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Deepak Chopra: Take a Journey Into Healing

The Chopra Center invites you to attend this rare opportunity to expand your understanding of mind-body healing, Ayurveda, and integrative health care. “Journey into Healing” features sessions with Chopra Center founder Deepak Chopra, M.D.; the Chopra Center’s expert integrative physicians and master educators; and world renowned guest speakers.

Each day of “Journey into Healing” combines daily sessions of experiential learning, interactive sessions, lectures, and group activities, offering unique opportunities to interact with like-minded individuals from around the world. In addition, Journey into Healing includes:

  • Instruction in Primordial Sound Meditation and daily group meditations
  • Morning and evening Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga classes (all levels)
  • The science of Ayurveda and a mind-body perspective on health and disease
  • The role of emotions and the mind in health and well-being
  • CME credits for physicians and other health care practitioners

Learn how to enhance your health, balance, and well-being at Journey into Healing, August 22-25, 2013!

Building Healthier, Happier Communities Through Functional Medicine

₪ Cobija: Corporativa al atardecer - Flickr Meeting at Tusk ₪With Mark Hyman, MD and Lissa Rankin, MD

We live in an era in which individualism is rewarded, and collectivism is seen as weak. We raise our children to be independent and self-reliant. It’s so hard for us to ask for help. Interestingly, we also practice medicine this way. We teach our future medical leaders to separate the body into individual disconnected parts. We allow patients to believe that their distinct symptoms are totally isolated and unrelated. If this kind of medical system supported better outcomes, creating healthier and happier communities, then it would be acceptable, and we wouldn’t even need to discuss this. But the simple fact is it isn’t working, and we are now at the brink of a health revolution through which medical visionaries are now working together to bring in a new era of living well and feeling great.

In my work as a functional medicine doctor, I see the patient as a whole person instead of merely as an assortment of disconnected parts. The body is an extraordinary system; every part is connected via an intricate web of body, mind, and spirit. In functional medicine, we seek the root causes of illness so that we can address the underlying triggers that have thrown the patient off balance. In order to heal properly, the whole patient requires attention; that includes the emotions, thoughts, and spirit of a human being—not just the physical body.

Throughout the many years I’ve worked with my patients using this model of medicine, I’ve been astounded by the resilience of the human body. It’s humbling to realize that, even though I was taught in medical school to believe that a patient’s recovery is completely in my hands, in fact, it is the patient who has the most power. My job is to be a facilitator who gently assists the body back to its natural state of health. I do this by encouraging a paradigm shift in the hearts and minds of patients. We discuss the role of whole foods, water, air, light, rest, movement, sleep, rhythm, connection, love, meaning, and purpose. (For more information on the seven fundamental systems in your body that can bring back balance, see my book The Blood Sugar Solution).

We need doctors who understand how well the body reacts when the whole system is treated, not just the symptoms. One doctor in particular, Lissa Rankin, has made a career out of a calling she felt to serve her patients on the most authentic level possible. She inspires me along with the thousands following her online health and wellness community, Owning Pink. She began this site as her own way of revolutionizing healthcare, encouraging people in need of healing to own all the many facets that make them whole: their relationships, their professional lives, their creative lives, their spiritual lives, their sex lives, their environment, their physical and mental health, and more.

Lissa’s work is functional medicine at its best, addressing the truth that we all need each other to lean on, to help heal, to connect, and to flourish. Lissa and I share the belief that there is nothing more productive and exciting than a collective of people united together to combat feelings of loneliness and powerlessness in the face of illness. Because she and I feel a special calling to do this work, I wanted to invite her to share with us some insight into her unique approach to healing. Here are some questions I asked her followed by her comments.

Dr. Mark: On your blog site LissaRankin.com and on your community site, Owning Pink, I see a lot of importance placed on finding one’s truth and authentic nature. I, too, encourage my patients to reflect on how to live with more purpose. How can synchronizing this authentic energy with another person help heal a broken mind, body, and spirit?

