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Applying Musical Terms in Our Life to Create Expansion- Part 2

radioIn challenging times, it is easy to wander and disconnect from our heart.  Fear, sadness and anxiety can very easily become dissonant notes in the song of our life as we become immersed in the news of senseless killings, terrorism and political unrest.  Within your heart there is still love, compassion, kindness, passion and purpose.  Words cannot explain what most of us are feeling at this time in history.  There is another language that strikes a deeper chord and has the ability to guide us home to our hearts to access our true potential.  The Language is music…. Music restarts the important dialogue between our conscious mind and our intuitive heart and can provide rejuvenation, inner peace and inspiration.  In these challenging times we have the ability to compose our selves, regroup and orchestrate beauty in our life.  We are resilient and have the ability to orchestrate a better world.  As we work on ourselves individually to find inner peace it  ripples  out into our life and our world.

So lets, define the terms compose and orchestrate and then apply them with musical tools to assist us in creating transformation in our life.  According to www.freedictionary.com the word compose can be defined several ways: Continue reading

Applying Musical Terms in Our Life to Create Expansion- Part 1


Music is a universal language. There are things music can communicate in just a few notes that would take a lifetime to communicate in words.  When we hear something harmonious in a musical piece it can bring feelings of elation, elevation, love, peace, joy and can touch our emotions in so many ways.  On the other end of the spectrum, when dissonance in a musical piece is present it can create feelings of uneasiness, anxiousness, fear and contracting feelings… Dissonance, in small doses, has a role in music and our life.  I am sure we have all experienced the music of a chase scene in a film that tap into this theory.  So how can we use harmony and dissonance to create expansion in our lives?  Let’s Explore!


So, what is harmony?  According to www.dictionary.reference.com:


1) agreement; accord; harmonious relations.
2) A consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity.
3) Music.
a. Any simultaneous combination of tones
b. The simultaneous combination of tones, especially when blended into chords pleasing to the ear; chordal structure, as distinguished from melody and rhythm
c. The science of the structure, relations, and practical combination of chords


So, what is Dissonance?  According to www.dictionary.reference.com:


1. Inharmonious or harsh sound; discord; cacophony.
2. Music ..
a) simultaneous combination of tones conventionally accepted as being in a state of unrest and needing completion.
b. An unresolved, discordant chord or interval.
An unresolved, discordant chord or interval.
3. Disagreement or incongruity.

In reading these definitions did it bring to mind different areas of your life that are in harmony and others that are in dissonance?

Let us move through a three-step process together: Continue reading

There Will Be A Greater Influx

 Tuesday, 9/6


“There will be a greater influx of Cosmic energies flowing through the Earth’s atmosphere and it behooves each of you to continue in your daily practices to maintain your frequency levels and seek out Nature in all its forms in order to keep grounded in your energy fields. This is very important at this time. Give yourselves radical self love, for it is in doing so that you then enable the expansion of the field of human consciousness to ever increasing levels of Light and balance.” — Hilarion’s Weekly Message from John Oldham

Steve Farrell,

Humanity’s Team World Wide Coordinating Director


There Will Be A Greater Influx

 Tuesday, 9/6


“There will be a greater influx of Cosmic energies flowing through the Earth’s atmosphere and it behooves each of you to continue in your daily practices to maintain your frequency levels and seek out Nature in all its forms in order to keep grounded in your energy fields. This is very important at this time. Give yourselves radical self love, for it is in doing so that you then enable the expansion of the field of human consciousness to ever increasing levels of Light and balance.” — Hilarion’s Weekly Message from John Oldham

Steve Farrell,

Humanity’s Team World Wide Coordinating Director


SoulCollage and Synchronicity

Some may accuse me of bias prior to experiencing the magic of SoulCollage with my mother Linda Martin, firsthand.  Mother’s background as a psychotherapist extraordinaire naturally enhances her SoulCollage process.  I went to SoulCollage with the intent to support my mother and create a SoulCollage that speaks to myself and others deeply.  The experience exceeded my expectations.  First of all it was good old fashioned fun creating amazing images collectively.  It was a joy to share the process with so many remarkable women.  I came away with an image that brings clarity to my objectives and fuels my passion.  Allow me to share how the synchronicity unfolds…

Ever since my mother sent me a link about SoulCollage I was strongly drawn to the concept.  I have experienced the transformative power of Inspired images.  It was not until the last moment that I realized I might be able to rearrange my schedule to support mother with her first class as a SoulCollage facilitator and delve into the magic Mom’sbeen mastering. From the moment the thought occurred to me I was confident Spirit  would help make it happen.  I wanted to be there for mother especially in light of the countless times she has had my back…

