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5 Quotes from Deepak to Help You De-Stress During the Busy Holiday Season

As we enter the height of the holiday season we know that emotions are running high. It’s an exciting time of year! But with that comes a lot of stress – between family, money, personal and professional success – so there can be a lot of negative thoughts hanging out as well. When trying to think of coping mechanisms to offer our readers naturally the first person who popped into our heads was the man who hasn’t lost his temper in over 20 years. What does he say about stress? There are dozens of Deepak recommended stress relief routes but we compiled a few of our favorite quotes to help you get started.


Being able to take a step back from a situation that is causing you to go negative can be beyond helpful. In some cases simply being able to let go of a problem because it’s not worth the negative energy is amazing. In others, walking away entirely may not be an option but if you can gain a new perspective you can see a new possible solution that refreshes your efforts and makes the problem easier to solve. If you know that certain situations cause you a higher level of stress then you can create the wherewithal to avoid them.


Realizing the power, or lack there of, of your thoughts can be really helpful as well. Allow your mind to have them but don’t assign them any particular weight. Take a moment to be silent, allow your mind the thoughts that are causing you so much trouble and then let them go, because they are just that – thoughts. That only changes when you allow them to become actions.


People constantly underestimate the value of sleep. When you are feeling tired and fatigued, allowing your body to refresh can give you a whole new round of energy to tackle your battles. If you can do yourself just one favor this holiday season make sure it is that you are allowing your body (and thus your mind and spirit) to take a break every once in a while. Being refreshed automatically puts you in a healthier state of mind to take on the tasks of the day.


Our physical state reflects how we are experiencing the world – so if we stay in a state of stress or negativity it will manifest itself in our physical presence. This is why it is so vital not to dwell in those states. Remember to breathe, walk away if you can, or find the place within yourself where you feel centered and calm. Look for the positive silver linings of a situation to help you wade through the darker aspects. When you have faith that there is a light at the end of the tunnel you create a brighter outlook for yourself and that outlook will also manifest itself physically and give you more motivation to move on.


Meditation. It is our number one recommended method of detoxing your body and spirit of stress and negativity. You don’t have to spend hours a day – just take two minutes between your tasks to be silent and breathe. Just sixty seconds can allow you to find your center and calm. Taking these mini breaks can help you remain balanced when everyone and everything else is driving you crazy. Every little bit helps and if it stops you from exploding then you’ll feel all that much better for it.

Do you have a favorite quote that helps you de-stress in a moment of panic? Share it with us in the comments below!

Do You Fall Prey to These 4 Types of Impulse Purchases?


When we’re trying to change our buying  habits, one challenge is that marketers are so clever at enticing us into making impulse purchases.

In David Lewis’s book Impulse: Why We Do What We Do Without Knowing Why We Do It, he provides a list of the four main types of impulse buys, developed by industrial economist Hawkins Stern in 1962.

Do you recognize any of these categories in your own purchasing patterns?

1. Pure impulse buying — you make a true novelty purchase, or escape purchase, that’s very different from your typical purchasing pattern

2. Reminder impulse buying — you see an item or remember something that reminds you that you need an item

3. Suggestion impulse buying– you see a product for the first time and imagine a need for it

4. Planned impulse buying — (isn’t this label an oxymoron? oh well) you make a purchase based on price specials, coupons, etc.

Now, I know that some folks out there are my fellow under-buyers, and we have to force ourselves to make impulse purchases of the #2 sort. Even when I know I need something, I hate to buy it!

Interestingly, Lewis notes that people generally don’t consider it a mistake to make impulse purchases. Research suggests that only about 1 in 5 people regret it, and 2 out of 5 say they feel good about it. (If you don’t feel good about it, here are 5 tips to resist impulse shopping.)

If you battle impulse purchasing, what category gives you the most trouble? How do you combat it? Of course, we’re always told to shop with a list–and seeing these four categories makes it clear why that’s helpful in fighting impulsive spending.


  • If you’re a fan of good order, you’ll be so satisfied by a visit to Things Organized Neatly on Tumblr.  Beautiful, beautiful order. One thing that has surprised me about happiness: the extent to which, for most people, outer order contributes to inner calm.
  •  I’ve heard from many real-estate agents who are giving Happier at Home to their clients. If you’d like personalized, signed “Tips for Happiness in Your New Home” cards to go with the books, or signed, personalized bookplates, request them here. But you don’t have to be a real-estate agent to ask! Ask one for yourself or for friends. (I can mail to U.S. and Canada only, alas).

Staying Calm in Rough Financial Waters

We are in a period of history where many people feel agitated and insecure about what is going to happen to our climate and to our worldwide financial structure.  I speak to people everyday who are scared.   On the other hand, some people feel that we are getting a huge wake up call and need to take advantage of our current problems in order to create a better world.

This is a time when a HUGE number of people are focused on world problems and not just on their own personal lives. If we can take this time to make important changes not only in our personal lives, but in our communities and our countries, then we can create a better world. 

I think we would all agree that we need to take better care of our environment and that we need to have regulations in place that would not allow companies such as mortgage companies to sign up people to pay fees they cannot afford. 

It is my prayer that we can all work together no matter what our spiritual beliefs encompass.  From my spiritual perspective, we are all ONE and therefore energetically connected to each other.  We are not as individual as we think.  We all need to work together. I realize what I have said sounds very idealistic, but it is with values and ideals that we must begin to create a better world.

Let us ask ourselves “what can I do to create a better world?”   Each one of us has a Cosmic Connection to the Divine and if we can activate that connection, we can receive guidance not only for ourselves but for a better world.

Please share your ideas with us with a comment.

