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What Are Your Jewelry Stones Saying About You?

jewelryBy Linda Lauren

Not long ago, I found myself standing in line behind a woman at the pharmacy who was speaking very loud.  Not many people were in the store at that time, so it was impossible not to eavesdrop on her conversation.  Attractive and dressed in impeccable corporate attire, she was leaning in toward the pharmacist with excitement.

“I’m amazed at how grounded I am,”  she said. “I just don’t know why today is so different.”

I did a very quick inventory of the jewelry she was wearing and immediately discovered why she felt so good. Dangling from each ear was a Hematite earring. Hematite is a dark gray stone with a shiny finish and is known for its grounding of our energy to the reality of our daily routine.  In fact, every piece of jewelry you wear carries a vibration. That vibration is enhanced by the energetic properties of the stone, the color, and the setting. A diamond ring set in gold represents innocent power and purity of heart, and it will ground us to being powerful on a more practical level. However, when set in silver it works with that the energy of silver and will allow more power in communication. By learning the general meanings of the colors and gemstones of the jewelry you choose, you will be able to direct your energy to choose gemstones that embrace positive intention.

Here is a list of Birthstones and their meaning. This list of will help you choose gemstone combinations that can be applied by month, by birthstone energy, or by color.  Nothing is etched in “stone” here. Have fun and experiment.

BIRTHSTONES (Traditional)

January/Garnet: Promotes friendship and trust.

February/Amethyst: Connects you to the intuitive energy within you

March/Aquamarine: Eases our travels for a safe voyage.

April/Diamond: Helps with clarity of vision and clear thinking.

May/Emerald: Embraces new beginnings and helps us start over.

June/Pearl: Allows you to be in tune with emotion.

July/Ruby: Offers us love and a boost to our physical energy.

August/Peridot: Assists in mending relationships and moving forward.

September/Sapphire: Inspires spirituality and devotion.

October/Opal: Creates spontaneity and helps with emotional states.

November/Yellow Topaz: Instills confidence and good health.

December/Blue Topaz: Offers creative expression and help inspire compassion.

Before you put your next piece of jewelry on, give yourself a moment to reflect on how it makes you feel. Sit quietly for a few moments and let the energy speak to you. Then choose gemstones and colors that embrace feelings that are positive, happy and protective.  With experience, you will learn to enhance and embrace a personal vibration that makes you feel complete and at peace.


Linda Lauren is a fourth-generation psychic medium, Color & Energy Consultant, Author and Reiki Practitioner, who connects with people who come to her for guidance through the color and energy she senses around them.  Linda, known as the ‘Travel Psychic™’, also uses that energy to guide her clients with their travel plans.

Cleaning Your Jewelry

Nearly all jewelry, even pearls, can be cleaned using mild soap diluted with water. Do not soak your jewelry, as many of the chemicals and additives in water are damaging. Heavy dirt or grime can be removed with a soft, natural fiber brush. Dry and buff your jewelry with a 100% cotton cloth.

Jewelry care for metals often requires a little extra work. Tarnished metal can be cleaned by buffing it with silver polish on a cotton cloth, washing before and after in mild, soapy water.

Jewelry Care Cleaning Tip: Use filtered or distilled water to clean your jewelry. Treated water is full of chemicals, including chlorine, which is especially damaging to many materials used in jewelry. Untreated water is full of natural minerals that may cause similar effects.

General Jewelry Care: Storage

Storing your jewelry is of utmost importance when it comes to jewelry care and maintenance. Many metals, stones, and gems are easily scratched by other pieces of jewelry, so keeping them in separate compartments in your jewelry box can be one of the easiest ways to prevent damage.

Natural elements can also be particularly harmful to the components of your jewelry. Water, sunlight, and humidity all cause permanent wear and damage.

Don’t leave your jewelry lying on a sunny windowsill in the bathroom or bedroom. And jewelry should never be left or stored in the bathroom at all, due to the humid environment.

When it comes to jewelry care and storage, the best place to keep jewelry is in a padded jewelry box with separate compartments. For optimal jewelry care, wrap each piece of jewelry in tissue paper or cotton cloth and place in separate compartments. Some metals tarnish easily when exposed to the elements, even inside a jewelry box. To prevent excessive tarnishing, metals can be wrapped in tissue paper or cotton cloth and sealed inside a zip-lock baggy.

