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If You Want To Be Happy, Do Happy Things


Happiness is our choice because we each have the power to bring our mind to happy thoughts. That’s the primary power in happiness. It’s a state of mind. It’s the way we choose to look at things and how we relate to things.  So we can set our minds free in our ongoing pursuit of happiness.

John-Roger, the founder of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA), once said, “If you want to be happy, do happy things. ” Although that may sound simple or you might think you don’t know how to do happy things, you can experience happi­ness   in your mind by having happy thoughts.  So regardless of what we’re doing or what’s happened, we can choose to be happy.  By opening up to the happiness within, we each have a greater opportunity to bless the world with our happiness. In truth, we are so blessed that we can feel happy no matter what.

Through our trust and faith in God, we can know the blessings of happiness.  Through that trust, we can realize that everything that ever takes place, in all of Creation, is never against anyone.  God sustains good, all the time, every time.  When we are consciously in accordance with that knowing, we have trust in God.   We can trust that what is being done, what has been done, and what will be done is ultimately useful for greater good. There’s no point in fighting with it. There’s no point in judging it. There’s no point in being unhappy with what is.

Real, lasting happiness doesn’t come at the detriment of others or through againstness or denial of reality.  When we’re attached and trapped by demanding against the world in some way, we can assign ourselves to misery like a ball and chain. We can become imprisoned by our disturbances, frustrations, irritations, or dissatisfactions. The more you can learn how to accept and get along with whatever you’re involved in, the more peace and happiness you can know in whatever you’re doing. When we have doubts or fears or when we judge ourselves or others, we can always let go and choose into the blessings of happiness because those blessings already are. So choose to be happy rather than in conflict with others or situations, regardless of what’s going on.

Others may not agree with your happiness. They may think you’re responding inappropriately. Clearly, there’s so much pain, suffering, and misery in the world, that there’s no need for us to add to it.  If your choice for happiness is misunderstood or judged by others, you can turn to peace, understand­ing, and compassion by choosing to be happy regardless. You can feel happy simply because you experi­ence happiness as your true nature.

When we choose happiness, we’re spontaneous and open to participate. We allow our creativity, that happy energy, to move out into the world and touch others.  If you find yourself being serious or worrying, allow your true nature to lift you so you’re more aware of your joy and the happiness in others and situ­ations.  If you keep finding it difficult to be happy with what you’re doing, then consider you need to change whatever it is that you are doing.  Even if you choose to be happy, what you’re doing may not be working.  So sometimes a shift in attitude isn’t enough.  At those times, let your happiness be your guide, and ask yourself, “What would make me happy here?”

Take a moment to let your true happiness show you what’s best. It might be as simple as asking for what you want and then being open to receiving it. Perhaps that takes courage. If it does, then choose to be courageous, especially when your happiness is on the line.

Remember that the source of your happiness is within you, not out in the world in what happens or what others do. God is happy.  So choose to be happy because you can — because happiness is your nature and the truth of who you are. Then you can share the blessings of the true happiness that you know inside.

Baruch Bashan (the blessings already are)


John Morton, D.S.S. is the author of the inspiring books The Blessings Already Are and You Are the Blessings: Meditations and Reflections on Life, God and Us.  Learn more about John’s works at www.johnmortonministries.org.  Contact John at goto@johnmortonministries.org

Originally published in 2010

The Difference Between Intuition and Fear

With intuition, or natural knowing, something goes on inside of us that’s transformational. You may experience it as a realization or a revelation. If you enjoy it and you appreciate it, then that’s an intuitive kind of an experience.

John Morton, D.S.S.

My experience of who we are spiritually is it’s constantly uplifting, clarifying, and illuminating. So as we spiritualize ourselves, something brighter, clearer, and more truthful comes to our awareness. The greater presence of who we are has intuition or natural knowing. So we can come upon that awareness that can’t be fully explained by our personal experience but we know intuitively.

Sometimes I’ll be asked, “How do you know that? Did you witness that?”

I’ll respond, “Well, no, not really. I just know it.”

“Well, how do you know the Spirit’s speaking to you?”

“Because I get happy. And things that seem burdensome, they leave. They vanish. And I’m in a good mood again!”

