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The Art of Traveling Lightly

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 10.53.10 AMFor 3,000 people, it’s that time of year again. Friday July 5, is the kick-off to the third annual World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon and the attendees are buzzing on Twitter and Facebook. The city of Portland is getting ready to rock with a mini-invasion of sorts. Really rock!

What started as a small and intimate gathering of 500 of author and world traveler Chris Guillebeau’s legion of loyal supporters in 2011, has morphed into a not too intimate gathering six times that size this year. The theme of WDS, which I wrote about after last year’s event, is “How do you live a remarkable life in a conventional world?” Nowadays, more of us understand that this is the only way to live our lives and be at our most creative and productive, in a world that seeks conformity and security. That isn’t the world we live in anymore, though, and WDSers (as we affectionately call each other) have known this for a long time.

Last year I ventured to Portland alone, literally not knowing even one person. I was in a fairly insular place personally and was prepared to see what came towards me during my six days there. Having always wanted to visit Portland, I intuitively knew this would be the perfect opportunity. Synchronistically, although not surprising to me, I met and forged a friendship with one other person (who happened to be staying in the room across the hall in the hotel) and we are both returning this year and co-hosting a meet-up and doing a pre-WDS Radio Enso appearance to connect people who like us, are seekers on a spiritual path, wanting to create a more conscious world. WDS is a friendly mecca for connecting with a wide range of like-minded people.

One fellow attendee posted recently on Facebook asking “What are you bringing to WDS?” It made me smile, as I saw what one female was bringing in a picture she posted. It was one of last year’s gifts, a WDS backpack surrounded by very few belongings and her cat half hidden under the backpack. Hmm. It got me thinking about the art of traveling lightly. Not something I know how to do. I’ve mastered the art of packing to maximize my suitcase interior and keep my clothes relatively uncreased, however, “lightly” is not part of my travel vocabulary.

Having had many health issues in my life, I have learned to always be prepared. And as a woman, I find myself curious, yet in admiration of other women who can pack everything they need in the tiniest amount of space and carry it onto the plane to make a quick departure on landing. My toiletries alone, always seem to be well…pretty heavy.

It might have started for me as a teenager when my best friend and I did a lot of globe trotting together. The summer we headed for the south of France, we became somewhat of a running commentary, when people on trains and in hotels wondered (out loud) what exactly we needed to bring that filled these huge “valises”. In those days, luggage didn’t have wheels, so we were lugging trunks filled with who knows what, onto train platforms and up many flights of stairs, in charming, but elevator-less French Riviera hotels. Somehow not too much has changed for me. Except I do have luggage with wheels now.

Not that long ago, when luggage weight allowances were still at seventy pounds, my daughter Lani and I had an amazing trip to Sedona, Arizona where we always go rock and mineral shopping. When we checked in to return home, her bag weighed slightly over the seventy pounds and the airline check-in person asked “What have you got in there, rocks?” “Yes” we answered in unison shaking our heads, “in fact we do have rocks in there.” Smiles all around.

So I started packing early to see if I could somehow adopt a new attitude on this trip. To see where I could lighten the load. It’s summer, so my clothes don’t weigh much. Good. Then I came to the vitamins and supplements and toiletries and realized that unless I dramatically change my health protocol, much lighter isn’t going to be too possible. Yes, to travel sizes of everything. I even checked online to see what experts suggest. The recurring theme was smart and practical. I seem to have done mostly everything that was recommended and still, alas, I know my bag will not be light.

As I was packing, I realized that maybe some of us aren’t meant to travel lightly. Literally and figuratively. I’m light in other ways in my life. As an air sign with five other planets in air, I do travel lightly as I cruise the cosmos of ideas, hovering slightly above the planet most of the time. Living in the physical has always been challenging for me and has been a life-long journey which I write a lot about in my upcoming book Confessions of a Middle-Aged Hippie. For you earthbound folks, it might be hard to understand, however, it isn’t always that easy for some of us air people.

This year I know will be different for me at WDS. I have three friends coming, partly because of my enthusiastic reporting of my last years’ experience. And this year I’m not as insular and am feeling overly anticipatory about the possibility of connecting and meeting as many new people as possible. For now, I’m okay leaving the traveling lightly to others. I’m fine with whatever weight I bring with me to the event.

Love to hear what tips you have on the art of traveling lightly.

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Is There Any Truth to Astrology?

You may be surprised to hear that for many years Deepak Chopra did not believe in astrology. He has written so much on the wisdom and power of the Universe, but nonetheless saw little validity in the analyzing of horoscopes and the influences of planetary alignments. That all changed, though, when Deepak started researching Vedic astrology, a “profound and mathematically sophisticated form of astrology that originated in the ancient Vedic tradition of India.” (You can learn more about Vedic astrology, or Jyotish, on the Chopra Center website.)

The aspect of Vedic astrology that first inspired Deepak to change his views was the microcosm-macrocosm relationship. Vedic teachings, he says in the “Ask Deepak” episode on Astrology, start from the premise that the micro mirrors the macro, and vice versa. Essentially, the entire cosmos is a magnified version of the immediate and observable realities we witness. By that assumption, Deepak continues, it is possible to derive compelling insights about our lives from by analyzing planetary patterns, using mathematical principles.

“One can calculate the statistical likelihood of future space-time events based on the probabilities and the probability amplitudes that are dictated by the specific location and time of your birth.”Bracken House - London

Because Universal consciousness is non-local, and we are all expressions of this consciousness, “life is a story of probability events” played out both in the microcosm and the macrocosm.

What do you think? Have you ever had an astrological reading? Let us know in the comments section below!

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What’s Your Sign?

What’s your sign? Are you a feisty Leo? Or a stubborn Taurus? Well, it turns out you may need to scrap your old horoscope – or at least make room for a new one.

In this week’s episode of The Chopra Well’s Chopra Centered, Julie Zwillich receives an astrological reading from expert Brent BecVar, M.S. Julie’s birthday is December 20. So she’s a Sagittarius, right? Actually, no. It turns out Mr. BecVar practices Vedic (or Jyotish) astrology, a form of horoscope reading that dates back to ancient Indian wisdom traditions. And it may be a lot more accurate at revealing important trends and characteristics of our lives.

What many think of as the ‘zodiac’ is based on a Western form of astrology. In lay terms, it’s the alignment of the planets at the time of your birth. The Western system uses the tropical, or moveable, zodiac, determined the by the relative, changeable position of the sun. Basically, the planetary alignment is considered in relation to the sun – hence the predominant fixation on ‘sun sign’.

The problem with this system is that the sun signs don’t actually correspond to constellations any more. They haven’t been aligned for about 1,700 years due to a ‘wobble’ in the axial spin of the earth. This is called “precession of equinoxes,” causing the alignment of the Earth with the Sun to shift about one degree every 72 years.

Vedic astrology, on the other hand, uses the sidereal, or visible, zodiac, based on the fixed position of the constellations. As the Earth turns, different constellations arise every one to two hours, so an individual’s Vedic chart is very specific. This can be applied to events, as well. “An event that’s well begun has more chance of continuing in a harmonious way,” BecVar relays. Think of your birth as an event – your entry into this world. Knowing how things started may help you understand the course your life has taken thus far. And much like a map, your chart provides a set of potential paths and qualities to help you navigate life from here on out.

Does Vedic astrology really ‘work’? As BecVar notes, astrology has been a part of every ancient wisdom tradition in human history and only began to be systematically discredited in the Middle Ages. If the fact that people have studied astrology for centuries is not enough to convince you of its efficacy, then consider the minute level of detail that makes each person’s horoscope entirely unique.

Check out this quick Vedic horoscope calculator to see what your chart looks like. To really make the most of the information and integrate your chart into your life and personal growth, you can contact Brent BecVar for a full reading. Who knows how many people share your exact birth information. We begin life under rare and special conditions. Why not make the rest of our lives just as extraordinary?

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Creative Numerology Monthly – MARCH 2011


Creative Numerology – your journey through the cycles of time

by Christine DeLorey

Your personal number for this year is obtained by adding 2011 to your month and day of birth. For example, if you were born on May 31, add 5+3+1+2+0+1+1 = 13. Keep adding until you reach a single digit. 1+3=4. In this example, your yearly number for 2011 would be 4. You keep this number for the entire year. It is also the number you use to read your monthly and weekly forecasts.




To read about your YEARLY CYCLE for 2011, your DESTINY PATH number, your CHALLENGE Number, how to turn these weekly forecasts into DAILY FORECASTS, how to order your own PERSONAL PROFILE, and more, go to the main Creative Numerology website.


NOTE: No matter which year you happen to be in personally, the whole world is in the 4 year in 2011. (2+0+1+1=4). Therefore, much insight can be gained by reading the 4 forecasts, too.

You never change things by fighting the existing
reality. To change something, build a new model
that makes the existing model obsolete.
Buckminster Fuller

You know you cannot continue in the same old way. You can sense that an old reality is ending and a new one is beginning. In order to ease the uncertainty (fear) that threatens to keep you at a standstill, look more closely and honestly at the circumstances that are tying you to the past. The closer you get to your limits, the more you will feel boxed-in and compressed, but this is no time to give up. The 1 year is a time of great change, and it is worth remembering that change seldom occurs as comfortably as we would prefer.

