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3 Steps to Reload When You’re Filled to Capacity

Our lives are filled to capacity. Technology has encouraged us to stay connected in every moment. We rarely allow ourselves time to think, to be, to experience, to dream. We can’t make any space to allow for new things in life because we have filled every moment with something. A solution is to learn to […]

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3 Tips to Stay Fired Up Instead of Fizzling Out

Life comes at us fast. We choose whether it fires us up or fizzles us out. Here are two stories to make the point and then to share some comments in how to stay fired up – passionate – energized in life. Story one. Fizzled out. A friend of mine tries to do it all. […]

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The Improv Rules For Better Relationships & a Better You

I’ve had trouble with social anxiety since I was a kid. For holidays I would hide in the bathroom or some hidden corner of my room just to avoid having to talk to family members we didn’t see on a regular basis. Today I am the most grateful person for Dominoes online ordering service so […]

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the fault in our stars

The Fault in our Stars: One Sick Love Story Shows Us What It Means to be Alive

If you’ve been to a Barnes & Noble recently then you’ve probably seen the bright teal cover of John Green’s best selling novel The Fault in Our Stars. I haven’t been a stranger to talking about it on this blog either. If you aren’t familiar The Fault in our Stars or TFioS as the internet […]

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It’s the Journey, Not the Destination That Matters

So many of us are rushing though life – focused on the destination, not the journey. A great life, however, is really all about the journey – about what you meet, learn, endure, understand, appreciate, discover and choose along the way. Be intentional about participating in what life shares with you as you head out […]

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5 Steps to Handling Life When Things Get Rough

Do you secretly ache for something more? Do you celebrate the miracle that is your life or are you constantly running, frustrated by the never-ending to-do list at home and at work? When life is not going our way, it can be hard to look on the bright side. And what about the people who tell you […]

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From Intent.com: Big Stuff On It’s Way

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” -Henry Ford There’s something unstoppable about a group of people dreaming big in conjunction. It’s like one truly passionate person creates this open door for more and more people to dream big and join the party. It just takes that one to be […]

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From Intent.com: Be On Your Own Team

I see a lot of intents everyday from people starting new adventures, new careers, new hobbies. It’s encouraging to be surrounded by such bravery. I also see so many people who are tackling the biggest battle of their lives thus far- the battle with themselves. Isn’t it funny how it offends us to see the innocent attacked […]

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From Intent.com: Beautiful Things Out of Dust

There’s a really wonderful song by a group called Gungor. The chorus says: “You make beautiful things You make beautiful things out of the dust. You make beautiful things You make beautiful things out of us.” There’s so much hope in those lyrics. There’s something about knowing that growth can happen out of dust. It means […]

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From Intent.com: I Intend to Speak Life

We wait all year for those Coca Cola bears. We want all our friends and family to come over and sit on the couch to drink hot chocolate and watch Elf. We don’t even have to put on real clothes. We can just wear footie pajamas all day long. Everyone is happy and sings songs […]

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