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Intent of the Day: Accept What You Can Do


Our intent today is inspired by the many times we’ve ended the day feeling dissatisfied, unproductive and not enough. What do you do when you feel like you don’t measure up? Our intent is to instead accept what we CAN do. Maybe it was one huge task, a bunch of small tasks or that you just got out of bed today. Accept the progress you’ve made. Celebrate the ways you showed up today and the strength you gained since the day before. Today is the building block for tomorrow!

Are you struggling with where you are in this moment?
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From Intent.com: Living in the Abundance

I was going through intents this morning and stopped when I saw this one.

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 10.51.37 AM

“I intend to give from what I am abundant in.”
I’d never asked myself what I was abundant in.
Like so many people, I think about what I DON’T have.

I don’t have a new car.
I don’t have enough time in the day.
I don’t know how to make vegan recipes.
I don’t live close enough to my family.
I don’t, I don’t, I don’t.

Reading over this intent, it was the first time I stopped to think about what I do have.

I have room on my couch for a conversation.
I have a car to get me around town to meet with friends.
I have enough room in my budget for coffee and snacks.
I have a lot.

So- where are you in abundance?
Have you even thought about it?
Maybe what you need is 2 minutes over lunch to make a quick list.
What do you have?
Take a real inventory- of time, of tangible and intangible items, of ideas, of passion, of energy.
My hope is that you’ll discover that you have more than what you realize.
And, in turn, that you will find ways that are uniquely you to turn around and bless another person’s life out of the overflow. We were made for relationship, so get in there!

The Exciting Thing About This Is


Saturday, June 18th


“The exciting thing about this is that when you stop fearing Me,

you can stop fearing each other. You can begin to believe the highest

truth about God (which is that I would never hurt anyone) and the highest

truth about life (it is eternal, love is all there is, and there is enough

of God and of life and of all the stuff of life for everyone), the highest 

truth about each other (you are all one) and the highest truth about your own

blessed being (its purpose is to evolve forever, and it cannot be destroyed under

any circumstances at all). This changes everything. It changes how you relate to Me,

how you relate to yourself, and how you relate to each other. 


It changes the world.”

—What God would say b y Neale Donald Walsch



You Are Enough

 Wednesday, 6/1

You Are Enough


“I would like to tell a story I often tell clients at some point in their therapy to help them better understand the journey we are undertaking.  


The intention of the story is to provide a frame for reference for helping them discover their deepest and most Divine Self. 


Here is the story…


We all come into the world with needs that can only be met by other people.  To the extent those needs are met we develop a healthy sense of ourselves and a whole host of useful ideas about how we fit into the world and how we fit into relationships with others. 


To the extent those needs are not met our ideas about ourselves, the world and relationships tend to be much less useful.

Regardless of how well these requisite biological longings are met these ideas about ourselves, the world and relationships form a blueprint that provides the structure for the unfolding of our life. 

You could say that these blueprints are destiny. You could also say that if you want to alter the experience and direction of your life you must let go of those ideas that have outlived their usefulness. 

There is one such idea that appears in the blueprints of almost everybody I have ever met. That is the idea: "I am not enough."  In some way, some form, sometimes blatant and sometimes more hidden we all share this belief in some form. 

And even though I share my own unique form of "not enoughness" I want to proclaim loud and clear: It simply is not true…


Deep within us all we are precious sparks of light. Deep within us all is the peace, power, love, wisdom, creativity and joy of our most true Self.  Deep within us all is a beautiful essence that transcends human understanding.

May you come to know who you really are.  May you find the precious spark of divinity you most truly are.   And may you allow any idea to the contrary to be released. Namaste’

With the light of love,

Jim Kremmel/Finding the Spark

Thursday, 6/2

“The light of God surrounds me; The love of God enfolds me; The power of God protects me; The presence of God watches over me.  Wherever I am, God is!” – James Dillet Freeman



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