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VOD: Batkid Saves Gotham and Charms the Entire Internet

If you were near any digital device with WiFi on Friday you probably heard about Batkid. To his parents he’s known as Miles. He’s five years old and has been battling leukemia since he was a baby. The cancer is currently in remission, but that didn’t stop the Make a Wish Foundation from making Miles’ dream of being the Caped Crusader come true.

Thousands of volunteers in the San Francisco area pitched in to help create Miles’ special day. He started off taking a ride in his Batmobile, saved a damsel in distress from the Riddler, ate a little lunch and still had time to apprehend one of Gotham’s most treacherous villains – the Penguin! For all of his hard work Batkid was awarded a key to the city by San Francisco’s mayor Ed Lee. The police chief Greg Suhr even dressed up as Commissioner Gordon to signal Batkid when new trouble was arising. Gigantic crowds followed the action, filling in as the Gotham populous while everyone at home watched on. Even President Obama chimed in to offer his encouragement to Batkid. Even more impressive is that the San Francisco Chronicle printed a special edition of the paper to document Batkid’s heroic day – with articles by Clark Kent and Lois Lane and pictures taken by Spider-man alter ego Peter Parker.

The most heartwarming thing about this story is the sheer amount of people it took to make this happen. Everyone was there to support the dreams of a little kid, and this is the type of thing that reminds us of the virtues of humanity. What was the latest good deed you performed? Tell us your thoughts and give your support for Batkid in the comments below!

Coping with Cancer: Join the conversation with Mallika Chopra, Steven Callahan, and more special guests!

For the culmination of our “Aspire to Inspire” series and in celebration of National Cancer Survivor’s Day (June 2) our last hangout will be about Cancer survival. Rich andĀ Annette Leal Mattern will be joining us from Breast Cancer Answers. Steven Callahan who survived being lost at sea 30 years ago and two years ago was diagnosed with Leukemia will also be sharing his story with writer/director Justin Rubin who lost his brother and sister on the same day, 20 years apart, from the same type of brain tumor.

We hope these stories, and all the others from the rest of our Google+ hangout series, inspired you and gave you strength if you are coping with a similar situation. Please tell us your thoughts and share your own stories in the comments section below!

Also check out these beautiful short films by Justin Rubin on his experience losing his brother and sister to the same form of brain tumor, on the same day 20 years apart:

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