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The Importance of Following Your Inner Voice

inner voiceBy Kristin A. Meekhof

When a well- known author gave me the opportunity to guest blog on her website, I did a happy dance. I had to reread the email several times to take it all in.  At the same time, I was a ball of nerves. I actually felt a knot in my stomach. I worked countless hours on this blog entry, and even confided in a friend, who is an editor, that I was filled with angst.  As a professional editor, this dear friend offered to review my work. I didn’t hesitate to accept this generous gesture.  I felt that a second set of professional editorial eyes was just what I needed.

After exchanging a few emails with my friend, I felt confident that I had the polished and perfect article ready for submission.  My friend’s editorial remarks and insights were nothing short of genius.  Now, my sentences were crisp and alive. Moreover, I felt that I captured the true essence of this blog assignment. I submitted my work, and waited, and waited. No word. Finally, I got a generic email back stating that I was rejected. The words stood out like a black eye. My ego was bruised and my self- esteem tanked.  I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I’ve been published numerous times by a national well- respected publication and now, this- rejection!  In a panic, I contacted my friend. She reassured me that revisions and edits are part of the game.  She kept repeating “No worries”, in a calm tone.  Honestly, I was worried.  I asked the author’s assistant for feedback as to why I received the rejection. No response.  I resubmitted a revised version, and I was rejected- again.

I set aside the article for a day, and went back to reread what I wrote.  I realized that the writing did not sound like me. I had lost my voice. I was intimidated by this “big” author. Wanting to impress others, I tried to write for them instead of myself. In the past, my writing voice has served me well.  After all, it is what earned me this author’s blog invitation. After some hours of rumination, I called my trusted aunt and explained the situation. With a very maternal voice, she said, “Listen very carefully to the (writing) voice inside you.”

I had compromised my writing voice in exchange for something that I thought guaranteed sophistication. When I set aside my own style in favor of a voice that I assumed was fancy and fabulous, I rejected my own voice.  A voice that is strong, that I’ve relied on, not only to obtain other writing assignments, but a voice that has guided me through some very difficult decisions.

I think we all have our own inner voice that guides and teaches us. For some of us, that voice is strong and courageous. For others, the voice is hesitant and passive.  I’m not suggesting that we have all the answers. Of course, there are times when we can’t be afraid to ask for help. In fact, there are times when obtaining outside professional help is necessary. What I am speaking to is listening to that voice within you.  Some call this voice, “a gut feeling” or “intuition”. Whatever you may call it, listen. Listen to its whispers, to its laughter, and to its tears. These are the sounds and songs of the heart. This is what will connect you with the goodness in others, and what will bring out your own truth.  Be brave. Listen.

My intent is to listen to my own voice and to the songs and whispers of my heart.


Brief Bio- Kristin Meekhof is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. Her writing has appeared in Author online magazine,  Ecclesio, and the University of Michigan Cancer Website blog. She is currently working on her upcoming book– Just Widowed,  and can be reached at www.kristinmeekhof.com

Meta-perception: Extra Sensory Perception and Why Psychics Don


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the nature of metaphysical information and about what professional psychics do. It seems to me that most of the confusion about the nature of psychic information comes from two things. The first is that it is extremely difficult to verify sixth sense-generated information using only five senses and the second is that many people use different words to describe the same thing, so there is a problem with mismatching vocabulary words. The following is my discussion about these tricky points.

Q: What do psychics do Margaret Ruth? How does this psychic stuff work? capture

Information that is gathered from something other than the five senses is often considered intuitively or psychically generated. I have found that people differ on which vocabulary words to use for this type of information; you might hear terms such as sixth sense, the quantum field, clairvoyance and extrasensory perception to reference material that cannot be determined by using just the five senses. I tend to call this type information metaphysical or psychic, while others might call it intuitive. A good catch phrase for all of the above, that I just made up, is meta-perception.

The basic premise that most psychics work from is that being human is more than a physical state; there are metaphysical aspects to this human business. Metaphysical aspects of the human experience include such things as: spirituality, creativity, imagination, intuition, emotions and passions. I say this because these experiences are not completely generated from the five senses nor the rational processes of the brain.

Therefore, the next natural question is: Where do such things as emotions, inventions, musical scores, and intuitions come from? Exactly. There it is. The human experience does indeed transcend the five senses and subsequent rational brain cognition and this is the nature of psychically drawn information. Therefore, sensory and rational inputs are only a part of the available experience and information available to us. I operate on the knowing that humans are multi-dimensional beings and enjoy finding answers that address this. So, psychics generally gain their information via the antennae they have developed to look beyond the three-dimensional, five-sensory generated, human knowledge base.

Which leads to the questions about how is the word “intuition” different from “psychic,” and why can’t psychics do lottery numbers.

Q: Why don’t all psychics do the same kind of reading?

The availability of psychic, or metaphysical, information depends upon an individual’s antennas; it is also important to note that everyone can access metaphysical information if they choose. 

Different psychics will have different sets of information. Some will specialize in missing items, some in past relatives; some in the future (like me). I knew a man who was a car psychic; he would know everything about a car by just looking at it: its accidents, its owners, its problems. Handy, no? But, he had sharpened this particular antenna, whereas someone like me may never have cared to have developed that. My personal interests have generated antennae to gather answers from the broadest base I can locate– which is why my particular readings often deal with information from your guides and usually include quite a bit of information about possible futures.Go here for more information about getting your own private reading.

