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5 Natural Remedies for Your Medicine Cabinet


If you consider yourself health conscious, you’re probably fed-up of using pharmaceutical medicines to ease every little ache, pain, or skin issue. In addition to all the chemical ingredients that make up conventional medicines (good luck trying to pronounce the names, let alone spell them), using lab created remedies leave you open to a plethora of unpleasant side effects. The most common, and dare I say “most pleasant” include nausea and vomiting, allergic reactions, drowsiness, and insomnia. It doesn’t end there, some of the strangest drug side effects include (brace yourself) inability to hold bowel movements, amnesia, vision changes, compulsive behavior, and birth defects. Seriously, that’s just not right.

Besides the possible side effects, most chemical-based medications only treat one symptom, so you’re stuck buying a ton of medicines and hoping they react OK together. Then they sit in your medicine cabinet for who knows how long and the next time you think about taking one they’ve already expired (has anyone else frantically researched drug shelf-lives at 2am?). All this adds up to a lot of wasted money, overflowing medicine cabinets full of chemicals, and the increased risk of side effects when you mix medicines together.

The great news (that we often forget about) is that Mother Nature has always had our back when it comes to combating many common health issues. While you might not be able to replace all your pharmaceutical meds right away, there are many easy, affordable, and all natural (really natural, not natural flavoring natural) remedies that can help you clean up your medicine cabinet. And the best part is that most natural remedies treat more than one ailment – so you’re not buying one remedy for every symptom (plus natural remedies often smell good, taste good, and are less expensive than the factory made medicines).

Lucky for us, there are many natural remedies available, but the following are my top 5 picks you need to know about:

1. Ginger

Ginger is a natural remedy powerhouse. This root plant boosts immunity, relieves nausea and motion sickness, has anti-inflammatory properties, increases metabolism which assists weight loss, aids in digestion, improves circulation, increases insulin sensitivity, and opens up the sinus passages. Ginger is available fresh, in powder, and pill form (such as Wakaya Perfection’s Ginger-Eze.) You can make a simple ginger paste to apply directly to your skin, take a daily pill (a homeopathic doctor prescribed this to me years ago to improve my circulation), or try some delicious ginger recipes (ginger tea and cookies perhaps?).

2. Bee Propolis

Propolis is a sticky resin used by bees to keep their hive together and protect it from outside dangers. Because of its function, bee propolis has strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in flavonoids. Typically honey has trace amounts of bee propolis, but you can buy pure propolis as a liquid to ingest orally or directly put on your skin to treat minor cuts or sores. If you choose to take it orally (that’s how I always use it), it does have a strong taste so you might want to mix it with quality honey. I don’t travel without bee propolis and I always take it at the first sign of a cold.

3. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is one of my favorite refreshing scents. Of course, it made the list because it’s a powerful sinus and chest decongestant, encourages breathing by opening up airways, and relieves achy and sore muscles. It’s easy to use and available fresh or as an essential oil. You can simply smell the oil, make a homemade vapor rub (minus the petroleum), massage the essential oil into your legs or sore areas, or add it to a hot bath. One of my favorite ways to enjoy eucalyptus is a drinking a fresh eucalyptus martini (I told you natural remedies could taste good too)!

4. Dilo Cream

If you haven’t heard of dilo cream, you’re not alone. Dilo cream is made from the oil of the dilo tree – called the tree of a thousand virtues – which only grows close to ocean water in the Pacific and tropical regions of Africa. Dilo cream is becoming a popular natural skin remedy because its magical ingredient, calophyllic acid, is only found in dilo oil. Calophyllic acid enhances your skin’s own repair system – this means better hydration, firmness, elasticity and less appearance of lines and wrinkles. It also soothes sunburns, rashes, insect bites, and various skin irritations.

5. Garlic

Garlic makes the list because it’s easily available worldwide, full of natural healing properties, and it’s really had my back the last couple of years. Garlic strengthens the immune system, fights colds and infections, treats hypothyroid conditions, combats bad cholesterol, provides a good dosage of B6 to create new cells and ward off mood swings, regulates blood sugar, and keeps mosquitoes away. Garlic is available in pills, powders, and fresh. It’s great to cook with and you can use it directly on your skin.

Have you tried these natural remedies before? What other ones do you swear by? I’d love to have a conversation in the comments below.

