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Prana Fit E-Workouts are designed for the person who understands the benefit of expert fitness advice, but prefers to exercise alone or reduce the higher costs associated with having a personal trainer on location.   They are for someone who wants to make a true change in their body, using the most recent science available for the fastest results possible.  Our E-Workouts are also an incredible asset for school age athletes to help make them more resistant to injury.  

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What’s Your Intent To Change The World? Refresh Everything Series on Intent.com

What’s Your Intent To Change The World? 


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When In Doubt – LAUGH!!


A few weeks ago I read,

Well let’s get right to it!
Think about what you are afraid of right now? And why? Think up the worse scenario with an even worse outcome that you can imagine, something we seem to do naturally. Write the outcome on a piece of recycled paper, but title it like a BOOK COVER or a MOVIE that you are about to see, the only thing is that that BOOK, that MOVIE –you are the STAR in, is a COMEDY not a DRAMA!
So take a moment………..now give it a TITLE…, for example: The Anorexic Bank-Account, 30 Dirty Diapers, SCARY BOYFRIEND Part III, The 25 year old Hangover, Orgasm a foreign LAND for Him and Her, The Weight that came for dinner -and never left, My girlfriend and her Husband, Dr. Jekyill and Mr. Credit Card, , ,
be creative with this. Or simply start laughing – look at your situation your bank-account and start laughing. LAUGH IT UP!!! LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH!!!! If anything else IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER, even if it’s just for a moment!
You might not be able to change the situation you are in this instant but you CAN change your ATTITUDE toward it. What you think you feel!
Don’t dam up your channels with FEAR. Keep them open expect THE BEST respect the present and let the good flood you!
LAUGH, and make em’ LAUGH

love&laugh -Patricia

Weddings and A Healthy Lifestyle

Recently, several of my clients have asked me about a wedding bootcamp. I don’t necessary have one, but I have worked with clients in the past who want a quick workout in time for that special day, however there is no "qick" way to lose weight. There is only a healthy and a non-healthy way. I like to train people the healthy way.

So for brides to be out there who can’t access me (Since I’m based in NY), I just wanted to provide sample workout regimes you can do to help you achieve a healthy look for your wedding. Please note that these exercises must be combined with proper nutrition and diet.

Since my previous workouts were catered to the dress style my client wanted, I’ll do so here. So for the next couple of posts, I’ll post the style of the dress and the moves you can do to feel more confident in wearing the dress.

First is the A-Line style dress here are excerises that you can combine with your diet:


  • Bicep Curl/Shoulder Press Combination – With dumbbells, perform bicep curl up to chin, then rotate hands as press weights overhead, then return to start position
  • Lateral Raises – standing with knees slightly bent, shoulders back palms down toward thighs, raise from mid-shoulder arms straight out to side up to shoulder level, then return to thighs
  • Bench dips – sitting on edge of bench, hands just over edge, move hips just off bench and lower body by bending elbows straight back. Press from back of arms to extended position then lower body and repeat
  • Rear Delt – Lying face down flat on bench; weights on floor, palms facing each other at shoulder level raise from back of shoulders straight out to side, squeezing shoulders together, then return to floor

If you want more personal advise, please feel free to contact me on here.


Eye Exercises – Yoga for the Eyes Improving Visual Concentration –

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Eye Exercises – Yoga for the Eyes
Improving Visual Concentration





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