Although I don’t worship moods, they are an effect of what’s going on when we’re touching into ourselves spiritually. As we tune in to our inner knower, we can be flooded in the emotions and in the mind with awareness. We can also be affected by things of a lesser or lower nature that come out of fear, illusion or negativity. That’s where choice comes in. Where do you want to apply yourself? Where do you want to focus? What’s your intent?

With intuition and fear, one is like a premonition and the other is just a fantasy. With fear or fantasy, you’re making it up. However, you can use fear to your advantage by turning it into determination. You can turn fear into a reference point that’s useful and uplifting. Even if you’re afraid, you can still make correct decisions so you don’t allow the fear to restrict and block your life.

I use fear as inspiration, to move me along at perhaps a higher rate than how I would have moved myself if I didn’t have the fear. And that higher rate is good for you in case you were restricting yourself or slowing yourself down unnecessarily instead of keeping up with what your life is bringing to you. To discern if something is coming from fear or your intuition you can ask yourself, “Why am I letting something slow me down unnecessarily from what’s good for me, from what I know inside, especially if it’s not even real?”

Consider that you don’t have to give into the fear. Fear is not a healthy leader. It’s not a guiding force to use in your life. Use something on the order of determination or courage. Courage is the perfect antidote to fear. Courage is that energy of the heart, the knowing in the heart that will go ahead no matter what.

What if you move forward and you’re shaking and quaking and sweating profusely? Ask yourself, “Do I have to do this?” And if the answer from your inner knowing is “Yes,” then you can’t let the fear stop you. Actually, you can, but it’s not the wisest choice to allow whatever is bothering you to stop you. Instead, move forward from your inner knowing as if you didn’t have the fear because who you are is far greater than any fear.

John-Roger stated:

“Experiment with your intuitive knowing, and check its accuracy. It may involve a process of watching and of trial and error. As you feel better about yourself and are less concerned about what other people think about you, you can become more aware of your own sense of self. You can then tune in to that self anytime you want. The true self is the knower you are looking for. Just relax and gain confidence in yourself.”

(from Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise, page 991).
John Morton, D.S.S., is the author of the The Blessings Already Are and You Are the Blessings: Meditations and Reflections on Life, God and Us.  Learn more about John’s works at www.JohnMortonMinistries.org.  Contact John at goto@johnmortonministries.org.

The Blessing in Fear

The blessing in fear is that fear teaches us what we need to learn how to overcome. It teaches us where our strength and courage are which is within. Fear will also teach us where our fear is. So fear is going to show us things that, perhaps in our wisdom and practical nature, we might realize we would rather not do.

John Morton, D.S.S.

At times, that involves taking risks and getting involved in things we don’t know much about. Perhaps there may be things to be concerned about. So be watchful and aware. At those times, fear then provides you wise limitations while teaching you about your strength and courage.

For example, I don’t want to step barefoot on a metal tack and then have to get a tetanus shot and interrupt my day. You might say, “Well, then don’t go barefoot. Don’t step on a tack.” How could I do that? Should I give in to my fear and never go out walking barefoot? Never enjoy the ground beneath my feet? That would be an extreme and unnecessary response.

My point of view is that there will always be something we’re going to be concerned about. So we might as well go ahead and explore. Be an adventurer in your life. You’ll find the blessing in fear as it is your friend who brings you greater strength and courage in your life’s adventure.

The source of your strength, your Spirit or Divine Self, is larger than any fear. If you don’t have that experience with yourself, it’s an opportunity to delve deeper within to find the strength that overcomes whatever the fear would be. It’s not that you will never experience fear again. You may still be aware of the fear. But by tuning in to your divine nature, your relationship to fear will change so you are one who functions in the strength and courage that is of the Spirit.

I see the Divine Self as one who doesn’t have worry or fear. In the Divine Self, things are taken care of. Your needs are met. You can experience that everything is on purpose and happening in a way that’s for your upliftment, learning, and growth. In truth, nothing is happening against you ever. You don’t have to fight or struggle. So take a moment in your day to tune within and get a hold of that divine consciousness that doesn’t have worry or fear. Then choose to move forward with the strength, courage and joy that is of the Spirit.

Baruch Bashan (the Blessings Already Are)


John Morton, D.D.S. is the author of the inspiring books,The Blessings Already Are and You Are the Blessings.  Learn more about John at www.JohnMortonMinistries.org  Contact John at goto@johnmortonministries.org.