The restrictive elements of March provide an opportunity to experience the positive power of your own Will which is now trying to reduce the pressure by pushing those limits away from you. Commit yourself to hard work and be determined to exert as much effort as the situation requires. Concentrate. And listen to your body when it tells you that it’s time to rest. This month, mistakes can occur through inexperience mixed with a lack of focus. So, stay alert and aware, and also understand that a mistake is not a mistake if you learn something from it.

Form a practical plan of action to protect your overall goals, while honestly assessing whether your current course is any different from the one you have been traveling for the past nine years or more. Be aware of how easily we deceive ourselves into thinking we are doing things differently when, in fact, we have simply found a different way to do the same old thing!

See yourself in a more positive light. Simplify – and you will become more able to take care of your responsibilities. Observe the small details, and where they fit into the larger picture. Clear your life of the material and emotional clutter you have amassed over a long period of time, and which is now preventing you from seeing beyond what you think are your limits.

Your mind is buzzing and churning with diverse and conflicting thoughts. Actually listen to the chaos in your mind – all the different opinions and judgments that are battling for your attention. Then, give your mind a rest – by accepting your present situation exactly as it is. Only then will you be able to get your priorities in the right order. This month, your mind needs periods of complete relaxation, as much as your body does.

Face the facts. Be practical. Put everything in its place. Organize. Clear the decks. Sort it all out, detail by detail. Then observe the walls of what were your limits move away from you. Let your expanded belief in yourself push these boundaries to a place where they can no longer pressure you. Having cleared the strongest barriers of all – your own denials – you will know that if you judge something before you experience it, you have no way of knowing what the experience actually is, or what it has to offer.

You are on unfamiliar ground, but you must take the lead and initiate things you thought could only be done by others. Knock on new doors. Look for ways to break free from your various dependencies. You do not need  other people’s approval. Let your feelings tell you what you really want and how to get it. Stop dithering and step forward. See where those first few steps lead. Then, by the end of March, your new understandings will help you to construct a strong foundation on which to build a new reality that reflects who you are now.

I am life that wills to live in the
midst of life that wills to live.
Albert Schweitzer

Compromise and acceptance are needed in this month of change, freedom and unexpected developments. Try to understand someone else’s side of the story. A relationship can now be strengthened through sincere and open interaction. A vital change is taking place.

Someone else’s circumstances may provide an opportunity for you to move into a more desirable position. By patiently being there, listening, relating and/or encouraging, you can prevent a problem from escalating or, perhaps, impress others with your ability to step in and help.

Don’t get sucked into the problem itself. Just cooperate where you can. This will enable you to take a fresh look at your own situation through a much wider perspective. Don’t be intimidated by the power that others appear to have, but do be prepared to learn something which can help you steer yourself free of confining circumstances.

If you find yourself thinking “I have no choice“, remember that life, and your potential, extend way beyond your present environment and circumstances. It could be that your view has been too limited. Your own or someone else’s situation should now encourage you to broaden your horizons, and remind you that mistakes are often our best means of learning. However, because we tend to deny our mistakes, we repeat the same error over and over so that positive change is never achieved. Look for a different approach this time and turn a mistake into valuable experience – from which you can actually prosper.

Pay attention to the condition of your body. Recent stresses and strains may be taking a toll. Calm yourself down. Nourish yourself – in every sense of the word. Take care of yourself.

You may be trying to subtly control someone, or it may be you who feels cut off from open expression. Nothing can be achieved until this tension is addressed. Stop taking everything sopersonally and admit to yourself where you have misjudged a situation or denied your role in it.

Your present circumstances are testing and developing your ability to relax and be free in chaotic or even hostile situations. The nature of your intent will determine the quality of your 2 year journey and, of course, peaceful intent will greatly relieve the ongoing jumble of stress in which you currently exist.

Try to be diplomatic, considerate, tolerant, kind, and gentle. Connection is an ongoing theme this year and it does seem that your own wellbeing is directly connected to the wellbeing of others. If one person in your circle is unhappy, this will affect everyone. If there is a battle of wills going on, understand that in this cycle, it is a fight you cannot win. Winning is not the issue. Coexisting peacefully is what this is all about.

The peace of mind you crave can only be achieved by accepting your situation exactly as it is,and by finding more realistic ways to unite with others. Remember, too, that ‘peace of mind’, just like happiness, is never permanent.  These beautiful states of being come to us in ‘moments’ which must be cherished as they arise.

Instead of fighting for something you do not have, make the most of what you do have. Cooperate with your environment and the people in it. Only then will you be able to regain your focus. You cannot change others. You can only change your reaction to them. So, relax those high expectations which none of you could live up to anyway. Partnership, teamwork, forgiveness, peaceful intent and, above all, awareness and acceptance of reality, will create a clear road ahead for all concerned.

The solution to the problems of human
relationships is to be found in liberty.
Frederic Bastiat

What do you feel when you think of the word “home”? Somewhere in your vision for the future is a place in which you feel a warm and loving sense of both freedom and belonging. If not, you may have overlooked an important aspect of happiness and fulfillment.

This month, you may uncover an unexpected truth about yourself, a loved one, or close associate. You may feel content with this. Or, you may feel that a certain situation or responsibility is preventing you from experiencing any kind of happiness at all.

Something will occur which features duty, the home, spouse, lover, children, family, pet, friend, relative or neighborhood, which enables you to communicate on a new level, to make an important decision, and move closer to personal freedom. No matter what is involved initially, the potential for eventual JOY is enormous, even if it is mixed with feelings of a heavier nature.

Determine which responsibilities are yours and which are not. Are you placing responsibility for your happiness on someone else? Are you holding yourself responsible for someone else’s happiness? Is guilt telling you that you cannot pursue your own needs while someone else is having difficulty with theirs? Are you judging others or allowing them to judge you without considering each others’ individuality and unique circumstances? Are you setting unnecessary rules? Are you living unhappily under someone else’s rules?

Everyone is responsible for creating their own happiness, no matter what their relationship happens to be. Something positive – even miraculous – is happening here, but you must feeland listen to your true feelings – as opposed to your stubbornness – if you are to appreciate the positive potential that lies beneath the surface of your current situation.

Balance is the key. When your feelings are all muddled up together with no separation between what feels good and what does not, eventually nothing feels good at all. This is a chance to finally clear the air!

Disagreements and diversity within a family are part of what it takes to be a family. Otherwise you’ll all be tied together by a fruitless common bond with each one yearning to move in different directions. Although you are connected by the love within your close relationships, each of you is a unique individual who must lead his or her own life and find his or her own happiness.

If you believe that others are holding you back, it is time to speak your mind. But be prepared for an unanticipated response that exposes the part you yourself have played.

Coexisting with people whose experience of life is different from your own is seldom easy. But, now, your willingness to understand them will enable them to better understand you. Of course, understanding someone does not necessarily make them any easier to accept, but whatever transpires in March can leave everyone involved feeling enlightened, inspired or, at least, optimistic that the healing of a particular rift will eventually take place.

As you observe and accept how others choose to live, you will realize that you need to be FREE to make your own choices. One thing is certain: you need your own time, your own space, and your own style if you are to live as you want to live


Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.
Alfred Tennyson

January brought change. February made it personal. March will clarify what has happened since the beginning of the year and help you figure out what to do next. Meanwhile, go about your life quietly and conscientiously. You have a lot on your plate, and you may have to give one aspect a rest while you focus on another.

Arrange your agenda so that you can spend some time alone, with no distractions. You need to think, contemplate, feel your true feelings, and PLAN your future moves. Be aware thatplanning – not doing – is the main theme of this strange and introspective month.

If you are feeling anxious, understand that your unexpressed feelings are preventing you from recognizing your “higher” identity and, therefore, your true strength. You will see an immediate improvement in your health, attitude, and situation, once you let it all out – especially your fear.

Of course, fear is perfectly natural when you consider the fact that you have no idea where you are and are therefore unsure of where the road ahead will lead. The uncertainty of this cycle can be frustrating and, yet, the only thing life requires of you now is your full presence in it – your awareness of it – and your willingness to learn. You have been lost for longer than you may care to admit, and what you are experiencing now is the acceptance of that fact, the desire to do what is best and, perhaps, the fear that you may not know what ‘best’ actually is.

Slow down. Stop struggling. Face the facts and take each situation as it comes. You have had quite enough of your present circumstances and are realizing that you are capable of creating a much more fulfilling existence for yourself – and to organize your life around creating it.

Appreciate your own company. Ask yourself what you really want to achieve in this precious lifetime of yours. What do you want to be doing – how do you want to be feeling – a year from now; five years from now; ten years from now? Stop what you’re doing and ask yourself:“what is really happening here?” Then wait for the answers to reach your conscious mind. Listen to them. FEEL them. This practical use of your intuition will help you devise specific plans for the future. It may take the words, actions, or circumstances of someone else to open your mind, but only you can answer the questions you are asking at this time.

Reflect, meditate, and analyze. Review the past. Accept the present. Envisage your life not in fragments or segments, but as one continuing journey over which you really do have control. Your present circumstances are a small and temporary part of the whole adventure; a turning point to a brighter future.

Release yourself from that illogical judgment which tells you that you have to produce continuous results in order to be successful. Take your time and look for alternatives instead. If you believe you can’t do something because you don’t know how, learn how. Above all, move away from the guilt which is telling you that you should be doing better than you are.  You are doing a lot better than you think!

Never forget that change is a positive force
that is generally for the better, and that life
is a performance for which none of us are
given the opportunity to rehearse.
Sally Brompton

You cannot reach a new destination if you are afraid to take that first step. This month, there are places to go, people to see, work to do, and unusual possibilities to explore. Commit to efficiency and professionalism. No matter what changes are taking place in your relationships and general circumstances, the current potential for growth is significant.