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Prayers; The World Financial Crisis; Prayers; The World Economic Outlook; God Bless

Prayers; The World Financial Crisis; Prayers; The World Economic Outlook; God Bless




Dear God, as all of us face the current financial crisis; it is with your Blessings and Loving Grace that we shall persevere proudly and face this resiliently with the Wisdom that you always provide;

Dear God; Please guide us all

Please guide all and bless all of us with a Vision of Wisdom; Courage; Confidence; Prudence; Faith and Hope to overcome this economic crisis and build a bright and sustainable future for our Children


Dear God, You have always been there for us when we always called you with a truly awakened heart, mind, intellect and soul; You have always been there by our side always, thank you Dear God for your loving grace always


We all pray on behalf of all the People in the Universe; we pray for all the Countries all across the World Dear God


You know everything Dear God; every phase of life is thanks to you time and again; as so many Families all across the World face this period of uncertainties; we seek forgiveness Dear God

Children & Families

Please Dear God, our Children and our Families all across the World are all appealing and humbly calling you Dear God, they are always grateful to you Dear God always, most appreciative and very most grateful


Dear God, Please always Bless the Complete Universe with a Vision of Happiness and Wisdom always

Heaven is a Place on Earth

Let all the Countries; Let all the People, all across the World unite together, admire and appreciate one another;

Peace; Love; Appreciation; Gratitude; Peaceful Coexistence; Respect

Let there be Peace; Love; Respect; Dignity; Respect: Appreciation; Gratitude; Happiness at one anothers meaningful, purposeful and responsible accomplishments


Universal Appreciation; Happiness; Consideration; Compassion; Respect; Peace; Love; Cooperation; Inspiration; Gratitude; Economic Development, Stability; Prosperity, Progress & Wisdom

Love & Light;

God Bless,



©2009 Vashi Ram Chandi



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Mastering the Five Powers for Joy and Peace in Your Life

The Path of Constructive Life is a paradigm for happy, healthy and prosperous living. It teaches that the source and path of a peaceful, healthy life of universal harmony lies in the constructive engagement of each person with Mother Nature. Natural conditions provide for the health of all people. Those who wish to enjoy a peaceful, healthy and bountiful life may choose to master the Five Powers. By achieving health of body, mind, spirit, morality and finance, you will have the power to manifest your life the way you envision.


A person is physically productive and responsible for their own health by engaging in longevity and wellness practices. They live a constructive lifestyle and refrain from indulging in negative habits or interests.

A person becomes mentally positive and constructive by balancing their mind and emotions. They develop an educated but unprejudiced mind that does not engage in destructive emotions and negative attitudes.

A person gains a pure and open spirit through continual self-development and the performance of service to the world.

A person practices universal morality and nurtures constructive relationships. They treat and serve all people equally, positively and kindly.

A person enjoys a bountiful financial life through the application of sound fiscal practices that do no harm to others. They live within their means and share their abundance with those less fortunate.

These Five Powers provide the way to live a good life, fulfill personal duty, and achieve social responsibility. A person who attains the Five Powers lives in tune with the constructive nature of the universe and experiences peace, happiness and abundance in life. (To learn more about the Five Powers, visit www.collegeoftao.org).

Wellbeing tip of the day: Exercise

Have you ever wondered why you feel so great during vacation? While you may think it’s because you are not at work, how about this other explanation? You are having a great time with people you care about in a nice place, you enjoy good food, you sleep well and you exercise or simply relax.

 It is still a puzzle to me when I find out my new stressed out clients and patients reveal to me they have not been exercising at all. The most common excuse is “I don’t have time to exercise!” Even more amazing, many start cutting down on their training because their pressure at work has increased. Interestingly, though, adding workouts to a work-packed schedule is one of the easiest strategies to work less, produce more, make more money and create more wealth. Exercise will help you improve your blood flow with direct beneficial effects to your heart and brain, helping you stay young and energized. Exercising regularly offers one of the best de-stressing strategies, increasing neurotransmitters that enhance your focus, attention and concentration, decreasing the perception for pain and increasing a sense of Wellbeing. Exercise helps create relaxed energy instead of tense energy, driven by stimulants such as caffeine or power drinks. If you are seeking for relaxed energy, exercising will be a great addition to your busy schedule. 

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Strategic Intent

Yesterday I interviewed one of the top strategy executives for Nokia. If you don’t know Nokia’s story then consider this. 15 years ago Nokia made paper, rubber, tires, and played in a whole bunch of unrelated industries. Then, after a devastating financial crisis during which the CEO actually committed suicide, the company became clear on its strategic intent. Its purpose, it decided, was to "connect people." Now, rubber and paper have little to do with that mission, but mobile telephony does. So Nokia launched a dramatic series of spin-offs, peeling out everything that was not contributing to its purpose. This is like Michelangelo carving the statue of David. He was known to have said that he was not carving David; rather he saw David clearly in the marble and was simply removing anything that was NOT David.

When you are clear on your purpose, and your vision, it becomes so simple to discern what belongs and what does not. Hindu, Buddhist, and Chinese spiritual text all say that creation is destruction, so one could say that to bring anything new into this world one must remove something at the same time.

This is what Nokia did. It cut away everything that was not telecom. It has grown from almost no telecom revenue in the late 80s to selling 50 billion Euros last year. In ten years it went from being one-tenth the size of Motorola to overtaking its once-dominant rival.

Strategic clarity, clarity of intent, knowing precisely what belongs and what does not belong in your vision — all lead you to the path of least effort. This universal truth is evident wherever we look. Only those who know without doubt they want to become president of the United States, want to transform their school district, want to build a children’s park in their neighborhood, or are building a company that connects millions of people with each other, can easily see the path of least effort.

This year why don’t we all start with such clarity of intent. In this year, 2009, what is your intent?