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Be Better Today Than Yesterday

better-than-yesterdayWe don’t have to change the world today. We don’t even have to invent the next great product today. All we need to do is be just a bit better today than we were yesterday. Because greatness happens in the commitment to learning, improving, growing – in being better – in showing up more significantly to our lives and our world today than yesterday.

My daily intention is to show up bigger, happier, stronger and better today than yesterday. A forward movement each day, allows me to constantly get better and enjoy the process at the same time. After all, life isn’t a dash – a race or a sprint to get to an end. It is rather, a meandering path – a journey – where the value is the journey, not the destination.

To be better each day requires that:

  1. We show up present to our moments. In these moments are information about both our world and us. As we become a greater part of the moments of our lives, we start to enjoy life – a life we completely ignored as we rushed from thing to place to person. And in those same moments, we learn about ourselves – what we are good at, passionate about and what matters to us. We start to discover and connect with our inner hidden self – hidden by the lack of attention and awareness. This moment has everything we need to know how to respond to the next moment – more aware, more authentic, more courageous – better. To gather its wisdom, we have to intend to show up to it.
  2. We tune in to our world’s needs, challenges and opportunities. My personal perspective is that we are each different and unique on purpose – so that our world has all of the wisdom, abilities and resources to successfully handle whatever it needs. As we discover our unique abilities by being more present, we now can look at our world in a more focused way to assess how we can bring our best to the situations that need our best. We can make things better. It may be in how we parent, how we teach, how we connect in the workplace, how we start to solve a local, national or international problem, how we inform others about health, safety or spirit – the list is endless. We tune into the world differently, searching for ways to bring our best selves to it to make it better.
  3.  We allow others the ability to be better. So many times our judgments about others stop them from achieving their focus of being better. Our comments, perspectives and opinions shut people down and divert them from their paths of greatness and awareness. To live wisely and well, we each need the ability to know ourselves and be ourselves; it therefore follows that we all must then allow others to do the same – to know and be themselves. By showing up as their true selves, not only do they then have the ability to be better, but they have the ability of bringing what makes them better to all of us. We all get better. I love how that works – by each of us getting better, we make “better” the way forward. This is how we transform our world, each day a little better than the day before.

So how do we focus on being better? Know yourself. Be yourself. Let others be themselves. This allows what is best in us to come forward. Be better each day. Small incremental improvements create great results over time.

How do you want to show up in 2014? My intention is to always be just a bit better.

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The Best Green Gadgets to Look For in 2014

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 7.17.04 AMby Elizabeth Eckhart

Green living is all the rage right now, as is reverting back to other, healthier lifestyles which benefit both us and our environment. But for those of us who have long raged against technology as the bearers of pollution and energy crises, it may be time to reevaluate.

This year the International CES conference not only has dedicated two full discussion panels to the topic of energy awareness (“Energy Efficiency Initiatives for Electronics: What’s Working and What’s Not” and “Green Standards: Who Should Run the Show?”) the judges have also awarded a select few products their Economic Innovation Award. CES 2014  will also find itself the show grounds for breakthroughs in home improvement, home automation — mainly temperature and energy control — as well as new and improved electric vehicles.

By home improvement, I don’t mean tools you’d use to build your own household additions, but rather appliances that, if added to your home, could do wonders in terms of improving energy efficiency. For example, you may already have a programmable thermostat (and if you don’t, what exactly are you waiting for?) but you definitely don’t have the Eversense by Allure Energy, Inc. This beauty goes one step further than programs, and actually adjusts temperature and energy usage based on how far or near each resident is from the home. This Proximity Control Technology is made possible by the complimentary mobile app.

If you’ve been leary of using a gas guzzling ride lawn mower, fear no more! Finally, someone has taken the initiative and created the first fully electric lawn mower. The mower uses zero gas and oil, which is obviously energy efficient, but also quieter. The RZT S Zero by Cub Cadet might be the green solution to lawn maintenance that you’ve been looking for.

