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Design Reality



It came, this stick (the drawing above), it came from this quote:

“I try to deny myself any illusions or delusions, and I think that this perhaps entitles me to try and deny the same to others, at least as long as they refuse to keep their fantasies to themselves.”

I responded to this quote, and it was then that this stick begun to take shape. I said:

“Denying illusions doesn’t work half as well as embracing reality”.

You see, I read this quote and it felt tense, it felt confrontational, a bit combative even and I thought there must be a positive orientation, there must be a way to spin this such that there is openness and gentleness and inclusiveness. And so I said what I said.

The conversation continued. It was said that “It (the illusion) has to be understood and for the illusion to be understood, it has to first go through a process of exposure and denial, to finally realize that it is just a mirror of its own self.” and I thought: well, does it really?

Does exposing illusions for what they are, does cleaning away the noise, understanding and healing the pain, does it eventually leave me with a clear, quiet space where my self resides?

And that is the key question: does my self reside there?

Because, you see, I do imagine that clearing away illusions and noise and pain will bring me to a clear, peaceful space but … but I am not so sure that what I find in this space will be me. I am not so sure that I can find myself in this way.

Because, you see, I feel that the only way to find myself is to choose to be myself. Choose to see myself. Choose to feel myself.

Choosing not to be something in order to find what I am will not work, because I am only where I am, not where I am not.

Taming the Subconscious in sync with Knowledge.

Taming of emotional turbulence in time of trial is said to be done by moving away from object referral and diving deeper inside to make your own soul ,your atman -the purest form as the centre point of your universe.

This shifting of focus  is not  very easy to achieve ‘steadily’, while it is not very difficult to begin stepping in.Sustenance of this state is the real challenge to an atman or soul.

This practice demands a continuum of awareness of every single second.Every feeling , every craving , every attachment needs to be defined  in your mind through its  ebb and flows as trio of ‘surge of craving , zenith and then subsidence of craving’ .One needs to separate ones’ own self from this phenomenon of sensory perception.Until in our own cognitive process , we distinguish  our own atman, spirit completely separate from this sensory cravings, illusions stemming out of physical body ,it is hard to tame them.For that to do effectively we need to keep hold of subconscious process as that is too involuntarily to take control.It holds you a lot earlier than your ‘knowledge and wisdom’ can hold its reaction.Unlike conscious brain , subconscious likes to exhibit a parrot behaviour and is known to overpower conscious brain in very mysterious ways .

Even we land up doing what is dictated by our physical sensory desires or emotions, it is important to let yourself know and evaluate the result of undue falling for desire/emotion.This evaluation  has all possibilities of positively training your subconscious in sync with the authentic eternal  knowledge of your soul and  your soul will actually get reinforcement from your subconscious.This evaluaton could be anything of the kind..for example if I am addicted to coffee…and i and finding temptations very difficult to control……

I can say following to myself …

Now neurotransmitters are actually compelling my brain to look for a coffee, okat i am deciding to drink it , i am reducing amount from 300 ml to 200 and it I am just 15 days away from getting my neuro transmiiters in control.

This was something for strong physical dependence but for other things like getting annoyed  and crying on  a disappointing relationship…..we can try following (after shedding tears as we all do)

"I know everything in the world is impermanent ,so I am getting closer and closer in realisation of it …i have to rememer every second the actual difference between real and unreal.I will be remember it more often than i do."

Eventually it comes to point of ‘ very actively’ putting your subconscious mind in apt alignment with the real knowledge every single time we sway.One might need to do same exercises probably 10-20 times a day to get it deep seated , or practically after falling for every craving.

Until we align both together very keenly, it is hard to declare sensory perceptions , emotions as illusions and remain unaffected.It wud be a sorry state of knowing the real truth and still crying on unreal.Key point here is  to train subconscious for the new learnings and unlearn the old ones.Only knowing the reality wont help enough to change life effectively.


Hello, Wake Up Call….!

I was reminded the other evening in Santa Monica of the magnificent feeling I get when I see the sun set. Remarkable, isn’t it? The tranquility and ease of being that occurs as the colors brighten in all their glory. I do not want it to end. I am, at the same moment, reminded theorectially that the sun does not actually ever set, but rotates around the earth (or vice versa).

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