* * *

mailing_dilo1To experience the benefits of this amazing plant, stock up on Wakaya Perfection’s 100% organic dilo cream to use in your skin care regime! Visit WakayaPerfection.com to order your dilo cream and explore the pure Wakaya Perfection Organic Ginger, too, with accompanying recipes like the Ginger Lime Creme Brulee or Mushroom-Stuffed Pork Chops!

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5 Ways Ginger Can Revitalize Your Post-Workout Routine

ginger_healing_wrapWhat’s your go-to remedy for sore muscles – Ice? Protein? Massage?

If you’ve ever experienced the plight of an achy body – whether you lift weights or spend hours gardening – then you know the necessity of having quick tricks to get some relief. What you might not know is that ginger is one of the most effective, and least tapped, remedies for sore muscles out there. How does it work?

As we exercise, microscopic tears occur in our muscles, and it is through the healing of these tears that our muscles build new protein strands and ultimately get stronger. But the harder the exercise, the bigger the tears, and the more sore our muscles feel after working out. Ginger happens to contain Gingerols, which are anti-inflammatory compounds that make the root great for sore muscles, as well as arthritis, nausea, and digestive disorders.

Here are 5 ways to use ginger in your post-workout routine:

1) Apply a ginger healing herbal wrap!


  • 6  cups hot water
  • 2  tbsp. Wakaya Perfection Organic Ginger Powder


1. Fill bowl with hot water.

2. Add Wakaya Perfection Organic Ginger Powder and stir well with your hands.

3. Soak towel in ginger-water for 10–15 minutes.

4. Remove and wring out until semi-moist.

5. Wrap towel around areas where muscles are sore to ease pain and reduce inflammation.

6. Leave on for 10 minutes.

2) Rub on some DIY topical ginger cream.

Mix ginger powder with camphor oil (or almond, argan, or vitamin E oil) and a few drops of water. Apply directly to the sore area.

3) Soak in an aromatic ginger bath.

Draw a hot bath and sprinkle at least 3 tbsp. of organic ginger powder in the water. Soak up and soothe those sore muscles!

4) Drink some refreshing ginger tea.

Stir several teaspoons of ginger powder into a mug of hot water and enjoy with lemon and honey. You can also prepare a large batch at once and store it in the refrigerator for a quick, thirst-quenching post-workout drink.

5) Incorporate ginger into your post-workout meal!

Whether you turn to yogurt, protein shakes, a big salad, or meat/fish/tofu, ginger can be added to all of your post-workout snacks. Sprinkle a spoonful of powdered ginger on your yogurt, salad, or whatever you’re craving and enjoy the subtle spice and muscle-loving properties it adds to your meal.

 * * *

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How Ginger is Helping Cancer Patients

The StethoscopeJust hearing or saying the word cancer has a heaviness to it. It brings to mind its challenging and often painful processes and outcomes.

The list of cancers seems to be endless and growing: Breast cancer, prostate cancer, brain cancer, bone cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, to name some obvious ones.

Treatments for cancer are intense and often kill off healthy cells as they kill off cancer cells. The cocktail of drugs cancer patients are put on is sobering and the side-effects from cancer treatment are varied and difficult.

Using natural remedies to treat cancer is rarely taken seriously, but the efficacy of ginger root in treating cancer, its side-effect and symptoms is becoming more well-known.

Ginger’s medicinal use dates back thousands of years. Ginger (Zingiber officinalis) has many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, but its promising anticancer mechanisms are being looked at more closely.

One study reports that when scientists applied a ginger/water solution to ovarian cancer cells, the cancer cells died from contact with the ginger solution.

Ginger extract also had a similar effect on prostate cancer cells.

Studies have shown that ginger extract inhibited growth and progression in human prostate cancer cells and actually killed cancer cells without affecting healthy prostate cells. This paints a promising picture for the management of prostate cancer.

An important aspect to this research is that there was no toxicity reported in normal tissues such as gut and bone marrow.

Ginger can also provide relief for some of the side-effects of chemotherapy, such as nausea and vomiting.

One thing to note is that taking ginger may interfere with blood clotting, and patients should consult with their doctors before introducing regular doses of ginger to their system.

There are many ways to add ginger to your diet, but one of the most potent and easy ways is to use ginger powder. It can be taken in capsule form or added to food.