Cooking and cleaning are two of the major tasks that can waste energy. For most homeowners, a good chunk of their water use is in laundry, which is why LG, who has swept up an incredible 15 innovation awards at CES this year, is debuting their new LG Front Load Mega Capacity Turbowash Washer. The name is a mouthful, but the washer is impressive due to its Smart Diagnosis, which changes the water and energy amount based on the size of load it senses. LG also contributed the LG Electric Double Oven Range with EasyClean, which implemented a high performing Infrared Grill system which cooks faster than ever, using far less heat than conventional ovens. Samsung, too, brought forth their addition to household chores with the DV457 Front-Load Dryer, which is the first dryer to ever receive an Energy Star Emerging Technology Award. The dryer is super efficient, and the first to have a temperature modulation system.

More efficient appliances are one way to go greener, but anyone that is even a little studied on the Consumer Electronics Show of 2013 knows another watched area will be home automation. Security Choice ADT was the first to roll out a complete home automation system with Pulse in 2010 and last year added increased energy control and an additional television interface. The benefit of home automation is the ability to control energy use from virtually anywhere. Using your smartphone, you can adjust temperature up and down, turn lights and appliances on and off, and even lock windows and doors to prevent drafts (or break-ins). ADT will have some competition this year, with both Lowes and Home Depot unveiling similar products to the market, which will no doubt be more affordable.

One of the biggest trends in green engineering is the increased availability of electric cars. The Tesla Model S, currently hailed as the top electric car in the game, has mentioned that they will be previewing their new “Autopilot” technology, which could sense people and objects around the car, and successful avoid them. Toyota will also be debuting new electric vehicles, such as the Rav4 EV and their brand new Fuel Cell Vehicle Concept.

CES 2014 will also feature greener and more energy efficient versions of hundreds of other products, though none quite as earth-friendly or innovative as those mentioned above. The show is grounds for some majorly impressive technology, and it is definitely a good sign that so much time and effort is being taken to recognize the products making a difference.

CES 2014 will be held Jan. 7-10 in Las Vegas.

Elizabeth Eckhart is a Chicago born and bred blogger who is passionate about keeping the environment clean. Some of her favorite writing topics include new renewable energy technology and various ways to live a healthy lifestyle. 

*Photo from CESWeb.org.

24 Intentions to Manifest in New Year

So there are just a few days left of this year! What are you intending to manifest for this coming year? Do you have any unfulfilled goal from this year that you wish to accomplish next year? There is no better way to manifest your desires than to release your intentions out into the universe and allow it to unfold on its own accord! The best moment to plant seeds of your intentions in your consciousness is during your meditation. In meditation, you connect with deeper levels of your awareness, making a better foundation to manifest your deepest desires. I recommend bringing your awareness on your heart and set the intention that feels just right at that moment. Then release it and don’t worry about when and how it will manifest…just know that if it is meant to be it will. Just have full faith on the energy of your heart. The power of love is magical enough to create many miracles!

Here are 24 intentions that you may use for a better and happier new year. Try working with 2 every month and see where it leads to. Don’t attempt to use one for each hour of the day… this is too much.  Just take it slow and steady.

  • Expressing love more often.
  • Understanding that forgiveness is an everyday ritual.
  • Witnessing the temple in your physical body and taking care of it.
  • Practicing compassion towards all.
  • Spending time in nature.
  • Creating thoughts that lead to optimism and courage.
  • Building an attitude of gratitude.
  • Meditate everyday even for a  few minutes.
  • Being bold without being a bully.
  • Treating work as a way to serve others.
  • Respectfully parting from those who discourage and lower your self esteem.
  • Stop blaming destiny and start working on manifesting your own goals.
  • Staying present.
  • Staying in touch with old friends.
  • Taking a break from work to relax.
  • Eating healthier.
  • Reading books and articles to expand awareness.
  • Staying offline often to connect with the people in your life.
  • Fall in love.
  • Letting go off regrets.
  • Release the need to treat yourself so seriously.
  • Being kind, but not weak.
  • Complimenting others more often.
  • Breaking the norms.

