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Intentionality: Asking For Your Missing Piece


Mark J. Chironna, c. 2016

The word “intentionality” derives from the Latin ‘intendere’ which means “to point at” or “to aim at”.  What makes you intentional is that your mental states and your consciousness are always directed towards, aimed at, and pointed towards something! Intentionality leads to being intentional! If you are thirsty, you intend to satisfy your thirst by drinking some water or another satisfying beverage.

McIntyre and Smith state: “an action is intentional when done with a certain ‘intention’, which means that you are in a certain mental state of ‘aiming’ toward a certain state of affairs”. Essentially, action and intention are inseparable. There is no passivity in intention. It is fueled by the very spark of intentionality within your mental framework.

Yet if intentionality is the spark of intention, what is the spark of intentionality? Continue reading

Spiritually Imbued Food

"When you look at nutrition from a purely scientific point of view, there is no place for consciousness. And yet, consciousness could be one of the crucial determinants of the metabolism of food itself."

— Quote by Deepak Chopra

For thousands of years, mystics, holy people and sages have used their consciousness to connect to food’s spirituial significance. Now science is beginning to explore what many spiritualists have known intuitively, and religionists have accepted on faith: our prayers, thoughts–and, perhaps, psychospiritual energy–influence the food we cultivate, prepare, and eat. In turn, the consciousness we bring to food may have the potential to become  avital source of nourishment.

"Spiritually imbued food" is the phrase I use to describe food or liquids that have been transmuted with loving, conscious energy. This can apply to food on our plates, as well asto all phases of food preparation–from the farmers who grow it, farmhands who harvest it, food manufacturers and transporters, grocers and grocery stores, home cooks and professional chefs, and ultimately us, the diners who reap the nourishment of this collective food consciousness.

The core question: Can your thoughts, feelings, and/or consciousness directly influence other living entities, such as soil, plants, and food animals? For if this is so, then it is possible that some form of energy within our own systems can somehow be transferred into our food, changing it from one form into another. This implication is that not only does food affect our bodies, we influence food, too.

More and more, scientific studies are giving support to the power of consciousness and its effects on life forms, specifically plants and bacteria. They all imply that a new scientific field is in the making , one that may give us a prescription for creating an as yet unidentified "nutrient" that manifests through the wisdom and awareness we bring to food. Is our consciousness this new nutrient?

Excerpted from Feeding the Body, Nourishing the Soul by Deborah Kesten, MPH

Deborah Kesten, MPH, is an international lifestyle and nutrition researcher and Certified Wellness Coach. She also is the award-winning author of Feeding the Body, Nourishing the Soul, The Healing Secrets of Food, and The Enlightened Diet. Call her at 415.810.7874 or visit her at www.Enlightened-Diet.com to take her FREE What’s Your Eating Style? Quiz, to sign up for her Whole Person Nutrition Program for wellness and weight loss, or to discover more about her coaching options and books.

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