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VOD: Bill Nye Tells You Everything You Need to Know about Climate Change

The millenial generation grew up receiving their science facts from a guy with neat curly hair and a wonderful array of bow ties. Many of us are adults now and “Bill Nye the Science Guy” has long been off the air, but that doesn’t stop that magical man of science from trying to save the world anyway. In this YouTube video Bill describes what climate change is, how we got here and what we need to do to stop it.

“This climate science is no longer a matter of opinion, politics or dogma,” Bill says towards the end of the video. By the time the current population of children reaches middle age the human race’s carbon dioxide production will be double the earth’s natural carbon cycle – yet we are already seeing the hazardous effects through higher temperatures and more extreme weather. If we act now we can prevent things from getting worse but we are dangerously approaching the point of no return where we will be forced to recognize a new normal of extreme weather and unbearable temperatures. Why would we ever let that happen when there are so many clean energy sources being made available to us? That’s a question we should probably be taken more seriously.

Did you know this about climate change? Have you tried replicating Bill’s simple experiment? Let us know in the comments below!

Irene, and personal possessions

Hurricane Irene is headed our way and the media have told us to prepare for this emergency. Many people are piling up food and water and flashlights. Others are rushing around trying to find safe places to put their lawn furniture. Still others have headed for the hills.

Which asks the question: what actually is worth worrying about? And to what extent do we worry about the wrong things? I recently read Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky – all about the exodus from Paris in 1940, when everyone thought Hitler would flatten the city. The tale is terrifyingly human, as people worry about their china, their money, their papers, their pets…. And the tragic irony that completes the book is that Ms. Nemirovsky herself managed to save most of her essential belongings from a threat that turned out to be not a threat – and then was rounded up by fellow citizens and to be killed in a concentration camp.

Everything is just stuff, except for human life. Treasure it.

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