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3 Tips to Help Crawl out of the Creative Dumps

There’s a pile of dishes in the sink. The bed hasn’t been made. There are a stack of bills on my desk that I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to pay. “I need to shower,” is a relevant thought but currently I’m sitting in the middle of the floor, legs crossed, laptop on my […]

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Overcome Your Procrastination with 7 Go-Getter Quotes

It’s been said that procrastination is the assassinator of opportunity – and that’s probably true. Yet, we’re all guilty of putting things off at least every now and then. There’s always time to do the laundry later or pressing the trash down so you don’t have to take it out just yet. Have you ever […]

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Getting started, again

We started off the year with high hopes. We were going to find love! Start new jobs! Let go of old hurts! Now that it’s March, it’s time to do an evaluation. Are you any closer? Are you have the sort of realistic conversations with yourself that are going to stop you from repeating the same […]

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Empower Your Intents with These Motivational Social Media Accounts

By Elizabeth Eckhart The holidays are long gone and the rush of the New Year is steadily drifting by, which means that the motivation to accomplish all of our new goals for 2014 might be declining. If the weather hasn’t brought you down, perhaps it’s the stress of work and school, or family concerns that […]

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It’s the Journey, Not the Destination That Matters

So many of us are rushing though life – focused on the destination, not the journey. A great life, however, is really all about the journey – about what you meet, learn, endure, understand, appreciate, discover and choose along the way. Be intentional about participating in what life shares with you as you head out […]

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From the Year of Intent: Affirm Your Intent by Saying No

Do you ever notice when you make a decision to do something, suddenly a million opportunities present themselves to throw you off your game or steer you in a different direction? The first thing that has to happen after you are clear on an intention is to practice saying no to anything that does not […]

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Set Your Intents By Finding Your Passion

As you can see, we are already hard at work at making 2014 the Year of Intent. Mallika wrote a blog post about what makes a good intent and how to write it, but how do you find out what your soul desires? In our experience setting intents from a place of passion greatly increases […]

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Keep Your Health and Fitness Intents by Varying Your Routine

The most popular resolutions that are made for New Year’s relate to health and fitness. At Intent we really push the idea that you should strive not to make resolutions or physical goals like “I want to lose 30 pounds” but dig deeper in yourself and set intentions about how you want to feel for […]

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Announcing The Year of Intent : Use Intent.com to Reach Your Goals in 2014

We’ve been bringing it up over the past several weeks but today the Intent team is excited to officially announce 2014 as THE YEAR OF INTENT. From here on out Intent.com and the blog will be used to support our community in achieving their goals. Intent itself will be striving to do it’s part as […]

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