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5 Nutrient-Packed Foods for Healthy Hair

de5de856512394ea_shutterstock_96575575.previewMany of us assume that buying the best shampoos and conditioners will be enough to keep our hair looking healthy. These products do help to repair existing hair damage but don’t do much to promote new hair growth and cannot replace essential vitamins that we may be missing from our diet. There are certain essential vitamins and minerals that our hair relies upon, and a lack of these is often the source of many hair growth problems. Some simple changes to our diet can really make a big difference to the look of our hair.

Modern lifestyles can also have an impact – a busy lifestyle, lack of sleep, or even pregnancy can seriously make a difference in our hair health. Vitamin supplements have  been proven to help, but if you are looking for the most natural sources of these vitamins then here is a list of 5 food types foods that can help to provide those essential vitamins your hair needs.


Many sources site that salmon is the number 1 super food for healthy hair. This is because it contains a great combination of essential substances that our hair simply loves. Omega 3 oils help maintain a well hydrated scalp, and many believe this is essential to maintaining healthy hair growth. Oily fish such as herring, mackerel and sardines are rich in omega-3, and salmon is also rich in Vitamin D which is great for your hair follicles.

If you are someone who doesn’t like eating fish then certain vegetable sources can be a great way to get the omega-3 you need. Rapeseed, flaxseed, soya beans, walnuts, almond and even tofu are all good sources of Omega-3.

Vegetables with Beta-carotene

Beta carotene is present in many vegetables and provides us with a great source of Vitamin A. For many people who suffer from dandruff a simple addition of vitamin A to their diet can help solve the problem. Vitamin A helps to promote sebum oil which is our body’s natural conditioner for our scalp. It can also help with hair growth problems as it is said to assist with oxygenating our scalp. Sweet potatoes are known to be one of the best sources, and other vegetables such as carrots, spinach, and broccoli are also recommended.


Oysters are also recommended to help fight scalp problems such as dandruff. A lack of zinc in your diet may even be the cause of hair loss, and oysters have a particularly high zinc content. Zinc helps promote the level of androgens in our body, and for some people a low level of androgens has been directly linked to hair loss. Crab, liver and beef are also good sources of zinc.

Eggs and other biotin rich foods

Our hair is essentially built using protein, a nutrient that has been associated with speeding up hair growth. Protein can be found in many types of foods, but eggs are one of the best sources. Another important mineral in eggs is biotin, and those who have a biotin deficiency may suffer from brittle hair. To prevent this, biotin has been proven to be effective from both foods and supplements if needed. Kidney beans and nuts such as almonds and even peanuts are also good sources of biotin.

Fruit and vegetables with Vitamin C

Vitamin C is great for both our hair and skin. Vitamin C helps keep our blood vessels oxygenated, which in turn keeps our hair follicles healthy. Super fruits such as blueberries have a very high level of Vitamin C, and strawberries and citrus fruits are also good sources. Many vegetables such as green beans, spinach and broccoli are good sources, and the old-fashioned rule of eating colorful vegetables can give you a good indication of a high vitamin C content, as well.

You may have identified that one of these essential sources of vitamins is missing from your diet, and that may well be the cause of a particular problem. If you are concerned and believe you may have a nutrient deficiency then simple tests at your doctors can identify what vitamins and minerals you may be lacking. This Women’s Hair PDF can also help you to diagnose any hair health problems you may have!

Healthy Living

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The Great Health Vitamin–Are You Getting Enough?

Do you know which vitamin is imperative to healthy bones and muscles, helps maintain hormone balance, ensures proper sleep, helps the nervous system manage stress, and is even linked to balanced moods?  Both a vitamin and a hormone, there’s a lot more to vitamin D than just getting some sunshine.