This also explains a few other questions about psychics and why they don’t all do the same thing. Here are some usual questions for me:

Why don’t psychics know the lottery numbers? It is my experience that most psychics aren’t terribly interested in number patterns. Some may be, but not many I know. Therefore, not all will develop an antenna for this.

Why doesn’t Margaret Ruth do crime? I don’t have the stomach for it.

Why doesn’t Margaret Ruth do ghosts? Beause they are boring.

Why doesn’t Margaret Ruth do cars or lotteries? Um – these actually sound good and I’ll work on them (when I get interested enough).

You will find people in many fields of professions and hobbies who have developed meta-perceptions about the things that they are very interested in. Almost everyone I know has meta-perceptions occurring in their daily lives, having such experiences as: knowing who is on the phone, flashes of past or future scenes, precognitive dreams, understanding information from your pet, reading someone’s “vibes.” For instance, this also explains why journalists have gut senses about people or situations; they have developed very fine antenna for these areas.

Q: What is the difference between being intuitive and being psychic?

I see a ittle difference between the two terms intuitive and psychic; perhaps it is just difference of degree. Intuitive implies knowing something without using the rational processes; Psychic implies knowing something using more than the five senses. I theorize that some “psychics” would prefer to call themselves “intuitives” so that they do not feel associated with the negative connotations of the word psychic. Given that there is fair amount of silliness connected with the word psychic, I understand this. However, since it is just a matter of vocabulary I prefer to call myself a psychic, just to be annoying I guess.

Q: I am a skeptic. What do you say to that?

I say , “Good, stay that way.” The reason for my reaction is that the other extreme stance, complete susceptibility, is probably more dangerous in this matter and in general daily life.

Q: If I, a skeptic, calls you and wants to make an appointment, why won’t you “tell me something over the phone” to prove that you are really psychic and allay my fears?

Cause it’s boring, uninteresting and not very helpful. And, usually, when I am making or answering phone calls, I am not “on” (I am probably working on the computer or unloading a dishwasher or something rather exciting like that).

My sense is that if someone does NOT think a psychic reading from me, or anyone else, would be helpful, then I don’t think you should make an appointment – don’t waste your money or time.

It is that simple.

I need to look at hundreds of hands over the next six months for a looming Palmistry Workbook manuscript due date, so I am now doing Palmistry readings in-person or via Skype! If you have been wanting a personal palm reading, contact Psychic Margaret Ruth on her Facebook page, email mr@margaretruth.com or call 801-575-7103. You can also get details on private readings, Margaret’s classes and blog at www.margaretruth.com. Margaret Ruth has been on radio, television, published in newspapers and magazines and major websites. She is the author of Superconscious Connections: The Simple Psychic Truths of Perfectly Satisfying Relationships (Sept 2010)


The Call of the Calling

In this blog I’ve discussed public issues and also personal ones. Today’s blog is a personal one. I have touched on this topic before, but I am finding I need to discuss it again as I’m curious about other people’s experience with it. Here goes…

I have been thinking a lot lately about callings, intuition and where creative ideas come from. Is intuition to be trusted? Can we rely on our gut alone?

As Thomas Edison once observed, creativity is two percent illumination and the rest love and discipline. Although I am a huge believer and user of my own intuition, I am beginning to see Mr. Edison’s point.

Before I started my business, I was a teacher. I had been working in a teaching job that didn’t feel quite right for some time. There was a voice inside of me saying that I needed to leave. It got to a point where I no longer could fight the inner voice. In June 2007 I left the job.

As most of us know it is no easy thing to give up the security of a paycheck, health insurance and a supportive community. On the other hand, it can be even more difficult to suffer with the truth of what you know inside and not act on it.


I felt pretty confident that I was doing the right thing as life had shown me before that if I took a leap of faith by responding to my inner guide I would end up in a good place. However, I was finding it difficult to explain to other people what in the world I was doing with my life. As those who have gone through this know, there is usually a window of time where there is a ton of unknown. Even though I am someone who is dedicated to personal growth and have gone through a lot of transitions, this mystery stage doesn’t seem get any easier to explain.    

Especially when I had NO idea of what was next.

And then comes that one day or one moment when the spirit moves through you and you have that incredible “aha” moment that you never could have imagined because your brain would have never put that possibility together on its own. Usually, at least in my experience, these callings are not very rational, and in many cases, seem out of left field.

The one that came to me on that July day qualified as out of left field. Start a clothing line? What? I hadn’t worked in retail since I was 17, never designed a stitch and never wrote “run a clothing business” on my goal list! But when a calling calls, I have always been one to listen and get right on it. As Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, said recently, “Creativity does not always function rationally and can feel downright paranormal.” I think this applies to creating a business too.

For me one of the biggest lessons this time around has been about coupling intuition with good old-fashioned hard work, consistency and follow-through just like Edison suggested.

I am curious to know how does intuition play a part in your life? And how is it for you explaining an intuitive choice to someone who may not think that way?

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