Delightfully, work gaps were filled, parenting responsibilities covered, bags packed and I was cutting images with mother in her cozy home in Alabama before I knew it. It was a Heaven filled whirlwind.  It feels good to support and honor mother’s growth and contributions to her new and most impressive path of Service, SoulCollage…

The morning of the class I set my Intention for the day.  "I intend to support my mother with her first class and create a SoulCollage that speaks to myself and others deeply."  ~And so it is…

I had some ideas about what I wanted to create and also a willingness to change directions for the highest good.  Seeing incredible, combined images emerging was compelling.  I was fascinated to hear how the images spoke to/through the many magnificent women.  

Visit http://twitpic.com/32lw48 to see the image I was led to change course and create.  What the image says to me is (I/you/we) "Align with Spirit and Nature to manifest abundance for ALL".  I don’t know if you are  moved by this as I Intended, but it’s working for me in a big way.  Just so happens, the card symbolizes exactly what I need to invest my energy in right now.  Interesting…

I shine brighter since the class.  I feel excited about: my experience, the gratifying, important work mother is doing, my Inspiring image and the implications for expansion.  Heavenly!

Two days after the class I come across posts of a most synchronistic nature by the legendary Goddess, Jean Houston.

Jean Houston wrote:

When we think in images, our brain seems to need less time to reach a conclusion, relive an event, or rehearse a skill than it does when we think in the ordinary way. Some scientists believe that this time short-cut happens because thinking in images involves greater use of the right hemisphere of the brain, which does… not process time in a linear, one-thing-after-another fashion.

You have an intention? See it as an image–seen or felt, heard, touched, even tasted. Then dwell on images of future accomplishment using as many of your interior senses as you can. Soon you will find yourself sponsored by your image, activated by it, to the point that you will have the passion and the purpose to do something about it. What’s more, life
itself will have a passion for you. You will be a cocreator.

~I thanked Jean for eloquently putting into words how empowering SoulCollage can be/is for me at the end of the last paragraph.  Jean later posted the following:

Jean Wrote: To go further with this process imagine your intention coming to pass, but this time experience it even more vividly. Not only are all your senses engaged, but you also hold the vision of realizing your intention with a kind of imaginative …clarity that makes it seem more real than before. By "remembering" your creative intention as it might develop in the near future, you put it more solidly into your life plan. 

As you live out your intention again, note what new ideas and elements have been added. Note too how the intention may have changed and how it may seem more realistic in your mind, as if it already is happening. In a way, it is already happening, for in this exercise you are priming your passion for the possible, making the possible a more likely happening. So go to it, and imagine your intention as fully as you can. After you complete this process, Congratulate yourself. You have patterned and prepared within for what you most desire to manifest in your life. What is more, the internal image of success you have generated makes you more likely to look for opportunities to work creatively towards fulfilling your intention. A vivid image helps give you the energy and focus to stick with it until your dream becomes reality.

Heavenly, huh???

Naturally I shared Jean’s uncannily relevant writings with Mother as soon as possible…

Soon afterward I realized I could use my SoulCollage/image of my Intent as the "wallpaper" on my cell phone.  Wahoo! Seeing an image of my point of focus every time I look at my cell phone is BIG!!!  I can make any new or relevant SoulCollage the "wallpaper" as led.  LOVING this…

So if you have half the experience I did with SoulCollage, it will be a wise investment for yourself and ALL.  Don’t take my word for it.  Contact lfmartin2010@gmail.com to see for yourself and visit www.SoulCollage.com!  XO

The Daisy

The following passage came to me in a meditation. It was so clear and vivid that I knew I had to write it down.

Pollen floats about, flies without an obvious care in the world, and at some point will pollinate. And when the time is right, a seed will fall to the ground.

As this seed I am dormant, and yet alive. I know the world through a stationary sense. The darkness that I slip into is my world, and yet I am dead to it. I think I am alive, and the days and nights that pass overhead certainly look like life to me. I may even be picked up by the wind, carried about to meet other seeds. We shall certainly commend each other, content at how wholesome we are, how safe we are in our shells.

But I will remain locked in a shell. An inner yearning, a compulsion that I cannot explain drives me onward. Sometimes I resist the wind and at other times I am carried by it willingly; for you see I believe that this wind is my life, that the shell the extent of who I am. I believe that the wind is destiny and that my fate is in the hands of natural chaos.

