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Reality Gets an Unlikely Savior: Infinity


By Deepak Chopra, MD and Menas Kafatos, PhD

Infinity has been getting a bad reputation recently. It has become the sticking point in the story we tell ourselves about reality. The trouble begins with a split between what is real and what is unreal. If you send someone to the store to buy three apples, and they return with only one, it matches reality to say, “you only brought me a third of what I wanted.”  This statement matches the way numbers are meant to behave. Numbers are pure in the sense that they are abstractions, ever-existing and perfect as the ancient Greek philosophers thought. They cannot be disturbed by real-world events. Yet they are reliable because they allow us to engineer the real world, from building bridges and cathedrals to manufacturing microchips. They are rational because they strictly obey mathematical order and perfect logic.

These three virtues are wobbly when it comes to infinity, however. Getting one apple instead of three represents a one-third return, and when written in decimals, one-third is .33333 out to infinity. In other words, it is an endless number, and “endless” isn’t something we can actually conceive. There is a mismatch between the real world and mathematics, and when it comes to advanced mathematics, the kind applied by physicists and cosmologists, the misbehavior of infinity becomes serious. (Actually, this is one kind of well-behaved infinity, because rational numbers like 1/3 can be known to any order and predicted in advance—the repetition of three continues ad infinitum. An irrational number like pi (π) is a different kind of infinity, since its digits are unpredictable and do not repeat.)

The noted physicist Max Tegmark wrote an article for Discover magazine in Feb. 2015 titled, “Infinity Is a Beautiful Concept – And It’s Ruining Physics.” The ruination exists on two disturbing fronts. The first front is theoretical. Physicists need valid, provable theories to explain the biggest and smallest things in nature. As it turns out, the smallest things, subatomic particles, wink out of sight and vanish into the quantum vacuum. The biggest things, including galactic and intergalactic matter and the universes itself, emerge from the same vacuum, and our universe was set on a course of seemingly almost infinite inflation a tiny fraction of a second after the Big Bang. The rub is that when calculating the behavior of cosmic inflation, infinity keeps intruding and destroying any reasonable prediction. To quote Tegmark, “. . .inflation always gives the same useless answer: infinity divided by infinity.”

The reasons for arriving at this useless calculation are technical, but the upshot isn’t: reality comes down to an inconceivable concept. Infinity also intrudes in the fashionable theory of the multiverse, which derives our universe by supposing that it is only one in an infinite, or nearly infinite, number of alternative universes. But for this to be true, there have to be reasonable calculations of the odds for producing our particular universe with all its vast number of stars and galaxies, and these don’t exist. There are infinite reasons for why the Big Bang produced the universe that led to life on Earth and infinite reasons why it might not have happened. This is surely a very unsatisfying situation. Continue reading

Deepak Chopra: Will the Universe Continue Expanding to Infinity?

What is the law of conservation and how can we make sense of it if the universe is continually expanding? In this episode of “Ask Deepak” on The Chopra Well, Deepak explores whether the total amount of energy and matter is constant in the universe. Looking to a new book by Rupert Sheldrake, Science Set Free: Ten Paths to New Discovery, Deepak unpacks the nuances of energy and matter in the universe.

If the universe expands into infinity, and matter is only created and never destroyed, then where will we eventually end up?! Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Infinity and Perception


You mentioned, "Right now you are at the center of the universe because infinity extends in all directions, yet someone on other side of the world is also at the center of the universe because infinity extends on all sides of him too. The fact that you appear to be at different places is a sensory artifact." my question is what is mean by sensory artifact? And what is this phenomenon??? I didn’t understand…


Sensory artifact means that our senses of sight and touch create a version of reality that tells us that our existence is bound to a point in  three dimensional space. But our true existence, pure consciousness, is non-local and is not perceivable by the senses of perception.




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Each moment has its infinity

