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Meditate on this…the sky is falling!

World Economic CRISIS! The sky is falling and Chicken Little is actually trying to get some help and they still think he is lying and quite honestly do not know how to help. The crisis has everyone feeling scared and fearful of having to walk through a depression. Which is only causing hording, reduction of spending and lending is quickly coming to a halt. The heads of corporate America are currently being inspired by the black cloud overhead to make blatant and irresponsible choices as they allocate their bailout funds and continue to blunder. This suggests these companies cannot be resuscitated, similar to trying to fix your FORD Edsal (Fix and Repair Daily). While, this might make you feel even more helpless…there are a few things you can do to help your local economy and reduce the financial fear factor attacking your psyche.

First, start supporting local small businesses these are the first impacted by this crisis and they are not eligible for billion dollar bailouts. Second, take time to walk to an appointment or to the store instead of continuing to perpetuate our dependency on fossil fuels. This will clear your mind, connect you with your local environment and you will save money. Third, shop at local farmers markets—the food is fresh typically locally grown and costs less. Fourth, shift your belief and think innovation. Rather than being attached to our current economic system for generating cash flow start thinking of new ways to stay in the black at home and in your business. Start considering the exchanging of goods and services. Fifth, take time to be still when the anxiety creeps in about the future. Sit down, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Then visualize what you want to welcome into your life and think beyond the green bills and your bank account balance. Keep that picture of your perfect world filled with abundance on all levels in your mind’s eye whenever you are feeling financially consumed.
Now, stop reading the news or turn off your RSS feed and take responsibility for your world crisis. If we all take a little responsibility, we can turn the corner to greener meadows filled with abundant fruit trees and plenty of resources to grow more.
All is Possible….Suzanne Toro

The Woe is I Economy

Has anyone else had it with the woe is I economic reporting?
Yes, I understand that the world economic situation is precarious.
Yes, I understand there is much higher unemployment in the United States right now than in the recent past.
Yes, I understand that the Obama administration has chosen a series of actions designed to change it.
But what are you doing? What am I doing? What are we doing personally to change the economy?
The AA definition of insanity is doing the same thing in the same way over and over again and expecting a different result. Is that what we’re doing? To some extent, yes, I think we are.
So if, just if, we were actually to put that definition of insanity to good use, what might we do differently to change our economic results?
First, we would have to change our thinking. Yes, an 8% unemployment rate is dreadful, and if we’ll do the math, we could realize and focus on the fact that 92% of people are employed.
What we focus on increases—good or bad.
Second, we would have to change our actions. I heard one of our many pundits say recently that AIG is too big to allow it to fail. Really? Dinosaurs were too big and they failed. Just because our economy isn’t a biological phenomenon doesn’t mean the same rules can’t apply.
What actions might we consider?
How about legalizing marijuana, and even other drugs, getting them off the black market and into a system of quality control, delivery and point-of-sale taxation? That would be different.
How about a temporary moratorium on the Internal Revenue Service? I said, temporary. What if the United States were to abolish tax filing for anyone earning under the government’s already magic number of $250,000 for five years? That would be different.
How about eliminating income tax and its collection altogether and instituting a point-of-sale tax? If you choose a Mercedes, you’ll pay the tax on that. If you choose a Mitsubishi, you’ll pay the tax on that. Think of the trees we’d save besides. That would be different.
How about any company that pays more than $250,000 per year for advertising has to give any overage to the government for economic stimulus, infrastructure recommitment, and program development for five years? That would be different.
Based on the information coming out of the media these days, I truly don’t know who is right about the economy and who is wrong. It would be great if Obama is right. Nobel economist Paul Krugman doesn’t think he is. (See this week’s Newsweek.)
I don’t know any more, but, to quote Oprah, what I know for sure is that I’m not insane, and that if you’re reading this, neither are you. Consciousness creates. Look at the good stuff more of the time. Then, in your own life, in your own finances, do something different, and maybe the economy will get the message and do something different.

How to Thrive during this Shifting Global Economy

saving money in the recession


There is a lot of fear in the world right now regarding the global shifting economy. The News is filled with stories about people losing their jobs, businesses closing, and even our US neighbors losing their homes. Yes, we are entering into an uncertain future. We are entering into the Aquarian Age and the old Piscean ways have to crumble to make way for this New Age. As a humanity we are in the middle of a very important spiritual lesson about our unhealthy attachment to the material world.

Remember one of the 5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age:

Understand Through Compassion or You Will Misunderstand the Times.