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Set Intents Not Resolutions For 2014

Elevator2Every December, like millions of others, I set new years resolutions.

Lose 15 pounds.  Keep in touch with friends.  Exercise 5 times a week.  Start yoga. Write a book.

Jan 2nd or 3rd I usually make it to a yoga class, cramming the studio with the other newbies who have made a similar commitments.  I visit the gym, having to wait for the elliptical machine, in our normally not so crowded gym.  I shop at the local farmers market, inspired by the freshness of the fruits and vegetables and think how could I shop anywhere else?  I call a friend, feeling so happy to reconnect.  I commit to writing and am excited by the possibilities!

But, by week 3, perhaps by early February, my gym visits are down to 2, my excuses for missing the yoga class seem totally justified, and I realize the book project may just have to wait a few more months.  Alas, new years resolutions end up making me feel a bit more guilty about all the things I didn’t do, but wanted to, by mid February.

This is why I believe people should make intents, not resolutions.  I do believe there is a difference between intents and goals/resolutions.

Intents come from our soul – they are who and what we aspire for in our life.  Intentions reflect ones purpose, what gives us meaning or significance.  Intentions come from a place of mindfulness, of knowing what will give us happiness and peace.

So, an intent may be to lead a healthier, more energetic life.  To do that, we may set goals to exercise or eat better.  The intent may be to feel more connected, and one way to do that may be to reconnect with friends.  While it may be a technicality, I think when we thing about our intents, instead of just the goals, we will be more conscious and committed to taking action.

And to achieve our intentions, we need to set up an ecosystem to achieve them – giving ourselves time to be thoughtful and know what we want, creating networks of support from others, recognizing that we need to forgive ourselves for faltering, and taking deliberate action.  When we set an intent, we naturally pay attention to the situations, people and circumstances that help realize them.  In my own life, I have seen that sometimes the way I realize my intent manifests in a way that I never could have imagined.

So, for 2014 (and beyond), I’d like to invite you to set your intents now!  Spend the next week thinking about what you want in your life – what will make you feel emotionally, physically, spiritually connected next year.  Share your intents on www.intent.com and lets support one another.

I’d also like to shout out to Sports Club/LA who has been supporting this idea of intent!  As a sports club, I love the fact that they are sending this message of deeper fulfillment to their members.  Check out the photos featuring Intention on their elevator doors and they have inspiring quotes on intention inside.  Truly an honor to work with a group that is leading the way!

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 6.57.33 PM

How Do YOU Handle Negative Feedback?

Dear healthy readers,

If you’re reading this, you obviously are one of the die-hard LIFE PROs which I appreciate.

I’m really all about helping you get into the right mindset that continues to produce the results you wish to see. So, here is my moment of getting vulnerable and open about a most recent event.

I have written this blog about some feedback I received which I thought was saying more about the person who gave the feedback than about me and my presentation. Nonetheless, I felt it was not fair. The person ultimately accused me of being a "rip-off artist". That didn’t sit well with me.

By definition, a rip-off artist is just out to get your money and run, while his product or service doesn’t: It’s about delivering results and this over 7 weeks.  Here is some feedback from a recent client who not only got rid of her emotional barriers but also a physical ailment disappeared because of finally letting go of old negative energy in her system:

I showed off my healed neck to everyone at the party yesterday. Everyone was amazed. I’m spreading your name and program everywhere like Johnny Appleseed. I had two of my nieces (ages 7 and 9) all day Friday and overnight and then to the party. I did really well. My overall condition is great. The pain when I arise in the morning is minimal now – it used to be horrific. The grinding of the tendons when I rotate my head is gone! I am having the slightest spasming once in awhile, but not to the degree that it tilts my head. Just a slight pulling to the right that I can control. I am doing my neck strengthening on the other side to counter balance the muscles.

Denise Cassino was suffering from severe Torti Collis which kept her in pain and prevented her from living a life that was worth living day in and day out. Everyday chores, such as cooking, had become a real "pain in the neck" – excuse the pun.