If your personal power in this world is to reach a higher level, you must first be aware of a power struggle you are engaged in. In order to bring clarity to an area of confusion, abalance of power is needed. This will enable you to reclaim your life as your own. March offers the chance to make a significant move in the direction of your choice. And do remember that choice is what it’s all about this year. In fact, everything in life is a matter of choice, right down to how you treat other people and allow them to treat you. Stay alert. Remember that the most important changes must first take place within.

If you believe that others are holding you back, it is time to release your dependence on them. They may be traveling a different route entirely. A change in one of your relationships is likely and, although it may feel uncomfortable at the time, this is a positive change which cannot help but improve your long-term conditions.

There is at least one burden that you have carried for too long and which needs to be put in perspective. By expressing yourself in a friendly and cooperative way, you will be helping to empower someone else so that you, yourself, can eventually gain more freedom.

In this month of action and high expectation, present yourself with confidence. Don’t be deterred if your plans are interrupted or propelled into an unforeseen direction. Ride it out – see where it leads. Do not judge something before you have fully experienced the feelingsinvolved.

You now have the ability to make things happen to your advantage. Your power to manifest things includes flexibility and attention to detail so that you can see the hidden opportunities as well as the obvious ones.

Another part of your power includes being able to sense avenues of success. To sense is to feel. This is sometimes referred to as emotional intelligence and includes knowing and then doing what must be done for the desired result to materialize. It is perhaps the most important area of learning in which we must all become engaged if we are to regain our freedom in the world. Those in the 5 year now have an amazing chance to not only become aware of valuable information but also to understand its deeper meaning.

Developing resourcefulness is a major part of the 5 year journey.  Don’t be defeated by mistakes – learn from them – gain experience from them, especially in matters of business, money, and your own personal standing in the world,. In the wise words of visionary Buckminster Fuller, “…don’t fight forces — use them.” Change those old beliefs that havealways prevented personal progress or satisfaction. Feel the freedom that always follows the release of stubbornness.

The odds are in your favor, so decide what you want and pursue it. Opportunity is everywhere if you are open and alert enough to see it. Act in a serious and businesslike way and, above all, believe in your own capabilities. Take what you want, but know when you have taken something as far as you can take it. Know when you have had or done enough. Know when you are satisfied

One often learns more from ten days of agony
than from ten years of contentment.
Merle Shane


An ENDING of some kind will help you to move away from an extreme situation so that a more balanced existence can be experienced. This is the right time – the natural time – for such an ending to occur. Be aware of any obsessive or possessive behavior this month. If it exists anywhere in your life, now is a good time to put an end to it. This is not love. There may be another less apparent aspect of your life which is ready to end. If so, life will bring it to an end for you.

Perhaps you are facing an obstacle which could push you toward some kind of extreme. If so, go into your deepest feelings and accept the reality of everything that is happening to you and whoever else is involved. It is time to let go of a feeling or belief that is keeping you tied to the past. Don’t be afraid of endings. They set you free from the pain of yesterday. But do not deny your feelings about an ending. If you cannot get past the feeling, you will be unable to proceed, no matter how much you deny it exists.

Don’t rush. It takes time, sometimes a great deal of time, to fully experience and heal from the feelings as powerful and as conclusive as those you are likely to feel this month.

March may bring a dramatic situation into your life concerning the home, family member, friend, or a cherished idea, project, or possession. Extreme grief – or extreme happiness – may be experienced. Remember: you are learning the true meaning of love this year, and that love is often hidden beneath erroneous judgments you have made over a long period of time.

Of course, not all endings are traumatic. Some can lift the weight of the world from your shoulders, unless guilt has convinced you that it is wrong to feel this way. Perhaps it is guilt that needs to be ended now, or some other feeling, belief, or attitude that is preventing love from flowing freely.

Notice where unwanted items, circumstances, and memories are cluttering up your life and preventing inner peace. Put an end to these areas of stagnation and start to live by your owndesign. Those feelings of frustration and fear are coming directly from your heart – your heart’s desire to start living fully again, to experience joy and, above all, to feel a true sense of belonging and ‘home’.

This is also a cycle of giving, purely for the sake of the pleasure it creates. But giving is not confined to material or monetary matters. Acceptance, love, fun, laughter, understanding, gratitude, and encouragement are the greatest gifts you can bestow on those around you at this time.

And the greatest gift you can give yourself is that of regaining your sense of individuality and realizing that life does indeed go on – the moment you heal from and let go of what was keeping it at a standstill

To live a creative life, we must
lose our fear of being wrong.
Joseph Chilton Pearce

The nature of the 7 energy is to rise and fall, to ebb and flow. A recent fall or ebb has altered the direction of your life, and one of the things it seems to have given you is an increase of time and space in which you can think, analyze, learn, plan, and heal.

However, only part of you seeks quiet spiritual awareness, while another part wants fast forward movement. Part of you has little interest in materiality, while another wants all the material rewards it can get. The push and pull of your desires is making you aware of your inconsistencies and inner conflicts. Don’t judge yourself for having them! You need to know just how independent or dependent you are; how free or enslaved your Will is; and how much you rely on the participation, opinion, or approval of others. You need to recognize the parts of you that you have been refusing to acknowledge.

The power of your own truth is rising. If you allow it to flow freely, it will enable you to live as you desire – perhaps not immediately – but if you don’t start somewhere, such as now, your goals may never materialize.

What may seem like a distraction is actually a catalyst for a much needed change of pace and focus. March is a time of originality and new beginnings. But the situation is not simple. Much of the healing that needs to occur in you is now being reflected by something that is happening to someone else, or by the emergence of deeply buried memories and feelings. Either way, life is about to take you back to the very beginnings or origins of what you most need to heal. You may be surprised to discover just how much feeling you have ignored, and for how long.

Even when you identify the parts of your past that need healing, the old buried emotion still needs to be accepted, and expressed out of your body. This month offers healing on a very large scale – and you must give the process both the time and acceptance it needs.

It is time to get to know the real you, rather than the ‘pretend’ you. By now, you may be feeling withdrawn, tired, reserved, or secretive. Others may see a strangeness about you and wonder what is happening to you. There is no need to alienate yourself from those who care for you, but if you ignore this month’s introspective agenda, you are likely to have bouts of aggressive or submissive behavior which are unlikely to help you in any way. You may become cynical and pessimistic. You may engage in episodes of egotism and intolerance. Or you may become timid, afraid, and unable to act decisively.

If you believe you already have Free Will, you are very much mistaken. At this time, no one on Earth is free. We are all enslaved to various situations and institutions which cannot survive if we start to really think and feel for ourselves. No one else can give you freedom. It is not theirs to give. Freedom is a state of being which can only come from within, and the same is true of peace. The circumstances of March are offering you a taste of both.


The world is full of magical things  patiently
waiting for our wits to grow sharper.
Bertrand Russell

SLOW DOWN. As much as you may feel compelled to do something, this cycle urges you to be patient and bide your time. Your own needs are being taken care of behind the scenes where your impatience cannot damage their potential. March is all about right timing, and this is not the time to push your plans ahead unless it involves playing a cooperative role in some kind of partnership.

Give your wholehearted attention or support to someone or something else instead. The way you respond to others will have a major impact on your overall plans. You will be needing the support of others later in the year, and now is a good time to remember that “what goes around, comes around”.

March provides a preview of what we must all learn in the years ahead with regard to patience, power, freedom, peace, teamwork, partnership, cooperation, intuition, and diplomacy. Try to stay as composed as possible as delays, doubts or time consuming details distract and frustrate you. Your attention to detail and your high sense of priority will not go unnoticed.

The most significant contribution you can make right now is to give others your patience, kindness, and understanding. Their circumstances may be more complex and painful than you imagine. Don’t force your presence or ideas on anyone. Stay in the background. You are here to help, not control.

All individuals are connected to the one large body we call humanity; and humanity is only a part of an even larger entity called life. This month provides a spectacular opportunity to experience this connection for yourself.

Try to adopt an open, relaxed, and attentive frame of mind so that you can recognize and absorb this new intelligence and connect the dots for yourself. Listen carefully and hear what is really being said – or omitted. At some point while you’re cooperating, taking a back seat, tending to details, and putting your own plans on hold, you will realize that until these details are taken care of, you simply cannot proceed anyway.

Someone has entered your life to tell you, or show you, what you most need to know at this time. Or perhaps this person has been around all along. Whatever the case, through the power of patience and the ability to see other sides of the story, a new sense of direction will suddenly emerge. You will know that although the purpose of this month’s events is to take your mind off your goals, it is also to help you clarify them.

What is motivating you? If your goals are based on competition, greed, one-upmanship, revenge, or anything that does not have a peaceful and loving intent, you are unlikely to succeed. Find the love in your heart and allow it to direct you.

No matter how it seems out there, humanity IS evolving from war-like competitiveness toward peaceful and loving connectedness. Doing what we love and loving what we do – doing what we FEEL like doing – is the key to freedom, happiness, and peace on this planet. Of course, this cannot happen until we develop the courage to be free and peaceful within ourselves, and to know that the chaos we are experiencing in the material world right now is nothing more that our own resistance to freedom and peace.


It is hard not to exaggerate
the happiness you haven’t got.

