It all starts within – and that is why we are feeling so strongly about so many things right now. When our individual and collective feelings trend in a certain direction, massive changes occur on Earth. 11 symbolizes 1 (the individual) reflecting on oneself for the purpose of growing beyond mere selfishness – to self-awareness, and self-acceptance. If we want peace in the world, we must first find peace within. There is no getting away from that fact.

Life has become a lot ‘deeper’ for most people. This added depth expands our dimensions and provides the additional space we need in order to grow and evolve. Consciousness has taken us to great heights as far as potential is concerned, and we are aware of what we can do if we put our minds to it – and yet, something is missing from that scenario.  We now need to balance ourselves with depth which will enable us to see ourselves in the light of reality, and rearrange priorities, skills, and circumstances accordingly. Balance doesn’t mean that we all have to be the same. Quite the opposite. Balance means arranging things in a way that enables diverse energy to flow smoothly, so that we really can be ourselves and lead our own lives. Diversity is life’s beauty, it’s color and texture, it’s RICHNESS.

Emotion is as sacred as any other part of us. We cannot be whole without it. And acceptance of emotion is not the invasion of consciousness that consciousness fears it will be. Rather, it is what will enable consciousness to EXPAND. Our emotional energy – feminine energy – is what brings depth to our intellectual understandings because it is triggered by real-time life experiences. The vibrations that come from our emotions open and stretch our minds. By accepting, developing and strengthening our emotional energy, we are simultaneously freeing our WILL and expanding our consciousness. If we cannot operate both consciously and emotionally, we cannot learn anything NEW. This is particularly important to understand because our evolvement depends on our being able to accept new understandings. Much of what we learned in the past was either inaccurate or just a doorway to somewhere else. Without learning new things, we drown in mediocrity and sameness.

In this unique 11:11 month, as we start to heal from the inside out, memories from the past are inevitable. There is no point in saying that the past has gone and you have to keep looking forward. It is not a matter of staying positive no matter what. We can’t do that any more and expect to find our way forward because unresolved matters from the past that prevent forward movement. No one can be all positive all the time and still remain aware. Positive thinking, without the acceptance of reality and the feelings reality triggers, is self deception. By giving consciousness to what we feel, a much wider picture emerges. Sometimes, we are simply supposed to feel sad, or angry, or afraid, or confused. Consciousness that cannot accept all of itself, including what it feels in response to outside stimuli, is not fully conscious.

Learning from the past brings understanding into the present, and hones our sense of direction towards a future we actually want. We can only know what we want by knowing how something makes us FEEL. The present emerges out of the past. The future is created in the present. That is the progressive nature of life. Choice and caring are the keys.

11 is the number of elevated intuition which is triggered by the details that lay under surface appearances. The more deeply we look into 11:11 and it’s endless connections, the more complex it all becomes, and I have realized that one can easily exhaust oneself looking at all the possibilities and potentials. Of course, 11:11 is a symbol for humanity, not just numerologists, and I hope that by pointing out some of the aspects I have discovered, it will be easier for you to feel into it more deeply yourself. Who knows what other facts and connections you will discover through ELEV-ating your mind, feelings, senses, instincts and emotions.

On the one hand, 11 is the number of illumination, inspiration, the opening of the subconscious, insight, idealism, charismatic leadership, trust, dependability and fame. On the other hand, 11 is the number of self-sabotage, conflicts of interest, underhanded tactics, fanaticism, dreaming rather than doing, cynicism, instability, resentment, and irrational fear of change.

11 is made up of two 1s. 1 is the first number and is therefore the natural leader. 1 is the number of the individual, the self, self awareness, self confidence, independence, originality, competition, consciousness and masculine energy. 1 is the number of beginnings, fresh starts, origins, options, and pioneering – being the 1st to do something. 1 is the number of change through ONE-step-at-a-time progress.

However, unevolved 1 energy can be selfish, insensitive, oversensitive, unfocused, uncaring, egotistical, territorial, plotting, self absorbed, self destructive, dependent, arrogant, aggressive, and/or stuck in the past.

11:11 is all of the above – times 4! It is also the sum of itself, which is another master number, 22, which is 4. And the complexity only increases from there…… ALL the very intense master numbers emerge this month, especially 11/2, 22/4, 33/6, and 44/8, which I will talk about in Part Two of this article.