Here is a picture of her neck, to show you how very bad it was:

If you have attended my Global Teleclass, you have been witness to what I thought was an OK presentation but honestly, it did not do my program justice, neither my otherwise sparkling presentation skills.

So, stay with me whilst you understand that this is not a bad case of my "Inner Critic Gremlin" having a go at me. No, I’m as objective as I can be, talking openly about critique that I received about me and my program.

So, if you want my honest opinion, it wasn’t all that stellar. I can deliver better presentations.
The main thing was that – the time used for introduction of what I was going to present was longer than I had expected and then – due to technical difficulties – the presentation was delayed and I did not get to present one of the vital parts of the call, which was matrix reimprinting.

If you were one who was disappointed about that, if you now want to give me the boot forever, please feel free to unsubscribe. If you want to learn about Matrix Reimprinting from the co-author of the book which is being published by Hay House, join me on 23 August on

Living La Vida Healthy  Radio

And, if you are like me, you understand that sometimes when you mess up, you have to honestly say "You messed up!" and keep going. So what! I goofed! It happens to everyone. Nobody was hurt and I can honestly say that this was not the only feedback I received: Here is some positive feedback:

the class was interesting

I think that with the short time that was provided it would have been better not to have the demo. I would have preferred to have the speaker explain more in depth about the L.O.V.E concept and touch on what the matrix is. 

The information was great for EFT. She didn’t really go over Matrix Imprinting and that’s the reason I listened in. I felt that the technical difficulties took away from the program.

Felt badly that the phone logistics were difficult to co-ordinate. Feel it took too much time away from the class and inhibited the leader from moving forward with the information. Felt too much delay.

Very much enjoyed this class. Problem with trying to get person on line was mild irritation.

Leader was very good and would love to hear her talk any time on this subject or any other. She was very energetic and very enthusiastic about her subject. I would love to hear more about this topic from her.

And NO, I did not pay this last person to write this review… it’s all volunteering information, which costs time and thought. So, I thank everyone… including the one who offered me the gift of practicing Mental Kung Fu:

Kung Fu translated means "hard work" and I really tried to think hard of how I could make up for the loss that people had by not being able to learn more about Matrix ReImprinting.

So, here is the chance, which I did also repesent but here I was on the receiving side of the coaching relationship on my own radio show with Sasha Allenby

But back to the subject of "How do YOU handle negative feedback?" which is more of interest to me than talking about me. 

When disappointment happens it is because you had expectations that were not met. What do you do?

In this case, my expectations were that no technical glitches would happen and I don’t know if it was June’s mention at the beginning of he call that jinxed the class, but I really thought and was convinced that I would not have to deal with technical problems. Did I expect too much?


Here is what I did NOT do: freak out.

I stayed cool like a cucumber.

The demonstration was also very calm and if you were a collector you’d be able to add me to your stamps – that’s how collected I was. I solved the problem and continued, as planned.

What I did not expect was that after I had been given feedback on it, I would read something like this:

She was not a good speaker. She rambled and did not present her material in a very clear fashion. Her talk was not well organized and she didn’t deliver it in the manner that she promised at the beginning of her talk…..she left out half of what she said she was going to talk about. And the fact that she said at the end that she charges $3,000.00 for her service, but was willing to give it away for $600.00 for those on the call, if they called within a limited time period is preposterous. I learned about EFT and how to do it online for free and so can anybody else learn it for free online. I think she’s a ripoff artist. That’s my opinion.

When I received this review, I was naturally taken aback by the insulting way in which the person addressed me. What is obvious is that the person still thinks that the available free material will solve all her problems. If it works for her, great. However, it is obvious that s/he has a severe need for "being heard" and "getting her opinion across"…and a pronounced "lack thinking" and in the way my program works, we could work on all these issues and more, and heal them in no time. But I doubt this person would be able to afford my program.

Not having done his/her own inner balancing work with EFT is another obvious one, your opinions will mirror some of what you think about yourself. Had s/he offered an objective review, she would not have had to resort to "name calling". There might be a slight suppressed anger issue. The use of "labels" might also be a EGO-driven kind of compensation for coming from a place of lack and his/her obvious display of poverty consciousness and not valuing coaching is a subject that could receive a series of books, dedicated just to that.

