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Happy Holidays from the Intent Team!



We just wanted to wish everyone out there celebrating this week a happy holiday! No matter what the occasion is we hope that you are surrounded by family, happy and warm. This is the time of year where we reflect on our blessings and remember to be grateful, to look at our lives and make plans to improve our lives in the new year or continue our current happiness.

We’ve had a busy year at Intent, filled with many hurdles and changes and we appreciate all of you being with us through the transitions (we’re growing and changing just like you!) Coming up are some of our biggest changes yet – for the blog, for Intent.com and for the brand as a whole. We are really excited about this new chapter and believe it’ll not only expand our loving community but bring it closer together. In 2014 we are going to make a much stronger effort to show how intents can work in your every day life to improve wellness and help you achieve your goals so you lead a more fulfilled life. That’s our mission and we hope you will join us.

More details about the project will arrive in the upcoming weeks but for right now we’re going to stuff ourselves with gingerbread and treats, open presents and hang out with loved ones as well. Happy holidays everyone! We hope it’s a good one and we’ll talk soon!


The Intent Team

Thank You from the Intent Team

 Happy Thanksgiving

We know that not everyone is celebrating Thanksgiving this week. We hope those of you that aren’t are still celebrating being grateful for us as we reflect on all of the blessings we have and our abilities to do more for each other and the world. So whether you are carving up a giant turkey today or not, the Intent Team would like to thank you.

On a daily basis we try to foster an active community that values positivity, wellness and helping the fellow man. That’s you, and you make that work a pleasure to be part of. Whether you are posting an Intent on Intent.com or commenting and sharing a blog, we appreciate your never ending support and your commitment to our Intent mission. We are grateful to have you in our corner and we only hope to grow in the upcoming months and years as we spread our message to the masses!

We’re the grateful to have a platform like Intent Blog to be able to push progressive ideas and to help boost the visibility of issues that need our attention. As we go on we are going to be working harder to bring you the news, talk about the issues affecting us as a society, and break them down with the purpose of Intent. We’re going to ask the tough questions like why is this happening? What does this mean to me? How do we heal? How do we use this to come together? We are excited and hope you are too.

We are grateful to have a space to share our intents (and yours!). We firmly believe that setting your intent, acknowledging your heart’s desire and stating it, is the first step in positive change. We are deeming 2014 “The Year of Intent” and all year we will be striving not only to make those intents but to show what it takes to turn those germs of ideas into reality. Please join us! 

So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you Intent followers and readers! We appreciate you taking this journey with us and hope you have a great holiday (or every day) weekend.


Intent Team

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Dear Intent Community: Brand New Intent.com Website Coming Soon In April 2012!

Dear Intent Community,

Big news from the Intent Team! We are really excited for the new version of Intent.com that will be launched later this year in April 2012. And by new we mean COMPLETELY NEW:  new features, new look, new logo, new everything!

Our core mission of Intent.com will remain the same: to provide an online platform for individuals to share their intentions with the world where users can give and receive support to help make intentions come true. With Intent 2.0, we intend to provide a faster and more efficient user-friendly experience for all of you with new and improved features that will make your intention-sharing process more meaningful and more interactive. We hope that these exciting changes will  further foster new relationships, new dialogue and new ideas for inspiration among all of you community members to improve your lives, your communities and the world at large.

We are grateful for all of you Intenters for sticking with us during these periods of big transition and can’t wait to share with you the brand new site when it is ready to launch. In the meantime, stay tuned for new updates and please keep sharing your intentions with us on Intent.com.


The Intent Team

Introducing Our New Managing Editor, Chelsea Roff

Dear Intent Community,

It is with great sadness to announce the news to all of you that I will be stepping down from my position as editor of Intentblog by the end of this month to fully pursue my intention of becoming a full-time illustrator and comic book artist. The last three years (!) have gone by so fast, and it has truly been an incredible journey working with the Intent Team and being a part of such a positive and compassionate community dedicated to manifesting peaceful intentions for a better world. Thank you everybody–the Intent Team, our Intent Voice bloggers, and all of you Intenters–for your inspiration and support!

Please welcome Chelsea Roff to the Intent family, who will be our new managing editor of Intent Blog and has many exciting plans for revitalizing our ever-growing community of bloggers and readers. Below, Chelsea shares with us a few things about herself, her passions and interests, and how she plans on growing the Intent Blog community.

If you had to describe yourself in five words, what would they be?

