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The Flowers and the Candles Are Here Protect Us: A Child’s Thoughts on the Paris Attacks

Much has been said about the attacks on Paris over the weekend.
Who is responsible? Are more attacks around the corner? Are those attacks likely in places beyond Paris? How does Syria tie into this? Should we be mad or sad or scared?
Conversations include so much conjecture, much sympathy and some ugliness but without a doubt, the world is in shock at yet another senseless act of violence claiming so many innocent people.

In the wake of all those voices, one we have appreciated hearing was that of a father teaching his son why he didn’t have to be afraid at the site of Bataclan attacks:

French father and son have the most precious conversation in i…A father and son have the most precious conversation during an interview by french media at the scene of the Bataclan attacks. I saw that it hadn’t been subtitled in english yet, so I made a quick edit to show the rest of the world how freakin awesome some of our citizens are. They’re my heros. I feel better too now! (Courtesy of Le Petit Journal) #paris #bataclan #parisattacks

Original Segment: http://bit.ly/1Lix9L2
Original Video (without subtitles): https://www.facebook.com/PetitJournalYannBarthes/videos/1013093998733798/

Posted by Jerome Isaac Rousseau on Monday, November 16, 2015

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3 Tips to “Wake Up” with Spring

wake upApril. Spring. Daffodils. Tulips. Magnolias. Things that were resting, sleeping or hiding are now starting to wake up and join life again.

We all need rest. We have complex bodies and minds that need time to disconnect and recharge. Winter is that for many of us; the weather forces us in instead of out. It forces us to watch instead of participate. It forces us to hide instead of run free.

And now that spring is here, we wake up. We watch nature wake with the first rounds of colors – from forsythia to crocus to tulips to daffodils. We watch dogwoods and magnolias bud and the first new tender leaves change the stark and gray-brown views along our highways to light, faint, mint green. Nature’s awake.

The energy of spring reactivates our energy. We shed our winter doldrums and step outside, taking in the smell of a new world – warmer, greener, more fragrant and more welcoming. This welcome can encourage us to see ourselves differently.

We had dinner with another couple last night. One of the couple has used this change of seasons to shed the old and to step into the new. He changed his exercise program to include more time outside – walking, investigating and connecting to his world. He changed his look with a neater, trimmer hairstyle and chic hip glasses. I asked what had inspired the change. He shared that there was a new and better self wanting to surface and that spring inspired this change. He is happier, healthier and more connected to his life. His relationships are stronger, his approach to work has improved and his time with his kids is better. A season change inspired his personal change. Brilliant.


  1. Let the “wake-up” rhythm of the season inspire us with new energy, ideas and plans. Make an intention to get up earlier and spend more time with your day, the people in it and the dreams that it inspires. Pull the family together and brainstorm ways for all of its members to embrace it and use the new energy to improve their outlook, effort and approach to life. Implement your ideas. Have a plan. Act.
  2. See the colors of spring as a reminder to add more color to our lives. Make an intention to connect more with the people who matter in your life. Do things that feed your spirit and soul. Plan an adventure. Paint your walls. Buy a new bright article of clothing. Bring flowers into the house. Play more music. Open the windows. Buy a new flowering plant. Shed the winter grays in favor of vibrant spring colors.
  3. See the arrival of spring as a gift. Trees with new leaves, gardens of flowers, sounds of birds, footprints of deer and the fragrances of the season are all gifts of spring. Make an intention to notice and appreciate these gifts. With the arrival of spring to many parts of the country, our views have almost instantaneously changed from somber to vivid. Notice it. Spend time with it. Appreciate it. Share it. Love it.

Spring inspires energy – wake up and show up big to life. What intentions can you make to use today’s energy to awaken a bigger, better, greater you?

Nature is showing and sharing its best. Seems like a great time for us to do the same.

5 Quotes on the Power of Forgiveness

When you choose forgiveness, you commit an act of love to yourself as well as the person you’re forgiving. To forgive is to liberate yourself from the poison of anger and resentment, as well as release the individual who has wronged you from the guilt that may be weighing them down. Here are 5 inspirational quotes from people who recognized the power of forgiveness:

 “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” — Louis B. Smedes

“Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?” — Abraham Lincoln

“We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us.” — Martin Luther King

“I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him. ” — Booker T. Washington

“Forgiveness is me giving up my right to hurt you for hurting me.” — Anonymous

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Originally posted in 2012

Love is All There Is

love is in the air, love is everywereValentine’s Day has us all thinking about love. We can’t escape the ads, the decorations in the stores, the promises of chocolates and roses at every point of purchase. We get caught up in the celebration and romance of this holiday. And yet, we know that there is much more to love than cards and candy.

Love is all there is.