March marks the end of a phase in which you were so easily swayed or hurt by the insensitivity of other people, but don’t be surprised if your own insensitivity becomes an issue, too. This is a time to conclude a situation which is no longer desirable, and this can be an enormous relief if you don’t deny the inevitable feelings that arise when you say farewell to an old friend, habit, or belief.

March triggers nostalgia and longing. Don’t let guilt tell you that you must keep up theappearance of being rigidly in control of your emotions. Guilt’s function is to stop the emotional movement that allows life to flow freely.

You are going over old ground in order to retrieve feelings of happiness that are buried there. But be sure that what you are remembering is not just the appearance of happiness. We can easily deceive ourselves into believing we were happy just because we were able to smile. It is the inner feelings of happiness, and not the pretense, that you must search for now – feelings of true fulfillment, no matter how brief they may have been. If you cannot find old happiness, you will first have to express the layers of sadness that are burying it.

The 9 year is emotional by nature, but it is also very healing and can help you expand your creative ability, stretch your imagination, and see your new potential. It will help you discover a talent you have kept hidden, and to phase out situations that do not contribute to your well-being. Notice the positive responses from others as you find your natural way to communicate.

Friends are a major aspect of this cycle. Perhaps there is an unresolved issue hanging over you. Perhaps a current friendship has lost its sparkle. Perhaps, the nature of a friendship is causing a problem. A friendship may end, or a misunderstanding may be cleared up. Remember, the only approval you need is your own.

Keeping up appearances is a form of fear. It is fear of rejection – fear of how you are perceived by others. Self-acceptance is the only antidote. Accept yourself for who and what you are, and who you were, too. Self acceptance creates a healing inner magnetism which enables you to attract who and what you love, instead of situations and people with whom you have nothing in common.  You have to love yourself, or even like yourself, before you can expect others to truly love or like you.

Realize how hard you have been on yourself in the past. What is the worst that can happen if you don’t get your life exactly as you or others think it should be? Answer that, and you will release yourself from the painful grip of guilt that always tells you that you should be doing better than you are. Notice, too, where you may be transferring your own guilt onto others by implying that they should be doing better than they are.



Creative Numerology – Week beginning December 24




Your personal number for 2009 (you keep this number for the whole year) is obtained by adding 2009 to your month and day of birth. For example, if you were born on May 31, add 5 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 9 = 20. Keep adding until you reach a single digit. 2 + 0 = 2. In this example, your number for 2009 would be 2. This applies to both your Monthly and Weekly Forecasts. (NOTE: This is the last week that you will use 2009 to calculate your yearly cycle).


To read about your YEARLY CYCLE for 2010, your DESTINY PATH number, your CHALLENGE Number, how to turn these weekly forecasts into DAILY FORECASTS, and how to order your own PERSONAL PROFILE, go to the main Creative Numerology website.


To order your collectable, reusable PERSONAL YEAR BOOK which contains a whole year of Monthly, Weekly and Daily readings, click here. If you are unsure which year to order, just leave your day and month of birth in the comments section below. Amazing value at $11 (e-mail). $23 (printed & bound).




1: Take the pressure off yourself. Consider all others as equals. Feel your focus shift from all things pertaining to you to the needs and circumstances of others. The merging of the masculine 1 and feminine 2 energies is affecting everyone, and it is now reminding you, personally, that you are just 1 person. 1 individual. 1 soul among SO many others. This cycle can help you to clarify your position so that you can finally  r-e-l-a-x…

EXTRA DAILY FORECAST FOR THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31: How positive your situation becomes depends on how willing you are to accept your reality for what it is and, of course, some of it is totally unacceptable from a long-term standpoint. Changes must be made if you are to feel a greater sense of satisfaction or security. The urge to criticize or see only the negatives of the situation may be strong, but there is also hope and optimism on the horizon which must be recognized and accepted, too. ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 1, 2010, YOU WILL MOVE FROM THE 1 TO THE 2 YEAR.


2: You are feeling emotional, but not over-emotional; sensitive, but notover-sensitive. You are able to give without stretching yourself too thin. And, if you have learned anything from recent experiences, you are no longer taking anything too personally. When faith connects with reality – not illusion – it’s power is awesome. Watch out for those illusions though. Life is full of them, and they can be very convincing. Do not be easily fooled.

EXTRA DAILY FORECAST FOR THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31: Relate one thing to another and try to find a common thread. Accurate understanding is needed. You can now learn something new and valuable as you conclude an uncomfortable issue that need not be carried with you into the new year. That doesn’t mean you will no longer feel its impact. It means that the pressure of denying its impact need no longer hurt you and others and, oh, what a relief that will be! ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 1, 2010, YOU WILL MOVE FROM THE 2 TO THE 3 YEAR.


3: There is an exciting tone to this cycle, as if you are on some kind of ‘mission’. But remember that your goal is your goal, and your responsibility. Others have their own aspirations, views, and experience of life. Judge no one. Not even yourself. Ongoing conflict is counterproductive. Friendly cooperation and acceptance are needed. You have much to be optimistic about. A certain idea is no longer ‘before its time’.

EXTRA DAILY FORECAST FOR THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31: Diversity is the theme. Look for a common thread between matters of love, friendship, freedom, independence, security, past mistakes, future plans, duty, work, fairness, and global events. Put your priorities in the right order. Stay alert. You cannot proceed intelligently if you don’t know what needs to be done or changed. You do not have to discard a goal but, from now on, it must be dealt with at a more realistic pace.ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 1, YOU WILL MOVE FROM THE 3 TO THE 4 YEAR.


4: No one is immune to the uncertainty of humanity’s evolving journey into Free Will. Concerns about what the new year may bring are realistic and healthy. Accept the fact that the healing of your emotions, spirit, body, heart, and soul is ongoing – the work of a lifetime. No matter what is happening, raise your expectations and allow a new vision to form.

EXTRA DAILY FORECAST FOR THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31: A promising situation is developing but other sources of struggle must still be worked through. Patience and cooperation will help you better understand the unusual ideas that are swirling around in your head. Your intuition is right on target so, when the insight comes, believe it! And believe those very wise words of Albert Einstein: “We cannot solve the problems we have created with the same level of thinking that created them.ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 1, YOU WILL MOVE FROM THE 4 TO THE 5 YEAR.


5: Being open and friendly in a world so lacking in openness and friendliness can feel painful. So, keep certain details to yourself for now. Then you will be able to enjoy the insight that this cycle offers. You have every reason to feel gratified. The mistakes you made along the way no longer matter, but what they taught you can now be used to your advantage.

EXTRA DAILY FORECAST FOR THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31: Give credit where it is due, and compassion where it is needed. Accept the fact that you are in thistogether. If you want a successful outcome, and if you want this ‘team’ to operate in a mutually beneficial way, you must take the emotional pressure off each other by accepting that you do not owe each other anything. You are separate and unique individuals with different energies, needs, histories, and points of view. Real friendship feels so good because it is a form of LOVE. ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 1, YOU WILL MOVE FROM THE 5 TO THE 6 YEAR.


6: Families and groups are made up of individuals. The more you try to control things, the more complex life becomes. You are meant to be healing the situation, not controlling it, so let go of unrealistic expectations of others, or release yourself from their expectations. Know the difference between the feeling of ‘belonging’ and the belief that we ‘belong’ to each other. We do not own love. Love needs to be freely felt, shared, given, and received.

EXTRA DAILY FORECAST FOR THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31: Accept the fact that you are tired and you really do need to rest. It’s only guilt telling you that you cannot. From a relaxed frame of mind, you will be better able to tap into this cycle’s power of words, correct information, and, most importantly, the power of your own intuition. If you are too tired to take in the facts, a situation could arise that will make rest impossible. Remove yourself from the fray, and choose to do what is best for you. ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 1, YOU WILL MOVE FROM THE 6 TO THE 7 YEAR.


7: There is still something you’re doing, or intend to do, that is holding you back. It is something you run to every time you want to avoid change or challenge. Admit to a reality that you’ve been denying. Admitting something means letting it IN. Excessive pride is a form of fear that cannot accept the truth. This needs to be acknowledged now. Let the truth IN – along with some truly exciting ideas which can expand your imagination and horizons.

EXTRA DAILY FORECAST FOR THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31: This cycle emphasizes freedom, responsibility, and your power to reinvent yourself when you feel the need to do so. Taking a responsible route does not mean that you have to stop enjoying life. In fact, much enjoyment can be found in testing your resourcefulness and finding ways to solve both new and old problems. But do be prepared to take a more centered approach – and that means staying away from anything ‘extreme’.ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 1, YOU WILL MOVE FROM THE 7 TO THE 8 YEAR.


8: Try to balance your own needs with the needs of others. This cycle gives you the time, space, and insight in which to analyze what you’ve already got – in terms of assets, connections, talent, and resources. What you have achieved so far is only one step in a much greater plan. So, while you’re waiting for more understanding to come in, relax, breathe easy, and make yourself at home!

EXTRA DAILY FORECAST FOR THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31: There is a sudden, unexpected, out-of-the-blue and possibly accident-prone combination of energies at work in this cycle. An added emphasis on the body, suggests that extra care should be taken on the physical plane. Slow things down, physically and mentally and be aware of everything that is going on around you. From now on, you will benefit from a much deeper understanding of cause and effect.  ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 1, YOU WILL MOVE FROM THE 8 TO THE 9 YEAR.


9: Your present reality is your only doorway to the future, and that sense of urgency you’re feeling is probably a desire to conclude something and finally put it behind you. Only you can know if this is the right time to do so. What seems unacceptable now may change into something more loving or useful next year, so do not act or speak impulsively. Be honest about your needs and desires, and wish yourself – and others – only the best.