The Blessings of the Gulf Oil Spill

To best serve the Gulf of Mexico, ourselves, and our world, I encourage focusing and having faith in the power of divine love.  By focusing on bringing greater good  into manifestation, there can be a returning to the natural order that thrives and creates bounty. 
Dr. Masaru Emoto, a scientist from Japan who has done considerable research about the characteristics of water, recently issued a prayer for the Gulf of Mexico.  He suggested sending “the energy of love and gratitude to the waters and all living creatures in the Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings.”  Dr. Emoto proposes that by our holding the intention of peace towards water ― “by thinking, speaking and acting with the intention of peace toward water ― water can and will bring peace to our bodies and to the world.” 
We are creators, and we have the ability to be fully endowed and functioning as co-creators with God.  As co-creators, we can look for and claim the blessings for the situation in the Gulf.  I see the value in a simple and direct prayer that spontaneously comes from each person’s intention and willingness to ask for assistance through the consciousness that serves all regardless of the conditions and how they have been created.  Rather than focus on blame, we need to focus on what can be done to improve the situation even at the smallest seemingly insignificant level like a spoonful at a time.  There is an increase from the divine that rewards correct thoughts and actions so they can be inexplicably multiplied.  If a billion people removed a spoonful every second for an hour, that just might turn the tide.  Having the intention and the willingness to do something to help, a spoonful at a time, just might bring the ability to do it a million barrels an hour and then a million barrels a minute.                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Some people have mentioned to me that perhaps our prayers may not be answered because what’s being requested isn’t for the highest good of all concerned. They have suggested that we simply choose to accept what’s happening in the Gulf.  While acceptance is a necessary first step, and the first law of Spirit, the situation calls for cooperation with what serves to keep the oil from going into the water, collect the oil already in the water, and clean the oil from whatever has been contaminated. 
Rather than choosing only to accept the conditions, let’s strive to contribute greater to the natural order that thrives. When our children are not well, we don’t leave them or the situation just at acceptance.  We strive to do whatever we can so they may be healthy and happy, which is their natural way of being once disturbance and disease are resolved. 
In any situation, we can choose to move past acceptance into fully cooperating with the conditions that are present and do our best to make them better.  This leads to greater understanding and reveals resolution and long-term solutions.  Not so long ago there were lakes and rivers choked by pollution so the wildlife could not survive.  Those same lakes and rivers have been cleaned and restored so the wildlife is again thriving.
There is no limit to the blessings that can become manifest other than what we can handle and more importantly what we choose to behold.  So let us consider that this is yet another time of testing, especially for all involved and affected by the conditions in the Gulf of Mexico.  How each person responds, regardless of the conditions, is what determines what will follow as an experience and the results that transform the disturbance to greater good.  Through our cooperation, we can choose and actively contribute to restoration and renewal of pristine conditions that make for thriving.    
When the earth has been upturned through upheaval and severe change, there is an opportunity to plant what is to be harvested. In this and every situation, find the seeds of what you want to become — within you, within others, and with God.  Envision what you want the situation to become.  To do so, remember to connect to the divine source first, through prayer and inner communion with each breath, with each thought, and with each action.  Let us trust that within the divine order is all that is needed not just to survive but to thrive.  What is needed is to be open to realizing what can replenish and resolve followed by doing what is needed to create what is needed for the blessings to become manifest.
Trust that this, too, shall pass and that a new day is at hand bringing new life thriving in beauty and grace.  Let what must pass go in peace so we may now look to that new day.  Let us choose to behold all the good that can come from the oil spilling into the Gulf and resolve to help with the blessings.
John Morton, D.S.S., is the author of the inspiring books, The Blessings Already Are and You Are the Blessings: Meditations and Reflections on Life, God and Us.  Learn more about John at www.johnmortonministries.org.  Contact John at goto@johnmortonministries.org.

Have a Happy Day

John Morton, D.S.S.

