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What’s Your Sign?

What’s your sign? Are you a feisty Leo? Or a stubborn Taurus? Well, it turns out you may need to scrap your old horoscope – or at least make room for a new one.

In this week’s episode of The Chopra Well’s Chopra Centered, Julie Zwillich receives an astrological reading from expert Brent BecVar, M.S. Julie’s birthday is December 20. So she’s a Sagittarius, right? Actually, no. It turns out Mr. BecVar practices Vedic (or Jyotish) astrology, a form of horoscope reading that dates back to ancient Indian wisdom traditions. And it may be a lot more accurate at revealing important trends and characteristics of our lives.

What many think of as the ‘zodiac’ is based on a Western form of astrology. In lay terms, it’s the alignment of the planets at the time of your birth. The Western system uses the tropical, or moveable, zodiac, determined the by the relative, changeable position of the sun. Basically, the planetary alignment is considered in relation to the sun – hence the predominant fixation on ‘sun sign’.

The problem with this system is that the sun signs don’t actually correspond to constellations any more. They haven’t been aligned for about 1,700 years due to a ‘wobble’ in the axial spin of the earth. This is called “precession of equinoxes,” causing the alignment of the Earth with the Sun to shift about one degree every 72 years.

Vedic astrology, on the other hand, uses the sidereal, or visible, zodiac, based on the fixed position of the constellations. As the Earth turns, different constellations arise every one to two hours, so an individual’s Vedic chart is very specific. This can be applied to events, as well. “An event that’s well begun has more chance of continuing in a harmonious way,” BecVar relays. Think of your birth as an event – your entry into this world. Knowing how things started may help you understand the course your life has taken thus far. And much like a map, your chart provides a set of potential paths and qualities to help you navigate life from here on out.

Does Vedic astrology really ‘work’? As BecVar notes, astrology has been a part of every ancient wisdom tradition in human history and only began to be systematically discredited in the Middle Ages. If the fact that people have studied astrology for centuries is not enough to convince you of its efficacy, then consider the minute level of detail that makes each person’s horoscope entirely unique.

Check out this quick Vedic horoscope calculator to see what your chart looks like. To really make the most of the information and integrate your chart into your life and personal growth, you can contact Brent BecVar for a full reading. Who knows how many people share your exact birth information. We begin life under rare and special conditions. Why not make the rest of our lives just as extraordinary?

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Today’s Astrological Forecast: Personal Leadership

Passion planet Mars moves into Fire sign Leo today. This is normally a good thing, but there’s one small hitch this time: In a few weeks, the Red Planet will turn retrograde. This is a several-months-long process, which means that Mars will stay in Leo for almost eight months — much longer than it normally spends in one sign. Develop your own personal leadership during this time. That’s the best way to handle this direct, fiery energy.

Today’s Astrological Forecast: Getting Better All the Time.

The Sun and Moon are both in Leo today, bringing great self-awareness and for many, increased self-consciousness. Use this time to make yourself better. The first step is to recognize what needs to go. Let that be your focus today, and then tomorrow at the New Moon, you can plant some positive seeds for the future. Today, be non-judgmental but honest in your self-assessment, and remind yourself that you’re on a constant path of improvement.

Today’s Astrological Forecast: Third of Three.

Today’s Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse — the third in a series of three we’ve had this summer. Here, the Leo-Aquarius axis is highlighted, bringing up issues surrounding the individual and the group, leadership and independence. This particular eclipse will affect the Fixed Signs — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius — more than it affects others. However, none of us are immune. Find the best in this eclipse by demonstrating personal leadership.

Today’s Astrological Forecast: Stand Tall.

There’s nothing wrong with being proud, especially these days when the Sun is moving through Leo. Hopefully this brings out the confidence in us all. Today, however, do be careful about boasting. It’s just a little too tempting to toot your own horn, so to speak. When you see others puffing their chests, smile wisely to yourself. Meantime, write down all the fabulous ideas you’re having, because soon you’ll be able to use them.

Today’s Astrological Forecast: Precision Planning.

A Virgo Moon helps you map out the travel plan to accomplish your newly hatched project. Keep the end goal firmly in mind as you move along, lest you get lost in a sea of details. Consider all the facts, and emphasize quality over quantity. The precision plan you make today is one of the crucial factors that will lead to your success. Keeping your heart in the right place is another — something the Leo Sun will help you do.

Today’s Astrological Forecast: The Lion Arrives!

The Sun moves into Leo today, ushering in a new sense of self-awareness and competence. In fact, on the heels of yesterday’s eclipse, both the Sun and the Moon are in the royal sign. This is especially beneficial for the Fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. However, everyone can benefit from the creativity and inspiration that this sign often brings, not to mention the fun and loyalty also associated with the Lion.

Today’s Astrological Forecast: Homeland Security.

Today brings the second of three eclipses we’re having this summer. This is the most potent, since it is a solar eclipse. It’s also in the last degree of a sign, better known as the anaretic degree. Once again, issues of homeland security are brought strongly to the forefront, and this happens all over the world. Within an hour after the eclipse, the Moon moves into the next sign, Leo. This acts as a sort of pressure valve, easing things up a bit.

Today’s Astrological Forcast: Warp Speed.

This will be an active day! The Moon darts around from one planet to another, and mental Mercury moves from pokey Cancer to lively Leo. Our little neighbor — Mercury, that is — is whipping right along at maximum speed now, and will only spend about two weeks in the Sign of the Lion. So, harness this mentally creative energy. Write that article, journal entry, or another chapter in your book. Finish the song. Call everyone in your phone book.

Today’s Astrological Forecast: Self Care.

The Moon continues its sojourn through Leo today, which places the focus squarely on the self. Many folks find it’s a lot easier to take care of personal matters at this time of the month. After all, if you don’t take care of yourself, who will? In the afternoon, you may be challenged to choose between a) something you really, really want, or b) what’s good for you. The temptation to indulge may be great, but remember to consider the cost.

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