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Radical Responsibility



“Why would God allow this to happen?”

I heard this questions, in many forms, in many variations many, many times. At last I responded. This time it was about a five-year old girl who was raped with an iron rod and died. Why would God allow this to happen?

“Maybe because God considers humans to be responsible adults who don’t need supervision, but can make their own choices, design their own lives and create their own reality” I responded “maybe because God acknowledges their freedom to do so. Humans are free to choose, some choose pain, others don’t — all create their experience of life with their choices.”

And the inevitable response came:

“But the 5 year old little girl didn’t choose all of this for herself. What does God have to say about that?”

 And … and it gave me pause. It gave me pause not because I didn’t have an answer to that – I have an answer and it is a good one — but because I was not sure my answer would be an acceptable one. I was not sure it would be a hand-able one.

I said:

“God might say: you choose your own faith, you create your destiny and your life in ways you don’t yet understand. You chose where and how you will be born and you choose how, and when, you die. Your life is called ‘your life’ not ‘God’s life’ for a reason. That you are not aware of choosing and creating doesn’t mean you don’t choose and create.”

Is that too much? Is it too much to say? Is it too much to expect from a five year old, from a fifteen year old, from a fifty year old?

But, you see, God just might see humans differently than humans do. God just might know the unlimited power humans wield and with which they create their reality, their world, their life. God might know that there is no limit to what humans can do, to what they can be. God might know that the human world looks and works like it does because humans say so, believe so, relate so.

God might know, at last, that it is nothing more than an outward projection of humans themselves. A name, a concept to which humans assign that which they, themselves, truly are — the ultimate, unlimited creators.

All humans, even those who are five years old.

Is this too much?

Deepak Chopra: Where Does Experience Occur?

Where do we experience the physical and the mental world? Most people say we would experience it in our consciousness. If you ask them “where is this consciousness?” they say it is manufactured by the brain. But where in the brain would you find consciousness? In this episode of “Ask Deepak” on The Chopra Well, Deepak addresses the question of where experience occurs, if not in our brain.

How do electrochemical impulses create the experience of color, touch, sound, taste, smell, feelings, emotions, and thoughts? How do neural networks create insight, intuition, imagination, intention, creativity? Do we really have free will? This problem has not been solved yet. The reason might be that we are asking the wrong question. If we saw it as the prime driver of evolution, as the ultimate ground from where creation springs – instead of seeing consciousness as a latecomer in evolution – we would be understanding that the ground of experience, both physical and mental, is a realm that is beyond space and time. This level of being is your own soul. Water cannot wet it. Wind cannot dry it. Weapons cannot shatter it. Fire cannot burn it. It is ancient. It is unborn and it never dies.

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It Is Fervently Hoped

 Monday, 8/8

"It is fervently hoped that all souls will welcome the light as old systems give way to the new and our space family assists you in restoring Earth to her original health and pristine beauty. However, every person has the free will to receive the light, which they chose to do in their soul contracts, or to repeat this lifetime’s experiences in some other third density world. 


Regardless of how many become enlightened about their true selves as inseparable aspects of God and all other souls, the long ages of duality in your civilization are almost over. The dominant masculine energies that kept war, brutality and ruthlessness surging through millennia are being balanced by the inundation of feminine energies, and within balance there is only light."

–TheLightCircleEnzine – Message from Matthew

Steve Farrell

Humanity’s Team World Wide Coordinating Director



Puppets On The Strings Of Destiny

There is only one way to judge the quality of any psychic reading. The moment you finish your conversation with the reader, you should feel ready to make a choice, prepare for a decision… or at least take some sort of action. You should also have a basic idea or plan outlined for the way forward. A good psychic reading will leave you feeling inspired, informed, enlightened and ready to take a step forward in your life, for better or worse. But, sadly, this is not always what people want from their psychic readings.

