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Elevate! Awaken! Take Action!


I was honored to be invited to attend TEDxBerkeley this past Saturday on a press pass for live tweeting the event. I won’t take you through a play-by-play of the fantastic day—for that, you can read my @meimeifox tweets or view the videos when they appear on the TEDxBerkeley website. I just want to share key takeaways from a few of the 13 inspirational speakers, all of whom are deeply engaged with making positive change in the world.

Nearly everyone spoke of elevating our consciousness, increasing our awareness, and taking concrete action to make a difference. Yet they approached these topics from many different angles, depending on their areas of expertise.

Marti Spiegelman, who holds a BA from Harvard, an MFA from Yale, and has studied for years with indigenous shamans around the world, took a sometimes hard-to-follow deep dive into the subject of consciousness. She argued that while, as humans, the core of our being is perception, the magic is awareness. Evolving our consciousness means feeling rather than thinking, allowing our intuition to flow. “When we practice consciousness, we become people who are in love with everything and everyone!” Spiegelman passionately intoned towards the end of her talk. “Here, here!” I tweeted from the third row.

UC Berkeley urban design professor Walter Hood brings consciousness to cities by adding greenery. Not parks or community gardens, but woods, wild and untamed, like what he’s helped to create on The Hill in Pittsburgh. With great gusto, Hood spoke of the benefits of having places for urban kids to get dirty, imagine they’re lions, and hide from mom and dad. So here was a literal, practical solution for elevating our awareness: Bring nature back into our daily lives.

In the corporate arena, Chip Conley, the CEO of boutique hotel chain Joie de Vivre and author of Peak: How Great Companies Get their Mojo from Maslow, spoke of the importance of creating meaning in our lives—even, no especially, at work. With remarkable vulnerability, Conley admitted to becoming depressed and near suicidal post-breakup during the economic downturn two years ago. He recommended these three strategies for fixing the business world:

1)    Teach business leaders how to get in touch with their emotions.

2)    Evaluate employee performance based not only on results but also relationship building, as they do at Joie de Vivre.

3)    Teach MBAs not to be superhuman, but to be super humans.

Google product manager, yogi and meditator Gopi Kallayil offered practical steps for elevating our consciousness on a daily basis. He recommended:

1)    Focus on the essential: Narrow down your list of what you think must get done.

2)    Do one thing at a time. Multitasking doesn’t work (studies prove this).

3)    Practice One Minute of Mindfulness every day. That way it becomes an unbreakable habit rater than an unfulfilled commitment. 

4)    Decide what’s non-negotiable and stick to it.

5)    Friend yourself: Listen to the tweet of your own heartbeat!

 In an extremely engaging talk, Shore Slocum, founder of the conscious social network SoulNeeds.com, urged us all to “wake up!” We can do this, he explained, by moving through the Four Levels of Consciousness:

Level 1) I feel like life is happening TO ME: It’s the weather’s fault, my parent’s fault, the economy’s fault. This is the victim mentality.

-> To exit this stage and evolve to the next, we must give up blame and take responsibility for our lives.

Level 2) I feel that things happen BY ME: I understand that I can take charge of my life and get different results. It’s a matter of effort and willpower. The danger with this level is that we become burnt out from constantly striving to achieve.

-> To exit this stage and evolve to the next, we must give up control (especially challenging for us over-achievers!)

Level 3) I believe that things happen THROUGH ME: Life becomes effortless because I am plugged into the Universe. Success begins to flow.

 -> To exit this stage and evolve to the next, we must give up our sense of self.

Level 4) Life happens AS ME: There is no separation between you and me and all the world. We are one.

Jason Atwood, the young founder of a solar-powered computer learning center in Africa called Ethiopia ConnectedED, started the day nervously, stumbling through his talk. And yet I choose to end my post with his rallying cry as he exited the stage:

“Privilege + opportunity = Responsibility.”

I couldn’t agree more. We, who are educated, who are well off enough to take our laptops and high-speed internet access for granted, who don’t worry about our Twitter feeds getting censored and text messages being turned off by our government… It is up to us to heal the world. Going to TEDxBerkeley served as a terrific source of inspiration, ideas, and advice. But now each of us must take up the mantle and go make things happen. We must “be the change,” as Gandhi said.