Here’s a simple recipe for hot ginger tea to ease whatever ails you:

Organic Ginger Tea


1 cup hot water
¼–½ tsp. Wakaya Perfection Organic Ginger Powder
1 lemon
1 tbsp. honey

Mix well and drink hot.

Ginger as a natural remedy for cancer reaffirms the relevance of this magical root, making it a virtual medicine cabinet. With hardly any side effects, it’s a prime choice for those looking for a truly natural cure to illness.

Photo credit: Wakaya Perfection



Now is the time to stock up on Ginger Powder — whether you’re buying it for your own kitchen or to share with others. Wakaya Perfection Ginger Powder has been featured in the LA Times, New York Times Gift Guide and as one of Oprah’s favorite things. 

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photo by: Alex E. Proimos

Natural Remedy: Never Get Car Sick Again

stressed businessman
The queasy, nauseous feeling of motion sickness is a side-effect from traveling that many people suffer through their entire life. Although it’s more likely to occur on boat travel, it can also be triggered in cars, trains, and planes.

Motion sickness is the physical reaction we have to confusing information our bodies send our brains.

Our brains receive information about movement from our body. Motion sickness occurs when there is a disconnect between what our eyes see (visual receptors), what our balance and equilibrium is tells us (vestibular system), and what our body’s orientation (proprioceptors) is. When there is a conflict in the information the brain receives from these  different parts of the body, you can experience the nausea and unpleasant sensations associated with motion sickness.

For example, on a cruise ship you walk around like normal and your eyes don’t perceive movement, but other areas of your body do sense movement. They send differing messages to the brain and the result can be varying degrees of motion sickness.

Common symptoms of motion sickness are:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

There are many modern medicines available to treat motion sickness, but if you’re looking for a natural remedy, your first choice should be Ginger (Zingiber officinale) .

Ginger has been highly regarded for its medicinal values since ancient times, especially in the treatment of troubling gastrointestinal problems.

While many people swear by to its efficacy from experience, modern science is backing up mother nature’s claim.

One study of 36 men and women highly susceptible to motion sickness revealed that ginger was superior in reducing motion sickness.

“Ginger root reduced the tendency to vomiting and cold sweating significantly better than placebo” in eighty inexperienced naval cadets. “Remarkably fewer symptoms of nausea and vertigo were reported after ginger root ingestion.”

Numerous studies report reduced incidences of nausea and vertigo. It’s thought that the symptom-reducing effect of ginger is from its effect on the gastric system.

There are many ways to add ginger to your diet or travel plans. It can be used in tea, food, or eaten raw.

One of the easiest and most potent ways to ingest it is in its powder form. Ginger powder can be taken as capsules or mixed into drinks you travel with, such as tea or lemonade.

A reputable, organic powdered ginger is Wakaya Perfection. Sourced from the island of Wakaya in Fiji, the unique strain of Pink Fijian Ginger is planted, tilled, and harvested by hand, using natural irrigation in the form of tropical rains. The result is a quality, potent, organic ginger that’s free of industrial pollutants, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides.

If you suffer from motion sickness, try taking small doses of ginger powder before you depart and every four to six hours through your travel. Enjoy the ride!



Now is the time to stock up on Ginger Powder — whether you’re buying it for your own kitchen or to share with others. Wakaya Perfection Ginger Powder has been featured in the LA Times, New York Times Gift Guide and as one of Oprah’s favorite things. 

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Recipe for a Healthy Family (and delicious sangria!)

Family life today is challenging. In the majority of households both parents work long hours. Feeding your family nutritious meals and keeping them active can seem like a daunting task at times. It’s becoming more and more rare to see families that eat together, play together, and laugh together. We are all inspired when we see how successful families keep it together through childbirth, mortgages, and life’s ups and downs.

We spoke with the Duers, an All-American family of five living in New York, on how they stay connected, sane, and healthy while juggling family and work responsibilities. We love Betty Duer’s suggestion for a “good, old-fashioned, super hearty belly laugh.” She also shares her yummy Apple Cider Sangria recipe below:

Joe, as a professional model and a family man, how do you maintain balance while juggling all your responsibilities?

My Family is Priority #1. I’m fortunate to be in a profession that provides the time and flexibility to be a provider, as well as help my wife with our children and their crazy schedules.

I coach both of my sons’ teams for baseball and basketball, and I enjoy having a hand in developing their skills while spending meaningful time with them.