I would love to ask Denise Cassino to comment below as to how valuable my 7 week program was for her and whether she thinks I’m a scam artist – or whether she received the value of her "time" (I’m not even talking about money, which I could refund if it didn’t work out – time I can’t refund!!!),  which is 7 weeks, of working on her issues.

I’m going to do a lot more demonstrations on Matrix Reimprinting and the amazing things it does. Please sign up for the next one that’s upcoming in September with the title:

"Dealing with negative feedback"

This subject really leads us to where our patterns for abusive relationships, alcoholism, drug abuse, and self-loathing, come from and we will explore the very reasons as to why some people respond in this self-destructive way rather than questioning the thoughts that trigger the emotions and asking the questions as to whether it is really true or only a perception, which can change when going into the Matrix, and working on the ECHOs.

I would like to also invite Mike Tyson who could explore with me as to where his belief came from that "I’m a pig" – no, that’s not him saying this about me, it’s him speaking about himself in an article I read recently and I thought "God, please lead me to him so I can help him get over this issue"…and other issues.

In this same article he stated:

"Nah, it’s trauma I’m dealing with. And it’s this fucking ego of mine."

When we experience trauma, part of our consciousness gets split off and we lock our ECHO into the Matrix – this is where it will stay and keep a time-string attached to us, which is on a frequency of emotion that – each time someone hits that frequency – this time-string starts vibrating and resonate with us. That’s when we recall emotional memory, stored in our field and activated by the cellular  self-receptors that remind us of this feeling. And here is what I responded to his article (I have no idea whether he would ever get to pick up on this but he will if the time is right for him to receive it – I firmly believe in my serendipitous approach to life and the LOA):

"Trauma is not something that you can fight with your fists. It’s something you have to let go of from your heart. I don’t teach "Zen shit" I teach the ability to see things as they are, without the judgments that come from self-loathing and the inability to forgive. If you ever decide to be ready for your life path to go to the next level and transcend – transcend self-loathing, transcend an unforgiving spirit, and do so from your heart. Forgiving is the most selfish heart-based decision you can ever make for the greater good of ALL those who love you, which is the basis of truth, healing, and true power. Not the fear-based power intimidation of an adversary. The power of L.O.V.E. which essentially means: Letting go of the limiting beliefs you hold, Open up your mind and heart to who you truly are and learn to deeply and completely love and accept yourself, V – the VICTORY which is not over someone in the ring but the one over the negative emotions that are driven by a twisted perception of self and the power of EGO (extremely great obstacle)- and then finally EMERGE beyond what you ever imagined possible by making yourself available for the greater good of all by serving from your heart and embracing the god-given mission you receive to be ALL you can be in this life-time. Only you can decide when the right time has come. And when it has come, the teacher will appear."

Perhaps Mike will listen to this call and decide to take my offer of working on this belief he holds.

Back to this person who commented so strongly: Well, since everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, I take it as that and hope s/he will be able to solve all her issues with the free EFT material available.

What I can also say is, s/he did me a great favor by giving me finally a chance to see how I would react to negative feedback. So, I was reading this and thought to myself: here is YOUR chance to see how YOU can handle negative feedback.

I’m so used to getting positive feedback from my clients, that I was quite spoiled in this regard. But for me, there is a space of learning and growth when something like this unexpectedly challenges me to think:

Wait a minute … IS THIS TRUE?

So, I’m happy I finally get a chance to practice that skill and now my question to you is this:

How do you handle negative feedback? Do you REACT or WITNESS, ACCEPT, THANK the person for the opinion and leave it at that? Or do you start finding fault with yourself, or call the person names, or do you get aggressive in other verbal or physical ways?

Oh, and another valuable lesson I took away from this is:

This confirmed to me again that FREEE doesn’t work for MEEE anymore. So, prepare to pay for the next teleclass I do but I promise that it won’t be anything that you wouldn’t be able to afford. So, if you are prepared to pay for 2 hours of intense matrix work, please do leave me a comment below and I will send you an invitation.