The main lesson of 1 is simply to be oneself and lead one’s own life. We are a long way from that right now because the old system was set up to prevent such freedom among the general population. But the more independent we become, the more creatively we go about surviving the inevitable upheavals, and the more adventurous we allow ourselves to be, the greater strides we can make. We must stop depending on others to make decisions for us if our purpose on Earth is ever to evolve beyond mere labor. But we cannot evolve to this level of freedom if we remain in denial of reality.

No matter what our situation in life, people are having to work harder and  longer to get what we need, no matter how modest our requirements, or how financially secure we believe we are. For all our rushing around and multi-tasking, and for all the time humanity has been on Earth, we have still not learned life’s most basic lesson of 1 – first and foremost, we are here to be ourselves and lead our own lives.

And here we are now, in November 2009’s sea of 1s – and double 1s – all in the same boat in unfamiliar waters. But, no matter how rough this sea gets, we must remember that a sea of 1s is a sea of possibilities, choice and change, and that with correct understanding of free will, we can take care of our needs.

11:11 signifies the emergence of the human WILL, a part of ourselves with which we are quite unfamiliar, even though we have always said “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Those four little digits – 11:11 – are a complicated code indeed which, I believe, holds the key to our personal and collective evolvement. We are looking at four identical numbers, and yet the complexity of 11:11 is mind boggling. Each of those 1s represents a different part of the whole. Yes, we are ONE, but we will remain fragmented until we accept ourselves in our entirety. Our 4 parts.

4 signifies DIRECTION, (as in North, South, East, West etc, or the 4 seasons in terms of timing, and if our 4 parts are not aligned, our sense of direction is extremely limited.

Individually and collectively, we are:

1. Consciousness / thought / electricity / masculine / father / SPIRIT.

2. Emotion / sensitivity / magnetism / feminine / mother / WILL.

3. Body / matter / communication / FORM. Spirit and Will communicate through the body and the fact that they have not been doing this effectively not only affects our physical health, but also produces the lack of caring – the indifference – that is reflected on Earth as heartlessness.

4. HEART is the balance point within the body at which Spirit and Will, as equals, MAKE LOVE. Produce Love. Generate Love. And yes, we are talking about the physical heart within the body, and not some abstract idea of ‘heart’. The masculine and feminine energy that is within each of us, regardless of gender, must ACCEPT each other as equals, and the heart iswhere we are able to do that. I cannot help but wonder then, what really causes heart disease? What really triggers a heart attack? Lack of balance? An inner war between consciousness and emotion?

The heart not only generates love, it also generates COURAGE, which is the point at which determination outweighs fear and is, indeed, the only antidote to fear. The word courage is derived from the French word for heart, Coeur.

One of the biggest fears most people succumb to (although some keep it very well hidden) is fear of failure. It is much safer to settle for lower expectations than to go for a larger than average goal. Some people do develop courage, and they push and push until their goal is right in front of them. It’s theirs for the taking – and then – in the blink of an eye, fear of failure transforms into fear of success – and back to fear of failure, and back and forth it goes. All we can do in these strange and uncertain times, is to continue developing courage, and with it the intelligence to know how to make things happen as we need them to.

It is not consciousness that brings our masculine and feminine energy together within, as if the whole evolutionary experience can be somehow orchestrated by the mind. The mind needs to evolve too, and part of its evolution is to relax its need to be in control all the time. The feminine and masculine within each of us must find acceptance for each other. In fact, consciousness may need to be a little more humble if it is to gain the trust of its feminine counterpart and gain her forgiveness for demeaning, beating her up and rejecting her for so long. This inner relationship may sound a little dramatic, but it is an essential component in being able to trust oneself – and being able to sense who to trust, and who to avoid.

When 1 and 1 combine and become 2, it teaches us about the POWER of humility. 2 teaches us that humility is not about being less than you are. It is about being your natural and unpretentious self, having a realistic appreciation of your own worth as a human being, and being able to recognize both your weaknesses and your strengths. Humility is simple honesty – with yourself – and with others. It is the acceptance of SELF.