Do you believe that your life path is entirely pre-destined? Some people do. They prefer to see themselves as helpless puppets on a string, hanging around, while fate takes its course. For them the future is firmly carved in stone. Their destiny is pre-determined and their life path non-negotiable. The writing is on the wall. Period.


There’s much to be said for challenging fate instead of ducking behind it ~ Diana Trilling


I call them the ‘Marionettes’. During psychic readings these clients are typically only interested in what will happen to them and when it will happen to them. They show no interest in the possibility that they have much more control over their destiny, and that they can make great things happen for themselves and by themselves. Indeed, there is much for them to learn from the story of Pinocchio, who dreamed of becoming a real boy and set out on a brave adventure to achieve his goal!

The Marionettes appear to be unwilling to accept the fact that they can change the course of their lives, or prevent personal calamities from occurring. Neither do they realize that they can get what they want from life so much sooner, and enjoy those outcomes for so much longer. They can also achieve far better results, whether some of the twists and turns were pre-destined for them, or not.

I have never been able to understand why anyone would prefer to merely cruise along, like a tourist through their own life? Why would you ignore the opportunity to be truly alive and experience the power of your own free will? Do you not realize that this is the very reason we came here in the first place? We came for the experience, the adventure, the fun, the drama and the sheer thrill of it all!


Failure and success seem to have been allotted to men by their stars.  But they retain the power of wriggling, of fighting with their star or against it, and in the whole universe the only really interesting movement is this wriggle ~ E.M. Forster


Sadly, the Marionettes among us will probably have to come back and do the whole thing over again. Their souls get stuck in a rut. Their incarnations can also become somewhat like habitual supermarket shopping trips when they have to plan and design their next physical experience, between this lifetime and the next. They will just buy the same old toothpaste or washing powder their mother, grandmother and great grandmother preferred, each and every time, life in and life out, for as long as it takes, or possibly for all eternity. If you listen closely you can actually hear their current Spirit Guides sighing.

Such a dull business indeed. No change, no risk, no adventure. No challenging choices or brave decisions. The Marionettes do not like such things. Pushing their cosmic shopping trolleys around is exhausting enough as it is. Oh, the burden of bad karma! And if their favorite product is way past its sell-by-date, they can always blame the Manufacturer.

Personally, I prefer not to go through a repeat version of my current lifetime. I would much rather move up a notch, or two, or at least come back and have another amazing, but very different experience. To me the alternative is too ghastly to contemplate. Why would I want to waste a whole lifetime, only to return and relive it, like the endless re-run of a failed sitcom on cable TV? The jokes only stay funny for so long, you know what I mean?


One of the annoying things about believing in free will and individual responsibility is the difficulty of finding somebody to blame your problems on. And when you do find somebody, it’s remarkable how often his picture turns up on your driver’s license ~ P. J. O’Rourke


Marionettes also go through a lot of unnecessary pain, suffering and misfortune in their lives. Much of this can be prevented, or at least be alleviated. Too often I have to be a helpless bystander, watching these clients turning themselves into powerless victims of their circumstances. They become martyrs to their own fear, laziness or indecision and they are unwilling to change their self-destructive ways. ‘Denial’ is not a river in Egypt, that’s for sure!

As if cruising along is not boring enough, some Marionettes take their tedious road trips to an even more pointless, mind-numbing level altogether. Not only are they content to sit back and wait for Fate, Chance, Luck and Destiny to drag them by the hair along their ‘pre-written life path’, but they also recruit psychics, mediums and astrologers to join them on this lacklustre, uninspiring journey to nowhere.

Now, asking a psychic for some directions along the way may seem like a step in the right direction, but in this case the psychic is usually not invited to act as a tour guide. Quite the contrary. No, the Marionettes merely need their psychic advisor to provide a detailed itinerary. They want a pre-designed schedule for the trip; a full-color brochure of their future.