EXTRA DAILY FORECAST FOR THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31: With an emphasis on relationship and privacy, this cycle offers a deeper understanding of, and an opportunity to develop, one of the most precious energies you will ever possess –compassion – otherwise known as warm-heartedness or kindness. If you cannot feel compassion, it is only because criticism and judgment have become mere habits. Break them – and wallow in the healing power of LOVE.  ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 1, YOU WILL MOVE FROM THE 9 TO THE 1 YEAR.





Creative Numerology – Week beginning December 17



The weekly forecasts are updated each THURSDAY

The monthly forecasts are updated on the 1st of each month

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Your personal number for 2009 (you keep this number for the entire year) is obtained by adding 2009 to your month and day of birth. For example, if you were born on May 31, add 5 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 9 = 20. Keep adding until you reach a single digit. 2 + 0 = 2. In this example, your number for 2009 would be 2. This applies to both your Monthly and Weekly Forecasts.


To read about your YEARLY CYCLE, your DESTINY PATH number, your CHALLENGE Number, how to turn these weekly forecasts into DAILY FORECASTS, how to order your own PERSONAL PROFILE, or your YEAR BOOK FOR 2010, go to the main Creative Numerology website.




1: Emotional honesty is the only way forward from here, and the only means of knowing which direction forward is. Frustration is a form of anger and you will need to let this natural emotion move within your physical body, let it rise to the surface and then, privately and safely, let it express itself with whatever sound it wants to make. Be alone because your healing concerns no one but you.

2: Only you can create your life as you want it to be. While others must be considered, their needs must not be allowed to eclipse yours indefinitely. Don’t rush. There is much to learn and experience before you can know what your needs and goals actually are, and how to fulfill them. Creativity is not just about the arts. It’s about finding the right chemistry to bring about a desired reaction in any area of your life.

3: You are on a more creative path but the unhappiness you are denying can blind you to your progress, or make you feel guilty for wanting to move on, or for wanting more. You cannot experience happiness while you are holding so much sadness inside, and this is a chance to heal some of that pain. You cannot switch your feelings off and then expect to feel happy. A switch called denial does exist, but remember that if you cannot feel, you cannot think anything new. If you cannot feel, you cannot feel alive.

4: You are made of energy which, by nature, must keep moving. Observe the principles of cause and effect as your journey proceeds in the direction that your senses, desires, and choices take you. An effect can only be understood by tracing its cause, which may be deeply buried. Ask yourself if the direction you are taking is what you really want. What do you mean you don’t have time for this? This is what time is for!

5: Action can be taken, but you must be able to sense when enough is enough. You, or someone close, needs some peaceful and loving cooperation. Responsibility needs to be taken – and shared. This can lead to an unexpected and much needed truce or union. Use your light to help someone else shine. Notice how it is reflected back to you in the form of forgiveness or a willingness to cooperate.

6: If you find yourself laughing in what seems like an inappropriate way, it is a good sign that you have moved some of that heavy guilt and blame out of your system and that emotional healing is taking place. If you are serious about bringing joy back into your life, allow happiness to express itself as it arises and, if your intent is loving, ‘appropriateness’ will have nothing to do with it. Love has a sense of humor, and laughter is a potent medicine.

7: Communication, loyalty and friendship are emphasized. If an issue is boxing you in, or if others are telling you how you should be proceeding, a self-protective reaction is understandable. You do not want to be unfriendly, but you are in no mood for other people’s nonsense either. Worrying about what others think is unnecessary. Confidence and relaxed interaction will come back to you gradually.

8: You are an important part of a team but not the star of the show. Cooperate. Keep your goals in your heart as you deal with this temporary experience. You are on unfamiliar ground. Others may feel out of their depth too. Be patient. Stay calm and be considerate. Loosen up and encourage others to do the same. There is a time and place for everything, and this is the time and place to use the power of gentleness.

9: It will be difficult to prevent emotional movement now. Your feelings need to express themselves in order for you to evolve from an old situation. Everyone involved needs to be who they are – who they have become. This cycle of love, beauty, and relationship can be easily damaged by indifference, defensiveness or judgment, so try to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. Let yourself enjoy the love and affection all around you.


Creative Numerology – Week beginning December 10




The weekly forecasts are updated each THURSDAY

The monthly forecasts are updated on the 1st of each month

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Your personal number for 2009 (you keep this number for the entire year) is obtained by adding 2009 to your month and day of birth. For example, if you were born on May 31, add 5 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 9 = 20. Keep adding until you reach a single digit. 2 + 0 = 2. In this example, your number for 2009 would be 2. This applies to both your Monthly and Weekly Forecasts.


To read about your YEARLY CYCLE, your DESTINY PATH number, your CHALLENGE Number, how to turn these weekly forecasts into DAILY FORECASTS, how to order your own PERSONAL PROFILE, or your YEAR BOOK FOR 2010, go to the main Creative Numerologywebsite.



1: This cycle illuminates areas of your life where inequality and imbalance rule. There is also an emphasis on what you are consuming – the food and other substances you put in your body, information you chew over in your mind, or the way certain resources are being eaten up. Perhaps you are allowing something to consume you. Choose only that which heals and nourishes.

2: You can’t expect much from anyone right now, yet, the potential for future fulfillment is starting to sink in. Feeling optimistic and pessimistic at the same time is not unusual in this cycle. You don’t know what to expect, but you can sense that things are changing, slowly and surely. Patience really does pay off when it is used at the right time and in the right circumstances.

3: The power of communication is emphasized, and the  disturbances that occur when stubborn beliefs are challenged or when words are used to control rather than inform. Don’t follow the crowd, or someone with whom you are impressed or want to impress. Just be yourself and express what is truly in your heart. There is no need to be overwhelmed or intimidated. Remember that you are responsible for what you believe. Base your decisions on what you feel is true – not on your need for reassurance or approval.

4: Take a good look at other people’s chaos, and you will realize that you are more organized than you thought. Feel your confidence returning. Feel your Will vigorously trying to free itself. There is a very strong and courageous part of you which, somehow, got left behind in the past, and you cannot be complete while it’s not with you. Look for it. Find it. Rescue it. Become whole again.

5: Gaining experience from mistakes is an ongoing way of life that helps us proceed freely and safely. You can achieve such confidence now – the feeling that you are in control of your own life – provided you don’t give it away to something you run the risk of becoming dependent on. If this happens, or already has, find a way to untie yourself and proceed more independently.

6: Love does not hurt but, all too often, love gets hurt. And, love that is in pain does not always behave or react as we believe it should. No matter what feelings arise in this cycle, give them a chance to express themselves unhampered, because that is the only way they can heal. It is also the only way they can be transformed from what feels like baggage, to the love they once were.

7: You want to appear calm and relaxed, but you know that pretense is no substitute for the real thing. You will make great progress by communicating on the basis that everyone is equal. Even those who do not seem to be directly connected to your plans may turn out to be important connections. Connection is the theme of this cycle. Don’t look away. Look deeper.

8: Sudden developments, delays or interruptions are to be expected, and compassion and patience are needed. So much about you has changed and you are undergoing another enhancing change now. Instead of feeling stuck in a situation that is beyond your control, remind yourself that there is something important to learn from every situation you encounter.

9: Speak from your heart and pay attention to the feedback you receive – even if it seems that the only person you are reaching is you. In fact, a realistic dialog with yourself can now help you recognize an overlooked opportunity. The more you distract yourself, the harder you will have to work. Feel yourself craving freedom from an old way of life. How and what you communicate is the key to attaining it.







 The weekly forecasts are updated each THURSDAY

The monthly forecasts are updated on the 1st of each month

© Copyright Christine DeLorey 2009 – All rights reserved

Your personal number for 2009 (you keep this number for the entire year) is obtained by adding 2009 to your month and day of birth. For example, if you were born on May 31, add 5 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 9 = 20. Keep adding until you reach a single digit. 2 + 0 = 2. In this example, your number for 2009 would be 2. This applies to both your Monthly and Weekly Forecasts. SCROLL DOWN TO YOUR NUMBER………

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1: The focus is on work, how things work, or who you think you are. Your sense of identity is the theme. You are experiencing reflections of your various dependencies and, no matter how vehemently you deny your feelings, you cannot move forward until you admit you are afraid of what may lay ahead. The essence of independence is choice. You have an important one to make now.

2: There is a struggle going on between a commitment and your need for freedom, and nothing can be settled unless everyone’s needs are respected. Only by accepting the nature of a conflict can peace develop. A change must be made, or the same old problem will simply repeat itself, and repeat itself, and repeat itself, and repeat itself …… until you finally break the pattern.

3: Try not to succumb to impatience, stubbornness or the urge to control everything. Use a friendly but practical approach and seek a solution that will bring lasting change. Friendship is emphasized and, yet, it may take the feeling of loneliness or abandonment – or the fear of those things – to make you realize how you actually feel about someone else.

4: Imagine what you could accomplish if you let go of the ridiculous belief that you are not allowed to make mistakes, or that you must turn your own light down low to let someone else’s shine. In freedom, making mistakes is how you discover what works and what does not. In guilt, there is never a point at which you have done or given enough. Guilt tells you that you must not rest, but the healing you need cannot occur until you do!