I have done my FREEBIE for the entire year of 2009 and I draw the lesson from it:

The ultimate conclusion I have is this:

"You can’t please everyone." and "Opinions are a gift with a message from the universe offering an opportunity for learning and growth. Learn to say thank you – if the message contains value for you, take the lesson….if not, say "thank you for offering your opinion but don’t expect me to share it".

On this note, I wish you a sparkling day!

All the best,

Cover Photo: CC Flickr//Vernon Dali

Deferred Maintenance

Deferred Maintenance

My son’s pickup truck is filthy. Someone at the high school parking lot has taken their finger and written "WASH ME" in the dusty back window. Another student adviser has answered this suggestion by scribbling an altogether different four-letter suggestion in the back window. My son resides with me but lives in the province of procrastination.

I have recently moved. To write I have to get to my computer. To get to my computer I have to scale a Mount Kilimanjaro of corrugated boxes. Each day I make the promise that this day I will make a move on the boxes. The view in front of me is the Pacific ocean. The mountain range behind me remains a landscape of my own intention unattended.

I’m getting my hair cut. The older gentleman next to me has apparently just retired. The barber asks him if he’s getting much fishing or golfing in these days. "Nah," answers the recent retiree, "I’m still dealing with deferred maintenance."
Whether we’re young, or old, or getting older, we’ve all got to deal with deferred maintenance. We’ve all got stuff we need to do and haven’t done. We’ve all got stuff we said we would do, crossed our hearts, promised under a summer moon, and still have not done, and summer turns to fall. Promises deferred promise to haunt us in any season of our lives.

Deferred maintenance for some of us is the promise to cut the lawn, and for some of us it is the promise to cut out cigarettes. For some it is washing the car, and for some it is scrubbing away an old attitude. For some it is finding something that has been lost, and for some it is losing an old grudge. For some it is dealing with a stack of bills, and for all of us it’s about time we dealt with ourselves. We can blame circumstances and others for what we haven’t done, but most of us eventually have to look at why we’ve deferred taking a hard look at ourselves.

When you buy a new car, or a new used car, in the glove compartment there is usually a book with the maintenance instructions. We may look at it now and then over the first six months or a year, but then it just becomes part of the car, not as relevant as the cup holder and used less often than the windshield wipers. It usually isn’t until there’s a bad storm in our lives that we think about the rain gutters we should have put up or the windshield wipers we should have replaced. Almost all of us, at one point or another, wonder how we’re going to "maintain." To maintain takes day-to-day maintenance. Day in and day out. We may have the best of intentions about deferred maintenance, but events, ranging from the best to the worst in life, are seldom deferred by our intentions. What we put off doing is sometimes put right on top of us. What we ignore doesn’t necessarily ignore us. "A problem avoided," said Henry Kissinger, "is a crisis invented."

Crisis crosses all of our paths. Sometimes we get no warning. Sometimes we ignore all the warnings. A man wakes up for years with hair on his pillow and then one morning is surprised to wake up bald. A great deal that surprises us is no surprise. Defer what you need to deal with emotionally, intellectually, physically, financially, or spiritually and eventually you don’t have an issue with maintenance, you have a mess. There are some things in life that finally getting around to on a Sunday afternoon can’t fix. Some stuff broken for too long is going to stay broke.

In all of our lives there are things that we promise we will deal with sooner or later, but sometimes later is too late. Sometimes we make a promise about dealing with something while we’re on a trip or taking a walk and then come home, put our foot in the river of the day’s events, and get washed five years downstream from our intentions.

Life is less about saving face than facing it and maintenance is just that. Maintenance is different from a makeover. Maintenance is not about transforming ourselves but dealing with the day-to-day, which is already transforming. Because we decide to defer dealing with things doesn’t mean things are going to be patient with us.

