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Intent of the Day: Stay Honest


Our intent is to stay honest. That means we first have to get honest. Then we have to remain there. For so many of us, we have trouble even determining what is honest for us:
honest about our feelings
honest about what we’re good at
honest about what we’ve accomplished

But it’s hard to go somewhere new when we aren’t honest about our where we are or the state that we’re in. This is a moment to pause and get honest with yourself and then stay in that space when it comes to everyone and everything else.

Getting honest. You too? Here are 3 things to help you get there: Continue reading

Straightforward Wisdom from Mark Manson

Mark Manson

A lot of my friends are big fans of puppy videos.
On my Facebook news feed, a lot of puppies.
But recently a friend shared an article about “7 Strange Questions that will Help You Find Your Life Purpose.” It was honest and made me laugh out loud. Continue reading

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