2 is also the predominant number of the new millennium – the 2000s, and 2 can feel so slow after the speed and urgency of 1. It is the number of patience, cooperation, partnership, teamwork, relationship, connection, intuition, attention to detail, diplomacy, feminine energy, mother energy, nurturing, sensitivity and gradual progress. 2 helps us to develop acceptance for something or someone else besides the self. We are all fellow travelers on the sea of life, and 2 emits empathy, equality and kindness. But we cannot reach 2 if we do not have two 1s. And that is why 11 is SO relevant to our present situation. 1+1 = 2. 11 helps us to combine our conscious energy with our emotional energy within our physical energy. Our outer relationships offer an accurate reflection of this inner relationship.

11 teaches us to look at things in different lights and from different angles in order to see a larger  picture – the whole potential for better or worse. When we look at 11 from a vertical angle those two parallel lines become the equals sign: =

EQUALS. Spirit and Will are not the same. Electricity and magnetism are not the same. Neither are masculine and feminine. Light and dark are not the same. But they are equals because not only does each have its own purpose and function, the existence of one depends on the existence of the other. 11:11 illuminates the major imbalances and lack of equality on Earth and in our own lives, and urges us to find the balance points that will bring these areas into realistic alignment. There is so much for us to learn in this regard that it can all seem overwhelming, but we will do a lot better if we start eliminating needless distractions which prevent us from seeing what most needs our attention. The circumstances of November are likely to grab our attention quite intensely as we realize the extent of the imbalance on Earth.

The 9th of NOVEMBER is also a significant date this year. Like 11:11, the 9/11 sequence is evolutionary in nature and assists in creating fundamental change. In the USA, dates are expressed: month, day, year, so 9/11 refers to September 11. But the rest of the world expresses the dates: day, month, year, making the 9th of November not only 9/11 but, in this particular year, 9:11:11. (11:9:11 in the USA)

There could be some kind of ending, event or revelation on or around this date which could cause restriction and upheaval – or set the ball in motion for bringing order and system to areas of constraint or disorder. The 9th of November is a 4 day in the world this year. 9+11+11= 31 = 4 – and 4 is such an important number when it comes to understanding ourselves, as explained above, regarding our FOUR PARTS.

The 9 energy of endings, completions, drama, expanded awareness, global connection, and giving, provides a massive boost to the 11 energy. Together, these numbers help us to bridge the gap between one stage of our journey and the next. However, the 9/11 energy can bring us to an emotional point where we feel we just can’t go on. But 9 is also the number of tolerance, and it helps us become more able to tolerate difficult people, conditions and circumstances. Emotional expression is the KEY to reducing stress, because stress is the pressure one feels from the buildup of unexpressed emotion. We think we are being strong by holding our feelings inside, but we actually weaken ourselves when we do this. Learning HOW to express freely, without hurting ourselves or anyone else, is paramount to this healing process, and something I  hope to be writing about more often in the coming months.

Although tolerance is not a long-term solution, acceptance is, it can certainly help us to deal with opposition more intelligently. Instead of taking everything so personally and succumbing to the pain of other people’s insensitivity, we must learn to let things pass, and just go on our way. Many of the things we stress over are quite irrelevant in the overall scheme of things. We must go around them, jump over them, or avoid them completely. Don’t stop in your tracks every time you come up against someone else’s ignorance.

It must also be said that while 9 is the number of kindness, under-developed 9 is also the number of cruelty, which needs to be more exposed. The problem is that we are afraid to look at cruelty because of how it makes us FEEL. But we must – or at least lend some kind of support to those who courageously dedicate themselves to freeing others who are trapped in heartless situations.

There is a huge difference between mental fear and the feeling of fear. It is our mental fear (pre-fear) that prevents our feelings from moving. But feelings must move, they must vibrate and travel in order to leave the body. 9/11 energy forces us out of denial so that we can finally FACE our merry-go-round of fears and start to soothe them instead of blame them, and accept them rather than deny them. Otherwise, cruelty will forever be given a free reign.

Mental fear of our emotions is what stops our imaginations from opening as wide as they could. Old programming tells us that there is something wrong with thought that goes beyond what is already known. But nothing is more needed now than the opening, the unfolding, the firing-up of our imaginations. After all, the most creative people in the world are highly emotional people. Not only do we have to get very creative if we are to survive current and future upheavals, but we also have to build our courage so that our imaginations and creativity itself can evolve too.