Happy, driven, visionary, inquisitive, loving

What were you doing before you came to Intent?

Let’s see… For about the past year, I’ve been serving as Managing Editor for an online yoga magazine. I have had such a good time doing that… basically I got to spend my summer traveling around to different communities to write about and feature the work of inspiring people doing amazing things in the world.

What else? Service has played a significant role in my life; in Dallas (where I just moved from) I co-founded an organization called Studio to Streets that offers free yoga classes in juvenile detention centers and homeless shelters. I teach yoga. I also just finished up my Bachelor’s Degree in Health Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Texas Arlington, so I’m a bit of a nerd at heart. Oh, and I write. Of course. I love to write. That’s been my life over the past four years in a nutshell… I’ve had my hands in many pots!

Why do you think it is important to set an intent? 

Intention, to me, is all about bringing awareness and purposefulness to our lives, to the way we relate to ourselves and others, to each and every moment. When I set an intent, I enter into an agreement, a promise if you will…. to live better, happier, healthier, whatever it may be. If I bring my actions into alignment with my intent, the benefits will ripple out to effect not only me, but every person I come into contact with. That’s powerful.

Have you ever had someone randomly buy your cup of coffee at Starbucks? Maybe you felt so grateful and inspired that you felt compelled to buy someone else’s drink for them the next time you were there? That’s intention. We change ourselves, and the world changes because of it.

As the new managing editor, what is your intent for Intentblog? 

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, and really I think it can all be summed up in one word: Community.

I hear a lot of people nowadays bemoaning how much time we all spend in front of our computers, but to be honest, I don’t think it’s always a bad thing. The internet (and especially websites like Intent) provide us with tremendous opportunities to build community beyond traditional borders. When, in this history of life on this planet, have we ever been so aware of the circumstances faced by people hundreds of thousands of miles away from us? When have we ever had so many different opportunities to connect with likeminded individuals? When has the notion of building a global community ever been so possible?

My intention with the Intent blog is to build community. To share stories, connect people, and provide resources for us all to live more happy, purposeful, and peaceful lives.

What is your personal intent? 

My intent (for my entire life, mind you!) is to do something worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize. The keyword in that sentence is worthy! I don’t care if I actually get one, but wow… I would be a very happy woman if I went knowing I had contributed to making this world a more peaceful place.


Introductions from Intent’s New Social Media Manager

For over a year, I was sitting alone in the gallery of a fashion designer’s showroom for eight hours a day, six days a week. To pass the time when I wasn’t copy writing or handling orders, I started a blog. After the blog, I got a Twitter account and after the Twitter account, I got myself a Facebook Fan Page. I taught myself the ropes of the World Wide Web, and daydreamed about one day being able to work from my beautiful home with my wonderful dog while doing social media work.

I had no idea how I would get to that place. 

Six months ago, I got hired by a company to do social media and I left the lonely corridor of clothing. I got sent to conferences and learned so much about business.  But the passion wasn’t there- I was frustrated by B2B relations in social media and I kept telling myself, "If I can just do this for a community that cares, I will be set."

A couple weeks ago, a friend referred me for a job. It was working at home, doing social media for Intent.com.

And now what seemed like a distant destination settled on some unknown bank in the sands of time, is my present.

Intent.com is just another example of my philosophy of life, "Know the destination and life will present you the path."

It is that mantra that has helped me fulfill many of my utmost desires from life and I believe it has led me here to help you, the incredible Intent community, actualize YOUR destinations.

So, that’s my story.

Well most of it.

Maybe I should have started with something a little less heavy, eh?

Maybe a, "Hi, I’m Marissa Ross and I am managing Intent’s social media. I’m talking to you on Twitter and Facebook. Aside from blogging and watching videos of kittens on YouTube, I enjoy fine dining in the comfort of my kitchen, feeling sexy in my sweatpants and making people laugh. I am so grateful everyday for the blessed life I lead and it’s a pleasure to be here with you at Intent.com, one of the most active, genuine and wonderful communities I’ve ever had the honor of representing."

At any rate, nice to meet you!

Now a little about you, eh?

I’d love for you guys to let me know what you dig about Intent, what you’d like to see more of and how I as social media manager can make YOUR experience on Intent better! So, leave me a comment!

Happy Fridaze!

– Marissa


Upcoming Changes on Intent.com!