We always have the opportunity, no matter what kind of day we’re having, to choose to be happy.  So ask yourself, “Are you willing to make the choice to be happy?  To have a happy day?”
The next question to ask yourself is, “Am I willing to let go?” I know when we’re miserable, we’re often hanging on to something.  Maybe we’re still hurting over something. So part of the misery may be about that hurt or upset. I’m not talking only about physical occurrences where we might have been hit or injured. I’m also referring to what some may consider the more powerful injury which takes place in our emotions and the way we think about things. Often, that’s the source of the hurt that endures and hangs on.  So are you willing to let go of that misery and hurt too?  
What if part of letting go involves sacrifice? Sometimes, if you really want to let go of the misery, there may be something to let go of that’s valuable to you or at least you perceive it as valuable.  For example, let’s say you’re hungry and you’re eating an apple.  But then you’re sick to your stomach.  You may say, “I can’t give up that apple. It’s food, and I’m hungry.”  Well, what if that’s a rotten apple?  And it happens to be what’s making you sick?  Can you let go of what’s making you miserable, even if you think it’s valuable to you?
Consider that when you’re miserable, that misery or upset is something you’re allowing, promoting, or creating.  You have the responsibility and the opportunity to allow, promote or create a miserable day or a happy one.  It’s up to you.  If you’re willing to have a happy day, you can.  You can have a break from your misery, today or any day.  How do you do that?  You choose to move your attitude away from the misery and upset. You choose to let it go.
Even people in prisons get to go out into the yard, have some exercise, and do things that people who aren’t in prison get to do. They don’t get to do everything, but  they usually get to do enough happy things that are away from the misery or upset in their prison life.  So regardless of the source of the misery, there’s always an opportunity to do something happy, to choose to have a happy day regardless of the situation.
Do you have ideas of what would make you happy?  Start thinking of those things.  You have the power to bring your mind to those happy thoughts.  That’s the primary power in happiness — it’s a state of mind. It’s the way we look at things and how we relate to things.  So think happy thoughts.  Remember, your mind is free.  You can do happy things in your mind.  
When you think happy thoughts, those happy thoughts have power.  Your natural creativity allows that happy energy to manifest and be shared.  It’s easy to smile, especially when somebody is smiling at you.  What about smiling at someone who may need your smile?  That’s the time to look past someone’s misery and smile at them.  You can transmit to them your happiness and help them make their day a happy one.  
Happiness is contagious.  Are you willing to catch it?  Are you willing to pass it along?  Happy people do.  Have you ever noticed that about happy people?  They’re spontaneous and open to participate.  Maybe they’re considered nuts, but they’re happy nuts!  
Be careful that you don’t let somebody take you off your happiness to join their misery.  Stay up in your happiness, and do those things that keep you up.  If you’re feeling down, then do something to take care and attend to those feelings.  At those times, it works best to tune within.  That can mean just being in your heart, having some quiet time, or doing something to take care of yourself.  
Your soul, your true nature, is always happy regardless of how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, or what’s going on around you.  So go inside to where you’re always happy.  That’s a great way to get back in tune with your happy thoughts.  
Remember, if you want to have a happy day, do happy things.  Think happy thoughts. Choose to make each day a happy day.  Why?  Because you can.
To learn more about choosing happiness every day, download the MP3 1000 Ways to Happiness and Healing by clicking here.
John Morton is the author of the books, The Blessings Already Are and You Are the Blessings: Meditations and Reflections on Life, God and Us.  Learn more about John at www.johnmortonministries.org.  Contact John at goto@johnmortonministries.org.

Successful Completions

John Morton, D.S.S.

I see success as choosing to be satisfied with what’s already complete. In other words, you can choose to be happy that what you’ve done is done and complete. Then you can move on to greater success, unhindered by negative concerns and judgments about what’s already done.  
What if there is something that you want that’s not yet done?  You can focus on your next steps in the process of getting things done.  Most importantly, identify your next step even if it appears that a number of choices could work.  As something else occurs that’s part of getting what you want, you can experience the success for that completion and for the next one and so on and so on.
Do successful completions have to be complex and difficult to experience?  Do we need to set goals that are extremely rare or challenging in order to be successful?  Of course not.  Some goals may be achieved through a long and trying process. But the more we make completion a process that is simple and immediate, the easier it is for us to realize our success and move onto even greater success.
I distinguish between goals and intentions.  A goal is a specific and fixed result. It’s quantifiable and can be measured for completion.  Intention is a series of choices that become a complete experience. Intentions are directional and show what’s called upon next in order to experience another level of completion. Success then becomes a process of ever greater and progressive completions.  
With a goal, success is not complete until a specified result has occurred.  With an intention, success is determined as each choice is considered satisfactory and, therefore, complete.  When we measure success based on our intentions, the experience of completion is self-determined, more reliable and enduring.  When completion is determined by external factors or goals which we do not control, then we are at the mercy of whether those factors and goals go the way we want or expect. When completion is self-determined based upon our own experience and choices coming from our own directives, then the means of success are available for us regardless of external factors.
Look to see if you’re the one that’s blocking or restricting yourself from your success.  If so, don’t try to get around yourself.  Instead, get “into” yourself. That’s what we do in a very direct way in the
Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness(MSIA). In MSIA, we practice knowing our true selves and our divine nature. It’s ironic that we would have fears, hesitations or patterns of avoidance toward our self, as if there is something to be afraid of by looking at ourselves. Who we truly are is happy and successful always.
For learning more about getting things done, I like
David Allen’s work.  In particular, his book,
Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.  David is considered an expert on completing things and how to master your choices so that the things you’re doing are things that are on purpose. And if they’re not on purpose, David’s work shows you how you can move them on or clear them away from your life.
Remember, when we’re happy with ourselves, it doesn’t matter if we’re getting things done or not.  Even if you’re hungry, you can still be happy and at peace with yourself. But if you’re disconnected from your divine nature, there’s nothing you can be fed that will ever satisfy you.  So go for the happiness.  Go for your well-being. And look for the successful completions in each and every moment as you breathe into and with your divine nature.