General Jewelry Care: Preventing Damage and Loss

When it comes to jewelry care, properly storing your jewelry is one of the best ways to prevent damage, second only to knowing when to wear it and when to take it off. Knowing when NOT to wear your jewelry is integral in jewelry care and the number one way to prevent damage and loss.

Jewelry should always be removed before cleaning, gardening, yard work, exercise, and swimming. All jewelry other than wedding rings should be removed while sleeping. Never wear jewelry in a hot tub or swimming pool full of chlorine and other chemicals.

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Surajkund Crafts Mela 2010

When it comes to arts & crafts, India has always captured the world’s imagination. We owe our global reputation to our rich heritage – one that´s lived on in our villages for centuries.India has many cultural events that set the stage for traditional artists to showcase their creations. The most vibrant of them all is the Surajkund Handicrafts Mela.The Surajkund Mela was orgaised to promote the culture and traditions of Haryana. The first Mela was put together by the Haryana Government in 1981. Artisans from all over the state came together for the first time ever. Ideas were exchanged, and a thriving art culture was born. Year after year, people took notice and the Mela spread its wings further. Today, it is one of the biggest art events in India. Skilled artisans now converge, not just from around India, but neighbouring countries as well.

Surajkund becomes alive with the rhythm and beats of folk dances and riot of colors. Rajasthan– The magic of vibrant Rajasthan is the theme state  for this year Mela.Surajkund is the annual fair that showcases the finest handlooms, handicrafts, authentic fragrances & flavours of rich Indian cuisines. As winter turns briefly into spring, a caravan of 400 National and State awardee craftpersons from every corner of India wind their way to Surajkund. This year craftpersons from SAARC Nations are participating in the Surajkund Crafts Mela. At Surajkund Mela, the artisans’ delicate hands create the most beautiful pieces which have fascinated many through ages !24th Surajkund Crafts Mela offers a lot of Fun, Frolic,Entertainment and exclusive shopping. In the rural ambience, 400 craftperson will display and Demonstrate their finest crafts work that is set to capture your hearts. The authentic fragrances & flavours of rich Indian cuisines will kindle your taste buds. Tap your feet with the beats of enthralling folk dancers from the various parts of the country.

Welcome to Surajkund Mela 2010
The Surajkund Fair is going to be held from 1st to 15th February 2010. Artisans, craftsmen and performers will be arriving at this cultural hotspot to showcase their talents. Whether it´s from across the
country or beyond. Step in to find a wealth of exquisite handicraft items including paintings, jewelry, showpieces, upholstery, furniture and more.  You´ll also find mehendi design artists, musicians, dancers, painters, weavers, sculptures, craftsmen from all around. The idea is to exhibit the splendid variety of Indian culture.

Craft exhibitions

 Chikri woodcraft of Kashmir

 Lace and crochet items of Goa

 Banjara and Bunni embroidery of Gujarat

 Sandalwood and rosewood carving handicrafts of South India

 Kantha work of West Bengal and North–East India

 Chikan work of Lucknow

The Surajkund Food Festival
 No Indian celebration is complete without Indian spices. Savour traditional recipes from all over the country, on a platter!While you shop, soak in the aroma of delicious cuisines being prepared at the many stalls. Savour delicacies from around the country.

A fair to cherish and remember…..


  1. The Craftspersons from all over India, SAARC and other neighbouring countries would be selling the best of Handlooms and Handicrafts items.

 2. The State of Rajasthan is the Theme State of the Mela Rajasthan known for its Fort Places, Textiles,Handicrafts,Cuisines and Fairand Festivals. Replica of Choki-Dhani can be seen at Haveli in Mela Ground.

 3. Tajikistan,Egypt and Thailand are the three Partner Countries. They will bring their craftsmen,cultural teams and cuisines.

 4. Best of Cultural programmes organized jointly by Ministry of Culture,ICCR,New Delhi, Theme State Rajasthan and Cultural Affairs Department, Haryana & Haryana Kala Parishad.

 5. Exporters meet and Buyers meet to be held at Surajkund Design Galleries with assistance of the DC Handlooms and DC Handicrafts.