NOTE: TEDx events, which are independently organized but officially sanctioned “baby TED” conferences, take place around the world all the time. Best of all, unlike TED (which costs thousands of dollars), admission is restricted to $100 max. Click here to find a TEDx event near you!

PETA’s Veggie Sexy Too Steamy for Super Bowl

If vegetarianism was a sexual orientation, I’d be bisexual. I go both ways.  Some might call my behavior “bi-curious,” which is a fun word to say.  For the record, I’m  mostly vegetarian, but I dabble in seafood and poultry. I haven’t eaten red meat since the age of 9.  I think this makes me a flexitarian, someone who loosely adheres to a meat-free diet, or, possibly, a veggie swinger?

If it seems odd for me to consider the similarities between vegetables and sexuality, please forgive me.  I blame PETA. You may have heard that the organization’s Super Bowl commercial, featuring models and pseudo porn stars and fresh, innocent produce, was banned this week, for being too, ahem, steamy.  In case you missed it, here it is. 

Of course the commercial was rejected.  By all accounts, this was PETA’s intention from the start.  Spend a little money on production, get banned, generate buzz.  What better way to make a splash and save on media-buying costs associated with the most expensive air-time on television?  The animal rights group is known for making savvy (often sexually charged) publicity moves, with star power support from the likes of Pamela Anderson, Alicia Silverstone, Olivia Munn, Kellan Lutz, and many more.  I have to give them credit for this.  At a time when shock value is worth its weight in Yukon gold potatoes (remember Lady Gaga’s meat dress? . . . Oh, the, irony), PETA has made its point to the masses– right before a quintessential, American, meat-eating weekend.  Beef chili and chicken wings, anyone?

I can’t, however, condone the mistreatment of broccoli.  And, does anyone stop to think about little Celery?  That’s someone’s celery daughter. Admittedly, I love vegetables (almost enough to be monogamous), but I take issue with people who objectify or exploit them.  Oh, and, women, too, of course.

What do you think about PETA’s rejected Super Bowl commercial?

Surajkund Crafts Mela 2010

When it comes to arts & crafts, India has always captured the world’s imagination. We owe our global reputation to our rich heritage – one that´s lived on in our villages for centuries.India has many cultural events that set the stage for traditional artists to showcase their creations. The most vibrant of them all is the Surajkund Handicrafts Mela.The Surajkund Mela was orgaised to promote the culture and traditions of Haryana. The first Mela was put together by the Haryana Government in 1981. Artisans from all over the state came together for the first time ever. Ideas were exchanged, and a thriving art culture was born. Year after year, people took notice and the Mela spread its wings further. Today, it is one of the biggest art events in India. Skilled artisans now converge, not just from around India, but neighbouring countries as well.

Surajkund becomes alive with the rhythm and beats of folk dances and riot of colors. Rajasthan– The magic of vibrant Rajasthan is the theme state  for this year Mela.Surajkund is the annual fair that showcases the finest handlooms, handicrafts, authentic fragrances & flavours of rich Indian cuisines. As winter turns briefly into spring, a caravan of 400 National and State awardee craftpersons from every corner of India wind their way to Surajkund. This year craftpersons from SAARC Nations are participating in the Surajkund Crafts Mela. At Surajkund Mela, the artisans’ delicate hands create the most beautiful pieces which have fascinated many through ages !24th Surajkund Crafts Mela offers a lot of Fun, Frolic,Entertainment and exclusive shopping. In the rural ambience, 400 craftperson will display and Demonstrate their finest crafts work that is set to capture your hearts. The authentic fragrances & flavours of rich Indian cuisines will kindle your taste buds. Tap your feet with the beats of enthralling folk dancers from the various parts of the country.