John Morton, D.S.S., is the author of the inspiring books, The Blessings Already Are and You Are the Blessings: Meditations and Reflections on Life, God and Us.  Learn more about John and his works at www.johnmortonministries.org.  Contact John at goto@johnmortonministries.org.

Anxiety-Free in Spirit

John Morton, D.S.S.

Who you are as a soul is free from anxiety.  In the Spirit, there is no fear or worry. Although anxiety or negativity may be around you, anxiety is not who you truly are.  Who you are in truth is loving, clear, and calm always.
One of the great truths of the Spirit and the nature of our soul is that negativity can’t affect it. However, when we attempt to do things that we’re not capable of doing or for which we’re not prepared, we may experience anxiety or negativity.  We may feel anxious and impatient when we try to do more than we can handle. Our true nature, the nature of the Spirit, is according to our individual pace, according to what we each can handle.
If you judge yourself that you’re not good enough or you’re not worthy, that’s a precursor to fear and anxiety.  So I encourage you to let go of those judgments and accept yourself as you are.  Otherwise, you may attract to yourself more of the anxiety or doubt that you’ve been experiencing or holding onto.  When you let go of judgments and say to yourself, “I know inside in my heart of hearts that I will overcome,” that’s remembering your true self and the eternal nature of your soul.
Our minds may not be able to fathom who we really are.  In fact,
who we are spiritually is so great that any words serve to limit it. The source of your strength, your Spirit or divine nature, is larger than any fear or anxiety. In any given situation, if you don’t have that experience with yourself, that’s an opportunity to delve deeper within to find the strength that overcomes whatever the anxiety would be. It’s not that you’ll never experience anxiety again.  You may feel anxious at times as that is part of our human nature.  But by tuning in to your divine nature, your relationship to anxiety and fear can change so you are one who functions in the strength and courage that is of the Spirit.

To invoke who you are spiritually and tune in to your divine nature, you can begin by being more conscious as you breathe in and breathe out. Touch in to your Spirit, consciously in every way you know how, and allow the Spirit to lift and guide you. Let go of anxiety as the Spirit brings you to a glorious state within where you know you are one with God.  While you are aware of your body, which is subject to negativity and anxiety, you can give up any judgments and move into acceptance of your life expression.  
Through faith and trust in your soul, allow yourself to touch in to that place within you that dispels any illusions against yourself.  Claim that you are loved and protected fully and completely by God.  God adores you always.  There’s never a situation where you are forsaken, forgotten, or abandoned by God.  So if you have anxiety and worry, you’re looking at your life and who you are in a very limited way.  

As you accept your divine nature, you can experience that everything is ultimately serving a good purpose.  Everything happens in a way that you can use for your upliftment, learning, and growth.  In truth, nothing is happening against your true self ever. You don’t have to fight or struggle.  You don’t have to feel anxious.  So take a moment each day to invoke who you are spiritually and get a hold of your divine nature in which there is no anxiety. Then choose to move forward with the strength, courage and joy that is of the Spirit and who you truly are.
To learn more about how to tune into your divine nature, you may enjoy the guided meditation, “The Sacred Sanctuary,” available as a free downloadable MP3.  To learn more, click here.