I maintain balance by staying fit and healthy, not only for my job, but for the mental and physical benefits of taking that time for myself so I can be better focused as a Father as well as a Husband.

Who would you say is the most inspirational person you know and why?

Honestly? My Wife. I am truly inspired by how well she wears so many hats with being a nurturing Mother, a loving Wife, and an awesome career woman. She’s also a fantastic cook who loves to laugh. She takes such great care of all of us in every way and challenges me to keep up.

Betty, how do you manage as a busy mother of three and stay sane and healthy yourself? If you only had 30 minutes of downtime for yourself, how would you spend it?

With work, after-school activities, a preschooler at home and countless commitments on my calendar, I find balance in keeping things trimmed down to the bare minimum. I can’t be everywhere all the time, so I must say “no” to anything and everything that is not essential or doesn’t add value to my family’s life. I am so much more happy and productive when I’m not overwhelmed, thus keeping my sanity intact. I find if I keep watch over my mental health, my physical health follows suit.

Finding time for myself is definitely a luxury – but I think I would do absolutely nothing if I had only 30 minutes of downtime. I would just be thinking of more ways to spend my time with my family. I suppose that would be considered “meditating” – but it really does make me happy to really connect with them, as they are the most significant people in my life. It is always a bonus if I get to spend quality time with my family and great friends. There’s nothing better than having a good, old-fashioned, super hearty belly laugh.

What are your favorite ways to use ginger powder cosmetically?

As I am now in my forties, and after three pregnancies, I noticed my hair was thinning. I love taking the WP organic ginger powder and mixing it with olive oil and honey and massaging it into my scalp. It smells divine and stimulates my hair follicles as I leave it on as a hair mask before shampooing. It is a wonder root!!

What are your favorite ways to use ginger powder in your kitchen? Can you share a simple recipe with us that our readers can try at home?

Ginger is my favorite way to add “depth” to any of my dishes I make at home. I add it to my homemade wontons filling, my fast fried rice, and my roasted butternut squash soup, as well as into my cocktails.

For Thanksgiving I made apple cider sangria:


Recipe: Apple Cider Sangria


– White wine

– Apple cider

Ginger Powder

-Seltzer Water

– Diced fuji apples and fresh cranberries

1. Mix  equal parts white wine, apple cider, and seltzer water (or ginger ale).

2. Add WP organic ginger powder to taste.

3. Garnish with diced Fuji apples and fresh cranberries.


It was a huge hit. The ginger powder really gives it a holiday zing.

What are the kids’ favorite sports? Who are their heroes?

Jake and Rock love baseball and karate. They both say their Daddy is their Hero. Jake even wrote a report when he was in 2nd grade about how he “looks up to his favorite guy who is brave, handsome and smart.”

How do the kids help you out when you’re having a busy day?

Rocky likes to tell funny jokes he learned from his big brother, and GiGi likes to help Mommy in the kitchen by handing her the food to chop and cook. Jake pours Mommy a glass of wine. They are all Mommy’s biggest helpers.


Now is the time to stock up on Ginger Powder — whether you’re buying it for your own kitchen or to share as a stocking stuffer. Wakaya Perfection Ginger Powder has been featured in the New York Times Gift Guide and as one of Oprah’s favorite things. 

Save 20% on Wakaya Ginger Powder by entering promo code: INTENT.

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This is the fourth post in a series of interviews with a variety of food, wellness, and beauty experts on the benefits of ginger and the many ways to use it. We’ll be sharing recipes, health, and beauty tips with you that are unique to each expert’s specialty.

Photo credit: Betty Duer, Wakaya Perfection

photo by: TheCulinaryGeek

A Morning Sickness Remedy for Kate Middleton: Ginger

With the news about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy this week, everyone is talking about morning sickness. One of the best natural remedies for an expectant mama’s upset stomach is ginger root. Ginger powder is simple, easy to use, and provides a host of wellness benefits — both for pregnant people and non-pregnant people alike! And with Hannukah, Christmas, and the many other wintertime holidays are right around the corner, we figured it’s a perfect time to share a delicious ginger recipe.

To get some ideas on how to incorporate ginger powder into tasty holiday dishes, we spoke with Peruvian Chef Jean Paul Desmaison, owner of Jean Paul’s House; a 1920s cottage-turned-bistro restaurant and market located in Miami.