Welcome to Surajkund Mela 2010
The Surajkund Fair is going to be held from 1st to 15th February 2010. Artisans, craftsmen and performers will be arriving at this cultural hotspot to showcase their talents. Whether it´s from across the
country or beyond. Step in to find a wealth of exquisite handicraft items including paintings, jewelry, showpieces, upholstery, furniture and more.  You´ll also find mehendi design artists, musicians, dancers, painters, weavers, sculptures, craftsmen from all around. The idea is to exhibit the splendid variety of Indian culture.

Craft exhibitions

 Chikri woodcraft of Kashmir

 Lace and crochet items of Goa

 Banjara and Bunni embroidery of Gujarat

 Sandalwood and rosewood carving handicrafts of South India

 Kantha work of West Bengal and North–East India

 Chikan work of Lucknow

The Surajkund Food Festival
 No Indian celebration is complete without Indian spices. Savour traditional recipes from all over the country, on a platter!While you shop, soak in the aroma of delicious cuisines being prepared at the many stalls. Savour delicacies from around the country.

A fair to cherish and remember…..


  1. The Craftspersons from all over India, SAARC and other neighbouring countries would be selling the best of Handlooms and Handicrafts items.

 2. The State of Rajasthan is the Theme State of the Mela Rajasthan known for its Fort Places, Textiles,Handicrafts,Cuisines and Fairand Festivals. Replica of Choki-Dhani can be seen at Haveli in Mela Ground.

 3. Tajikistan,Egypt and Thailand are the three Partner Countries. They will bring their craftsmen,cultural teams and cuisines.

 4. Best of Cultural programmes organized jointly by Ministry of Culture,ICCR,New Delhi, Theme State Rajasthan and Cultural Affairs Department, Haryana & Haryana Kala Parishad.

 5. Exporters meet and Buyers meet to be held at Surajkund Design Galleries with assistance of the DC Handlooms and DC Handicrafts.

 6. Food Court with variety of Indian, Thau & Egyptain Food.

 7. Amusement Zone with playful rides and swings.

 8. Folk Dances by Schools/Colleges at Chaupal daily from 11 a.m. onwards

9. Participate in special games and in competitions like Rangoli (2nd Feb.), Face painting(3rd Feb.), Essay Writing (4th Feb.) , Mehandi (5th Feb.) drawing (9th feb.), kite Flying for adults (10th Feb.) and Photography for amateurs only(11th Feb.)

It’s Time to Celebrate Self

Next week is National Singles Week! Unbeknown to most, there is a specially designated week each year which celebrates singles as they embrace their independence and are recognized for their achievements and contributions to society.

So before you start laughing it off, take a second to remember all the complaining you’ve done about the fact that singles are left out. And be glad that we get a week, not a day, but an entire week to celebrate single life.
Now we know that news of the special week may be coming to you on short notice, so we took the time to prepare a list of activities and events you can do to celebrate you.

1. Take a Wellness Day: You don’t have to be sick to take a day just for yourself. Why not start the week right by taking a special day off from work for wellness? The objective is to unplug, so remember to "step away from the computer and cell phone." Sleep in late, eat your favorite morning cereal and follow the day wherever it takes you.

2. Pick a Project and Do-it-Yourself: It can be as simple as compiling a new CD, just make something that is entirely for you. You will find that the act of creating, in and of itself, may just put a smile on your face.

3. Reach out and Forgive Someone: Make amends with someone, anyone, even if it is an ex (just be sure to keep it at that!). Or simply take some time to be sorry for all the times you were too demanding or hard on yourself. Forgiving yourself, another person or group of people can promote good heart health and lowers stress.

4. Treat Yourself to a Glass of Bubbly: The incredible Madame Clicquot is often considered the first businesswoman of the modern era. After she was widowed in 1805 at the age of 27, Veuve Clicquot (Veuve means widow in French) defied every convention and took the helm of her late husband’s small Champagne house. So treat yourself to some bubbly and raise a glass to a legendary lady!

5. Try Something a Little Alternative: By alternative, we’re not talking music! Rather, instead of pampering yourself with a spa massage try acupuncture, hypnosis or Reiki. If all that new age-y stuff freaks you out, the least you can do is pick up some vitamins or try a yoga class to celebrate you.