Really. There’s nothing else. It’s what we’re made of. It’s what we live for. It’s who we are.

Love is at the source of all creation. It’s something we all strive to understand, and that we all have in common. It’s what connects us.

Love is our greatest teacher. It is so big, so all-encompassing, that individually we could study it throughout our entire lifetime, and as a society we have studied it throughout the ages. We can learn about love, we can learn from love, we can learn to love.

Bhakti Yoga is the Path of Love. Bhakti Yoga teaches us to love everything, and everyone, because all of it is divine. Each small thing is a part of the greater whole, and that whole is divine. So when we practice Bhakti we experience the feeling of love in the recognition of divinity, with everything we come across.

We experience love the most profoundly through our relationships. Although there is only one love, love is expressed in many different ways. There have been sonnets and songs written about love throughout the ages, yet it is still difficult for us to define because it is so vast. The Indian sages have come up with terms to help us understand some of the many aspects of love.

Santa: Santa is peaceful, calm, and slow. This is a love we might feel for ourselves. It is gentle, steady, and natural.

Dasya: Dasya is the love that we might feel towards a teacher, a mentor, someone we respect and want to serve.

Sakhya: Sakhya is the love we feel for a dear friend. In friendship there is a kind of equality, a give and take, an exchange of feelings, a sharing of our selves.

Vatsalya: Vatsalya is the love that a parent feels for a child. A baby is so innocent and we can’t help but to want to give love to that child, without demands or expectations for anything in return. Children are pure, and completely lovable. We recognize this without hesitation.

Madhura: Madhura is the love of our beloved. This is the “in love” feeling when we are swept off our feet, blissful, devoted, and intense.

Bhakti Yoga continually reminds us to “Love the Highest.” When we find ourselves infatuated with our jobs, our cars, any material thing, Bhakti tells us that we are misguided. When all of our human desire for what is new, fun, novel or beautiful is instead directed towards love, we then experience the greatest delight.

In our human experience, love is not all hearts and flowers. Sometimes it’s messy, it can be complicated, and it can hurt. Love itself is pure, simple, and perfect – but we tend to muddy it up with our humanity. We question, we expect, we desire, we need. And in our attempts to understand we come up with definitions, we analyze, we discuss and then we filter all of this through our past experiences to come up with what we think love should be, would be, could be. And every one of us is doing the same thing, with oftentimes very different results. Jealousy, temptation, broken hearts and bitter break-ups are the inspiration for many songs and screenplays.

But the basic truth is that love is. It just is. Love is beyond definition, beyond space and time, beyond any relationship. Love is a true constant in this world. It does not need to be created, it is always here, it has always been here, and it always will be here. We have only to know this to notice it. Eyes open, mind open, heart open, love is available to us in all of its myriad forms, essential simplicity and spectacular glory.

“Namaste” is a Sanskrit greeting that means: “The Divine in me recognizes and honors the Divine in you.” That recognition of the Divine is Bhakti, or love. On Valentine’s Day, and every day, let’s try to practice Bhakti a little more often. Not just with our Valentines, but also with everyone we meet. Let’s love the highest, starting with our selves. This is where we start. This is where the seed is planted, where love can grow, and thrive, and blossom within each one of us into a delightful bounty that can be shared. We can feed our souls on this banquet of love. No one need go hungry.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Namaste!

Green Romance: A Healthy Approach to Intimacy


The scene is set for romance…perfume, candles, flowers, chocolate, and champagne. But wait…some of these products might contain toxic chemicals! A new report from the Centers for Disease Control says that almost half of all Americans are now living with physical conditions and diseases that could be caused by exposure to toxic chemicals.

Know this: What you put on your body gets in to your body. Take perfume, for example. Most perfumes you buy in department stores can contain over 100 different synthetic chemicals to make the scent, plus things like phthalates, and parabens. These are endocrine disrupters – gender-bender chemicals that make girls develop earlier and reduce testosterone levels in boys. When shopping for perfume, look for those made from pure organic essential oils. They’re safe, non-toxic and more subtle than a synthetic perfume…your perfume won’t precede you when you enter a room and it won’t linger after you’ve gone!

What surrounds you can also get in your body and your bloodstream. Artificially scented candles for example, contain chemicals that can trigger asthma and allergies. Also, toxic chemicals have been found in the by-products in the combustion of artificial scents. Instead, choose candles scented with essential oils. Plus, most candles, unless otherwise labeled, are made from paraffin, a petroleum product, and fumes from paraffin wax have caused kidney and bladder tumors in lab animals. Choose beeswax candles with cotton wicks (make sure it doesn’t contain a lead core which will release into the air). There are two types of beeswax: solid, which are dipped or molded and burn well; or rolled, made from sheets of beeswax and tend to burn more quickly. Another good choice is soy candles.