John Morton, D.S.S., is the author of the inspiring books, The Blessings Already Are and You Are the Blessings: Meditations and Reflections on Life, God and Us.  To learn more about John and his works, visit www.johnmortonministries.org.

Overcoming Powerlessness: 15 Ways To Empower Yourself

This week, I went to the screening of Biutiful, one of the entries at the Cannes Film Festival competing for the Palme d’Or award. Set in the seamy side of Barcelona, the movie could have been violent, cold-blooded and grim. It was not. The audience was deeply silent and captivated. It had a redeeming feature. Each of the main characters demonstrated the power of love in some form.

Do you ever feel powerless in the face of the economic downturn; government decisions; the choices your children make in their careers, friendships and the way they pass their time? Do you fear powerlessness about what might happen in the future?

A few days ago, I observed a cacophony of powerlessness in a group of friends energetically engaged in a political discussion. I found it draining.

On my recent trip to England, I stayed with an inspiring family whose two children were born profoundly deaf. These beautiful children have now received bilateral cochlea implants, and the beginning of living in a hearing world. It is a long road for them to adapt to hearing with the Auditory Verbal and other therapies they are having.

While visiting, I was honoured to attend the launch of the new London centre for Auditory Verbal therapy and to meet some of the parents who were attending.

In England, Auditory Verbal therapy is still something of a new venture. These pioneering parents told stories which could have been harrowing but were filled with hope and accomplishment; passion, commitment and pride. Powerless? Yes, perhaps in the face of some of the challenges they were meeting. But never hopeless. The power of love finds a way.

What is it with "power struggles" at home, or at work, or in the community? The very word struggle implies a lessening of power. What is it about power that we seem to need it, when in fact, we already have it?

For the last two weeks, I had been without my usual phone and internet connections. As advised, I had done the unplugging and rebooting, to no effect. Eventually, the phone company assessed that the line was "instable" and sent a man to have a look at it. Technology is wonderful — until it fails when you have become dependent upon it, powerless to effect a reconnection.

While not properly connected, I sort of enjoyed that I could not use the phone as I normally would. I felt open and relaxed that eventually a solution would be found. Finally, a charming technician came and found several faults which he was able to satisfactorily repair and make good. I was so happy and grateful to be connected again. Sometimes, the only thing over which we have any power is our attitude: either to berate circumstances, or to cooperate with them.

When your sense of power is based on the personalty or ego, then life is tough. You are likely to meet struggle, pain and hardship. There is another option. The spirit that you are is immense and magnificent. You can call on it at any time.

When you look into the eyes of small babies, you see the human spirit as it is, unmasked. The same spirit never leaves you in adult life. You may lose the awareness of it through events that happen, or your perception of them. As an adult, you can become mindful once again of that powerful innocence — a certain inner sense — through meditation, reflection and contemplation.

Consider that you have the power and influence to freely direct yourself right now.
What do you want to do with that power and influence?
That power and influence within you is designed to direct your life
to success and fulfillment. You have tremendous influence right now.
You could go in any direction.
Where do you want to go?

-John Morton

As an adult, you can move from the external power of the personality and return into the authentic power of your human spirit. There are keys for doing this. Here are a few. There are more.

You have the power to:

1. Accept yourself as you are, without criticism or harsh judgment.

2. Cooperate with the challenges you face so that you find a solution that works for you.

3. Understand
and be in support of your aims and intentions to better yourself and your life.

4. Take a deep breath and begin to relax when feeling stressed.

5. Focus on the present moment
and the immediate gifts it has for you.

6. Forgive yourself
, your misunderstandings and disappointments.

7. Forgive others
who let you down, hurt or abuse you in some way.

8. Be a giving person — of your time, talents, money, joy, skills and vision.

9. Say "No"
to a request you are unable to fulfil.

10. Take some small action
when you feel stuck.

11. Make lemonade when life delivers its lemons to you.

12. Find opportunity where there is apparently none.

13. Learn from your experiences.

14. Choose to get up one more time after you fall down,

15. Praise and reward yourself when you do well.

A few days ago, I was talking to the indomitable 92-year-old Trixie about overcoming powerlessness. She knew what it was from her experience. She suggested keeping an open mind to get out of a situation of being powerless; adding that if you empower others (with your enthusiasm and encouragement), you will in turn be empowered.