The 9th of November, and to some extent, the 19th, bring the focus on 1s and 9s to a crescendo. 19 holds major karmic lessons for us all, which I will explain in PART 2 .

Meanwhile, looking into the 11:11 energy today, the 1st day of November 2009, it becomes clear that this amazing symbol represents the hard work that lays ahead of us in becoming more whole. Highly emotional events and situations will be triggered until we do. And yet, as we do indeed continue to feel and sense on a much deeper level, consciousness IS starting to accept that he is far stronger when he is in partnership with his feminine equal. Rough roads lay ahead, and change is happening so much more slowly than we would like, but it is that rockiness and slow pace that is enabling us to see possibilities that were simply not visible or imaginable before.








November is likely to be a very intense month, no matter where in the world we happen to be, because it is so packed with 11s. I will soon post a separate article about the 11:11 factor (and, on November 11, 2009, we will experience 11:11:11……

Meanwhile, here is a link to YOUR PERSONAL NUMEROLOGY READING FOR NOVEMBER 2009.  

(I find it difficult to post the monthly forecasts here, perhaps because it is a large text, with graphics)

I hope you find this information helpful.



With love,


Freeing Yourself from a Painful Past

Question: I am deeply distressed with my life as I approach my 50’s. I have always considered myself to be a compassionate, spiritual and aware person. I was kidnapped and raped at knife point at 23, widowed suddenly at 32 with 2 children, and recently divorced.  There have also been many unfortunate deaths in my immediate family. Though I am a seeker who reads, meditates, and studies, I have become fearful, depressed, full of anxiety and extremely lonely. I feel like I’m wasting my life and can’t seem to find a way toward peace and happiness.  Can you help?

Leonard’s Answer: Everything that occurs in your life is directed towards one end, which is your own awakening. Every difficult or painful event is a reflection of what is in need of healing at the soul level, and reveals the primary lessons you must learn if you are to awaken. Every painful experience is an indicator of the limiting beliefs that you acquired in childhood that are affecting your experience of life. Often these limiting beliefs originate in a previous lifetime.

And what do I mean by awakening? To awaken is to free your self from the pain and limitations of the past and open into the unlimited world of Now. It is to know yourself as an Eternal Being, totally transcendent of the circumstances and story of your life, which until now have been defining you and giving you a sense of who you are and what your life is all about.

If you look at the circumstances of your life, you will be able to identify the limiting beliefs that have affected you, the lessons you are here to learn, and what is in need of healing from your past.

More than likely you have been abused or violated in the past, and I am not limiting the past to this lifetime. In a most mysterious way, your experience of abuse in this lifetime is an opportunity to heal a wound that most likely exists at the soul level. Of course this does not in any way excuse your abuser. If he had known the terrible karma he was bringing upon himself, he would never have abused you. He will have to live with the consequences of his actions.

Losing your husband at such a young age is also a reflection of some deeper soul wound or experience. If you believe that life isn’t safe, it will manifest in a way that will affirm this belief. If you believe that others will hurt you, they probably will. If you believe that those you love will die or leave you, it is likely to happen.

These wounds and beliefs are all based in a painful past, and for the most part they function at an unconscious level. As long as they remain unconscious, they will continue to affect every aspect of your life.

This is because the outer world manifests as a reflection of your inner world. If your inner world is filled with these limiting beliefs and emotional wounds and impressions from the past, your life will manifest in a way that corresponds to your inner world. That is why it is so important to bring it all to consciousness for healing, completion, and release.

If you learn the art of being present, you will be completely free of the past. As you deepen into Presence, and heal and release the past, your inner world will open into love, gratitude and peace. You will know that the present moment is safe. What world will manifest as a reflection of your inner world when you are present?