Here are some of the symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency:

Bow legs or knock knees (rickets)

Burning in mouth or throat


Dental cavities or cracked teeth



Joint pains or bone pains

Muscle pains or cramps

Nearsightedness or myopia (can’t see distances)


Osteomalacia or osteoporosis

Poor bone development

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

While direct sunlight is the best source of vitamin D, new research shows that it takes 48 hours from the time of the sun exposure on the skin for the vitamin D to reach the blood.  In the interim, this oil-soluble vitamin can be washed away with soap, oils, or body lotions that prevent its absorption.  Once you’ve had moderate sun exposure refrain from washing your sun-exposed skin with soap–simply wash with water and reserve soap for the armpit and groin areas only.  If you slather on sunscreens, you’ll also limit your vitamin D intake.  Now, I’m not suggesting that everyone becomes a sun worshipper–moderation is key.

Also, if the sun exposure you’re getting comes through your home, office, or car windows, you could be getting only UV-A rays that actually deplete vitamin D

You can also obtain some vitamin D from fish, fish oil, sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, and many types of sprouts, but sunlight is still the best option.  When supplementing always choose the natural form of vitamin D–vitamin D3.  Dosages vary depending on the person, usually starting at 1000 IU/day.  Some health experts report the reversal of skin and mood disorders on higher doses. 

Because vitamin D production is dependant on having adequate cholesterol in your body, you may especially need to supplement with vitamin D if you’re taking statin drugs to lower cholesterol levels.  Consult with a natural health or medical practitioner to determine if vitamin D supplementation is right for you.

Michelle Schoffro Cook, DNM, DAc, CNC is a best-selling and six-time book author, whose works include:  The Life Force Diet, The Ultimate pH Solution, The 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan, The Brain Wash, and Healing Injuries the Natural Way.  She is a doctor of natural medicine, doctor of acupuncture, holistic nutritionist, and energy medicine practitioner.  Her work has been featured in/on:  Woman’s World, First for Women, Vegetarian Times, Oxygen, Dr. Roizen’s YOU: The Owner’s Manual Radio Show, Gaiam Life, Yahoo! Shine, and The Huffington Post.  She is a regular columnist for Care2.com and Intent.com.  Learn more about her work at:  www.TheLifeForceDiet.com.


Red River Rising: How to Survive the Floods of 2009

In El Dorado, Kansas earlier this month, a 15-year-old girl on her way home from high school lost control of her Honda Accord and crashed into a drainage ditch. Bayleigh Stovall hydroplaned on pooled water that had collected on Main Street during a downpour. Bayleigh managed to call a friend who then dialed 911. "The last thing I heard from her is gurgling," the friend told the emergency dispatcher. "She can’t get out of her car. It’s through her window."

Rescuers took around 50 minutes to find Bayleigh but it was too late. Rushing water had carried her silver car 67 feet downstream into a drainage culvert where it was wedged so tightly that firefighters had to break a window to pull her out.

Every year, around 125 people like Bayleigh die because of flooding. Believe it or not, it’s the #1 cause of weather-related fatalities in this country. Sure, tornadoes and hurricanes get a lot of attention, but flooding kills the most.

These losses are especially tragic because so many are preventable. As the Red River rises to a 112-year-high this week and floods spread across the upper reaches of the United States, it’s worth remembering a few basic rules of survival:

1. Turn Around, Don’t Drown. That’s the National Weather Service’s slogan about floods. If you come upon any kind of flood water, stop, turn around, and find another route. Even shallow-looking water can knock you down or float your vehicle. A good rule of thumb: If you can’t see the yellow line on a road, you’re in trouble. If it’s safe, get out of your car and find higher ground.

2. Your Car Won’t Keep You Safe. It may surprise you but vehicles are the number one killers in floods. In fact, as many as 60 percent of flood-related deaths occur because people try to drive through the water, often trying to get home to safety. Here’s why driving in a flood is especially dangerous,. Water weighs 62.4 pounds per cubic foot and usually travels between six to 12 miles per hour, depending on the slope. For every foot the water rises, it pushes with 500 pounds of lateral force against your vehicle. In addition, water gives even the heaviest car some buoyancy. Indeed, every foot of water lifts around 1,500 pounds of vehicle weight. That’s why two feet of water will float a 3,000 pound car.