 6. Food Court with variety of Indian, Thau & Egyptain Food.

 7. Amusement Zone with playful rides and swings.

 8. Folk Dances by Schools/Colleges at Chaupal daily from 11 a.m. onwards

9. Participate in special games and in competitions like Rangoli (2nd Feb.), Face painting(3rd Feb.), Essay Writing (4th Feb.) , Mehandi (5th Feb.) drawing (9th feb.), kite Flying for adults (10th Feb.) and Photography for amateurs only(11th Feb.)

Give a Gift That Says You Care ~ About the “Butterfly Children”

Reprinted from blog.BalancedSpirituality.com

Om sarvabharana bhushitayai namaha

I offer my loving reverence to Divine Mother, who is adorned with all the sacred ornaments

silver-eb-earringsLately I’ve had a yen for some cute spiritual or yoga-inspired jewelry. It seems to be a cyclical thing, where I lose interest in jewelry for a while, and then suddenly become interested again. In the Hindu yogic culture, jewelry is highly significant. Certain gemstones are believed to channel or deflect specific planetary energies, some attract beneficial cosmic energies, and some shield us from negative energies. Each metal has different properties that affect our health, mental state, and spiritual energy.

Although the yogic tradition values gold very highly for its auspicious spiritual energy, I find that I am usually drawn to silver. Interestingly, my original surname was Silver, and I find that when I look at silver, my mind becomes very calm and serene. Gold is associated with the sun, and silver with the moon. So silver jewelry will help to channel lunar energy into the body and mind. The same feeling of nectar that I get from gazing at the full moon, I often feel when seeing or wearing silver jewelry.

So when I saw these adorable silver butterfly earrings at www.satyajewelry.com, I was just sucked right in. I love the tiny circles, which are reminiscent of the moon itself. I also find the butterfly image very meaningful. Of course, butterflies symbolize transformation and spiritual awakening to most people, but there is something more personal for me. A couple years ago, there was a "butterfly incident" with my guru, Amma Karunamayi. As part of an event, Amma was releasing some butterflies, and one of them flew onto her forehead and refused to leave. Amma of course was delighted, and ended up taking the butterfly with her, since it wouldn’t fly away. So needless to say, whenever I see butterflies, I am reminded of that delightful incident.

Something Beautiful Born from a Brush with Tragedy

When I read more about the background of the jewelry, I found that there was something very special about it. The jewelry was designed by Satya Jewelry together with Courtney Cox and her husband, David Arquette, and is being offered as a fundraiser for medical research. It turns out that Courtney Cox has a close family friend whose child is afflicted with a disease called epidermolysis bullosa (EB). Galvanized by the suffering caused by this disease, Courtney decided to become involved with the EB Medical Research Foundation, a volunteer nonprofit organization that seeks to raise awareness and funds for medical research on EB.

In the case of the EB jewelry, the butterfly has a very specific meaning that is at the same time tragic and inspirational. Parents of children with EB have taken the butterfly as a symbol of EB, and call their kids the "Butterfly Children," because EB causes children to be born with incredibly thin and delicate skin. Their skin is so delicate that it is like a butterfly’s wings, and yet, all children are beautiful. Hence, the Butterfly Children. It seems to me that the butterfly represents the chance to break free of something binding and painful, and so the medical research being done will hopefully allow these children to one day break free from the suffering of their disease.

The earrings and necklaces come in silver or gold-plated silver, with some different chain options. Although the prices range from $24 to $348 (for a sold gold necklace), most of the items are very affordable at less than $50. Satya Jewelry donates 100% of the proceeds to the EB Medical Research Foundation. I bought a set of silver earrings and necklace. I wasn’t crazy about the black cord, so I bought a super-cute silver dot chain to put the pendant on. The items come beautifully presented with a bodhi leaf, the symbol of peace, enlightenment, and the Buddha himself. I love buying things that also benefit others; it’s not often that we get to help others while buying something fun! So if Mother’s Day, a birthday, or anniversary are coming up, this jewelry is a perfect gift that will show you care about the recipient–and about the Butterfly Children.

Sarve bhavantu sukhinah
Sarve santu niramayah

May all beings be happy and free from any disease