Let yourself explore "what if?" from a place of innocence and wonderment.
What if you do have the power to choose light over darkness?
What if you have the power to choose connection and oneness
over separation and loneliness?
To look for the blessings in every moment?
To love yourself no matter what?


The French language has two words for power: Puissance, the feminine and receptive, and pouvoir, the masculine and proactive. The best fuel for both is loving.

What are the powers you have discovered in yourself? Have you ever overcome a challenge that you thought you never could? Who do you know whose spirit most inspires you?

Please feel free to leave a comment below, or contact me at anne@annenaylor.com
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"You’ll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart."
George Michael

There seems to be a pandemic of insomnia, which is not surprising given the stresses of this time. The good news about this bad news is that time and creativity has been invested in finding solutions. The internet offers a wealth of natural sleep remedies.

However, good sleep has to be important enough for you to find the solution that will work for you, other than medication. Sleeplessness can be miserable and debilitating. This post is written from the heart, and through overcoming my own recent experiences with insomnia. I realized I had to do more than apply techniques, good as they are. I had to look at the larger picture for my result.

Here are some keys I hope may help you to get on track with sleeping well if this is an issue for you, or for someone close to you.


Clear intention is a quality of the human spirit. I call it one of the "heart senses". Sometimes, you have to get really sick and tired of being tired and sick before intention steps in and you resolve to deal with the issue. Even if your insomnia seems incurable, the wisdom within you will find a way. Not necessarily overnight, but with patience and persistence, step by step, you can do it.

True intention is unshakable. It goes deeper than "belief" and has a quality of knowing: This I can do, and I am doing it.

"A good intention clothes itself with power."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


With a positive focus, you keep taking action towards getting good sleep, and disregard discouragement when it shows up. Listen to people who have overcome insomnia, not those who say it is impossible.

Be as curious as an infant discovering their world for the first time. You may not have what you need immediately, but keep going and you will find it.

Experiment and track your results. If one method does not work, forget it. Go on to the next one. You can be quite scientific about it. Each person has different needs for sleep. Find out what yours are so that you know what you are going for. Discover what works best for you.

…. that are keeping you awake

Sleeplessness can be viewed literally as a "wake-up call". Wake up to what? Any kind of mental or emotional disturbance gets your attention. It can also in my experience lead you to discovering more of your strengths and qualities, wisdom and understanding. You may wake up to the greater part of you that remains peaceful, while the world around you is in turmoil.

Talk to a wise friend, or a counsellor, who can assist you to resolve and release the concerns that are keeping you awake.

Find peace of mind in your waking hours. Accept yourself just as you are. Think about how: you can accept the things you cannot change; find the courage to change the things you can; and have the wisdom to know the difference.

"Human beings are of such nature that they should not have only
material facilities but spiritual sustenance as well.
Without spiritual sustenance, it is difficult to get and maintain peace of mind."

HH the Dalai Lama


Are you trying to do too much? Is your life cluttered? Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you trying to control the uncontrollable – your teenager, the economy, poverty in Africa, the war in Afghanistan, your mother-in-law?

How could you simplify your life? Are there projects you have in mind, but you are not doing anything about them? Let them go.

Is your home or office cluttered with "stuff" – professional journals you will never read; clothes you will never wear; ornaments or pictures you do not really like? Keep what is essential and directly meaningful for you, and let the rest go.

The joy of sleeping well is that of letting go of the day, knowing you have done the best you can. Many of life’s problems can be solved through a good night’s sleep and waking up fresh in the morning to see things in a new light.

If you did not see Ed and Deb’s blog on Mini Meditations, you might find them helpful in allowing yourself to let go, whether during the day or at night.


"The sanctuary of the heart is the location of peace.
You move into the spiritual heart to discover peace."


Loving yourself really comes first because it underpins the willingness to take good care of your needs. However, you may be someone who prefers to take care of everyone else first. This may work fine for a while, but sooner or later, your batteries will need re-charging.

I have heard it said that loving ourselves is the final frontier. How could you love yourself better? Could you be more forgiving, understanding, kind and patient when you are less than your best? The more you love yourself, the better you become at loving others – through your empathy and compassion for the human condition of which we are all a part.

We are creatures of habit and through loving ourselves, we can upgrade our habits. If insomnia has been a prolonged habit for you, then your challenge is to create a new pattern of sleeping well. I encourage you to love yourself to do what it takes to find what works for you and to experience the peace and serenity of a really good night’s sleep.

