Intent of the Day: Expect Good

Does mindset matter? Or are some of us just luckier than others? When you’re experiencing a string of bad news, what is there to be done? Sometimes it’s easy to forget that while we can have no control over our circumstances, we have entire control over our…

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Why is it so Hard to Feel so Good?

Perhaps it’s the stage of life I’m in, mid-life, where I’ve noticed the conversations with my friends has taken on a slightly different tone than when we were younger. Dr. Robi Ludwig, a psychotherapist, continues that during our 20’s discussions were often filled with lofty talk about our…

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8 Quotes to Help Define a Hero

A hero can come in all shapes and sizes – from 91 year-old grandmothers to 7th graders standing up for healthier school lunches. Sometimes they wear costumes and uniforms, at other times they blend in right next to us and we never know they were there. They save…

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The Most Good


Saturday, 9/24
“The most good  you can do for yourself  spirituality is to live your life with total conviction, love and purpose.” – Deepak Chopra
Steve Farrell
Humanity's Team World Wide Coordinating  Director
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