5: Your situation contains many details and involves other people. There is no need to become overwhelmed by the intricacy of it all, or to feel guilty about wanting more freedom. But you do need to get more organized. Whatever you are distracting yourself with is prolonging your fear of freedom. You now have the freedom to place your focus wherever it is needed.

6: Assessing where you belong or knowing which direction will best serve your long-term interests is a complex procedure. The more you rush, the less you will be able to understand it. This transitional cycle between feeling lost and finding your higher ground is pointing out the problems that come with that form of fear we call impatience. Slow down. Think carefully.

7: This cycle slows you down to a pace that will improve your timing and allow you to notice what you most need to see. The plan you are following is incomplete because it was formed when you knew less than you know today. You are experiencing a vital course-correction that will change the scenery, accelerate the pace, and clear the air. It takes time to travel such an important learning curve as the one you’ve been on this year, so be patient with your current progress.

8: Being at close quarters with others is not always easy or pleasant, and that is why this cycle urges patience, friendliness and flexibility. This is a phase in which imaginative solutions can be conjured up. Take the time to see and appreciate the beauty that exists amongst the ugliness, and the beauty that you are. In fact, your concept of beauty and attraction may be changing in a way that surprises you.

9: This confidence-building cycle unearths hidden details and helps you to release incorrect judgments. The change you want must occur step by step. Each step you take will help identify the next. Keep your ears, eyes and mind open. You cannot know how things will change, so be careful where you aim your criticisms or indifference. Be approachable, considerate, and alert.






Creative Numerology by Christine DeLorey

© Copyright Christine DeLorey – 2009 – All Rights Reserved

Your personal number for 2009 is obtained by adding 2009 to your month and day of birth. For example, if you were born on May 29, add 5+2+9+2+0+0+9 = 27. Keep adding until you reach a single digit. 2+7=9. In this example, your yearly number for 2009 would be 9. You keep this number for the entire year. It is the number you use to read your monthly and weekly forecasts.


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If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall
surely acquire the capacity to do it, even
if I may not have it at the beginning.
Mahatma Gandhi

(1) If someone else’s situation seems to be restricting you, it is because you are at a point in your journey where you must continue to focus on your own hopes and needs and, simultaneously, cooperate with others. Slow down, keep things in perspective, and take everything in your stride. The merging of the fast electrical masculine 1 year and the slow magnetic feminine 2 year can feel as if you’re being pushed and pulled in opposing directions. December in the 1 year is a 4 month – and although the nature of 4 is to produce a breakthrough, things can seem very restrictive until that break actually comes through.

Lighten your load by coming to terms with and expressing how you really feel. That is the only thing that can relieve your current stress and, only with this heightened level of realism will you be able to deal successfully with your present situation. December’s practical vibrations are showing you that it is impossible to move beyond your limits. But it is possible to push your limits further away from you and relieve the pressure by accepting that some things take longer than others to resolve, or even understand.

Patiently go about your life, and find ways to sort out the details. Put them in their correct order of importance. Organize. Keep to a sensible routine. Be determined. Do one thing at a time. Notice the unnecessary problems that are caused by overreaction or indifference. Notice the opportunities you will miss because you have judged them to be beyond your reach. Notice that many human beings have become so numb that they have lost their natural urge to reach for the stars!

See how much extra work you make for yourself by insisting that your way of doing things is the only way to do them. See how confusing life becomes when you get so lost in irrelevant details that you lose sight of the big picture. Notice how much importance you place on trivial issues. In the 2 year, you must live your life at a much slower and more real pace. The events of December are a reminder of that fact.

Notice what is happening to other people. Fear of being overwhelmed by each other’s problems, or interfering in each other’s business can cause an unnecessary rift. However, no problem can occur this month that does not have positive potential attached to it. In fact, what may seem like the “last straw” may provide the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for to rid yourself of the guilt that has plagued you all year, whether you are aware of it or not.

You are no longer the person you were when the year began, and you have only touched the surface of your special gifts. You cannot succeed while there is still any doubt about your abilities. Don’t fool yourself here. Recognize your fear of success – your fear of greatness – which is being kept in place by guilt. Recognize your fear of what you still have to learn; your fear of the changes you may have to make. Your fear of failure.

Feel the weight of all that fear which is slowing you down and holding you back from successfully doing what you want to do. Only by acknowledging your fear can you discern what really needs to be feared and what does not. Once you make that assessment, you will be able to, (for the first time in two years),  .  . .  r – e – l – a – x.

Next year you begin a new voyage of patience, sensitivity, caring and cooperation. When you get there in January, slow yourself right down, and remember that in the 2 year cycle…..time is on your side.

There has never been another you. You were born
to be something very special and set apart. What
you are going to do in appreciation of that gift is
a decision only you can make.
Dan Zadra


 Some of your ideas can be activated now, but most will occur in next year’s creative 3 cycle. So, why not take a break and do something completely different from your norm? Your stubbornness, which is comprised of guilt and fear, may be urging you to repeat a familiar mistake, but you will feel disappointed with yourself if you do. And, yet, the fact that you have finally admitted to this mistake suggests that you will never make it again, and that is  real progress.


Events are working in your favor, but do not act impulsively. Instead, ask yourself: “What if I try it this way? What if I do this? What if I do that? What do I want to happen?” Whatever happens, do not allow impatience to undo the progress you have already made.

With all the stress and sensitivity involved in the 2 year, you may have done things that were harmful to your body or frame of mind. Take responsibility for your health and wellbeing. Don’t cut yourself off from the things you enjoy, but do try to recognize your various addictions – we all have them – and they are a large part of humanity’s enormous task of regaining its Free Will. This is a time to redefine your priorities so you can enjoy the things you like in a state of freedom.

If some kind of ‘duty’ seems to be restricting you, you can be sure that guilt, and not the responsibility, is causing the restriction. Guilt tells you that you cannot do what you want because it may be unfair to someone else. And, it is SO important to understand that guilt does not allow healing or peace of mind in those who do not allow themselves to rest.

Guilt stops the natural movement of energy. Love needs freedom of movement in order to survive. Everyone has the freedom and the responsibility to decide their own course through life, including those who seem to be adding to your guilt and fear. The time is soon coming when all concerned must stand on their own two feet.

A situation may arise that reveals how you have allowed others to dictate the course of your life for too long and that, although you have enabled this to happen to some extent, it will not be happening for much longer. However, do not fool yourself into believing that this situation will change all by itself. It will not.

There may be a mysterious element to this month – the company of people who seem different or strange; news of someone from the past; travel to an unusual place, or doing something with which you are unaccustomed or even uncomfortable. The key is to stop prejudging people and situations before you have truly experienced them. It is unlikely that you can stand your current circumstances for much longer and, therefore, something – or everything – must change in the 3 year.

You no longer have to prove yourself to others. They are already aware of who you are and the extent of your abilities. Accept yourself as you are now and visualize yourself six months from now as successful and more fulfilled. What changes will have to occur to achieve this goal?

Plan to make those changes in the 3 year. But for now, do only what is manageable. Patience, patience, patience is still needed!

I must create a system, or be enslaved
by another man’s; I will not reason
or compare; my business is to create.
William Blake


(3) December emphasizes the home, family, relationships, children, parents, relatives, close friends, pets,  and issues related to work, finances and meeting various responsibilities and obligations.


Peace, love, stability and fairness should be your goals this month. Deep feelings are inevitable, but remember that happiness is a feeling too, which needs to be expressed as it arises. Realize just how much love you have in your life, how spectacular love can be, how much love you have to give, the many different forms love can take, and how easily we take love for granted.

This is a time of acceptance and forgiveness. It is also a time to realize that a long-standing problem really does need to be tackled head-on. The down-to-Earth energies that come from December in the 3 year make this an ideal time to find solutions to difficult problems. They also enable you to find an ideal balance between speaking your mind and being diplomatic, enabling you to clear the air and reestablish peace, or to let go of unrealistic expectations so that you – and others – can move on.

Don’t allow your reality to be shaped by the way you believe others see you, but don’t be too quick to criticize others either. With so much potential for warmth and love this month, that would be such a waste of energy.

To avoid frustration when dealing with a problem, make sure you’re communicating with theright person. There is no point in asking someone to give what they do not have, or to do something for which they have no knowledge, influence or inclination.

Where there is discontent or ill feeling, look for opportunities to change things. Where there is misunderstanding, be the one to set things straight and restore the peace. Communicate and, most importantly, let others communicate back to you. Do not try to dominate. Let others be who they are. Let them feel at ease with their own existence. What rules have you set for them? How are you effecting their ability to live their own lives? How are these people effecting your Free Will?

Love must be free. Rescue the love in your heart from whatever is repressing it. This task may come in the form of a new responsibility, or a new aspect of an existing responsibility.

Make your home an inspiring place by providing a loving and healing atmosphere. Take care of repairs or legal issues. Let your love radiate to others. That is what love does when it is free to be itself (when it is without conditions). Love radiates love and does not expect to receive anything in return.

This month, your ability to create something wonderful, be it a painting, a home, an atmosphere or anything that comes from your heart, is at a high level. In this year of networking and connecting, certain people have come into your life for different reasons, and friendship is probably one of them.

Your upcoming 4 year is one of hard work, attention to detail, well thought-out organization and preparation, breaking free from limiting situations and coming to terms with (fully accepting) your true identity.

Next year is going to be a time of practicality and determination. Prepare for this with confidence. There is no need to feel overwhelmed. The 4 year will provide you with the strength and tenacity you need to organize your own breakthrough. Next year is an opportunity to create a sense of order and priority for yourself, and those you care for, in this chaotic evolving world.