Chef Desmaison specializes in New World Cuisine. He’s known for using organic, locally grown, sustainable ingredients in simple dishes that let the tastes and textures shine through.

He weighs in below on keeping food and decor simple and shares a delicious butternut squash puree recipe:

Jean Paul, in your restaurant/market, Jean Paul’s House, you’ve created a warm, inviting space for dining, relaxing, and enjoying food in its freshest, simplest forms. For those of us hosting holiday dinners, what would you suggest to give a special, subtle touch to light up regular dining rooms, tables, or plates?

I like simplicity, starting with the menu and keeping with that theme to the décor. I recommend using large, elegant, white plates or trays that will present the food nicely. It is important that the food is not to the edge of the plate, but in the center. When using serving trays, be sure to place the food in an organized way so that it is easy to be served. For the table, I would decorate with ONE important center piece or flower arrangement, again keeping it simple.

It is always a nice touch to have an oversized champagne bucket with some bottles of champagne. You can also add wine and sparkling water bottles, giving all the bottles and the table a nice festive look.

How important is it to you to use organic and locally grown foods?

Organic should be the call for everyone. Why have all these pesticides when we can avoid them? Because I tend to cook simply, letting the flavors, tastes and textures be the stars, it is extremely important to use organic and fresh ingredients every time, simply because the food tastes and is better. Organic farmers and growers are putting more effort in making these products, so the quality is much, much higher.

What is the easiest way to use organic ginger powder in a dinner entree? In a dessert?

The easiest way to use ginger powder would be a soup or a puree. For example, if you make a butternut squash puree and you add a little of the pure organic ginger powder, it will give a nice kick of flavor. Also, you can use it as you use salt or pepper. Some of the ginger powder will always give an extra flavor.

The phrase “farm-to-table” is thrown around loosely these days. What does farm-to-table mean to you?

For me it’s to use great quality ingredients in a way that you take advantage of the quality and flavor. The less ingredients you use and a way to try to only boost the flavors is a better formula.

You bring your Peruvian and French influences to your food. What’s the most unique dish you serve at your restaurant?

I will have to say it is the Eggplant Carpaccio. I haven’t seen that dish anywhere, and I started that dish in 1999 at my first restaurant. When people hear Peruvian food, most think of ceviche. Of course, there are a lot of dishes that have my personal touch that makes them unique, but if I have to choose one, that would be it.

Can you share a simple recipe using organic ginger powder that our readers can try at home, maybe in a side dish for the holidays?

Butternut squash puree is a nice dish to serve during the holidays.

Butternut Squash Puree


– Butternut squash

– Organic sugar

-Wakaya Perfection Organic Ginger Powder

1. Peel the butternut squash and cut it into pieces.

2. Boil the pieces of squash with a pinch of sugar.

3. When tender, strain and puree in a food processor, or by hand if necessary.

4. Place the squash in a pot over med/low heat.

5. Add an organic ginger powder (like Wakaya Perfection), salt and pepper to taste, a small piece of butter, and stir until the the squash concentrates and makes desired puree texture. (You can also add a touch of heavy cream.) The organic ginger powder will give an extra amazing flavor and also a little spicy kick.


Now is the time to stock up on Ginger Powder — whether you’re buying it for your own kitchen or to share as a stocking stuffer. Wakaya Perfection Ginger Powder has been featured in the New York Times Gift Guide and as one of Oprah’s favorite things. 

Save 20% on Wakaya Ginger Powder by entering promo code: INTENT.

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This is the third post in a series of interviews with a variety of food, wellness, and beauty experts on the benefits of ginger and the many ways to use it. We’ll be sharing recipes, health, and beauty tips with you that are unique to each expert’s specialty.

Photo credit: Jean Paul’s House, Wakaya Perfection

photo by: Stacy Spensley

How Ginger Can Help You Get Fit


For many of us, the first images that come to mind when we think of ginger are of sushi or gingerbread cookies. We may not realize what a powerful cleansing agent ginger can be for our bodies internally. Ginger root, in its natural form, has antibacterial, antifungal, an anti-inflammatory properties, –which means it’s great for keeping our intenstines healthy and for healing illnesses and imbalances.

Ginger has been used in Chinese medicine to treat everything from diarrhea to asthma to nausea to arthritis. It can also help to alleviate pain and reduce joint swelling without the side-effects of over-the-counter painkillers.