How about roses…romantic right? Well, not if they’re sprayed with pesticides! These are toxic to our planet and to the growers. Look for organically grown flowers that use only natural repellants. When you choose something like that, you’re not only removing harmful chemicals from our environment, you’re also helping to improve the lives of flower growers, who are mostly women in developing nations.

Now, what goes in your body…Chocolate, which I think is my favorite food, is the ultimate in romance. Dark chocolate triggers feel-good chemical endorphins in our brain, which is so important for getting in the mood. The Aztecs believed that chocolate had aphrodisiac qualities, acting almost like a love potion. But most commercially made chocolate contains pesticides. So look for organic chocolates – they’re non toxic and delicious.

Finally, wine and champagne. Did you know that conventionally grown grapes are one of the most heavily sprayed crops on the planet? So, again, look for organic wine and champagnes. You can find some amazing organic varieties that taste wonderful, are very high quality and are competitively priced to those made conventionally.

Try green romance this Valentine’s Day. Non-toxic products will enhance your health, vitality and in turn your sensuality. For more tips go to my website www.supernaturalhome.com

Beth Greer, Super Natural Mom™, is the bestselling author of Super Natural Home as well as a radio talk show host and impassioned champion of toxin-free living who busts open the myth that our homes are safe havens. Beth is a columnist for The Washington Times Communities, Greenopolis.com and NaturallySavvy.com. Follow Beth on Twitter. Become a fan on Facebook.

Originally published in 2010

GIG SPARK: Spreading The LOVE Is Easier Than You Think

Drum roll… and roll the music… In the spirit of Elton John’s Lion King tribute “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” — our latest GIG Spark was crafted with lots of love by Kevin Schow, a senior at Huntington Beach High School near Los Angeles.

Kevin hit the busy streets of downtown San Francisco with one mission: To spread the love. How? By simply giving flowers to strangers.

Hope this video makes you smile, count your blessings — things in your life that make you feel love — and of course sparks a fire inside you to do what you can to make someone else feel loved.

Love this! Hope you do too…

Gigster: Kevin Schow
Where: San Francisco
Spark: Spreading the LOVE in San Francisco
Your Turn: It’s simple — think about a thoughtful deed and take action.


WHAT’S A GIG Spark & CREATE your own!

As a part of GoInspireGo’s mission to inspire our viewers to discover their power, we’ve joined forces with Youth Service America (YSA)Lil’ MDGs and Miley Cyrus’ “Get Ur Good On” to bring you GIG Spark: A Lesson on Compassion.

A “GIG Spark” is a short 1-1:30 minute video that inspires viewers to take action and help others after they’ve watched the video. The video will feature you showing and telling viewers what you want them to do on video. It’s simple, quick and can generate inspiration for others! The goal: a fun, easy way to inspire action.

We’re inviting YOU and your community (school, organization, friends, etc.) to use your passion and creativity to produce a “GIG Spark” and inspire viewers with your story. This is for anyone who can shoot and edit short videos. Get Started on a GIG Spark now.

Inspiration can be fun and infectious! We believe in the power of small acts and using technology to crowdsource ideas, capture it on video, spread the word online, and inspire immediate action. We know that people (especially youth) care and want to do something good for others, but just don’t know how. So why not teach compassion to kids and adults in your life? This is a quick way for you to use your power to spark civic engagement and inspire a small ripple of kindness that will create a domino effect…

We can’t wait to see inspiring acts popping up all over the state, country, and world! What can YOU do?

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You Are A God

 The other day, I was outside watering my plants, a few pots containing some succulents and other plants that seem okay with being baked in the southern California sun. I looked down to see a bee buzzing from flower to flower going about his "buzzness," (sorry I couldn’t resist).

Watching the bee, I started thinking about the fact that if I hadn’t planted those plants, this bee would not… well, he wouldn’t be there collecting nectar and pollen. I was part of creating this bee’s world. For all intensive purposes, I was a god to this bee, larger than life, unclear motivations, and powers beyond the bees grasp.

This is not some sort of attempt to change anyone’s beliefs on the existence of the gods that many people in the world worship. My point is simply that we are all gods in one way or another to someone or something. 

Now, don’t get carried away with this, but next time you are feeling powerless or meaningless, think about all the people and things that you rule over with benevolent disinterest, and you will find that… while you might not have very much influence with the presidents or kings of the world, you probably hold a queen bee’s fate, or , your house plant’s water, or your cat’s dinner in your hands. You are a god.

Mothers Day Flowers Toronto-A Perfect way to Express Your feelings

Mothers are ever special for everyone; the role of mother in growing a child can never be neglected. Mother grows up the children and teaches the ways of living. A mother is a shadow for children in tough times. Do you ever think of paying back the love and happiness back to you mother by some action?