This short video evokes The Angel of Rest:

If there is anything I may be able to do to assist you, please get in touch. Have you found good ways to overcome insomnia? How do you ensure a good night’s sleep?

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Who Or What Do You Trust?

Do you ever fear for the future, or doubt that government and business enterprise will make wise choices for the greatest good? Do trust others to act responsibly? Who or what, if anything, do you feel you can trust these days? Do you trust yourself?

It is possible to build trust, even when others around you are being flaky and shaky. You can trust that that is the way they are. You may trust that newspapers are not reliable sources of truth. You may trust that many politicians tell a good story for the sake of winning a vote.

Generally, I treat myself to a light diet of news. Often just the headlines to give me a general impression of what is going on. Why? I do not believe everything I read. Nor do I disbelieve it. I observe it. If it is relevant for me, I may engage with it some more. Dwelling in bad news (as it often is) depletes me, and lowers my sense of safety and security.

Trust can be built from the inside out. What do I mean by that? It is up to you and I to decide who or what we trust. I have certain friends who are always late for appointments. I trust that when we arrange to meet, I can allow 15 or sometimes 30 minutes for them to join me. So I take a book to read, or something I can do while I am waiting.

When it comes to time-keeping the Bolivians, notoriously late for any appointments, are now being encouraged to be on time with punctuality bonuses Being on time makes for higher productivity and economic good sense.

Risking doing something different can build trust; the trust that you are capable of learning new skills — old dogs can learn new tricks. You may be in a position of having to develop a new career. With a clear intention for a certain outcome, you may surprise yourself at what you can achieve. You might learn to trust in the inner resources you have to get through a difficult time; to reinvent yourself, as HuffPost blogger Eli Davidson might say.

Trusting yourself is simple, though not always easy. It works like this. Do what you say you will do. Do not agree to what you will not fulfil. Be willing to renegotiate agreements that you are unable to keep. There is a subtle level to keeping agreements. What about the times you have vowed to exercise or meditate every day? Or eat a healthy diet? Or be kind and accepting towards yourself? Keeping the commitments that you make with yourself, and others, will build your sense of safety, security and self-esteem, so that you know where you stand.

Changing a habit takes time and patience.
So to build inner trust, relax, be gentle with yourself,
and do keep your word with yourself — one small agreement at a time.


You can trust and know what is true for you. It does not have to be against anyone else. Self-trust is the foundation of good relationships with others. Being true to yourself offers a reference point with which others can know and respect you. You do not need to go along with the prevailing opinions or points of view about a situation. You might choose to check things out for yourself. It is fine to not be sure about anything, until you have sufficient information on which to base a decision.

You may have heard this Sufi story from which comes the saying: Trust in God but tie up your camel.

There was once a man who was on his way back home from market with his camel and, as he’d had a good day, he decided to stop at a mosque along the road and offer his thanks to God.

He left his camel outside and went in with his prayer mat and spent several hours offering thanks to Allah, praying and promising that he’d be a good Muslim in the future, help the poor and be an upstanding pillar of his community.

When he emerged it was already dark and lo and behold — his camel was gone! He immediately flew into a violent temper and shook his fist at the sky, yelling: "You traitor, Allah! How could you do this to me? I put all my trust in you and then you go and stab me in the back like this!"

A passing sufi dervish heard the man yelling and chuckled to himself.
"Listen," he said, "Trust God but, you know, tie up your camel."

Trust is a cooperative venture between your inner knowing or spirit, and the world in which you live. Trust is active, aware and alert. It is not blind and unknowing.

Here are some trusts that I have:

…. in human creativity and ingenuity, as in the story here of Mr Elleman Mumba in Zambia:

… in the power of the present moment for experiencing well-being and peace of mind

Eckhart Tolle talks here about Enlightenment

…. that what I put out is what I get back.

… that for every problem, there is a solution, somewhere.

…. in the power of love and forgiveness to heal hearts, minds and bodies.

Dr. Peter Bloomfield, University of Santa Monica student discusses serving in Haiti

You can trust love.
You can trust it completely.
So when you love, give yourself over to love completely.

John Morton

Who, or what, do you trust? What do you know for sure as a foundation for your life? How do you build trust and a sense of safety and security?

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