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Start Living Your Life Now


You’ve finally revved yourself up enough to tell the person you’ve been seeing that you want more from them, when they come back and tell you they aren’t on the same page. What do you do? Continue seeing them even though you know you want more, or are you able to keep looking out for your well-being and gracefully give a kiss on the cheek and say adios?

I was the girl who said one thing and did another. It wasn’t only in romantic relationships but also friendships, agreeing to go to dinner or to a party when I really didn’t want to, or saying I would ask for a raise and then never doing it. Talking about boundaries is easy, but actually drawing them is off-the-charts hard, because it falls on us to do it, it’s our responsibility.

Through a lot of trial and error here’s what I’ve learned along the way. Continue reading

Joy Is Cultivated By The Way You Live Life


Saturday, July 9th

“Joy is cultivated through the way that you live your life.  When a person integrates spirit into everyday life and expresses loving kindness to the self and others—joy naturally follows.” – Selacia, The Council of 12

Steve Farrell

Humanity’s Team World Wide Coordinating Directof


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