Dr. Lissa: In my first TEDx talk, I introduced a radical new wellness model, which I also discuss in my upcoming book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself . The wellness model is based on a “cairn,” those stacks of balanced stones you tend to see marking trails and sacred landmarks. In the “Whole Health Cairn” wellness model, the foundation is not the body, as it is in so many wellness models that suggest that a healthy body is a prerequisite for a healthy life. Instead, I think the foundation is the part of you I call your “Inner Pilot Light.” Call it your intuition, your inner doctor, or your highest self, this part of you always knows what’s true for you, even if the rest of you may not want to face your personal truth because it often commands change, and change scares us.

Your Inner Pilot Light is always radiant, never extinguished, 100% authentic, and will never lead you astray. I help people tap in to their Inner Pilot Light here, but as healers, I believe that’s one of the most essential parts of our jobs, not to dictate what our patients should do or prescribe the one and only way to optimal health, but to help our patients tap in to their own unique Inner Pilot Light, so they can make treatment and life decisions that are in alignment with the core of who they are. When you make decisions from this place of truth, the body tends to naturally come back in to alignment with its natural state of health.

Read the rest of the interview on my website, DrHyman.com!

How Information Overload Affects Your Energy

It’s no secret we are in a world of information overload. Between facebook, twitter, cell phones, 24 hour news channels, digital billboards, TV ads, text messaging, and a hundred other ways to “stay connected,” we are in a perpetual state of sorting through a bombardment of information that is flowing to us through multiple channels at any given moment. Some of it we care about, some is completely irrelevant. There are some pieces of information we want to know about our friends, relatives, and colleagues, and other things that we really don’t.

But we sometimes have little control over what information we are exposed to. And even more importantly, most people do not consciously monitor how that information is making them feel. If you were ordering your news through a take-out window, you might get the following: 5 murders, 3 wars, 2 disease epidemics, and 1 collapsing global economy, to go, please.

You wouldn’t necessarily fuel your body with unhealthy junk, so why would feed your mind with unhealthy, depressing thoughts? A lot of people see the benefit of monitoring what they put in their bodies, but not their minds.

You can’t always bury your head in the sand and ignore every piece of negative information that is out there. (”Isn’t it important to face reality,” you ask)? But just because it is someone else’s reality doesn’t mean it has to become your own. There’s a huge contrast of things happening out there, both those which you deem “good” and those which you deem “bad”. Only you get to decide what you let in into your own world. How do you decide? By choosing what you focus on. By directing your thoughts, emotions, and attention to that which you want to see expand in your own life.

It might be true that there are people starving out there- but most people don’t zero in on starvation, worry that they might become a victim of it, and constantly focus their attention on it. What would be the upside of worrying? Your feeling bad won’t benefit the person that is starving, and it certainly won’t benefit you. So why lower your energy vibration by thinking depressing thoughts? This is an extreme example, but people do this with the all sorts of things all the time like the economy, their health, their relationships, etc. They pick up on the negativity from the constant barrage of information being fed to them, internalize it, feel negative emotion based on what they read and hear, and then act surprised when negativity shows up in their own life. If you are internalizing negativity from your surroundings, it lowers your vibration, so that you are then more likely to attract negativity into your own life. That’s just law.

Instead of feeling bad when you hear something bad, just remember that everyone is creating their own reality. Everyone has their own source of internal power, and everyone has the ability to be happy. When you are bombarded with information from any source, learn to be a selective sorter. Does the information make you feel good? Then focus on it. Does it make you feel bad, anxious, or worried? Then take action on it if you need to (and can), otherwise discard it from your mind. Taking care of what you put in your mind just as carefully as what you put in your body is critical to your mental and psychological health and well-being.


Dr. Kulkarni is a licensed physician based in New York City, and has been an avid meditator for more than 10 years. Her website, http://www.leveragingthought.com , focuses on metaphysics and quantum health.

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