To learn more about the role ginger can play in fitness and health, we spoke with fitness model and health expert Owen McKibbin. Owen is a widely respected voice in the wellness industry and has graced the cover of Men’s Health Magazine 19 times! He is also founder of McKibbin Fitness — a unique online personal training site that has workouts for every body type and plenty of inspiration and fitness philosophy to boot.

In this interview, Owen shares several powerful tips for how ginger can help us stay healthy and fit throughout the holiday season (and beyond):

How do you personally use ginger powder in your diet? Do you have a favorite dish to use it in or just throw it in a smoothie?

Good question. That depends on what time of the day it is. In the morning I use it with smoothies; my favorite is mixing it with papaya and/or banana. Those are definitely my go-to preferred smoothie fruits. In the nighttime, I prefer the ginger in a warm tea or cold elixir.

You’ve created some great and easy recipes for using ginger powder. How does including ginger in our diet work to keep the body healthy?

First of all, ginger is a major antioxidant and fortifies your immune system.

It also is a proponent of healthy digestion. So if I have a cheat day (that’s a day where I let myself eat whatever I feel like), I will sometimes do a ginger flush. I will use that warm ginger tea or elixir to negate the effects of the cheat day. It really does wonders. By 7:00 or 8:00, an hour or two after I’ve had the tea, my body is good as new.

I love this line from your website, “If you are overweight, MOTIVATE.”

This sounds so simple, but many people find it hard to put into action. How would you recommend people wanting to lose weight (instead of gain weight) this holiday season to start?

First of all, you have to get something done before happy hour. If you have made it to happy hour, and the drinks start flowing without any physical activity, you are not winning. Typically, this doesn’t have to be long. Whether its 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 20 minutes in the morning… it doesn’t have to be an hour of cardio.

One of the great things about my new online personal trainer website is that we have great workouts that are designed to give you a great workout in a minimal amount of time.

These workouts are combination moves. They target massive muscle groups or your entire body to reflect natural and athletic movement. They do not focus on individual muscle groups or isolate areas on your body. You cannot spot reduce.

By using these short, but significant workouts, you are making little deposits into the fitness bank. Over time they will start adding up. Hopefully, one day you will be able to live off the interest when the habit becomes incorporated into your lifestyle.

(Another great hint: Around the holiday season, since it’s usually cold and you are eating frequently, you can use the ginger to cleanse in between meals. A little tea or elixir can really help to keep your body in line.)

What’s the easiest way for people not familiar with ginger to use the ginger powder in their diet or health routines?

The easiest way to introduce you to Wakaya’s amazingly potent brand of ginger is slowly. The Wakaya ginger is so pure and concentrated, I would start out with the tea.

Green Tea for the mornings because it has a higher caffeine content, and Chamomile Tea, which is caffeine-free, for the evenings. You can cut it with honey or agave nectar and lemon. By integrating it methodically and consistently, you can also have a better chance of making it a recurring habit. A healthy one, too.

I often brew hot tea at night and put it in a thermos in the refrigerator at night. In the morning you have a cold elixir for the entire day. Squeeze a lemon in there or spice it up with cayenne to really kick-start your metabolism and digestion.

Many people assume that all they have to do to lose weight is exercise and don’t realize how important eating right is in staying healthy. Can you explain why both are important to a healthy body/mind and give some suggestions on how to do this with our busy lifestyles?

Think of it this way: You don’t have a house, you have a property. If that house has a nice coat of paint on it, but the landscaping is awful, it doesn’t show very well.

Can you get in shape just working out and not eating well? Yes, it is possible; but few can do it and even fewer can maintain it.

The most healthy and permanent way is to create a lifestyle of moving around and trying to eat foods as close to their natural state as possible. I try to preach the “stay away from rice, potatoes, bread and pasta” rule. If you do have to have a high glycemic food, try to get the most natural form. For rice, brown rice. For bread, I really like Ezekiel bread, and so on.

You can have the fastest car in the world. If you throw sugar in the gas tank, it’s not going to run right. Although the human body is more adaptive, the concept still rings true.

We all want to feel better and look better. If you plug some tweaks here and there, you can make significant change without drastic measures. I am not a fan of crash diets. They are not habit forming and not very healthy either. You don’t have to eat like a monk, you only need to create a sustainable habit change.

