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We Are Human Beings Not Human Doers


Getting the BEING back in our DOING for a more fulfilling, happier work, life, balance.

Whoever invented the TO DO list had a great concept, however, knowing the multi-taskers we are, I’m sure it was a woman, but none the less, I bet, she or he didn’t expect our modern day society to take ‘TO DO” to a whole new stratosphere.

Every day we witness women silently drowning in their “To Do Lists”. Beyond this it appears we’ve become a society which is living under a mindset or more bluntly put, the misconception, that constantly “Doing” is the way to justify our existence: to prove to the world and ourselves that our lives are valuable, that we matter and have relevance.  Or should we be asking our self, is it an easy way to avoid the things we don’t want to face and deal with.

As a toddler I was fondly called Dodo by my family, not because I was fascinated by poop or had some special agenda to prove my existence, but because I wanted to explore and do many things for myself and fully experience what was before me at that very moment. In other words, to be fully engaged just as every free spirited toddler is, not at a scheduled time, but to be fully engaged right then and there in the moment. However, as people grow into adulthood so many feel the need to show the world what good “DOERS” they are for some sort of affirmation and to be known for what they DO rather than who they are and the depth of what they’re contributing.

Work, life balance is critical: in other words balancing BEING with your DOING is critical to your success as a “Human Being” on this planet. The majority of American defines success as our careers, but in essence, success is how you approach and live your life in totality as a “whole being” rather than a fragmented one.

Creating a sense of life balance is fundamental to a feeling of overall success and happiness. Balance is achieved with the right blend of BEING versus DOING toward career, community, family and your self.

So how do we practice introducing a little more balance and real connection in our lives so we can become present in our DOING instead of lost in our BEING.

Seven Steps back to being present in your doing Continue reading

When It Comes to Being in the Flow, I Think I am a Barnacle.

 I realized lately that I am a barnacle. I find things I like, such as people, activities, ideas and possessions, grab on and settle in. On one level, I know I should be flowing with my energy and interests, or being in the flow of my life. The act and art of being Human is reflected in the verb: being. It is an evolving art to be yourself and developing your potentials.

On another level, I hardly get rid of anything I like. So, I attach onto stuff and people I like and stay there. This has not always worked out for me. I can easily look back at old jobs and relationships where I held on past what was valuable.

Another thing that happens  to people, the opposite to my barnacle-ness, is a sort of seaweed approach. In the great flow of living, some folks just float where ever life takes them. Even if that makes them wrap around rocks, or get hung up on shore.

I am not sure I am ready for that extreme.

I think it would be best to be a fish, or better yet a mermaid. Then you could enjoy the flow. You could play with the rhythms of your life, like the sea turtles in Finding Nemo. Being one with the Tao and all that. You would be in the flow, bt you could direct where you put your attention. You could linger longer over things that fun and cool. This would be the best as I am not sure the barnacle thing is all that good in the grand scheme of things.

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