This sutra is about learning and acting from the heart. This is about people coming together in these times to help each other out. The Piscean motto, "What’s In it For Me?"  is being replaced with the Aquarian motto, "How can my Actions Benefit the Whole?"

Some examples of this sutra are:

* Coworkers take a pay cut to prevent others from being laid off

* CEOs willingly take salary cuts to keep their employees

* People forming intentional communities to share resources & support

Perhaps, you too can think of ways to help out your neigbour to move through these challenging times ! Meanwhile, please find money saving ideas below to stabalize the root chakra.

Garage Sales and Craigslist – Stop buying new and check out garage sales and your local Craigslist. Not only are you buying second hand which is way better for the environment, you are directly helping local families too and they will be greatly

Barter – Do you have a skill or a service you can barter for goods? Perhaps you can trade web design, carpentry work, knitting or tailor work, babysitting, food from your garden…anything you can think of…use your skills to trade with other like minded families. Look for local bartering groups or start one on Yahoo Groups if there aren’t any.

Swap – Local groups and online groups designed to help moms swap clothes and household goods are getting more popular. You can even host a swap party for friends and neighbors. Have everyone bring a couple bags or bins of clothes their kids have outgrown and let everyone start swapping.

Get cooperative with your community – Starting or participating in a community garden is a great way to help feed your family and get community support. You can also volunteer to work for local CSAs who will then give you a discount on fresh produce and this can be very helpful if food is taking a big bite out of your budget. And whenever you can buy from your local farmers and farmer’s markets.


Recipe of Mung Beans & Rice and More cost saving ideas

Let’s shift the ground beneath the cynics, the greedy, the powerful

Obama said it. Now Forbes is saying it: the wost is yet to come. The fact is, we haven’t seen nothing yet when it comes to our economic downturn.

So, why am I optimistic?

One thing is because in situations like these, when what we take for granted fails us, there occurs a window of opportunity where people are open to new ideas, new ways of doing things. Several times in his inaugural address, President Obama alluded to this.

The state of our economy calls for action: bold and swift. And we will act not only to create new jobs but to lay a new foundation for growth… …What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility — a recognition, on the part of every American, that we have duties to ourselves, our nation and the world, duties that we do not grudgingly accept but rather seize gladly, firm in the knowledge that there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit, so defining of our character than giving our all to a difficult task.

These words combined with the economic condition we face represent an unprecedented opportunity for those with the insight and daring to do it differently – in our national economy, in our workplaces, in our relationships and in our personal lives. As we respond in disgust at greed-oriented, clueless corporate executives intent on business as usual and preserving the status quo, we have the opportunity to shift the ground beneath them and create something that will support connections between all people, yes, even those who lavish themselves with French executive jets and thousand-dollar wastepaper baskets.

For, remember what a dynamic Spiritual Leader once said long ago: "Forgive them, for they know not what they do."

It is fitting that our financial downturn hit us in full in the winter. For winter is a time to turn energies inward, to store that energy and build up our reserves for the coming spring. Our economic winter may last well beyond the coming of the spring, but its duration and severity allows us to look deeply into our hearts and souls and ask: is there a way we can do things differently that offers a more promising future?

I say there is…

Asaram Bapu is Fake Farmer


You are here: IBNLive » Nation
Godman a fake farmer? Asaram Trust denies rumours
Published on Sat, Sep 20, 2008 at 09:21, Updated on Sat, Sep 20, 2008 at 10:09 in Nation section
YET TO SHOW UP: The Ashram has not appeared for any hearing in the executive magistrate court.
Pedhmala: In Pedhmala, Gujarat an RTI application has revealed how the Asaram Bapu Ashram forged documents to take over fertile land.
Asaram Bapu’s son Narayan Sai owns 108 hectares of fertile land at Pedhmala in Gujarat. However, a local social worker Ramesh Choksi says the land was bought illegally.
"The collector asked us for evidence, which we provided him with last year," says Choksi.
Using the Right to Information Act, Choksi had enough evidence for the collector to order an enquiry. The documents reveal that Asaram, his wife, son and mother were issued farmer certificates by a revenue officer in Abdasa in Kutch district in April 2004 to allow them to buy land at Pedhmala.
But Choksi says the farmer certificates are fake.
"We asked for information about the certificate in an RTI. The Revenue Officer said he had not signed it," says Choksi.
A letter from the Revenue Officer in Abdasa – which is in CNN-IBN’s possession – says the certificates were forged and not issued at Abdasa at all. While this genuine farmer certificate is stamped with an English seal, Asaram’s certificate has a Gujarati rubber stamp.
The Revenue Officer’s signatures also differ from genuine certificates.
The disputed land was legally purchased by Narayan Sai by proving himself, on paper, to be a farmer. However, his very identity as a farmer is now under dispute and is currently being investigated by the executive magistrate.
On the disputed farmland, there is now this sprawling building. Villagers say the Ashram has even encroached on land reserved for cattle grazing.
A villager, Kaka says, "They were not allowing farmers to go with their animals on the hill."
The Ashram has not yet appeared for any hearing at the enquiry in the executive magistrate court, but it says that’s not for lack of evidence on their side.
PRO Asaram Bapu Ashram Motera, Uday Sanghani says, "We will definately approach the court. It’s not we don’t have documents and so we we are not approaching the court."
For more pls visit on……………http://ibnlive.in.com/news/godman-a-fake-farmer-asaram-ashram-denies-all-rumours/73952-3.html