Defer paying attention to your fears, your plans, your heart, or your hopes for too long and it’s too bad, too late.
Smart people can do dumb things. Smart people can outsmart themselves. Maintenance isn’t an issue of intelligence but character, and character doesn’t give one iota about our I.Q. Smart people get caught in life just like dumb people. More than a few of us lay the traps that trap us.

Defer dealing with love, lovers, and how you love, and the question isn’t what you will learn but how much it will hurt when you do. If we defer maintenance in our relationships, whether it’s parenting or passion, what we don’t do has already done something. People fall in love every day and fall out of love day after day. We’re all ready to buy into love but less of us are ready to give it the day-to-day maintenance love requires. To fuel passion you have to chop wood. If we’re lucky, we love our work. If we’re smart, we’ll work at love. Love isn’t only about intentions but attention. All of us know that we need attention or we get tense, present tense, and future tense. Others do too. Acceptance can sometimes be the nicest way of giving others attention. Don’t defer being accepting.

Take a moment to watch the shades of sky. Take a moment to enjoy a stranger’s passing smile. Take a moment to cool down when things heat up. Take a moment to hold on and take a moment to let go. Take a moment to make something that doesn’t matter, matter more. Take a moment to listen when someone tells you that you matter.

Don’t defer living and loving. Life is over in a moment and every moment needs maintenance.

"One of these days is none of these days."
– English Proverb

© 2009 Noah benShea, All Rights Reserved


Life Keeps Improving


Every manifestation in the physical begins with thought born from experience.  Life on planet Earth keeps getting better because our perspective for improvement is constantly becoming more and more refined with each human experience.

The existence of circumstances and situations which we regard as negative will always exist to varying degrees because without them there could be no distinction from which a perspective for improvement could be developed.  Likewise, out of each improvement, more contrast is born from which we can focus a new perspective for even more improvement.

For these reasons, expansion is infinite.  We will never be finished creating and since we are natural creators, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We always have the option of staying focused on the negatives and thereby creating and attracting more negative circumstances, or we can choose to focus upon our perspective for improvement.  If we choose the latter, and then take action according to any inspiration that arises from our positive focus, we can shift our experience toward the improvements we seek.

Even if we do not take action directly, our perspective (whether positive or negative) is expressed by vibration into the universe.  Through our thoughts, we have the power to either strengthen the flow of energy in the direction of improvement or degradation.  Since our vibration attracts matching events, circumstances and people, we are effectively creating and promoting that which we primarily focus upon.

While deliberately focusing our awareness creates positive change more rapidly, human beings always naturally return to creating the improvement we want, and eventually everything either makes positive transformation or fades away.

For example – even as government is engaging in war, raising taxes, and regulating our freedoms, we are gaining a clearer perspective for the improved government that we seek.  When we choose to believe that our perspective for improvement is possible and allow our predominant thoughts to reside in the improved reality, we will effectively shift our experience.

Indeed, we have realized that we don’t like death that results from war, and even though world peace is not yet a manifested reality, we have created and continue to refine technology that results in drastically fewer casualties of war.  Also, since human innovation has made the world more accessible for trade, travel, and communication – there are more peaceful negotiations between the nations of the world.

When the majority of us also believe that we are capable of creating our own lives, and we no longer look for something outside of ourselves to produce health, happiness and abundance – we will create all of these things, plus government that regulates hardly at all.

Another example of improvement comes from our noticing how medical and farming technology has contributed to “incurable” diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Because we have noticed this, more people are researching and discovering that energetic healing and proper nutrition are superior treatments in most instances, and our experience is gradually shifting back toward natural healing – only this time with the added benefit of the life enhancing medical miracles which we have created.

These are only a few examples of how life on Earth is continually improving.  If we look, we will notice how more possibilities for improvement are being made available to us all the time.  When we follow our creative instinct, we are able to create anything that we believe to be possible.

The power of creation is within each of us, and we are every bit as capable as we deem ourselves to be.

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My Hero: Aimee Mullins

When I think my life is hard and I want to quit, or just feel sorry for myself, I try to think of people like Aimee Mullins.  Who is Aimee Mullins?