The mother’s day is a special day which brings back the happiness and memories for one day. This day is celebrated once a year but it is better it does worth more than a whole year for a mother. There must be something special on that day. That’s why mother’s day is a special day to show your love to mother. Mother’s day flowers Toronto celebrated once a year on 2nd Sunday of May. On special mother day you can present beautiful bunches of flowers to your mother to show your love for her. The flowers are always used to express the feelings, the softness and beautiful colors which represent the soft corner in heart.

Our busy routine and financial struggles have taken us apart away from mothers. Life of Toronto is so busy and many people do not get a chance to present some sort of gifts and celebration of this day. But Mothers Day Flower Toronto can become a perfect gift on the special day.

Busy routine of people do not allow them to make preparation few days ago for this special day. Sometime even people do not remember to take something in morning. Generating ideas and getting something out of it is also a difficult task. So instead of wasting time in thinking of doing something special I think the best choice for many people is to go for mother’s day flowers Toronto.

Many florist industries are working in this regard and are solving the problems of flowers presentations. You may find ready-made buckets according o your need and size.

The celebration of mother’s day is right of mothers. Mothers deserve to be loved by children. There is no substitute of mother’s love so also show your love to your mother by presenting beautiful bunch of flowers.

My Teacher Ms. Flower

Flowers are pure

Flowers express the beauty of the earth in a special way

Take a moment each day this spring to focus on flowers

Allow your full attention to blend with a flower and observe what happens

Your energy will change

You will be uplifted

You will receive knowledge beyond your current understanding

Flowers are our teachers



Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne



Easter 2010 – Celebrate with Easter Cards

 It’s easter day 2010! Cherished time to celebrate Christ resurrection Our Life Savior Our Lord, feasting and gathering with family and friends. Welcome springtime festivals with the blossoming Tulips, Daffodils, and Crocuses, in blossoming hues. Enjoy the Easter egg hunts and gift colored eggs to your loved ones, representing the sunlight of spring. Get dressed in Sunday Best and relish on the yummy chocolate treats. Watch furry Bunnies, marshmallow chicks and chocolate Rabbits hop and skip, as you cheer in Easter holiday season. 


It’s springtime, when earth gets ready for self-renewal, hues of blooming flowers fills the brightness and fragrance everywhere. Attending church services in new attire and joyful time wholly makes this day grand and unique.

So, what are your plans on this Easter Sunday? What Easter gifts are you planning for? 

If, you haven’t made up your mind, yet then we give you host of Easter Gift ideas. 

Delight and amaze your beloved, pals, family, acquaintances and peers, this easter sunday 2010 and bring smile on their face with amazing Easter Gifts, which will be cherished for long and bring you close to them. Send your sweetheart, Bunny Love Easter gift basket assorted with fabulous goodies like sweets, jelly beans, colored eggs and treats that will convey your emotions of love and affections in great taste! Enchant your close buddies with gift basket filled with Easter sweets, toys, games, and scrumptious chocolate fudge cakes- when this gift basket will reach their doorsteps to convey your best wishes, your bond of friendship will strengthen.

Diary with key chain, fashion pen, glitter jump rope along with Easter chocolates, bunnies and colored eggs, all dolled up in wooden Easter basket with flower accents is perfect Easter gift for the girls.

Boys will be Boys and this Easter pamper them with the assortment traditional Easter sweets Nickelodeon watch, magnetic travel games, 3-D magic cube, candy bubbles, book of games and activities, mini hand held video game, sports playing cards and more! Stuff all this cool goodies in gift basket.

Wish your peers and associates grand Easter, with popular wines elegantly styled with rich aromas that express style and grace in dark fruit flavors in the elegant Easter wine gift basket. Fill it with cheeses, crackers, candies, chocolates, and cookies.

Kids will just loveee it  chocolate chips, cherry candy, video games, Easter eggs, coloring and activity book with crayons. All this will simply delight them.

Springtime Floral wreaths,’ made of flowers, leaves can be gifted to all. It’s ornamental and can be hanged on the doors, walls, table and decorated as centerpieces in the house. Made of fresh spring flowers like Tulips, Irises, Daffodils, Crocuses, Hyacinths- Easter Wreath is the perfect gift to be presented. They are budding, fragrant and rejuvenating, perfectly put on display the essence of easter vacation.

Make Easter terrific with array of beautiful and elegant, Easter Cards and present it to your friends, valentine’s day 2010, family, and lover. Miss you and belated cards are also available in the markets as per the popular demands. Through Easter ecards and greeting cards send your best wishes of cheers, joys and happiness galore all around.



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