This is Yumi speaking. Thank you everyone for being so patient and understanding when we announced at the end of last month that Intent.com is going to run on a temporary interim site while our new site is being completely reprogrammed by our brave site programmer Tom. Though on this interim site our user interface is a little weird and some of our integral features (such as intent-supporting and friend-adding) are M.I.A, we are happy that our site is no longer randomly crashing and taking a ridiculously long time to load.  We hope you are, too.

We did promise you that Intent.com is going through some big changes—changes that will make Intent.com a more user-friendly experience that will aid you on your path to wellness as much as possible. We are proud of one big change that is already available:

•     Comment tracking! Every time you comment, you can choose whether or not you want to be notified of replies to your published comment. This will save you the time and energy of tracking down your friends’ old blog entries and re-checking them again and again.

Here are some big changes that are not here yet, but to look out for in the coming weeks:

•    The "Latest Post" page will show not only the latest blog posts, but latest comments, intents, and most popular blog posts.

•    Did anyone notice that our video section have been missing? We like videos, and it will be coming back. We promise.

•    Tag clouds. Quick visual reference for the hot topics our members are talking about the most.

•    All those M.I.A. features will  be coming back! Such as adding friends, supporting intents, and yes—e-mail notifications of your friends’ blog posts and intents will be coming back. We apologize for the disappointment that came from temporarily disabling this important feature.

We are thankful for all your support and feedback. And just as we want to provide all of you the best tools to improve your own wellness, we thank you again for being patient and understanding of our Intent Team journey to constantly improve this wonderful online community.

P.S. For everyone, especially to our users who have unanswered questions growing cobwebs in our Intent Team private message inbox: please direct site improvement suggestions and troubleshooting questions to support@intent.com—your concerns and issues will be addressed in a more timely manner over there.

Post #4 The Promise STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN Program: STOP


Intent.com is awarding my just released book, The Promise, (St. Martin’s Griffin) to two selected community members daily.  
If you want to win a copy of The Promise, write a blog post today on the topic of what you want most from life — remember to tag it The Promise Promotion to be eligible for the giveaway!
During this time, my daily posts will contain specially adapted excerpts from The Promise that will enable you to sample my simple—yet extremely powerful—new approach to reclaiming a treasure beyond your even wildest dreams. It’s called Your Best Self, and the only thing keeping your from it is you. The intent of The Promise is to empower you to dissolve that separation and reclaim what you never lost in the first place. And live the life you’ve always dreamt was yours.
STOP is Step One of The Promise program. It’s all about slowing down and decelerating incessant, disruptive, and confusing inner chatter. The following technique is designed to empower you to do this:
In this technique, you create a “mental French press” which you’ll use to filter self-limiting and negative thinking “grounds” out of your system. 
You’re probably familiar with one of these coffee presses, and may even own one of these glass or stainless steel cylindrical devices with a plunger/strainer device. To make coffee, you put ground coffee into the cylinder. Next, you add hot water, and cover the cylinder with the plunger device. 
After a few minutes, you plunge the device to the bottom of the cylinder, forcing the coffee grounds to the bottom, which leaves clear, fresh-brewed, coffee above. Now, let’s do the same thing—with you as the French press and The Panel playing the part of the coffee grounds! :
·       Find a comfortable seated position that allows your chest and abdomen to move freely. Sit alertly, but not rigidly.
·       Set your timer for 8 minutes. Gently allow your eyes to close.
·       Bring your attention to your chest and diaphragm. Notice your inhale and exhale. Do this for a few breaths.
·       Imagine your body as a clear glass cylinder and self-limiting and negative thinking thoughts and feelings as small, black granules of coffee, suspended inside it.
·       Visualize a large plunger/strainer hovering over the crown of your head. Allow it to slowly plunge down through the cylinder, gathering thought and feeling granules in front of it and gently forcing them downwards. There’s no need to hold onto these thoughts and body sensations. Allow them to be swept up in the gentle flow and pushed downwards.
·       Follow the movement of the plunger, from the crown of your head, down through your throat, chest, and torso, legs—all the way to the soles of your feet. As these granules are filtered downwards, notice any sensations of the openness and spaciousness left behind them. Don’t attempt to describe these sensations. Simply feel them. 
·       When the plunger/strainer arrives at the soles of your feet, take a deep breath imagine your soles as two porous surfaces. Allow the plunger to gently push the of granule sediment through these pores and out of your body. 
·       Remain relaxed until your timer sounds.
·       How do you feel? More relaxed? Peaceful? Less mind traffic? Have any aches and pains disappeared? What would it be like to stay with this feeling throughout your day? 


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