6. Test-drive a New Product: We don’t care if it’s a Vespa or a vibrator, as long as it turns you on!

7. Take a Spur-of-the Moment Road Trip: It’s perfectly okay to get lost once in a while. In fact, you’ll be surprised at just how exhilarating it can feel to give up your power for a few hours. So hop in you car or get on a bus and enjoy the adventure.

8. Tantalize Your Taste buds: Don’t listen to the buzz about juice diets. Try this instead: Savor one piece of exotic fruit every morning, think fresh watermelon, luscious cherries and juicy plums. Then pick a night(s) to have raw salmon sashimi for supper and feed yourself as if someone else was doing it for you. It’s more than just cleansing, it a sensual trip.

9. Express Yourself In Writing: Forgot the last time you wrote a letter, let alone received one? While it may be easy to dial out to distant friends, letter writing is an art that will keep your spirit alive.

10. Set Sail with other Singles: In many parts of the country, this may be your last chance to be out on the water. Don’t worry if you don’t have a board and crew, there are plenty of clubs for happily unmarried singles like the “Sailing Singles of Southeastern Michigan.

5 Things To Do Before the End of Summer

It’s been a somewhat wacky summer. The weather has been unpredictable, the work hours unbearable as we try to keep our jobs and our shrinking wallets have kept many of us from doing the things we most enjoy.  But now that the final days of Summer are upon us, the sun is shining and economists are seeing the light. Here are some ways to enjoy it while it lasts: 

1. Celebrate Woodstock: You don’t need to be a baby boomer to appreciate the fact that this year is the 40th anniversary celebration of Woodstock. The festival, which had mind altering effects on an entire generation, is being commemorated at big and small stadiums, outdoor venues and performance halls across the nation. You may not catch the Dead or CCR, but chances are the multiple cover bands fest will rock your end of summer. 
2. Clambake: Mussels, crabs, steamers and fresh lobster right on the beach – life doesn’t get much better. If you don’t have the know-how or tools to put this together, don’t sweat it. There are plenty of operators, like Shore Catering on the Jersey Shore who will organize a full service clambake with fire pit included, as well as those who offer clambakes-to-go if you’re more in the mood for a picnic. It’s a delicious way to enjoy the last evenings of warm weather, so grab some friends,  libations and bibs, and enjoy!
3. Yoga Outside: Go beyond the studio walls and take your practice to the park. It’s a lot easier to find your balance and flow when you’re amidst nature.  The benefits of fresh air, sunlight and ambience will do your body and mind a lot of good.  Many yoga instructors offer out-of-studio experiences, so find a class that suits your style and get a head start on your fall fitness regimen.
4. Outdoor Film Festival: Star gazing takes on new meaning when you hit an outdoor film festival. From recent blockbusters and indie shorts to Hollywood classics, there is something for everyone to enjoy plus it’s cheap, fun and if done as a date can be very romantic. Grab a lawn chair, a bottle of wine and add movie night to your must do list before the last picture showing.
5.  Bake a Blueberry Pie: As the saying goes, it’s easy as pie.   And it is now even easier as you need not start from scratch. Pre-baked pie crusts eliminate a lot of the time and mess involved in baking, and it’s a creative way to make use of leftover fruits that are in season. If blueberries are not your thing, swap them out for blackberries, peaches, plums or cherries.  And the best place to eat it is in the park with some friends, preferably one of whom will pick up ice cream on the  way!
Sometimes all it takes is a little planning to escape from the heat. Using the internet, city guides or local magazines, you can find everything in your area from free kayaking to hiking trails, from beaches to golf tournaments, and from sculpture gardens to hoe-downs.  Summer won’t last, so get out ther and just do it!  

Read more articles like this on SingleEdition.com

 Click here to view the Spark Networks and Single Edition e-vite to "Live the Life You Love!"

World Sound Healing Day 2009

World Sound Healing Day

Dear Sound Friends:

This February 14th we will be celebrating the 7th World Sound Healing Day!  This is a day when people throughout the planet sound together for planetary peace and healing at 12 noon Eastern time, as well as throughout the day.