Aimee is a double leg amputee.  She lost both her legs in childhood to a genetic disease.  As an adult she is a recognized athlete, model, actress and activist.  And this beauty has brains.  She graduated from Georgetown University with a double major in history and diplomacy and is a tireless advocate for the disabled. She has been named one of the fifty most beautiful people in the world by People Magazine.

This woman has accomplished more than I ever will, and has done it with a grace and dignity I can only hope to aspire to.  She exemplifies something I have observed in my practice, "from adversity comes strength".  If you turn and face it that is.  If you run from adversity, or medicate it, or use drugs, alcohol, relationships, work, sex, eating or other things to distract you from it, you do not learn to overcome it.  But if you face adversity squarely in the eyes and walk through it, you come out on the other side with increased compassion for others, increased coping skills you can use to face other adversities in life, increased wisdom and increased self knowledge.

Aimee Mullins has not only faced her disability, she has embraced it; with courage, humility and even humor.  In one interview she quips,

"Pamela Anderson has more prosthetic in her body than I do.  Nobody calls her disabled." 

This young woman has a voice which should be heard.  I encourage you to listen to her interviews and seminars.  They are free and readily available on the web.  Aimee tells personal and humorous stories of her struggles and her triumphs which will inspire and uplift you.  Two of my favorites are listed below.

"How my Legs Give me Super Powers" on Boing, Boing. 

"Aimee Mullins and her 12 pairs of Legs" on Ted.com

For more information about Aimee Mullins please see:  Sport’s Heroes’ article on Aimee for information about her accomplishments and her life, or see:  Wikipedia’s article on Aimee for pictures of her and her famous "boots" designed by Alexander McQueen. 

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Self Confidence vs. Shame

Dan Jones has written a beautiful poem called "Shameless" which has a few lines which I think are priceless.  He is talking about the nature of being shameless as well as what self-confidence is, and isn’t.  It’s absolutely beautiful…

Vanity and conceit have nothing to do with this,
and not arrogance or righteousness.
Those are the masks of Shame.
The "proud" man, the "vain" woman,
the smug, the selfish, the egotistical and stuck-up,
all the "better-than,"
the know-it-alls and judges and busybodies,
inside they squirm with unworthiness worms
and have no love for themselves.

Self-love is good humored and easygoing.
A self-loved body tingles with pleasure
like a sun-warmed beach
when waves of love wash over.
A self-loved mind is at peace,
does not turn against itself in criticism,
does not strive to make up for itself with a good show,
has no fear, no anger, no greed,
no hurry, no worry,
just glides along like a white cloud
doing one thing at a time
as though it were serious.

This says so much and says it so well.  Self confidence is not boastful or arrogant.  It is quiet and accepting.  It is not righteous or judgmental, it is compassionate.  When we accept ourselves completely, with all our frailties and our foibles, we more easily accept the shortcomings of others.  If we are judgmental, highly critical and intolerant of ourselves, we are equally hard on others. 

We also tend to project our shortcomings onto others in an attempt to deny it in ourselves.  Our shadows are powerful.  That which we try to repress threatens to eat us alive.  You can see this with homophobia.  Who are the most homophobic people?  Those who suspect they themselves may be homosexual and try to deny it.  Their intolerance of their own sexual orientation creates what Freud called a "reaction formation" to homosexuality in general.  It reminds me of Shakepeare’s Hamlet who says, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks". 

Another reaction to shame is to be more sensitive to the same flaw in others.  Alcoholics Anonymous has a saying, "If you can name it, you have to claim it".  In other words, flaws you quickly see in others are probably the same things you tend to do yourself.  Things which annoy you most when others do them are probably things you hate in yourself.  A client who complaining of talking non-stop and not being able to shut herself up once complained that a coworker talked incessantly and never shut up.  She felt she was going to go crazy if she didn’t get a transfer away from working next to this colleague. 

You can read the entire poem at the "How to Live Happily" site.   You can also read more about Self Confidence and Self Improvement on my blog site, Kellevision.com.



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