There is an unseen life that dreams us.  It knows our true direction and destiny.  We can trust ourselves more than we realize and we need have no fear of change ~ John O’Donohue


And so, the Marionettes travel daily through the most amazing and exotic locations in the human experience, without noticing or enjoying a single sight, sound or tourist attraction. Instead they yawn, cry or whine, while they read their brochures repeatedly…staring with great long-suffering at the colorful snapshots provided by their favorite fortune-teller. They care only about getting to the next pre-determined destination. What happens along the way is of little consequence. And the fact that they may pass by several shortcuts along the way, well, that is also irrelevant.

The Marionettes never get to feel the wonder of the monsoon rain on their faces or the miracle of the desert winds in their hair. Heck, they don’t even get off the bus, when it is time to re-fuel or change a flat tire. No, the Marionettes prefer to just hang around in the stuffy cabin, while patiently waiting for predictions to come true and outcomes to manifest, without any active input or participation.

Ironically, for the Marionettes the long-anticipated outcomes are often an anti-climax and a non-event. Not playing ‘snakes and ladders’ usually leads us to finish yet another round of life’s game without feeling any real sense of achievement or fulfilment. This is what they had been waiting for all this time? So, they wandered through the maze via the long and difficult route. Well done. Now what? Life is what happened to them while they were waiting for the master plan to unfold.


Man is made or unmade by himself. By the right choice he ascends. As a being of power, intelligence, and love, and the lord of his own thoughts, he holds the key to every situation ~ James Allen


One can clearly see the evidence of a person’s level of self-determination and spiritual growth by simply looking at the kind of information that comes through for them during psychic readings. People, who know what they want and know where they are going, often receive very clear and specific details about outcomes and timelines during readings. They are typically aware of their own power, or are at least keen to increase their awareness, and they often reap the rewards their status as co-creator brings. They even receive clues to alternative routes and fun stops along the way. Reading for them always feels like being part of a treasure hunt; an extreme sport of some sort.

But for the Marionettes, who are out of touch with themselves and live without any real purpose, the content of their readings can be somewhat like the twighlight zone. Certainly not the highlight of any reader’s day. Marionettes show little interest in how they can improve their life, gain wisdom, develop spiritually or meet their true destiny. They have no idea where they are heading, or what they really want. They are definitely not ready to make any choices or decisions. Yet, they expect a clear indication of the outcome. Due to their indecision and passive inertia their readings often become blurred. Predictions become mere probabilities; timeframes remain vague, outcomes appear fluid and uncertain.

The psychic usually knows the general direction of where their Marionette clients are heading, but how soon they will get there usually remains to be seen. The psychic is also relatively powerless to reduce the amount of trauma that will be experienced along the way. Warnings and advice fall on deaf ears.

The Marionettes will eventually get to each of their pre-determined destinations. All roads do lead to ‘Rome’. But they will probably take the longest route with the most obstacles. And they will have as little fun as possible getting there.


The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made. And the activity of making them changes both the maker and their destination ~ John Schaar


If you suspect that you may be a Marionette, you need to know that your future is not entirely pre-determined. There is also no such thing as ‘fate’ or ‘bad luck’. There is only destiny and free will. Destiny is the cards we are dealt in this lifetime. Free will is how we play them. Any successful card player will tell you that the secret to success lies in a combination of opportunity and strategy. They will also tell you that it is possible to win the jackpot with a weak hand, or lose millions with a royal flush. It is all about the attitude, the faith, the patience, the confidence, the self-control, the focus and, most of all, the timing.

Yes, most of the major events in our lives are predestined. You can identify them easily, because they are the events and circumstances that are truly beyond your control. These are the signposts and pit stops we have planned for ourselves, like an elaborate obstacle course, before we entered into this lifetime.

Pre-determined events and outcomes serve as the highlights and low-points for our roller-coaster ride through life. They are destined to happen to us, one way or the other. But how good or bad the actual experiences are, how much time they require and what route we take to get to each of them, all depends on what we think, feel, decide, choose and ultimately do.