Often times what I find is that portion control is the main problem. If you cut portions down to a doable size and don’t overindulge, that sometime solves the problem right there.

What is your favorite use for ginger powder? Would you be willing to share a simple recipe with our readers that they can try at home?

I’m not skilled enough in the kitchen to use it creatively in cooking yet. I’m still just a guy, and a single parent, too, so I haven’t had a chance to create my masterpiece soufflé yet.

Sometimes I season steaks with it. But to be honest, I can think of hundreds of ways I still would like to try it, but haven’t had a chance yet. Ginger is such a versatile ingredient, as evidenced by the many different cultures and cuisines that use it. I think it would probably taste good even just on a pizza. Never heard of that before, but I bet it would be good.

Also, if you feel people around you getting sick, create a tea with honey and lemon with an extra dash of Wakaya Perfection Ginger to knock that cold out of you before it even gets started.


It’s a great time to stock up on ginger powder, whether you’d like to use it for yourself or give it to someone as a holiday gift! Save 20% on Wakaya Ginger Powder by entering promo code: INTENT.

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This is the second post in a series of interviews with a variety of food, wellness, and beauty experts on the benefits of ginger and the many ways to use it. We’ll be sharing recipes, health, and beauty tips with you that are unique to each expert’s specialty.

Photo credit: Owen McKibbin/Men’s Health, Wakaya Perfection

photo by: mikebaird

Ginger for Healthier Hair

Here is a surprising fact: Ginger powder, a common staple in most kitchen cabinets, can help you have healthier hair! Considered one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurveda, ginger is known to have stimulating and anti-inflammatory properties that increase circulation and help your hair grow faster. For those with thinning hair issues, ginger helps send nutrients in the blood to the hair follicles and can even act as a fertilizer to help give hair a growth spurt.

If you take a look at the ingredients in many popular natural shampoos, you’ll likely see ginger oil as an ingredient. But as long as you have ginger powder at home, you can simply add it to a carrier (like coconut oil or honey) to make a paste that will enhance hair growth, revitalize your hair, and give your hair an added shine and luster. For an extra-special concoction, try adding other essential oils like lavender, jojoba, or rosemary oil.

To learn more about ginger and hair health, we spoke to Rick Wellman, co-owner of Patrick Melville Salon in New York and one of the most prestigious celebrity hair colorists in the fashion industry about how he uses ginger in his work:

Rick, your list of celebrity clients is extensive! Any simple, healthy hair tips you use on your clients that our readers can try at home?

As a hair color specialist, I am firm believer that a healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair. I have tested ginger powder on myself and many clients by stirring a teaspoon into their favorite deep conditioning masque. I have found ginger powder aids in scalp circulation, benefiting those with thinning hair issues and even acting as a fertilizer to help give hair a growth spurt!

When did you first learn about Wakaya Perfection’s ginger powder and how do you use it personally?

I first learned about Wakaya Perfection when my client, Jennifer Halliday, was kind enough to give me a sample (actually, a nice big jar!)

Is there a way to use powdered ginger or other natural products, like coconut oil or honey, in any homemade beauty regimens or hair care?

The ginger powder can also easily be mixed with other natural products, such as coconut oil for extra shine or honey for moisture.

You’ve developed an innovative coloring technique that uses 100% biodegradable cotton pads instead of foil for hair coloring. What are the benefits of using cotton over foil?

I did develop a unique highlighting method called Biolights, using 100% biodegradable cotton pads in place of aluminum foil. The cotton has many benefits as it creates a less aggressive lightening reaction, reducing overprocessed strands, resulting in healthier hair. Not to mention aluminum has been removed from many beauty regimens as it can be hazardous to one’s system. Clients also rave about the comfort and ease of the application.

What’s your favorite dish to use ginger powder in? Can you share a simple recipe with us?

I am a horrible cook, but a big fan of juicing. I add the ginger powder to any of my juice concoctions to give it a little extra flavorful spice, which also seems to help in my digestion. The ginger powder even makes beet juice (yuck) taste good!


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This post is the first in a series of interviews with a variety of food, wellness, and beauty experts on the benefits of ginger and the many ways to use it. We’ll be sharing recipes, health, and beauty tips with you that are unique to each expert’s specialty. 

Photo credits: Rick WellmanWakaya Perfection

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