And then one day I fall to the ground. I have reached a breaking point, of sorts. The inner questioning burns within, and yet I see no fire. The spark of life burns within me and I suddenly realize I am dead to it. I sink into the earth and in a manner that only an Infinite consciousness could conceive I find myself unable to see anymore for all the darkness.

In this darkness I fall silent. I look within and question the spark that I now sense. The spark begins to ignite, but there is no flame, only a hunger. What lies beyond this shell? The limit of my awareness suddenly falters, and for the first time in this existence of mine I suddenly realize that I am more than a seed caught within a shell.

Numerous feet suddenly sprout from beneath my body, my core. Stretching the many toes I suddenly feel, I wiggle them deeper, until my legs relax, my feet feel certain, and my toes find nourishment. In the deepest darkness my enquiry brings me at last to an understanding – I must reach upward, outward.

My awareness lifts, awareness searching above. I am surrounded by darkness but I know there is something beyond. Something within me compels me to raise my head, uncoil my body, and to forge on. My resolve is fueled by the darkness all around, my feet, my roots, press upon it, and provides the foundation that now propels me outward. The weight of the world is almost unbearable. I feel like I have hit a breaking point, as I cannot keep going. And yet quite to my own surprise strength within me that I didn’t know I had energizes me in one last effort. The beauty of experience is understood and in a flash a finger I break through the soil’s surface.

In a sudden rush I am blinded by sunlight: Such energy, such intensity. For a moment I recoil out of shock, almost unable to comprehend the contrast, and yet the light that now beats upon me is as necessary as the darkness that forms the foundation about my roots.

I am growing now. As I sprout upward the deeper my roots dig into the darkness the higher I can reach. The light grows closer, yet the light has no meaning in this experience without the darkness. I drink the sun as it bathes me. I feel its energy course though me even as I stretch my roots deeper still to drink from the earth. All is necessary as I grow. Every stretch downward and upward complete who I am.

Suddenly I realize that my head is expanding. The growth I sense about me has been slowly working its way around my mind. As I enquire within I am reassured. I forget what is happening; the cycles of the sun and breezy nights wage a dulcet and lulling dance with the water of the earth drawn through my feet. I continue to live, to grow, unable to specifically articulate what is happening to my head.

And then I look up again. Suddenly I am filling with a sensation that was a compelling as the first time my head broke through the soil. White petals now unfurl about me, like sheets drying on the wind. I see a yellow glow and realize that my head is now a clustered core, the centre of the petals that reach outward. I marvel even as the breeze does more to move me than ever before. Like a billowing tent I am now, more than ever, subject to the physical movement of the wind about me; yet, I remain clear. The sun calls; the earth’s drink and coolness remind me of who I am. I find an indescribable strength in this.

Cycles of sun and moon pass me by. I celebrate the knowing of this moment. What was a spark within me has started to fulfill itself; it has begun to be. I struggle to articulate what this means, but I find peace in it nonetheless. I can remember all I have experienced, and it strengthens me, and my resolve grows even as my attachment diminishes. And at the moment I release myself to this peace my petals begin to feel weak.

For so long the wind swayed and soothed me, but now it wracks me, pulls me apart. For a moment I panic. Petals begin to sail away. And yet I am suddenly aware. My awareness expands and as I focus I suddenly realize that I am seeing through each petal just as I am the core. I float, I sway, and float in many ways. Some parts of me land close by, others float for longer distances. But I suddenly realize that each petal is returning to the earth. Nourishment will be returned to that which allowed me to expand. The cycle of energy will allow others to reach as I did, support them in their journey.

And then I am petal-less. But I know something special is about to happen. My head shakes suddenly, and for a brief violent moment I realize that a gust of wind is lifting me. I fall upward, away, drawn in thousands of directions at once. I am pollen now, so many particles floating. The wind carries me, and yet within I remember the journey I have taken. Each part of me is now carried with abandon to many places.

With joy I encounter many other flowers, I fall to the ground, and I float on to new and distant lands. With joy I return to whence I came, gifting Nature with the expression that I once was.

(c) Copyright, 2010, Carmien Owen

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Don’t Be Afriad of the Dark — Understand What It Is . . .

!) Darkness can be caused by gestation.  When we receive new ideas they sometimes need to gestate in the dark.  What you’re doing, where you’re going hasn’t shown up yet.  To take place, gestation sometimes needs darkness. Just keep going.

2) Darkness can be the result of Deep Cleansing. Old ideas are dying off; new ones are unfolding.  This darkness is identifed with Expansion.

3) Darkness can come from receiving a tremendous insight.  Like looking straight into the sun, we are temporarily blinded until we reach a new paridigm.

(Paraphrased from a talk by Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith/Agape Institute)








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