Choice is the essence of what
I believe it is to be human.
Liv Ullman

(4) This year has been a 12-month journey of restriction, practicality, determination and hard work – and you have come a long way! Isn’t it nice to know that freedom and change are the themes of next yearHowever, for now, timing is important, so don’t try to push too far too soon. This introspective cycle leaves no room for impulsive moves. You may feel alone or sense that something important is missing from your life, but what you are really missing is something that you – and all of us – never really had – Free Will – the freedom to be the one and the only YOU!

Use December to fine-tune and perfect something important to you, polish your skills, contemplate the possibilities, be proud of yourself, and realize how strong this turbulent year has made you. Those feelings of loneliness are temporary.

December gives you the chance to relax from the physical, mental, and emotional anxieties of the past 12 months, and start to look calmly and confidently towards tomorrow. This is a time to rest, think, feel, meditate, analyze, and plan your course for next year’s 5 adventure.

This is a positive time, even though this introspective cycle may make you difficult to approach or understand. Instead of criticizing others, just let them be who they are. Show them that you believe in happiness and freedom – for everyone. You are feeling sensitive, but you must take care not to overreact to other people’s responses. Be as friendly as possible.

The feeling of emptiness or fear that December triggers is actually a space within you that has opened up between your old boundaries and your new ones. It contains a network of potentials which point the way to future fulfillment. But don’t plan too far ahead! The 5 year also contains the unexpected, the sudden, and the unpredictable, as well as fun and taking a chance on something exciting. It is brimming with life, answers, and new experiences. Now, it is directly ahead of you and there is no turning back. In fact, there is nothing left to do but straighten up, shake yourself off, count your blessings, and look forward.

Others are beginning to see your point of view. You have gained many new talents and understandings this year. Your determination has pushed your restrictions away from you so that you no longer feel so confined. You have broadened your horizons, and this is no time for regrets. On the contrary, it is time to congratulate yourself as you realize that you have made a real and significant breakthrough on a tough road that you weren’t prepared for.

The emotions you expressed this year have helped your spirit grow! When your mind and your Will join forces, (your thoughts and feelings), you can move mountains. Never forget what this year’s experiences have taught you.

Hold on to your new found strength, your new sense of identity, and your expanded belief in yourself. Bring all of this experience with you as midnight of December 31st arrives, and you cross over into THE 5 YEAR cycle of change, freedom, adventure, and unusual experience. Happy landings!

The time comes when the pain to remain
a caterpillar is greater than the metamorphosis
it takes to become a butterfly.
AlexSandra L. Lett

(5) Snap out of it, my friend! It is time to get back into the passionate flow of life! New opportunities are all around you, and offer a way to change your business or financial status, or your sense of security, in the most beneficial ways. This is a cycle in which your personal power can increase significantly when your understanding of a certain matter deepens.

FOCUS! You are in the process of creating your own destiny; to live the way you want to live. This cycle enables you to reap whatever you have sown and, of course, this can have its advantages and its drawbacks.

What seems like a negative situation can be dramatically turned around if you will just look at it from a different perspective, and then believe in yourself and your ability to changethings. But, before you go rushing off in what you believe is the direction of financial, emotional or physical freedom, remember that whatever commitments you make now may manifest next year as responsibilities.

Your upcoming 6 year also relates to family and love. So, before you make a decision, know that you may have to find some very creative ways to maintain a balance between new commitments and your existing ones.

Once you have made a decision, act purposefully. Acknowledge the improvements that are taking place in different areas of your life. Certain assets may turn out to be more valuable than you thought. However, be aware of the deceptive games that people play. This month, there is likely to be more to certain people than meets the eye and it is important to understand who and what you are dealing with. Get advice if necessary. You need to gain more knowledge and experience of the issues surrounding you.

December also offers expansion in matters of the heart. An opportunity may arise which can help improve a relationship, or your domestic security or comfort. Act in a practical and realistic manner. Try not to step on others as you proceed.

The 6 year cycle of love, responsibility, creativity, healing and balance now approaches. Keep this in mind as you pick and choose among December’s options. If you find yourself headed toward anything of an extreme or radical nature, try to avoid it. On the other hand, who is to say what is extreme or radical these days? Well, frankly, you are. You must be the one to decide whether something is right or wrong for you. Not through the opinions of other people, but by being totally honest with yourself. How do you really feel about this particular issue?

As a new responsibility or goal starts to excite you on a deeply emotional level, make choices which will bring personal satisfaction and balance to your life. Enjoy December to the fullest. Hold on to the wealth of experience you have gained. Hold on to your freedom. Find a place inside you for everything and everyone you love as you cross over to the 6 year cycle of  love, responsibility, relationship, creativity, healing, balance and belonging.

Most exciting of all is the fact that the 6 year is a grand opportunity to actually become the person you have worked towards becoming in the 5 year. The 6 year is a chance to reinvent yourself!

Never forget that the merits of any
relationship are of far greater significance
than any minor flaws or defects.
Sally Brompton

(6) December brings an end to extreme circumstances or, at least, brings them into the light where they stand a chance of finding balance. This is a cycle of feeling and giving. It is also a time to accept not only that a particular situation has occurred, but also to deal honestly with the inevitable emotions involved. This year’s emphasis on re-inventing yourself will be put to the test now.

Yes, the end of an activity, situation or relationship is likely to be felt very deeply. You may even prefer to believe that it’s not really happening and that everything will settle down in due course – and it will.

But, for now, the fact remains that it is time to say goodbye to that part of you that has to leave if your personal re-invention is to become a reality. Don’t hold your feelings in. Expressing them is the only way to evolve into your higher self.

There is no point in holding on to a responsibility that is no longer yours. It is far easier to end or let something go in this cycle than at any other time. December is a time to discard old unusable things and to clean up the debris within your personal life. End areas of misunderstanding by allowing your feelings to surface truthfully. End imbalances and power struggles and allow peace and understanding to replace them.

Wherever guilt or control are present, love is not. Harmony, forgiveness, equality, and tolerance are the positive factors of this emotional month, while you are simultaneously reaffirming who you are and what you stand for. Whatever comes to an end now – or needs to come to an end –  will set the tone for the next 12 months.

Your upcoming 7 year is a cycle of reflection, study, learning, analyzing, thinking and planning your way into the existence you want for yourself. If this is not what you had in mind for the new year, understand that learning and evolving is our purpose for being here and that each of us has a unique creative role to play within that purpose.

It is in the 7 year that all the ‘imperfections’ in one’s life are relentlessly exposed. It is also in the 7 year that we gain the wisdom and expertise with which to perfect our creative purpose.

But for now, end this year by demonstrating just how much you have learned about love, freedom, and responsibility. Feel the love that surrounds you and let those who matter to you know how much you appreciate them. Love them for who they are instead of wishing they were somehow different. Allow December to be a very special time for home, family, romance, harmony, and beauty.

Traditionally, this is the time of year when sentimentality arises, hearts are softened, wrongs are forgiven, and presents are exchanged. In this cycle, the most valuable present of all is NOW: the moment; the present. Fill it with love and equality and give it to everyone around you. Exchange your present with the present of someone else simply by accepting theirreality.

Forgive. Let go of the past by accepting it fully into the present. Your past is part of who you are now, and therefore your past is something to be accepted with love.

Whatever you have loved and learned this year – whatever feels good – never forget it. Hold on to that love and understanding as January arrives, and you cross over into THE 7 YEAR cycle of wisdom and understanding – the great inner voyage – the learning year.

 One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea,
can never regain its original dimensions.
Oliver Wendell Holmes


(7) In this cycle of new beginnings, origins, change, achievement, awareness and ambition, you may feel overly self-centered. Don’t worry about that – focusing on you is perfectly natural at this time. However, your eagerness to surge ahead may be premature. You will know that you’re traveling too fast too soon if you find yourself overly anxious, impatient, aggressive or egotistical.


Be careful how you treat others, especially those whose cooperation and support you will need in the months to come. December offers a chance to put the first stages of a particular plan into action, so try to snap out of the ‘inner” life you have been living for the past 12 months and focus on your current physical and material reality.

Make a constructive change, or move closer to making such a change in the near future. Don’t obsess over your weak points. Accept them and work to strengthen them. Recognize areas of dependency that are still holding you back. This cycle urges independence. But how can you be independent if your very happiness depends on factors outside of yourself?

Consider your addictions and obsessions – those things or people you think you cannot survive without, or you believe are holding you back. Accept that you have these problems and commit to finding ways to become more self-reliant. At the same time, no matter how the world seems to be turning, remember that we are living in the age of partnership – an era when much greater accomplishments can be made by a group, rather than an individual.

Look forward – and see the potential awaiting you. Express your individuality, originality, creativity, and confidence. Look ahead rather than dwell in the past or cling to traditions that inhibit and control.

Being yourself, and moving at your own natural pace at any given time are the keys to making this month a successful one. However, being yourself does not mean going to unrealistic lengths to be different. It means recognizing and appreciating who and what you naturally are without putting on an act or downplaying your talents or appearance. Being yourself means being yourself. Nothing else. See the beauty in your uniqueness. Your very differentness is a gift from life.

Be patient. Just as you cannot cross a bridge before you come to it, you cannot enter a new cycle of life until it actually begins. Your 8 year cycle has not started yet. Pushing too hard too soon can create a lonely feeling – a feeling that if something is going to be done, you will have to do it all by yourself. Relax with your plans. Maintain your confidence.

