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5 Ways to Celebrate the Fall Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

Early this morning, if you were awake during the pre-sunrise hours, you may have noticed a brilliant full moon lighting up the sky. It’s called the Harvest Moon, and it signifies that autumn is just around the corner.

The autumnal equinox is officially this Sunday, September 22. This is when the sun shines straight on the equator, and the lengths of day and night are roughly equal. The days will begin to grow shorter after that, as we are all so familiar with. We are moving into the fall and winter seasons, now, gearing up for shorter, darker days, cooler weather, and many months of holidays and festivities to come.

But for now, we’re still experiencing the glow of the full moon, and it is a great time to honor the season we are moving into and celebrate the harvest!

I know, it might sound strange to celebrate harvest in this modern era when very few of us actually plant, grow and harvest food. Our separation from this agricultural process may be a critical factor in the environmental problems our world faces today – not to mention our growing obesity, eating disorders, and other food-related ailments.

We still, of course, benefit from the energies of the earth to produce sustenance for our bodies, but how often do we offer our gratitude? How often do we approach our food with the reverence it deserves? I promise you, if we were intimately involved in all stages of its production we’d feel much more awed by the miracle that food is.

Here are 5 ways to honor the earth and celebrate the Harvest Moon:

1. Break bread with friends and loved ones. Harvest is all about the bounty of the earth and stocking up for the more barren months ahead. Cover your table with rich, sustaining goodies, and invite your friends to bring dishes to share! Give thanks for your food in any way that seems appropriate, and enjoy watching your loved ones nourish their bodies with the food from your table.

2. Make a promise to yourself to end food shaming. Food is a gift from the earth. Vegetables, fruits, seeds, grains – meats and dairy, too, if you’re not vegan/vegetarian! Food is not poison. Food is not the enemy. We would not survive without sustenance, and there’s nothing wrong or unnatural about that. So enjoy the food you eat, and stop feeling guilty about it.

3. Plant some seeds! I know, harvest is about the reaping, not the sowing. But there are lots of delicious fall and winter foods you can plant now and enjoy in several months. Go for kale, beets, squash, and cauliflower! If you don’t have a garden, then get yourself a small pot for your porch or window sill. The joy of watching a seed sprout and eventually grow into full brilliance will only be beaten by the joy of eating food you grow!

4. Use this full moon as a great starting point to begin following the moon cycles. The Gregorian calendar certainly has it’s place, but it’s fun to also follow the “calendar” laid out by the moon’s cycles. Once attuned to its rhythm, you’ll start noticing the subtle difference between a waxing and waning moon; you’ll enjoy the dark night of a just-new moon; and a month from now, you’ll welcome the full moon once again!

5. Practice active gratitude. The bounty of harvest is a blessing, and abundance in all categories is a gift. Even if you don’t feel particularly blessed at the moment – if you feel poor or lacking in some regard – don’t start with the wishing. Start with the thanking. That is, instead of asking the Universe (or god/dess, or spirit) for what you desire, give thanks for what you already have. Express your gratitude wholeheartedly, and don’t leave anything out! You can write it out, say it in your head, or vocalize it to a friend. The practice is so gratifying and cleansing that by the end you will undoubtedly feel rich beyond measure. That is true abundance. That is the harvest.

And enjoy this song “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young! One of my favorites…

How to Be As Patient As This Week’s New Moon

amazing-sky-amazing-sky-moon-clouds-1400x1050As the New Moon secretly peaks behind layers of darkness, there is often no external proof of her existence.

Yet full and heavy she rises, and full and heavy she sets.

There are within each of us new moons that have not yet become full moons. Projects, dreams, or aspirations that are not yet ready to be revealed to the world. They are not yet meant to be seen.

Just as with the moon, the vessel does not change.

The light changes.

As the light changes its angle and strength, more becomes visible. What was shadowed and murky before becomes clear and illuminated.

There is a peace and a beauty in the unfulfilled, the unimagined, the unrevealed, and the unknown. There can be no agenda because you don’t know where you are going.

Celebrate that today.
Celebrate being lost.
Celebrate being in the dark.
Celebrate being confused.

There is a purity and a deep joy that will rise when you stop trying to find your way and bathe in your present moment.

Bathe in the darkness. Bathe in the freedom of the unknown.

The light will reveal itself when it is time.


Today’s Astrological Forecast: Get Your Hands Dirty!

What a Monday! Doing a good job today will put you in good stead for the entire week. The Moon is in stable, earthy Taurus, making a smooth-flowing trine to powerhouse Pluto, which is also in an Earth sign. Together, this team can make a significant contribution to whatever you’re working on. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, figuratively speaking. We’re still under the effect of the Full Moon, so this is a time of flowering.

Today’s Astrological Forecast: Walk in Another’s Mocassins.

The Full Moon in Pisces lights up the sky now. It’s a beautiful sight and in this sensitive sign, it brings out our compassionate side. At this time of the month it’s a lot easier to walk in someone else’s shoes, at least for a few minutes. That exercise in objectivity is usually quite eye-opening. Be aware today, when you feel that pull, to see things from another’s point of view. How do things look from over there?

Today’s Astrological Forecast: Third of Three.

Today’s Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse — the third in a series of three we’ve had this summer. Here, the Leo-Aquarius axis is highlighted, bringing up issues surrounding the individual and the group, leadership and independence. This particular eclipse will affect the Fixed Signs — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius — more than it affects others. However, none of us are immune. Find the best in this eclipse by demonstrating personal leadership.

Peace at last, the funeral went without a hitch and the Full Moon is nearly over

Well, I was not looking forward to the Full Moon this month. I am aware that by expecting tragedy/trauma/drama I am in danger af attracting said states into my world.  Despite this knowledge I managed to attract a funeral.  That definitely wasn’t my fault – the funeral arrangements weren’t arranged by me.

The day before the funeral my next door neighbours little dog decided to jump out of the upstairs window(about 10ft?) and impaled himself on the railings outside my front door.  The teenager who owns the dog has learning disabilities and was in a state of shock as his injured dog dragged itself under a car with a hole in his chest. His elder brother was on the phone to his mum trying to figure out what to do.  Me, rapidly pulling boots on and trying to decide whether it should be dog handling unit or the pet rescue people, managed to stay calm and bring rays of light on to the scene whilst remembering to breath and keep the kids calm.

I knocked on the house next door being renovated by builders, one of whom owns a rottweiler and has had conversations with my rottweiler breeder friend about his new puppy, knowing his is a dog lover I brought him on to the scene, he drove his bmw with white leather seats round to the dog, we helped the shaking teenager travel his wounded white staffordshire bull terrier/pit bull to the vet.

Two angels were there that day, a dog groomer (WHO JUST HAPPENED TO BE PASSNG) and who wasn’t scared to wrap the dog in a quilt taken from a neighbour and help lift him in to the car, and the angel in the form of a busy builder who took time out of his day to rescue two out of their depth teenagers.  The first vet said it looked like a punctured lung and gave the dog a 50-50 chance. We all agreed that we should send healing thoughts to the dog and imagine him well.  The next vet said the railings had missed his lung and he is going to be okay.

I thank God for lettng me be a person who knows where I am supposed to be when there is a drama, and I thank God for passing dog groomers and builders who don’t care about getting blood on their white leather seats.

The funeral the next day was a piece of cake.

Love and light

Tamasin x

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