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Inauguration Day: An Intent to March

white house

Dear Friends,

My intent tomorrow, Jan 21, is to participate in the Women’s March in Los Angeles. I am so inspired by the travels of so many of my family and friends to Washington DC, as well as those who are marching in their cities and neighborhoods.
While I have been despondent about the turn of events in our political leadership, my two daughters, Tara and Leela, remind me every day that we need to #StandUp. It is a time to know our values and to find our voice. Our world, our children, our planet need our participation.

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Want to feel like you were in DC on Inauguration Day?

Greetings, Friends, from Lucia, California, just south of Big Sur, where I’m taking a silent retreat at New Camaldoli Hermitage, a heavenly place populated by rabbits, chipmunks, bluebirds, hummingbirds, deer, and foxes – oh, and a few human beings, including monks who sing like angels.

One of the things I love about this place is you can’t get cellphone or Internet access. Or so I thought. Because of a scheduling snafu, I moved this morning from my remote private hermitage to a guest room next to the office, and discovered I can get wifi in this spot. Fortunately, I’d completed much of the focused writing I came here for…

It was good to catch up on almost a week’s worth of email today – and it was also wonderful to find a message from my friend, Doug Bruns, a photographer who was in and on the scene in DC on Inauguration Day. He sent a link to some photos he took, and I just had to share them with you.

To catch the feeling of that day, check out these beautiful images (put your cursor on "Portfolions", then "01.20.09"). Which one is your favorite? I think mine is the one with the little boy – or is it the woman on the car waving two flags? Or the scene at dusk, with multiple flags leaving lustrous tails?

Sending love, hope, and the white light of healing,

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