You say that you have become fearful, lonely, depressed and full of anxiety. It is because you have not recognized your true purpose in being here. It is very simple. Your true purpose in being here is to be here. Most of us are not here. We are lost in an illusory world of the past and future. We are lost in a dream. Some people are lost in a happy dream. There is no motivation to awaken from a happy dream and so it is unlikely that they will awaken. But those who are caught in an unhappy dream have a greater chance of awakening. But it depends. Will you choose to remain in the dream, hoping that it will get better? Or will you free yourself from the dream and awaken into the present moment, which is free of the dream? You also say that you feel like you are wasting your life and that you can’t find your way to peace and happiness. The only way to peace and happiness is to free your self from the dream and awaken into Presence.

~Leonard Jacobson

Leonard’s latest book, Journey into Now, reveals in the simplest way how to still the mind and become fully present and awake in the truth of life.

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The weekly forecasts are updated each THURSDAY

The monthly forecasts are updated on the 1st of each month

© Copyright Christine DeLorey 2009 – All rights reserved

Your personal number for 2009 (you keep this number for the entire year) is obtained by adding 2009 to your month and day of birth. For example, if you were born on May 31, add 5 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 9 = 20. Keep adding until you reach a single digit. 2 + 0 = 2. In this example, your number for 2009 would be 2. This applies to both your Monthly and Weekly Forecasts. 

To read about your YEARLY CYCLE for 2009, your DESTINY PATH number, your CHALLENGE Number, how to turn these weekly forecasts into DAILY FORECASTS, how to order your own PERSONAL PROFILE, and more, go to the main Creative Numerology website.

1 © Copyright DELOREY 2009 - all rights reserved 1: When facts are manipulated or handled carelessly, they can do more harm than good. Enlightening information is available, but the truth is hidden under layers of misunderstanding which have been slowly unraveling over the past few months. Now, as one such layer lifts, an important piece of the puzzle is revealed.

2 © Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved 2: You will have problems if you are more focused on how others ‘see’ you than on what needs to be done. You have a specific part to play, and others have theirs. Teamwork is essential. By cooperating enthusiastically, not only will you gain the trust of others, but you will also create an impressive level of efficiency. Know what your role consists of, and why your willing and egoless participation is so important at this time.

3 © Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved 3: Be aware of the time you spend struggling with problems while opportunities to prevent or solve them go unnoticed. Look at the details from different angles and understand the dangers of second-guessing, and the importance of right timing. Be patient. You are now in the right time, place, and frame of mind to help yourself – by being honest with yourself – about yourself. Remember: pleasantness is not necessarily the same as honesty.

4© Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved 4: No matter how indifferent or hostile others seem, this is a test of friendship. Your best approach is one of realism, fairness, attention to detail and generosity. Don’t engage in rivalry or try to take control. There is no need to compete. Look at someone else’s reality with caring and compassion. We are all struggling in this chaotic world, and this is a chance to ease your own pain, and possibly someone else’s.

5 © Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved 5: Disappointment and rejection are some of our most deeply suppressed forms of pain, but fear of being seen as ‘negative’, vulnerable, or a bad loser can force us to stay in the ‘safety’ of restrictive circumstances. Only by facing mistakes, differences or misunderstandings can real enlightenment occur. You cannot proceed effectively if you do not accept yourself as you are. To do that, you must accept yourself as you were.

6 © Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved 6: Something has reached a head. A new situation is evolving. There are many resources at your disposal: people, things, and information. The biggest snag could beego – your own, someone else’s, or a clash of both. Your ego is simply your sense of ‘self’ which, right now, must relax its need to be ‘right’ – even if it is right. Being right is irrelevant in these circumstances. Working together for a specific result is what matters now.

7 © Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved 7: If your ideas seem exciting and ideal one moment but dull and problematic the next, notice how your freedom and wellbeing are directly connected to other people’s circumstances and points of view. Don’t race too far ahead or become stuck in the past. Stay centered because the answers you seek can only be found in the seemingly surreal vibrations of present time and current location.

8 © Copyright DELOREY 2009 - all rights reserved 8: You know you cannot hide from reality. Truth offers the only way forward. First, you must find a balance between the extremes of stubbornness and indifference, and realize the futility of telling people what you think they want to hear, rather than how things really are. Emotional honesty is the key to positive change. Something that seemed to be breaking down can now be restored or improved upon.

