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Double Amputee Marine Visits Boston Bombing Victims – Inspiring Video

As news coverage of the last few days has captured the thrilling, cowboy Western-esque hunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, victims of last week’s devastating attack have meanwhile lay recovering in hospitals around the Boston area. Many of those injured lost legs, arms, ankles, even multiple limbs, the effect of which can have a profound and shattering impact on a person’s life.

Now, there has been no shortage of stories about the heroes of the Boston bombing – spectators who sprang into action to help the injured, runners donating blood, people opening their homes. This story is right up there. In this video, we see a double amputee Marine visiting┬áCeleste Corcoran and her 17-year-old daughter in the hospital, both gravely injured by the bombs. Celeste lost both of her legs just below the knee, and both she and her daughter have had three surgeries since April 16.

As their visitor tells them, “This is the new beginning…So many opportunities are going to come your way.” Watch the video and let us know what you think:

How’s that for some human-to-human support and compassion? We are so inspired by the outpouring of love and mutual support that has come out of this terrible tragedy. It speaks volumes for the resilience and empathy of the human spirit.

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