More details about World Sound Healing Day and planetary healing sounds are available at this link: http://www.healingsounds.com/sounds/worlddayinfo.asp

I’d like to take this opportunity to offer some new suggestions on how you can participate in the 2009 World Sound Healing Day

We’ve always received such extraordinary feedback from you with regard to your participation in this event.  Now here’s an opportunity to post your feedback on this blog.

So many of you have joined us in this event throughout the years, and many of you  have initiated your own events in conjunction with World Sound Healing Day.  What a blessing!  It is my greatest hope that even more of you will facilitate and organize your own events this year.

While it’s always been my belief that even a small number of individuals who project intentionalized sound to the planet for Global Harmonization is powerful, it is my understanding that “the more the merrier”. That is why, this year, I’m calling for as much collaborating and co-creation with regard to World Sound Healing Day as possible and putting out the call to organize events in your area.

As you may know, last year, we manifested  www.templeofsacredsound.org as a gathering place in cyberspace for those throughout the planet to use as a vehicle to assist in sending Healing Sounds to the planet. Our blog Temple of Sacred Sound continues to be an extraordinary website for this purpose, and on Feb. 14h, it will be a great venue for those joining us to tone together in cyberspace.

This year, through our blog, I’d like to ask that you present not only your comments regarding the energy of using sound to harmonize the planet,  but also to discuss possible ways that February 14th can become a potent day for sounding forth for Global Harmonization. And how you may create and facilitate sounding for global peace.

If you’ll be joining us in cyberspace on Feb. 14th, let us know. If you’ll be sending out announcements about this event to others, let us know. If you’ll be creating a physical plane event on this day, let us know. Let’s really have the Global Community of Sound Healers make their voices heard.  The more people who read about the thoughts, ideas and events that will occur in conjunction with World Sound Healing Day, the more powerful and profound the thought form that we manifest will be.

World Sound Healing Day is YOUR event—it is for each and every one of you who understands and utilize the power of sound to heal and transform. This is a golden opportunity to bring sound healing to Mother Earth.

In addition, my wife Andi Goldman and I will be hosting  a radio show on Saturday, Feb. 14th on www.healthylife.net that will lead into our noon time (Eastern Time) World Sound Healing experience.

On a local level, we’ll also be facilitating a free one hour toning experience here in Boulder, Colorado  later that after noon.  Along with our toning the “AH” sound for planetary healing, we will also have a large quartz crystal bowl filled with water in the center of our toning circle. After our hour of toning, everyone gets to drink of that water which is truly luminescent in its taste and effect. The remainder of the water will be poured into Boulder Creek, taking the energy of this World Sound Healing Day event into the ocean.

This is just one example of what can be done on this powerful and important day of planetary healing.  I encourage you to be creative and to let us know any other thoughts, ideas and activities you may be planning for this World Sound Healing Day.  It will be great to hear from you.

Let’s really get together and act as one coherent, celestial tone to initiate the energies of Light & Love through Sound for the planet.

Jonathan Goldman

This video shares a bit of information about last years event.

Om Ball Tonight

Your presence is requested at the 2009 OM BALL. JUST ANNOUNCED – DEEPAK CHOPRA!

Click here to download the Invitation and view the details.

Space is very limited. If you want to attend, we’d love to have you. But please buy your TICKETS NOW.

And if you are not attending, please join us on the OM BALL social network. Exciting things are about to happen. We look forward to your presence.

DEEPAK CHOPRA President, Alliance for a New Humanity
RAM DASS via video
MICHAEL BERNARD BECKWITH Agape International / from "The Secret" Movie
TONI CHILDS Grammy Nominee / Emmy Winner
RICKIE BYARS BECKWITH Featuring The Agape Choir
JODIE EVANS Code Pink Co-Founder
SAUL DAVID RAYE Yogi / Sacred Activist
NEALE DONALD WALSCH & JAMES TWYMAN Author, "Conversation With God" / Author, Filmmaker, Musician via video link
CAROLINE CASEY Author Speaker, Activist Astrologer

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