9 © copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights Reserved 9: A shift in your reality is forming and you must meticulously examine the details, even if everything is moving too fast for comfort. Accurate information and correct understanding will help everyone involved to feel more secure. Clear headedness, diplomacy and patience are needed. However, not all situations have clear-cut solutions. Sometimes, all you can do is hang on tight until you land.





Creative Numerology By Christine DeLorey

The weekly forecasts are updated each THURSDAY

The monthly forecasts are updated on the 1st of each month

© Copyright Christine DeLorey 2009 – All rights reserved

Your personal number for 2009 (you keep this number for the entire year) is obtained by adding 2009 to your month and day of birth. For example, if you were born on May 31, add 5 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 9 = 20. Keep adding until you reach a single digit. 2 + 0 = 2. In this example, your number for 2009 would be 2. This applies to both your Monthly and Weekly Forecasts. SCROLL DOWN TO YOUR NUMBER………

To read about your YEARLY CYCLE for 2009, your DESTINY PATH number, your CHALLENGE Number, how to turn these weekly forecasts into DAILY FORECASTS, how to order your own PERSONAL PROFILE, and more, go to the main Creative Numerology website.

1 © Copyright DELOREY 2009 - all rights reserved 1: Power is in the air – different kinds of power – each claiming to be more powerful than the other. If handled correctly, a power drama in your own life can help you change direction towards a more fulfilling path. You are learning about the games people play, and that when power is used without understanding its effects, unnecessary problems can arise.

2 © Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved 2: True friends are never plentiful, but we also have acquaintances who could turn out to be true friends. Notice the expectation that exists between people who think they are friends but are only acquaintances. Friendship is a form of love, but when it is expected rather than felt, the love becomes stifled. When you realize that you are equals and don’t owe each other anything, genuine friendship can form.

3 © Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved 3:   Do not take anything for granted. Look for the truth in opposing points of view. Appearances can be deceiving, so independently check the facts and take a more self-reliant stance in general. If you are confronted with facts you would rather not hear, or a reality you would rather not accept, do not create unnecessary problems for yourself by spinning the truth and denying the obvious. There is a fine line between denial and ‘positive’ thinking.

4© Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved 4:   Let your heart soften and heal. Recent events may have hurt and hardened it a little. Don’t be pushed into moving at an unnatural pace. Part of being free means being able to operate in a way that feels natural to you, and slowly enough to notice certain details that will help you make sense of whatever is going on. Admit just how distracted you have been, and start focusing on what really matters.

5 © Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved 5:   If something seems tedious, boring or superficial, it is finally time to let go of an old routine, habit or frame of mind. Your efforts to ‘go forward’ and ‘reverse’ at the same time are causing the drag you are feeling. You certainly won’t get very far splashing around in the shallow end of life when you know that your real fulfillment is out there in the deeper waters.

6 © Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved 6: Carefully consider the possible reactions of others. There is a time to exert your power and a time when it is best kept under wraps, and this is one of those defining moments when you must choose which it will be. You are learning the difference between mere tactics and real strategy, and you can now regain some ‘lost’ power by calculating the results of a certain move, before you make it.

7 © Copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights reserved 7:   As you dig deeper for answers, you are seeing things in a new light which will increase your power. But accepting the reality of your emotional energy could be a test of your self-respect – a test of whether you are willing to receive, with dignity, the gift of wisdom or whether, for the sake of pride or convenience, you will choose to remain ‘safely’ in the dark. Be prepared to change your mind about something of which you were once so sure.

8 © Copyright DELOREY 2009 - all rights reserved 8:   If a clash of Wills is going on, be aware of all your feelings, otherwise guilt will use your denied emotions to make you feel unworthy of your own needs. There is a survival vibration in your life right now as your Will continues to free itself, and you should know that you are not running out of time or space. You do not have to lose something in order to gain something. But you do have to finish or end something, and soon!

9 © copyright DELOREY 2009-All Rights Reserved 9:9: Here you are – evolving – in a world that often seems completely crazy! Be honest about how you really feel, even if you yourself feel a little crazy at times! Your feelings are trying to steer you to your right place, but guilt is trying to numb your feelings. Your masculine mind must accept your feminine emotions as its true desire, rather than judge them as weak or negative. Just imagine the power generated when mind and emotion willingly and lovingly combine their energies.



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