When life gives you lemons, you don’t make lemonade. You use the seeds to plant a whole orchard and build a new lemonade brand… an entire franchise. And once you have had enough fun being the CEO of your lemonade empire, you sell your stock, buy a flying carpet and travel to Atlantis or The Pleiades on holiday. Along the way you could visit each of the Seven Wonders of the World and maybe meet your Knight in Shining Armor, before you ride off into the sunset.

Or you could just stay on the bus and drink lemonade someone else has made, from a can.

© 2010 Anthon St Maarten

A Dynamic Choice-Maker: Accepting Yourself

There is no such thing as a good person or a bad person; simply choices and actions that lead us in different directions.

There is no such thing as a good person or a bad person. There are choices and actions that lead us in different directions, and it is through those choices and actions that we create our realities. Sometimes we choose or do something that takes us in the opposite direction of the reality we want to create for ourselves. When we do this, we feel bad—uneasy, unhappy, unsure. We might go so far as to label ourselves “bad” when a situation like this arises. Instead of labeling ourselves, though, we could simply acknowledge that we made a choice that lead us down a particular path, and then let it go, forgiving ourselves and preparing for our next opportunity to choose, and act, in ways that support our best intentions.

Many of us experienced childhoods in which the words good and bad were used as weapons to control us—you were good if you did what you were told and bad if you didn’t. This kind of discipline undermines a person’s ability to find their own moral center and to trust and be guided by their own inner self. If you were raised this way, you may find yourself feeling shockwaves of badness when you do something you were taught was wrong, even if now you don’t agree that it’s bad. Conversely, you may feel good when you do what you learned was right. Notice how this puts you in something of a straitjacket. An important part of our spiritual unfolding requires that we grow beyond what we learned and take responsibility for our own liberation in our own terms.

You are a human being with every right to be here, learning and exploring. To label yourself good or bad is to think too small. What you are is a decision-maker and every moment provides you the opportunity to move in the direction of your higher self or in the direction of stagnation or degradation. In the end, only you know the difference. If you find yourself going into self-judgment, try to stop yourself as soon as you can and come back to center. Know that you are not good or bad, you are simply you.

Evolution and Free Will


If we are all saints in the making, and God’s magnetic force pulls us toward him sooner or later,what happens to the freedom of choice? Sartre said: "Man is freedom". If we choose not to be close to God, do you believe he would pull us toward him against our will?


Will is intention with power. Will contains the energy which impels creation forward. Ordinarily, when we say we have free will we are saying the impulse of choice is not compelled upon us from the outside. The freedom of choice exists within us. When we are acting from our higher self, we are acting from true freedom, from the field of infinite creativity and all possibilities. In this state of enlightenment we are also aligned with the force of evolution. We experience the creativity and flow of life toward greater happiness, power and knowledge as our own essential nature. Our free will is God’s will, it is the force of evolution itself.  There can be no imposition of God’s will on our will. We are participating in the unfolding of creation from its source, from within our own universal nature. What we commonly refer to as free will is merely a dim reflection of this state of real  freedom and power.



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We Are Our Destiny

Sometimes we like to blame fate, destiny and just about anything else we can find to blame when we are not happy with actions we have taken. Here is a quote by the Mother, one of the two founders of the Sri Aurobindo Society. These words are very helpful!!!

"There are mistakes… one knows they are mistakes, but still it is as though one were pushed into making them. Then?
Pushed by what? Ah, this is exactly what happens! It is the lower nature, the instincts of the subconscient  which govern you and make you do things you should not do. And so it is a choice between your will and accepting submission. There is always a moment when one can decide.
. . .And it is a choice between weak submission and a controlling will. And if the will is clear, if it is based on truth, if truly it obeys the truth and is clear, it always has the power to refuse the wrong movement. It is an excuse you give yourself when you say, "I could not." It is not true. It is that truly you have not wanted it in the right way. For there is always the choice between saying "yes" and saying "no". But one chooses to be weak and later gives oneself this excuse, saying, "It is not my fault; it was stronger than I." It is your fault if the thing was stronger than you. Because you are not these impulses, you are a conscious soul and an intelligent will, and your duty is to see that this is what governs you and not the impulses from below."