Whatever you have learned in this strange and introspective year – and you have learned a lot – hold on to it and bring it with you into THE 8 YEAR of transformation, success, satisfaction and the increased personal power that comes with accurate understanding.

It is tact that is golden – not silence.
Samuel Butler

(8) The highly emotional vibrations of December can make you oversensitive, so slow down; don’t push; relax. Let others take center stage. Maintain your belief in yourself and be aware of your current position: you are either on someone else’s turf, or you are on turf that has to be shared.

This is a time of quiet being rather than doing, and of making others the focus of your attention. This cycle does not respond well to force or aggression. Your circumstances leave you no alternative but to adopt a quieter and calmer demeanor and to give yourself, your goals, and other people, some much needed breathing space.

You had to focus on your own needs this year, but the time has come to bring balance back into your life. The value of what others have to offer is obvious. In fact, you may be surrounded by people who seem to be more experienced or established than you. Patience and genuine cooperation will help you find your balance and avoid unnecessary clashes.

It may take some effort to adapt to this month’s slower, humbler pace and, at the same time, retain your new sense of self worth. When you genuinely feel good about yourself, you have no need to prove yourself to others. Self-acceptance enables you to feel so relaxed that you can live, moment-by-moment, without concern of what others think of you, or of what your next problem might be. The self-respect you acquired this year can now be shared by respecting others.

A partnership or arrangement may be established in which the more you do your part, willingly and with careful attention to detail, the more efficiently the team can operate. Others are aware of your increased power, but they can only relax around you when you, yourself, are relaxed. Then the wheels of progress can turn smoothly without constantly getting snagged on each others egos or insecurities.

You may feel a powerful urge to create something of great value. Be patient. The groundwork for such a goal will take time and effort. This year, personal satisfaction was the goal. Be satisfied with how well you did.

Do not allow your new-found confidence to turn into over-confidence or arrogance. That could spell BIG trouble for you. Neither should you think the worst in areas which did not go exactly to plan. Knowing what went right, and being satisfied with it, is what matters now. Patience and faith are the keys to a successful end to the year. Use your own power to empower someone else. Be prepared to give unselfishly, but do remember that you cannot give what you haven’t got.

Your upcoming 9 year marks the end of an entire era of your life and brings your past into the present so that you can finally heal from it. As midnight of December 31st arrives and the 9 year of conclusions begins, remember this year’s many powerful experiences and the many insights you obtained. Let yourself feel the strength you have gained from this year of self-empowerment. Be proud of who you were, because that was the person whose desire to grow and evolve brought you to who and where you are now.

On New Year’s eve, hold on to all this amazing wealth. Hold on to your expanded power. Hold on to your belief in yourself as you move into THE 9 YEAR. Above all, allow yourself to feel the wonderful sensation of satisfaction that comes with knowing that you really did do the best you were capable of, despite all those growing pains. This month, as much as possible, just relax and breathe easy.

We must accept that this creative pulse
within us is God’s creative pulse itself.
Joseph Chilton Pearce

(9) December emphasizes the powers of appearances, communication, appreciation and creativity. Choose your words carefully as they may determine the quality and substance of at least one of next year’s important changes.

Be honest. Be real. The more you try to keep up a false appearance, the more others will be able to see through it. This is a month of truthfulness and, in a subtle way, innocence.

What a year this has been! So much emotion. So much reality-facing. So much diversity. And, here you are at the end of an entire nine-year phase of your life. Or is it eighteen years or more that you have been rehashing the same old patterns, conditioning and misunderstandings?

Many of your mistakes have evolved into experience and need never be repeated. And if they have not, this is the time to let them do so. What happened this year is helping you to break away from situations, attitudes, and beliefs that always stood between you and your higher potential. These emotional episodes have helped you to grow, and now you know that your true potential is yet to be realized.

However, if you feel overwhelmed by this year’s experiences, or if you still cannot see that a new and different era of your life is about to begin, then perhaps you have some moreaccepting of reality to do.

You are on this Earth for a distinct purpose – of your own design and desire. But if you refuse to accept your current reality, or insist on taking a direction that is clearly not working for you, you may never know what your true purpose is. Nor will you be able to appreciate those who have loyally traveled with you in a year when you may not always have been easy to understand or be with.

In a month that emphasizes communication, a relationship may be influenced by guilt, blame and misunderstanding from the past. You may feel that old wounds are being opened for no good reason and, if this occurs, all you can do is feel whatever feelings arise, with the understanding that what you thought was healed is actually not.

Aggression on your part will do no good now. Stop participating in a futile battle. You need time and space for authentic healing to take place and, because you will be coming to terms with who you used to be, as well as how you effected others, don’t expect it to be a quick process.  For most of us, healing from the past is likely to be the work of a lifetime.

For now, concentrate on doing less – so that you can enjoy doing more of what you love to do. Be good to yourself. Be friendly to others. Be patient. Accept where you stand now. Focus on friendship, the lighter side of life, optimism, creativity, beauty, and laughter. Relax, socialize, and appreciate life’s simple joys. Be yourself, and allow others the same freedom, even though your whole concept of friendship and trust has been radically altered this year.

Although you are still in the 9 year and may have to go back into the past from time to time this month, there will also be times when you are able to look forward with a new sense of realism and confidence.

The seeds you planted in October are showing signs of growth. Be optimistic. Get creative. Your imagination has no limits other than those you impose upon it the moment it goes beyond what you believe is ‘normal’. Your imagination is fighting for release now, just as your emotions have been all year. Set it free by letting go of those judgments – those preconceived ideas which have always kept your deepest desires and greatest ideas from surfacing.

Relax and enjoy the last segment of the 9 journey, so that you can enter the upcoming 1 year cycle with dignity, confidence, increased personal power – and with the people you love. Look beyond the known horizons. Bring your imagination and your pioneering spirit into THE 1 YEAR of change, independence, and fresh starts; into a new reality – a new era – of YOUR design.  Just imagine !



Creative Numerology – Week beginning November 26




The weekly forecasts are updated each THURSDAY

The monthly forecasts are updated on the 1st of each month

© Copyright Christine DeLorey 2009 – All rights reserved

*Your personal number for 2009 (you keep this number for the entire year) is obtained by adding 2009 to your month and day of birth. For example, if you were born on May 31, add 5 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 9 = 20. Keep adding until you reach a single digit. 2 + 0 = 2. In this example, your number for 2009 would be 2. This applies to both your Monthly and Weekly Forecasts. SCROLL DOWN TO YOUR NUMBER………

To read about your YEARLY CYCLE, your DESTINY PATH number, your CHALLENGE Number, how to turn these weekly forecasts into DAILY FORECASTS, how to order your own PERSONAL PROFILE, or your YEAR BOOK FOR 2010, go to the main Creative Numerology website.

1: Pushing too hard in this unhurried low-energy cycle will slow you down to a pace where patience and humility will be your only means of moving forward. But that’s the old you thrashing around like that. The new you wants to look more realistically at the details and get things right this time. Pushing will produce results. A slower and more patient approach will produce the results you want.

2: Tolerance is not the same as patience. We tolerate that which we cannot accept. Patience develops by accepting all of your reality instead of just some of it, and all of your feelings and thoughts instead of just some of them. Accept that there are some things you just cannot accept. This will help you release yourself from an old identity and allow more of the real you to emerge.

3: Notice the imbalance that occurs when you do not prioritize, when you focus too heavily on one area, or when you ignore the facts. If something must be put on the back-burner, so be it. It will still be there after another matter has been taken care of. Take a flexible approach which leaves room for the merging of needs and ideas. No one can win if they ask for the impossible.

4: You may believe that your feelings and thoughts are distracting you from other things, but it is more likely that other things are distracting you from some life-changing insight. Double-check the facts no matter how deep you have to dig, or how humbling the truth may be. You need privacy – but denial of your feelings and thoughts will keep you confined.

5: Slow down. Why do you feel it necessary to race ahead without a plan? You are in the delicate process of making life-changing decisions. From the moment we are born, we are set up in a foolish race that we are expected to run until the day we die – and we’re told that we are free! This cycle emphasizes how un-free we are. Accurate information and understanding are needed now.

6: This cycle offers a deeper sense of belonging by connecting you to someone who can help you, even if you think your role is to help them. This cycle is magnetic. It attracts. You are attracting attention and being attracted to something simultaneously. Certain details may be hidden, so don’t judge by appearances. The nature of your Will is to be free, and where there is a Will that is at least striving to be free, there is a way.

7: There is too much going on for you to focus on one thing. Evolutionary movement is causing you to surge forward and then hold back, leaving you simultaneously drained and raring-to-go. Appreciate the people and things you care about, and the love or loyalty that is all too easily taken for granted when one has plans of one’s own. If you are honest about the true nature of your anxiety or frustration, the way forward will be easier to recognize.

8: If you are involved with people or circumstances that seem irrelevant or hostile, be patient. There is a reason for this apparent mismatch. This is a chance to better understand the art of power-sharing, negotiation, partnership and right timing. Much can be achieved in an atmosphere of respect, peace, teamwork, and cooperation. So, put personal concerns aside and focus on joint interests.

9: This cycle highlights the way you communicate, present yourself, or operate socially. It is time to heal from a specific hurt or deprivation of the past, and climb out of a frustrating rut into which some of your potential became trapped. Humility, which has nothing to do with humiliation and lots to do with listening, empathizing, and inspiring others, can now release your creative spark.





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