If it Bleeds it Leads – Why do People Love Bad News?

Have you watched your local nightly news lately?  Probably not if you’re like most Americans under the age of 61, but you’ll still get my point.  I’m guessing you’ve watched more financial news in the last month than usual in reaction to fear around money, stocks and the economy in general.

I accidentally saw the first few minutes of local news recently and noticed that it looked just like it did when I was a kid and my parents watched it. 

They have the same formula as always: An intro with visuals that include flashing police car or fire truck lights and an audio track of a reporter talking in that ridiculous reporter-sing-song voice telling you that the content they’re sharing is VERY important and significant.  If they’re lucky they can splice some security camera footage into the piece too for an extra scary effect.

I’m sure they still cover the weather at exactly 17 minutes after the hour too, but for the sake of this post we’ll stick with the intro.  News, whether it is on broadcast or cable television, on the web or in newspapers, generally leads with some story aimed at reminding you that the world is not a safe place.

It’s probably even a little worse since they created the oft-used phrase, “In a post-9/11 world…”  The truth is that we don’t live in a country where suicide bombers are blowing up cafes and you’re more likely to get hit by lightning or win the lottery without a ticket than to be harmed by a terrorist in America.

This truth is exactly the same now as it was 5 years or 50 years before 9/11.  That’s just a fact and it has nothing to do with how much our president has or has not protected us or that you aren’t allowed to carry a regular sized can of shaving cream on to an airplane anymore.

It has to do with the low number of terrorists who have the inclination or means to harm us.  We don’t live in Columbia or Israel where terrorist violence is a reality.

We live in America where impoverished drug addicts with guns are actually a bigger threat than terrorists.  And when was the last time you or someone you love was car jacked by a crack addict or directly threatened by a terrorist?  That’s my point.

Back to the media, it’s not that they like to scare people.  (At least I hope not.)  It’s because consumers are reactionary creatures that respond to emotional content.  That’s also why they always ask the asinine question of, “How do you feel?” to the woman whose son got killed an hour ago in a car accident or the guy who made the 3 point shot to win the basketball game.

Have these interviewees ever given a surprising answer even once in the history of the world?  Nope.  Guess what, the guy whose house burned down says “I’m in shock and upset that I lost everything, but I’m grateful that my family made it out in time.”  Surprise!  You never here him say, “I’m excited and going to Disneyland on the insurance money.  It’s a godsend that my shack is gone and I can cash in!”

The fact that many news consumers forget is that the news is a product.  Therefore, if you study advertising you’ll understand why the product of news is sold with the same methods as selling the product of beer or the product of voting for a politician.

Consumers are emotional creatures that unconsciously react to advertising.  Add to this fact that people react more strongly to negative advertising than positive advertising.  If my news program makes you afraid by making you think crime is up it concurrently attracts you to watch my news because you think I’ll give you information on what’s happening that will make you feel safer.

I create the problem that you should be afraid while positioning myself as your answer to feel safer.  It’s the same schtick for self help gurus who tell you they have the answer for your health, relationship and money issues. 

The day you feel safe is the day you lose dependence on being a daily news consumer and the day you believe your life is not broken you lose the desire to spend money on books, CDs and seminars to fix yourself.

Ironically, crime in America has consistently been going down for well over a decade even though most people who regularly consume news think it’s always going up.  If you see a petty crime reported as the lead story every night the images of flashing lights repeated daily is what your brain remembers.

Perception is reality when you’re being blindly influenced.  If they want good ratings they need to give you a perceived threat so you’ll tune in to “stay informed.”  It may be worthwhile to question how informed you really become blindly consuming what others determine is “news.”