Here I am
Where is here?
Is here this place?
or is here the thoughts here?
Is here this body?
or is here what this body feels?
Is this a place?
Is this a body?
Is this a thought?
Is this a consciousness?
I am here
But what am I?
Am I this body?
or am I occupying this body?
Am I this here?
or am I the consciousness of here?
And what is here?
What I see?
What I think?
What I feel? Or,
What I remember?
All those change,
so does here change?
Do I change?
What doesn’t change?
If there is a no changing,
and I do change
Then why?
Why do I change?
Why am I not the same?
Why is here always changing?
Why does the changing remain?
Whatever I am,
I experience the changes
I see the changes
I feel the changes
I recognize the changes
and I remember the changes
I am changing
Yet I am always here,
I am always changing
So what am I?
and why?
Maybe consciousness is conscious of itself,
it must be; it is consciousness
If I consider everything to be me,
then I am everything
If I am everything,
then I am the consciousness of everything
If I am the consciousness of everything,
then I am conscious of everything
But why here?
Why am I conscious of being conscious of this consciousness?
and not conscious of being conscious of other consciousness?
or am I conscious of other consciousness?
by default of thought that it must be so?
By thought that I am conscious of other consciousness?
If so,
then why am I not aware?
Why am I here and not aware of other consciousness?
Or maybe this here is simply the consciousness of being conscious of this consciousness
And so this here is this consciousness.
I forgot,
I asked why.
Why Am I conscious of being conscious of this consciousness?
Because I am conscious of this consciousness,
And conscious of being this consciousness
If everything here is me,
And I am everything,
And being everything, I am conscious of everything,
And being conscious of everything, I am the consciousness of everything
Everything here,
this consciousness.
That is why I am conscious of being conscious of this consciousness
Because I am here
Maybe there is no other consciousness,
Maybe there is
And maybe there is a consciousness here that is conscious of other consciousness
But I am here,
And here I am conscious of this
Here I am conscious of this consciousness
The answer to the puzzle is silent,
The answer is a consciousness
If I am the consciousness of the answer,
then I am not conscious of this consciousness
For this consciousness is not conscious of the consciousness of the answer to the puzzle
but I am conscious of the answer,
and I can be the consciousness of the answer
Now why am I conscious of this consciousness?
and not of the answer?
But I am conscious of the answer consciousness
I am just this consciousness of being conscious of this consciousness
whilst conscious of the answer consciousness
Am I, this consciousness?
a part of the answer consciousness?
Am I the answer consciousness and so the consciousness of being conscious of the answer consciousness?
or am I the answer consciousness because I am aware of the answer consciousness?
Or am I, this consciousness,
apart from the answer consciousness?
Am I apart?
or not?
or maybe I am the answer consciousness
But I am not
or am I?
I know the answer consciousness
I am aware,
I let that be my guide
The answer consciousness
I am the consciousness of here,
always the consciousness of
I can allow the consciousness of being this consciousness
Doing so I can allow even greater consciousness,
or more so a happy consciousness
Embracing and allowing
Being Okay with this consciousness
Accepting it
Yes because I am?
Or yes because I want to?
Yes because it is happiness?
Or yes because I have to?
Who said I have to?
I did.
And who is I?
This consciousness
So all that I am
is this consciousness,
And this consciousness is me
But what about the answer consciousness?
That’s the answer consciousness
That’s the answer consciousness to the question I pose
I, this consciousness
So now what?
Well I like this consciousness
I enjoy it, celebrate it
I now embrace it
So why leave?
And why ask to leave?
Why ask the answer consciousness?
Why then be the answer consciousness, now?
It will always be, it remains the same
It will always be here, just as here is always here
Unless this consciousness itself, I, turn into answer consciousness
this consciousness, I, do not have to turn to answer consciousness.
And maybe it is time in this consciousness that isn’t conscious of the answer consciousness
Maybe it is just time that poses the question
Maybe releasing time, releases the question
and maybe the release is the consciousness of becoming conscious of answer consciousness
But I am always consciousness and so both here and answer consciousness.
I don’t know it because I know time,
I am not conscious of both simultaneously
And why is there time then?
Is time the enemy?
Is time the cause of consciousness that is conscious of separation?
Or is time the consciousness of separation?
The answer consciousness is infinite,
and so everything,
and so the consciousness of time also
And so consciousness of time is also conscious of the answer consciousness
And so I am also
And that explains it
Time is answer consciousness
and time is consciousness of time,
and consciousness of time being conscious of time
So time is answer consciousness as I am answer consciousness
Now what was the question?
It seems the question finds its answer
The question consciousness becomes the answer consciousness
or the two blend into one, and then the two are no longer
And then I birth either or and then it finds its pair once more
It seems I blend both,
It seems I am the blending
Then the blending is a part of this consciousness
Then the blending is part of me
Then I am blending also
Then I am question consciousness, finding answer consciousness
Then I am becoming the answer consciousness
Then I, as this consciousness, am blending with the answer consciousness
Then I and answer consciousness are one
Then I and answer consciousness are no longer
That is why the answer is silent
The answer is here, but also not
The answer is,
but once an answer,
this is no longer
I know the silence,
it is the answer
But once the answer enters this consciousness and integrates fully
then this consciousness and answer consciousness cease
and only silence,
And silence is silence to this consciousness
Silence is silent
Silence is Silence
Almost silent, yet to be silent
Yet to be silence
Here I am