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Manifesting 101: How to Create the Life You Want

24-08-10 If I Only Could I'd Make A Deal With GodIn order to manifest that which will bring you fulfillment, joy, purpose and abundance, it is necessary to understand the steps that will allow such things to come into your life with purpose. Take a moment with open mind to view these steps to creating your new bountiful future.

Intentions: You must be fully aware of what it is that you really want. You must have a clear definition. You can not simply say “I want change.” You must be specific what kind of change it is that you seek. If you are not specific you may find that the change which occurs will be all towards a downward spiral. Freeing yourself to be able to say I want positive forward movement in my change will be an incredible empowerment tool for your future success.
Be Mindful: That old expression “garbage in, garbage out” here comes to mind. If you continually take in negative thoughts, surround yourself with friends, or even family who continually tell you there is no way you can over come you will never amount to anything then guess what? You won’t. If you take your intentions to another level, and say I intend to listen to new creative ways to bring success and peace of mind in both my personal and professional life, then you will start to break those old reckless cycles and move forward.
Show Gratitude: I can not stress enough how important it is for you to be thankful for your current situation. This time in your life has brought you to the steps of your greatest accomplishment yet; abundance, creativity, success and boundless positive energy that will push you forward. Once you have been to the very bottom there is no other place to go then up. Be thankful for your failures they will be your inspiration.
Allow Forgiveness: Showing compassion for what has brought you to this time in your life has great meaning. It is the life blood of all of the things in your past that have placed you in a sense of powerlessness or success. Once you make that decision to forgive others where it is possible, or even proper, and then make that leap to forgive yourself and find peace you will be on your way to experiencing who you are truly meant to be. Honesty is paramount here seeking out that which causes you pain, however, is not always an easy task. This may require a professional to speak with one who is caring and understanding and can help teach you ways to deal with these personal issues.
Take Action: Let the new positive thought and energy flow; do not impede forward movement no matter how small it may seem at first. All things are connected. Every time you made a decision; including those times when you really felt like you did not make any type of decision comes into play here. You must be willing to accept the things you have done, and be prepared to make new choices for the future. You are an active participant in your manifestation of your positive future.
Follow Through: Whether you take your first step, or you stumble keep moving don’t quit!!! Know that you are blessed simply because you breathe. Believe in yourself for it will be your greatest asset, and your truest virtue. If you have made a decision to work this plan towards you future success then let me be the first to congratulate you, you have taken your first step towards abundance and peace of mind.
Originally published January 2011


Once upon a time I lived a life which was led by Spirit. For an all too brief moment in time, living in present moment awareness, witness to the miraculous on a daily basis. I retreated within myself to nurse some wounds, failed to care for myself and my spirit through journalling, daily meditation and other healing ways I had incorporated into my life. I have spent a great deal of time cut off from Source. As I write this last sentence, I feel deep sorrow and grief. Time does not heal all wounds, that is for sure, not unless we allow the healing to take place.

The confusion I feel about my life right now stems from not being connected. I know it and I know that I am the only one keeping myself from that connection. Forgiveness is at the heart of this disconnect. I must forgive. Forgive & release the past, saving myself from drowning in my sorrow and never living in the present moment again. Perhaps I will never understand why I had the experiences I had, why the losses & difficulties seemed to grip me all at once, at least not in this life. But I know that life is brief and that all we have is the present moment . . . & I would really like to live again.

It is my Intention to put my attention on releasing the past, forgiving myself and moving on back into the present moment. When I can do that again, I will attract the teachers and experiences which will assist me in continuing on my journey & mission. I know that Spirit has never abandoned me but that in my grief, depression and despair I have ceased to recognize or care to recognize the teachers and opportunities upon my path which would have helped me go forward. I am ready to release my sorrow and any attachment I may have on the moments in time in which I remain a prisoner . . . I release my life back into the hands of Spirit and allow healing to wash over me and reawaken me to the beauty and miracle that is this life in the present moment once again.