3. Run – Don’t Walk – from Moving Water. Six inches of moving water can knock you down. If you’re swept away in a torrent, you’ll have to contend with all kinds of unpleasant objects like tree branches, fences, signs, not to mention snakes. So it’s always wiser to avoid the water in the first place. If you have a choice, don’t even think about stepping into water.

Hundreds of family, friends and classmates attended the funeral for Bayleigh Stovall in El Dorado. Others left pink flowers and pink crosses on the roadside where she crashed. It’s a small but growing memorial, friends say, for a special girl with a big heart and personality. It’s also a reminder of how quickly a drive home in the rain – or a trip anywhere – can turn deadly.


A memorial scholarship fund has been organized in Bayleigh Stovall’s name. Donations can be made to:

Bayleigh Stovall Thespian Scholarship
c/o Carlson Funeral Home
PO Box 1213
El Dorado, KS 67042

Heal Your Body and Get Slim with Enzyme-Rich Foods

Why the Life Force Diet & Planning for Success

We can easily support or diminish our life force energy through our lifestyle and food choices, and nutrition plays a massive role in keeping the spark strong. However, our typical modern diet is not designed to help us stay strong and vital: It is not supporting our life force.
If you are like most people, you are probably deficient in at least one important dietary factor that is leaving you tired, overweight, and at risk for many major illnesses and weakening your life force.
Researchers estimate that 80 percent of women may be suffering from an overlooked deficiency. I suspect it is in the same vicinity for men and that this estimate may actually be low. And I’m not talking about a deficiency in protein, calcium, vitamins, or essential fatty acids.  This deficiency is even more widespread than most of the common nutrient deficiencies we hear about, yet virtually no one in the medi­cal community knows about this potentially serious epidemic. The missing nutritional factor I’m talking about is enzymes.
Enzymes are a special type of protein that is necessary for every chemical reaction in your body, including the normal functioning of cells, fluids, tissues, organs, and organ systems. Enzymes are uniquely different from other protein molecules because they are biologically active. In other words, they contain life force energy.
Without adequate amounts in your diet, you may be vulnerable to weight gain, bloat­ing, fatigue, asthma, arthritis, high cholesterol , pain, and countless other health concerns.  Research by Dr. Edward Howell, revealed that enzyme shortages are commonly seen in people suffering from chronic diseases, includ­ing allergies, premature aging, some forms of cancer, heart disease, skin conditions, and obesity.  Enzymes are found in almost all uncooked fruits and vegetables, but they can easily be destroyed as you’ll learn over the coming weeks.
This is not surprising when you understand that enzymes are used in vast quantities in our bodies to quell inflam­mation, promote wound healing, and regenerate tissues, all of which are essential processes to prevent or handle most chronic illnesses.  Illness, injury, or just eating a heavily cooked diet may deplete our body’s enzyme manufacturing abilities. To counter this depletion we need to ingest more enzymes through food.  Think of the balance between the need for enzymes, the depletion of enzymes, and the replenishing of enzymes through food as our “enzyme account.” Like bank accounts, if we always withdraw and never make deposits, we will eventually deplete our resources.
Over the next several weeks I’ll teach you how to stop depleting your enzyme account and how you can eat a diet rich in miracle healing enzymes.
Ready to get started on The Life Force Diet? Post your health intent and find community support and content to help you achieve it!
Michelle Schoffro Cook, DNM, DAc, CNC, is a six-time and best-selling book author whose works include:  The Life Force Diet, The Ultimate pH Solution, and The 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan.  She is a doctor of natural medicine, holistic nutritionist, and holistic life coach®.  Visit:  www.TheLifeForceDiet.com to learn more.