– The Mother [CWMCE, 6:343-44]


Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne




Vedic Astrology – A Life Guiding Tool

As human beings evolved and started to look for answers on different aspects of life, especially on the questions of mystery of life and death, they reached to a conclusion that there is connection between them and the universe. These quests to know the unknown workings of the universe led to the study and observation of sky and its movements. The more they studied more they found a connection between the planets and earth and their impact on the habitats of the earth. These studies led to the need of doing calculations and in the process numbers were invented which further led to the invention of mathematics, decimal system, meta physics and many other subjects. Astrology became mother of many sciences in a way. These powerful workings of the universe made humankind wonder about the force behind it which led to the belief that God force, power, energy, shakti, exists.

Once these researchers learned to draw the blueprints of the sky on a leaf, the connection between us and universe took a huge leap. Firstly by finding the effects of this connection and secondly been able to read them in terms of events on earth and in the lives of individuals.

 When a child was born his horoscope was made and read by the Jyotshi (astrologer) of the village, he would look in to the destiny, will, bent of mind, creative aspects, passion, character etc. of the child and suggest most suitable profession according to his nature. If someone was courageous and had the traits of a warrior was sent to the army. If the passion for knowledge and learning was found then he was sent to Gurukuls (abode of Guru) for studies. If someone was found to be skilled with certain type of work was given that that training right from the child hood. The whole purpose of astrology at that point was to identify the characteristics and attributes of a child and train him accordingly to contribute to different needs of the society. Every profession was equally respected.

Even today if astrology is used in identifying the will, passion, talent, nature, temperament, and bent of mind at an early age then it can be a powerful guiding tool in one’s life. That person doesn’t have to do too many experiments with his life and waste precious time, energy in doing things which are not essential for him.

All us human beings are born with what I call -7 rights of consciousness– To Survive be Happy, Healthy, loved, Abundant, Creative and spiritual. All of these rights and their opposites coexist with us, these opposite are not our nature but they attack our rights of consciousness and when our will to defend becomes weak we lose our rights and suffer. A birth chart shows how our will is regarding these rights and in what areas we should improve our will by the use of free will in defence of these attacks; we can enjoy our rights of consciousness to the fullest and lead a best possible life.

This true incidence in the life of a famous spiritual master in reference to destiny and power of will is a classic example in itself. There was a spiritual master and a student; they were going from one village to another. The student loved to question everything the teacher said, and test him in all his teachings. They were talking about destiny and power of will. As they were passing by a little plant, the student said “take this plant for example, what is its destiny? Will it live or will it die?” So the teacher sat and meditated on it for a few minutes, after which he determined the plant’s destiny was to live!  The student of course pulled out the plant and threw it away. The teacher did not say anything, they walked in silence, soon after it started raining heavily, and pouring – so much so that mud was gathering in the puddles and being washed away with the running water. After couple of days the rain cleared up and the teacher and student were coming back to their village through same route. They came across the plant again – however during the rain storm, the mud was pushed around the plant roots and the rain (as heavy as it was) had packed the ground around it. The plant was standing tall. The teacher said “look, there is the plant and it is alive. When I meditated on it, it had such a strong will to live, I knew that you will pull it off the ground to prove me wrong but I had the confidence in the will of the plant and I knew it would live.” In this case the plant’s will was so strong to live, stronger than the students will to have it perish. Thus the whole universe moved and came in its support and created conditions to allow it to live. If the will of a plant to survive can move the whole universe then imagine what can the will of a human being do.

The powerful massage in this story– to have the will and the whole universe would come running to your rescue. Miracle of the will would take place and everybody would come to share the Joy.

A Vedic astrological chart is the map of one’s will on the journey of life and an astrologer is a person who knows how to read it and can guide the will of a person to lead a life through his rights of consciousness.

Sanjeev Verma

 PHOTO (cc): Flickr / riru

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