On The Eve of My First Wk Raw(70%)

All pics are copyright of Meady’s Musings Production

Tomorrow will mark my first week of being about 70% raw. Those of
you following my blog will know what I mean when I say raw. If not you
can catch up on my past postings to see what I mean.

I will give a full breakdown of all the details of my first week on
the journey tomorrow but for tonight on the eve of the first week’s end
I thought I’d share with you two of the meals I’ve had instead of dhals
or soups for dinner. Basically they are slightly cooked salads. So they
fell into my 30% cooked category but really were semi-raw I’d say. I
can tell you I’ve not been following all the ‘rawist rules’ and I can
tell you I find those rawists remind me of what happens with religion.
You are on a search like the Buddha… a nice thing someone trying to
find his path… his way in the world and what’s right for him and not
so he can see the light. Then Bam! and Boom! somebody decided
religion…rules…a rawist can do this but not that…So maybe just
like with religion here I have to say maybe I’m not even a food rawist
or raw or 70% raw even. Maybe I’m just a girl trying to explore
different ways to eat in the world. Maybe I’m just experimenting for
three weeks about what to eat or what not to eat. This is my main goal
here not… to be or not to be… a rawist that is…I’m more an
experimenter. I’m using these 3 wks to experience the best eating
habits for me and how it improves how my body feels and reacts to food.
Then I plan to incorporate this in the future in the best way I can
when I’m no longer in this closed and guarded experimental mode…so
I’m learning how to live life that is by looking at it more closely in
these 3 weeks at least the eating aspect of life that is. Perhaps it is
like putting one’s own self into a rehab of sorts while still living in
the world and doing your normal things! It might be interesting to do
it with other aspects of our lives too…perhaps experiment this way
with all the seven deadly sins of the Bible :)- lust, greed, sloth
…to be honest I don’t know all seven! But you get the point. So here
is my kinda semi-raw dinners I had the first one on Sunday night (14
Sept 08) and the 2nd one was tonight. Both basically are light sautes
of veges in Extra Virgin Olive Oil or as my niece tells me EVOO as
Rachel Ray calls it!

Sunday’s Dinner

serves one

1 tin bean sprouts (sorry true rawists I just grabbed a tin no time to sprout my own)

1/8 medium red cabagge

1 cup broccoli

1/4 large red onion

A handful of mixed nuts (I didn’t realize the tub of nuts I bought
on planning this was salted and slightly roasted so…and like true
rawist would I have not soaked my nuts in advance…I know I’m such a
disappointment to Elspeth!)

1 tsp of EVOO

few dashes of chilli pepper seeds

All of this sauteed in a hot iron pot (or other suitable) for about
a minute using a tsp of EVOO and adding a few dashes of chilli pepper
seeds. And below was my result…absolutely delish and a cousin passing
by me eating this on my porch thought I had noodles in there and I said
no! It’s the bean sprouts!

Tonight’s Dinner
Serves 4 and I’m happy to say my mum and niece ate it and loved it and one serving was left over which my mum plans to eat for lunch with rice tomorrow.

5 medium fresh mushrooms
1 small green pepper
2 cups broccoli
1/4 medium red cabbage
1/4 large red onion
1 small cauliflower
1 tin channa (chick peas) was from a tin in brine (I normally rinse out the brine)
1 tin of corn (sorry I used from tin again!)
3 dashes of chilli pepper seeds
3 dashes of black pepper
3 dashes of italian seasoning (a mix of spices in a bottle)
2 handful of mixed nuts (same from first recipe)
1 tbsp of EVOO

Same cooking method as first recipe and below is how it looked!
Also tasted lovely! And this time my mum and niece loved it too. My niece of course had to go sprinkle grated Parmesan cheese on top of it. Said niece is in withdrawal as I’ve not cooked pasta or used cheese for the week and so she has not been able to eat any of those offerings from me all week! She is most distressed!

For those of you eager to know health effects which I will share more of tomorrow what I can say is imagine a car using unleaded gas and one using leaded gas! That’s how I feel raw versus not! More tomorrow!

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